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Kings of Leon play The Eagles’ Take It Easy at the Kennedy Honors Center.
Caleb also sings on Life In The Fast Lane at the end of the video, with the other guys awkwardly doing handclaps. ;-)

Other artists include Juanes with Steve Vai and Steuart Smith on Hotel California, Vince Gill on Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Bob Seger on Heartache Tonight, with Ringo Starr presenting.

Video via KOLfanblog.


Footage taken at the 6 April 1992 Natural Law Party benefit concert held at Royal Albert Hall. I wish the estate could release footage from this show but I am grateful this footage exists. From the youtube channel of manibep.

“George looked ‘shocked and stunned’ by the welcome. Before he had time to take it all in the band cranked into ‘I Want To Tell You’ and we were under way. Rob, Gwyn and I looked at each other and then at our hero who was standing about ten feet away wearing a snappy grey suit [thank God he didn’t use Joe Walsh’s tailor!] and wearing that familiar lopsided grin. We were in heaven!” - Phil Wood.[Originally published in Revolver  issue 23 - September 1992].

“We’ve had these 3 parties and they haven’t done anything. Because basically they don’t know who they are themselves. What we need to have is a party of people who are involved with consciousness. Because that’s where everything begins, in consciousness. You need people who can go beyond just this bickering. - George, MTV, 1992

“I will vote for The Natural Law Party because I want a total change and not just a choice between left and right. The system we have now is obsolete and is not fulfilling the needs of the people. Times have changed and we need a new approach. I believe this party offers the only option to get out our problems and create the beautiful nation we would all like to have. The General Election should be a celebration of democracy and our right to vote. The Natural Law Party is turning this election into a wonderful national celebration and I am with them all the way.” - George, cited in “ Mystical One: George Harrison : After the Break-up of the Beatles” by author, Elliot J. Huntley

“Thank you  very much, it’s really overwhelmed me you know,. I’m always really paranoid about whether people like me, I don’t know.” - George


Rock Legends Honor The Eagles At Kennedy Center Honors With ‘Life In The Fast Lane’