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Stop Making Sense - 1984 (Directed by Jonathan Demme)

The Setlist [BONUS] - “I’d like to introduce the band by name.”
Steve Aoki: the man who works 361 days a year - BBC News
"When I'm not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety," says DJ and producer Steve Aoki.

Next time you feel like a bit of a moan about how few holidays you get, spare a thought for DJ and producer Steve Aoki who plays 300 plus shows a year and takes less than an average working week off.

Okay, we understand the idea of travelling the globe and playing music to thousands of gibbering clubbers may not seem like work to most punters but the income tax man would beg to differ.

Anyway, we tracked Steve down on his uber-short vacation ahead of the Grammys where a Netflix film about his hectic lifestyle called I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead was nominated in the documentary category.

Steve also recently collaborated with One Directioner Louis Tomlinson on the track Just Hold On.

Steve, we’re speaking to you in Aspen, Colorado, how is it going?

It’s beautiful, I have a view of the mountains and the trees, it’s really nice.

Are you a country person at heart then or are you a city boy?

I’m a city boy that romanticises being away from the city.

300 shows a year and just four days off, is that all it takes to recharge the batteries?

I’ve got to take a break sometime, so I’m spending the days snowboarding and enjoying myself with my friends, I do that once a year and this is my four days off. I try to enjoy doing my hobbies. You get into a cycle and it becomes awkward when I’m not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety, I have to get back into the grind. I’m lucky because I love what I do.

Where are you at your most creative?

That’s an interesting thing because before, I would have to find it in a a particular location but I’ve realised that my inspiration is everywhere I go and I need to be able to harness that and sometimes those moments of creativity are fleeting and you have to try and capture it when it comes. Luckily I get to travel the world and meet amazing creative people and you just have to be in the now and soak it in.

You spend most of the year travelling, what are your must-have travel items?

Just so I can survive, because I don’t have a regular sleep pattern, in order to sleep in a car or a plane, I have my eye-mask, my specific eye-mask, I have this obnoxious pillow I travel with and my headphones.

The most important bit about the eye mask is that it doesn’t touch my eyes so it looks like a bra for a doll, it’s bulging, I should paint some eyeballs on it. I put it on and it’s blacked out. I got my hood up, headphones on, if I’m travelling through Japan or China, I have a face-mask, you can’t tell who I am.

You’re working with the Migos, who were described by Donald Glover as ‘this generation’s Beatles’, what did he mean and do you agree?

I’ve know these guys for a long time, they played a show in Atlanta, we went into the studio and knocked out a song real quick. These guys are amazing, without writing anything down they get an idea and start vibing it out and just nail it in one go.

The thing about music is that you look at The Beatles and throughout history there are very few groups that define a sound and generation. That song Bad and Boujee is definitive of this time in America, of American culture, so I agree with Donald that they represent culture in a really massive way.

You had a new punk-influenced fashion collection showcased during New York fashion week, is this about scaling up 'Steve Aoki’ the brand?

I’ve been involved in fashion in one form or another for a long time, when I was 15 I was screen-printing shirts in my mum’s house for my first band and selling them on the road. So I knew it was something I wanted to do but it took a crazy long time for the Dim Mak collection to be ready.

We wanted to showcase it in the right way and so we turned the runway into a skate ramp so the energy of the [clothing] line was matched visually by what people were seeing as the skaters modelled the clothes.

You didn’t bother training models to skate then?

That would have been a disaster, we got some of New York’s best skaters that really knew how to rep the brand.

Lots of articles claimed New York fashion week was notable for how political some of the shows were. What is it like being a creative person working in Donald Trump’s America? Especially as a second-generation immigrant.

This is probably the worst period of time that I have lived in America, under this dictator-style, fascist president who is pushing his regime and clearing the rights of minorities, immigrants, women, the LGBT community, across the board - there are major steps backwards.

But one thing is for certain - the world is noticing that America itself is coming together and uniting as a voice. That’s why punk happened in the early 70s because it was the voice of protest and rebellion post-Vietnam and now its happening again. We’re having a renaissance. I’m excited about the voices and the people that are going to be speaking out.

There’s a lot of creative spirit, especially in music and the arts and fashion, it’s all part of a larger thing. The Rage Against The Machines of the world, they’re going to come back and inspire more people.

Can we expect some politically-charged material from you?

I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA and I’m not one to sit on the fence especially when something like this has shown its face. When I post something political or anti-Trump on my Facebook, some of the comments I get, you can’t believe how much ignorance is out there.

I might lose some fans by not staying neutral but I don’t have a choice, I have to use my voice.

The Outsiders as things my classmates have said

Darry: oh my god she JUST said don’t do that can’t you do anything right.

Soda: so then I choked on the carrot and half of it went up my nose.

Steve: ok on a scale of one to Ginger Spice how great do I look.

Two: I’m a male stripper, but only on Mondays.

Dally: *slams open door* told you I wouldn’t be late you dumb shits.

Johnny: I feel like I’m cuter in photos then in real life so I guess I’m online dating.

Pony: women are like books, they confuse me and sometimes make me cry.

Whoa (Peter Parker X Reader)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You are a teen girl with powers living at the Avengers base. Cap and Tony decide that its time for their two little proteges to train against each other.

Requested: nope

Warnings: language

Word Count: 744

Tagged List: @parkersenses


“Y/N we’re back!” Tony shouts from the bottom floor of the new Avengers base. The team had been gone for 2 weeks trying to track down some alien tech that our radars picked up in Spain. I run down two flights of stairs and slide in front of Steve, Scott, Wanda, Bucky, Vision, and Nat. “How was the mission? Did you guys get the weapon? Was it where you guys thought it would be? How was th-” “The mission was great, kid. Now breathe before you pass out.” Steve chuckles, cutting off my rambling.“We’ll tell you the whole story after we all get a chance to clean up okay? Until then, go out to the field and start warming up. I’ll meet you out there in a little bit. Someone is gonna come train with us and I want you two to meet.” Steve said as he scaled the staircase to his room. Everyone else dispersed to go to their separate living quarters. I grinned and went to change into training clothes. This was gonna be fun.

Twenty minutes later, Steve and I were standing in the field watching Tonys car pull up the long drive and stop right in front of the two of you. The back door opened and a (very handsome) brown haired teenager climbed out. “Who am I training with again, Mr Stark?” The boy asked. “You’ll see. Good luck, Parker” Tony says with a chuckle, closing the door behind the boy. “Peter, over here.” Steve says walking over to the boy and shaking his hand. “Captain Rogers Hi.” The boy, Peter says with admiration plain as day in his brown eyes. “This is Y/N your new training buddy.” Steve explains, gesturing in my direction. “Hi Peter.” You say admiring the handsome boy. “Alright you two, let’s get started. Y/N go easy on him.” Steve says, walking us to the middle of the field. “Her? Go easy on me?” Peter says looking me up and down analyzing me like he was trying to figure out what I was capable of. He quickly pulled on a red and blue outfit that you immediately recognized. Spiderman huh? We walked out until we stood about 50 feet from each other with Steve standing to the side to observe. “Ready?” Steve shouts. You and Peter both nod.  “Y/N can you please give him something to swing on? It’s a bit flat out here and that gives you an advantage.” Steve says. “Sure, Cap.” You nod, raise your hands, and concentrate. I feel a rumble underneath your feet and I smile. Suddenly multiple 6 to 10 foot boulders rise out of the ground. The eyes on Peters mask widen like saucers.  I think I might have heard him whisper shit under his breath.  “Start.” Cap says. I concentrate and suddenly there are thick roots shooting out of the ground towards Peter. He quickly reacts jumping from root to root as they rise into the sky. I grin and suddenly drop the roots. Their dead weight free falls back to earth slamming into the ground. Peter jumps just before the impact and lands on one of the boulders. “Whoa!” He shouts. I flick my wrist and suddenly the boulder is flying with Peter as a passenger. He doesn’t jump fast enough and the boulder lands on top of him. I gasp and run over to the boulder to check on him. “Oh my god are you okay?” I ask, easily flicking the boulder off of him and pulling his mask off. Steve comes over to check on us. “You okay kid?” He asks pulling him to his feet. “That depends… Is the earth supposed to be rocking?” He asks, wobbling side to side. “That would be a no.” I say, grabbing his arm to steady him. “I think we should call it quits for today. Peter you might have a concussion.” Steve says grabbing his other arm. We start walking him towards the base. Peter turns to look at me with a dopey grin “Your powers are so cool. I mean- just- Whoa. Could I maybe have your number? If that’s okay with you? I don’t want to assume anyth-” I press my finger to his lips, silencing him. “First let’s get your head checked out. Then we’ll see about getting you those digits, Petey.” I say with grin. “Teenagers.” Cap chuckles, shaking his head, and dragging us along behind him.


A very happy 70th birthday to my favorite guitarist of all time, Stephen James Howe!

I talk about him all the time which must be really annoying by now, but I can’t really place my love for Steve on a scale. I see myself in him, actually. Introverted, creative, brimming with passion. A male version of what I wish I could be. I wish I could be as driven as he is, and that I had his creative genius. I think that’s what’s drawn me to him in the first place. I saw something in him that I felt maybe was somewhat obtainable. Maybe I could be like him someday.

I’m not there yet. In fact, I don’t think I’ll entirely reach my goal that I’ve set for myself, but I can damn well try to get as close as possible. I owe so much to Steve Howe and I hope that I’ll be able to tell him that myself someday.

Keep on rockin’, Steve. I love you with all my heart 💜✨💖

Ninja (Steve Harrington x reader)

Summary:Steve sneaks into the reader’s bedroom, and is a romantic sap.

Warnings:Steve being a little shit, light kissing.

“Hey, heey (y/n). (y/n)!” Steve ran towards his girlfriend.“Heey babe, stop walking away from me baaaby!” Being Steve’s girlfriend was probably the most exhausting job ever. Steve Harrington is a man-child mixed with a horny teen who wears too much hair-gel. But despite all that, he’s a total sweet-heart and is very attached to his girlfriend. A bit too attached at times, like now.

“Steve, not now I have class. We’ll talk later, okay?” Leaning up, she placed a quick kiss on his cheek and headed off to class, leaving a sulking Steve standing alone in the hall.

Once school let out, (y/n) waited outside her friend Barbara’s class, and as they walked to (y/n)’s locker together, something was on Barb’s mind.

“Hey (y/n), how’s it going between you and Steve?” The bespectacled girl knew about Steve’s past with the girls, but she trusted him to not break her friend’s heart. But before (y/n) could answer her question, Steve ran towards her and grabbed his girlfriend.

“Sorry Barb, gotta kidnap this hottie,” Steve grabbed her hand and dragged her to an empty hallway. Placing kisses up and down her neck, he slowly moved up to her face, his lips lightly ghosting over hers. Leaning in (y/n) kissed Steve hard, not wanting to let go. Pulling away slightly, Steve grabbed her lower lip with his teeth and spoke against her lips. “Can I come over tonight? We can finish what we started here,” throwing a playful glare his way, (y/n) shook her head no at his request.

“Steve, as much as I would love to have you over, it’s a school night. You know how my parents are, no friends over on school nights,” lightly kissing his forehead, she pulled away from his embrace and walked towards an exit.

Running after her, he grabbed her wrist and pulled the teen back. “Come on (y/n), I’ll sneak in like a ninja, we’ll talk, study, maybe make out for a li-”

“Bye bye Stevie!” she pulled away from his grasp, blowing a kiss to her boyfriend, she left him standing there, with a dumb love-struck expression on his face.


Later that night (y/n) was lying down on her bed, a calm tune played while she read ‘Of Mice and Men’ for school. Something hit the window near her desk, but the teen ignored the noise. But when it happened three more times, she realized she couldn’t hold off her curiosity off anymore. Opening her window, she saw Steve standing outside getting ready to throw another rock.

“Hey (y/n)!"he yelled, "I’m coming on up, move out of the way!” next thing she knew, Steve was scaling the wall, and climbed in through her bedroom window and fell on the hardwood floor. “See! Just like a ninja!”

“What are you doing here Steve? My parents are sleeping right down the hall!"whispering with an angry tone is a skill she managed to master. Rubbing her eyes, she sighed. "Why did you come Steve, we could get in major trouble!”

Leaning towards her so their noses where touching, Steve whispered along with her. “What, no 'thank you Steve, my wonderful and super hot boyfriend for sacrificing his life by doing such a dangerous and bad-ass stunt just to see his beautiful girlfriend?’” she closed the gap, and locked lips with the brunette.

“Fine, thank you ninja Steve,”

“Hey, you forgot the super hot part!”


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kingsman inspired undercover steve and bucky :^)) except they’re not really good at..being undercover.. i guess you could say this is a ‘sequel’ to this !!

(click for details bc i drew them pretty large scale)

anonymous asked:

Hi, could you please do a Steve Harrington imagine where he has a free house and throws a party (not like in the show but a big house party or smth) but he only cares about you going?? Thank you so much, I love your writing btw!!!


Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader (lowkey some barcy shit)

Warnings: low level anxiety, Barb appears, cursing

Words: 1.6k

A/N: y'all I’m tryin to do a lot of my requests and asks but I’m usually on mobile and there’s school and my own issues and my neurodivergence so try to be more understanding! I appreciate you guys so much but I need my own time. p.s. I’ll be adding tags and all that tomorrow night! As always, feel free to correct me if i messed up anything, considering I didn’t even proofread this. Without further ado have some flustered Steve Harrington :)

Tags: @societaluproar @dotnick12

Steve Harrington didn’t get rejected. Not by anyone he asked out.

If you had conducted a survey in Hawkins, Indiana and asked every single person who was capable of having feelings for a boy if they would date Steve Harrington, the answer would undeniably be a yes, definitely, absolutely. He’d never been stood up once in his life, and maybe that was why he was so confused when you weren’t anywhere to be found in his crowded house on a Friday night, dancing and laughing like everybody else. Well, everybody else but Steve. Right then, he was sitting on the couch, head in one hand and cigarette in the other, anxiously messing with his hair. The only person there that he really knew and liked was Nancy because Jonathan refused to come, not until later anyways. Every time the door opened, his breath would be caught in his throat until it was just another person with too many worries and a criminal lack of alcohol looking to even the scales.

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how did stuckony get together in the monster au? did I miss that? your writing is really good I love it so much!!

You did not miss that! I was so busy trying to introduce everyone that it just got kind of pushed to the side. :)

“I thought he liked me,” Tony said quietly as Natasha pressed an ice pack to the side of his face.

Clint paused in preening him, talons curling around the boy’s shoulders. “…I don’t think he was capable of liking anybody but himself.”

Steve muttered irritably, wrapping his tail tighter around the human’s legs. Bucky hushed him but looked just as irritated.

“Sure fooled me,” Tony said, trying for a smile, but he’d always been really bad at hiding his feelings from them. It didn’t help that his visible eye was beginning to water.

“He’s sick from the inside, Tony,” Steve blurted out angrily. “That’s the only explanation for what he did to you. You’re precious.”

Tony laughed a little. It sounded sad. “If you say so.”

Bucky poked his head out from beneath the table. “What if we killed him?”

Do not,” Tony answered immediately.

“Just a little bit.”

“Jesus Christ, I’ll be their first suspect.”

The monsters muttered to themselves, annoyed, but decided that maybe they shouldn’t kill Tiberius Stone.

“The fuck kind of name is Tiberius, anyway,” Clint mumbled. “And his nickname was Ty. Like someone should ever be named after a silk noose.”

Tony snorted. “The fuck kind of name is Clint?”

“A good one,” Clint replied snootily. He went back to preening the boy’s hair, the tips of his talons gentle and delicate on his scalp. “Don’t worry, kid. You’ll find someone who loves you the way you are.”

“Someone who would never dream of hurting you,” Natasha added, pulling the ice pack away to examine the bruise before gently putting it back. “Someone who loves you almost as much as Steve and Bucky do.”

Tony laughed another sad laugh. “Like I’ll ever find anyone who loves me as much as Steve and Bucky love each other. They’re a love for the ages.”

“…Right,” Natasha said, frowning at him judgmentally, as Steve miserably wrapped his tail tighter around Tony’s legs and Bucky sighed and hid his face in Steve’s belly.

“Maybe it’s because you guys literally remember him in diapers,” Clint said as the pair lamented about Tony brushing them off. “Humans are weird about that. And age differences. Although I agree, age differences that come from a power imbalance are yucky.”

“…Is there a power imbalance?” Steve asked worriedly, tail curling and body shifting anxiously.

Natasha rolled her eyes. “Other than Tony owning the house you live in? Not really. There might have been if he were younger,” she added thoughtfully, tilting her head. “And less experienced. But he’s older now. And he’s had more sex than most humans I know.”

Bucky groaned loudly and shoved his head under a throw pillow. “We know. We could hear it all.”

“Oh, is that why Steve started sleeping in my room?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “Huh. You’re just a glutton for pain then? You must be, having to hear and smell but not touch.”

“Someone had to be there in case things went wrong,” Bucky insisted just a touch defensively. “I didn’t want him to say no and not be listened to.”

Clint hopped from the arm of the couch onto the back. “And self-righteous Steve couldn’t?”

“He writhes himself sick,” Bucky and Natasha answered immediately.

Steve, shame-faced, sagged into coils.

“He’s too impatient to just sit there doing nothing. And there’s only so much he can do. He tries not to use his venom because it’s so deadly and he can only constrict so tight before he snaps the person in half,” Bucky explained to the surprised flyer. “He’s strong as hell, and humans are delicate. So he sort of… attacks himself when he feels he can’t do anything to help.”

“I once had to stop him before he literally knotted his tail and snapped his spine,” Natasha added. “It was super gross.”

Steve sighed sadly. “You could sound less excited when you say that.”

“No, you almost snapped your own spine. That was amazing.”

“Natasha please.”

“Anyway,” Bucky cut in as they began to bicker, looking up at Clint. “Steve writhes himself sick with worry if he can’t do something to help. Luckily I’m patient enough for the both of us.”

Clint shook his head slowly. “Pathetic. Have you ever thought about bringing this up with Tony?”

“Every time we try, he assumes we’re either talking about how much we love each other, or how we love him like family or something,” Steve mumbled, scales scuffing the floor as he began to writhe a little to get more comfortable in his coils. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never wanted to fuck my family.”

Natasha pursed her lips. “…I don’t think I ever had a family.”

“I have a brother somewhere, but I don’t wanna fuck him,” Clint admitted.

“I have sisters somewhere,” Bucky said thoughtfully. “But nah, I don’t wanna fuck ‘em either. We lost contact in the seventies. They liked freaking out the flower children.”

Natasha sighed fondly. “Ah. The seventies. I don’t remember any of them.”

“Boo!” Clint blew a raspberry. “I don’t even know what you guys are talking about because I was still trapped in the circus!”

“We’ll have Tony find a movie for you,” Bucky said sympathetically. Tony was really good at finding movies that explained time periods for their less worldly companion. He’d seen a lot of the world, of course–but through a tent or a cage. “But you didn’t miss much.”

“I guess not, if Natasha can’t even remember it,” Clint mumbled petulantly as she smirked. “Okay but we’re totally going to make Tiberius regret ever laying a finger on Tony, right?”

“Yes,” the others said immediately, growling angrily.

Tony started dating someone named Sunset.

“I don’t like her,” Clint said immediately. “I do not. Get rid of her.”

The others stared at him, unsure of what to do. On one hand, Clint didn’t offer up his opinions very much, likely from some residual fear that he’d be beaten or something like he had been back at the circus. On the other, he was very good at judging people’s character because of it. If he didn’t like Sunset, it was because she was no good.

But scaring adults off was quite a bit different from scaring children.

“Get rid of her. Get rid of her,” Clint hissed, feathers ruffling irritably. “Get rid of her.

“Why?” Natasha finally asked, frowning.

“She’s a taker. A taker. Get rid of her!” Clint cawed, then began hopping about and anxiously using his beak to pluck his own feathers out. “She’s going to hurt him. A taker. Help him! Get rid of her!”

“Clint, calm down!” Steve exclaimed desperately. “You’re going to–you’re tearing out your pinfeathers!”

“Grab him,” Bucky snapped at Natasha, lunging for the bird and curling his arms around his wings, trying to keep his wings from his face.

Natasha got the other monster in a headlock, and they lowered him to the ground as he screeched and flailed, wings slapping angrily on the ground, leaving a bloody splatter in their wakes. Steve curled his tail around one wing to immobilize it so Bucky could focus on the other one. Natasha was murmuring something to Clint in another language, but it could take several minutes before he calmed down.

Clint eventually let himself be pinned down, but not before he put all his strength into one last struggle and screeched, “She’s a taker! Get rid of her!

“She’s a taker,” Natasha agreed a few days later. Her face was grim. “Maybe you guys should grow some balls and actually tell Tony your love for him isn’t familial so he doesn’t drift from abuser to abuser like a lot of other humans.”

Bucky scoffed. “Yeah, okay, because a human always wants to be with a giant bipedal wolf and a half-man, half-snake.”

“If any human is going to accept you, it’s Tony,” Natasha replied, shrugging. 

She probably wasn’t wrong, but Steve was hesitant anyway. “But what if he has a problem with it? Then we’ll have to leave.”

“Doubtful,” Natasha said. “Tony has always had a heart bigger than his brain. He’d just feel bad he didn’t return your feelings.”

…That was probably true.

“Why is he like this,” Steve whispered, scrubbing his hands through his hair.

Bucky sighed, hanging his head. “Probably for the same reason he welcomes monsters with open arms.”


“So, Sunset seems…” Steve began, then trailed off, grimacing.

Tony stared at him.

“Why do you even try?” Bucky asked him, disappointed.

“I keep thinking one day I won’t be terrible at this,” Steve admitted.

Bucky just shook his head. The blond sank into his coils, muttering quietly in embarrassment.

“Do you want to meet her?” Tony asked, looking back and forth between them. “I don’t think she’s ready for that yet, but–”

“No,” they cut in immediately, and Steve added a cold, “Never.”

Tony took a step back, hurt.

“She’s using you, Tony,” Bucky explained, trying to keep his voice gentle. “Clint had an episode trying to tell us how bad she was.”

“You don’t know that for sure,” the boy replied immediately, always stubborn, digging his heels in. “Clint isn’t always right about these things. Obie’s taken good care of me and he pitched a fit about him, too!”

Steve and Bucky gritted their teeth. It wasn’t just Clint. And one day Stane would mess up and they’d be able to point it out to Tony. Unfortunately it was just a waiting game until then.

“You’re just–jealous!” Tony spat, hackles up. “I’m spending a lot of time with Sunset and you’re jealous I’m not spending it with you!”

“Yes,” Bucky agreed.

“Right!” Tony snapped, then stopped, brows furrowing together. “Wait, what?”

“We are jealous,” the wolf repeated. “And yes, that is part of the reason we don’t like Sunset.”

“You should be spending that time with us,” Steve continued. “We love you, Tony.”

Tony huffed. “Listen, I know some people are okay with being single but surrounded by friends their entire lives, but I don’t want that! I want someone to be intimate with! That I can show my vulnerabilities! That’s not wrong. And you guys are eventually going to have to grow up and–”

Bucky made an annoyed noise and smacked Steve on the shoulder. “Go.

Steve did not need to be told twice. Watching him lunge at Tony was magnificent, shimmering blue and silvery-white scales shining in the light as he wrapped around the boy, tail coiling around his legs and arms sliding around his shoulders to keep him in place, keep him from fleeing. Tony made–not a frightened noise, because he was never afraid of them no matter how stupid that was–a… a concerned noise.

Steve swallowed it, pressing his lips to Tony’s, hands cupping his cheeks as he thrust his tongue into his mouth when the human made a surprised sound. Tony’s hands scrabbled at his back and shoulders, fingernails sliding over scales, before he dug his hands into the blond’s hair and–didn’t tug him away.

Bucky prowled around so his front pressed against Tony’s back, trailing his nose over the human’s neck and shoulder as he rested his hands on the boy’s slim waist. “You can be vulnerable with us, doll. We’ll take care of you.”

Tony let out a sound, small, wounded, and broke the kiss with Steve to tuck his head under his chin, hiding his face. “You’re just saying that.”

“Sweetheart, we’ve been trying to tell you we love you for a while now,” Steve admitted quietly. “You always brushed us off.”

“Well-!” Tony leaned back, scowling up at him, then turning to scowl at Bucky. “How was I supposed to know? You guys are together, and happy, so how was I supposed to know that you wanted me too? And-! And why didn’t you say anything earlier, before Tiberius–”

“You and Tiberius met when you were nineteen,” Bucky explained slowly. “You were still too young for us to approach you. Probably still are, to be honest.”

“I’m twenty-four!” Tony exclaimed indignantly.

Steve and Bucky stared at him. They didn’t have a number–even if they could count, the years passed differently for them. Sometimes it felt like only yesterday that Tony was peeking into the closet with a gap-toothed smile and whispering, ‘wanna play?’

Sometimes they still felt like they were robbing Tony’s cradle.

“You gonna kiss me too?” Tony asked suddenly, turning to Bucky.

Bucky stared back at him silently.

Tony frowned, shoulders beginning to hunch. “Um. Unless. Unless you don’t want to.”

Steve chuckled and said, “Tony, he’s got a muzzle. How’s he s’posed to kiss you?”

“Oh.” Tony turned so his back was to Steve instead, a struggle because Steve was still wrapped around his legs. He looked up at Bucky, eyeing him critically. “…Well,” he said, shrugging, and leaned in to press a kiss to Bucky’s nose.

Bucky let out a high-pitched whine, tail wagging wildly, and in turn buried his cold, wet nose against the boy’s neck.

“Oh wow,” Steve said, laughing a little. “I guess you’ve found a good alternative.

“I guess,” Tony said, laughing a little when the wolf crowded him back against Steve, and the only thing that kept him from falling was the tail coiled around his legs. “Guys–Guys! I don’t know if you noticed, but I am still dating Sunset. Maybe if things go sour–”

Bucky lifted his head to look down at Tony, frowning. “Tony, let us show you something.”

Tony blinked up at him, concerned, because he sounded so serious. “Okay.”

“Clint!” Tony gasped, rushing over to him.

Clint spread his wings awkwardly, hobbling down to the arm of the couch so he was low enough that the human could wrap his arms around his waist instead of his legs. “Hey, Tony.”

“What happened?!” he exclaimed, leaning back so he could card his fingers through his feathers, fingers skimming lightly over the raw red patches on his wings.

Clint shrugged. “Had a fit.”

“An anxiety attack? A flashback? Do you need your security blanket?” Tony asked, fretting.

Clint made a rasping sound, feathers ruffling with annoyance. “I just got upset.”

“It’s okay if you need the security blanket. I made it for you.”

Clint sighed. “I don’t need the security blanket. I just got upset.”

“About what?” Tony asked, looking up at him. If he could fix it, he would.

Clint stared down at him for a long moment before he said, “Sunset. She’s a taker.”

Tony frowned. “Wh–”

“She’s going to hurt you even worse than Tiberius,” Clint continued, beginning to work himself up again. “I know it. She smiles and talks like the ringleaders. Smiles for the audience but turns around and beats the attractions. She’s waiting until she finds something she can take.” His crest began to rise and he let out an angry screech. “She’s going to hurt you and I want her gone!”

“Clint!” Steve exclaimed, reaching out to grab his wrists before he could sink his talons into Tony’s back. “Calm down!”

“Make her go make her go make her go!” Clint chanted, struggling for a moment, then let out another screech and twisted his head to rip out a beak-full of feathers.

Tony threw his arms around his neck, crying out, “Clint!”

“Makehergomakehergomakehergo!” Clint snarled. “Makehergomakehergo!

Bucky lunged forward to grab Clint’s left wing so Steve could focus on his right.

Somehow, Natasha knew they needed help, and appeared a few minutes later with the security blanket Tony had made for Clint.

“She must be really bad,” Tony whispered, staring down at his clasped, shaking hands. “To make Clint react like that.”

Natasha grimaced. She’d done some digging. Sunset was every bit the taker Clint had accused her of and more–she liked inflicting pain on those she took from.

“He shouldn’t–he shouldn’t have to go through that,” Tony continued softly. There was blood on his hands from trying to stop the blood and cleaning Clint’s wings. “He doesn’t deserve that. And he’s–he’s been here longer than Sunset.”

“…We’re sorry,” Steve said, actually managing to sound sincere. “We just… don’t want you to get hurt.”

Tony stared at the lump under the heavy blanket that was Clint, sleeping fitfully and every once in a while letting out little noises of distress. If he was this upset about it, it must be true. “It’s fine,” he said, instead of anything else.

Sunset screamed and threw her wine glass at him. Tony had the unsettling feeling that if he’d waited until they were alone to tell her he wanted to break up, she’d have done much worse.

So he went home, washed the wine off his face, and crawled into the closet with Steve and Bucky.

Steve muttered in his sleep, coils loosening to open up a spot for him. He wrapped an arm around his waist and sighed contentedly, curling up against Bucky’s side. Bucky turned his head, snuffling sleepily at Tony’s head, then let out a soft, inquisitive huff and swiped his tongue through his hair.

“…Why does your hair taste like wine?” Bucky mumbled sleepily.

“Go back to sleep,” Tony answered.

Bucky swiped his hair again before burying his cold nose down the back of his shirt with a tired ‘whuff.’

Tony squirmed. Well. This was alright.

I Love You, Man (Part 7/?) (Avengers/MCU cast x reader)

Part 6

“There’s nowhere to land,” Steve growled.  “Stark, just hold position over the roof and I’ll jump down.”  He hurried to the back of the jet with Tony struggling to get into the pilot seat fast enough to hold it in place.  “Bring it in as close as you can.”  His fist slammed against the door control and he stood ready, waiting for it to fully lower and walking out to its edge.

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