steve stamatiadis

Today I’m working on the pic on the right which is an update of the Drawing on the left I did about 10 years ago for Bush Rescue. It’s basically a draw-over with stuff updated to the current TY look and designs. Some things really haven’t changed much while others a a little more obvious.

I might have a few of these available as a print this weekend at Supanova. So if you’re at the show (and let’s be honest you’d be dumb not to go - it’s just plain awesome even without me there… and I’m there!) stop by table A155 and say “Hi”… and you know grab a print too , if you want.


So I’ve been putting together an art book for next year. It’s called “RE: Menagerie” and is about 120 pages of art, concepts and illustrations from as far back as I’m happy to still show people.

I’m not sure which character to use on the cover (I’m not using Kit or TY because they’re getting their own books - but more about that later). So the question is… Cover A (with Arky) or Cover B with Justice?