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What movie do you watch with your Outsider’s boyfriend...

Darry: Cool Hand Luke 
Sodapop: Disney’s Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Ponyboy: Kiss Me Deadly
Steve: Jailhouse Rock
Two-Bit: The Wizard of Oz
Johnny: Singing in the Rain
Dally: Psycho

Where They Ended Up- The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, & That Was Then, This Is Now

Where They Ended Up- The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, & That Was Then, This Is Now

I didn’t have to think about it.

Actually, I did have to think about it, though I didn’t want to think about it. Mark was a good guy, and he was in prison for selling drugs. Sodapop was a good guy, and he spent a year fighting in Vietnam. M&M was a good guy, and he lost his mind on a bad acid trip. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis were good people, and they were killed in a car wreck. Johnny was a good guy, and he was burned and crippled, and ended up dying.

I didn’t want to think about how bad things always happened to good people. Dallas Winston was a good guy, at least he was to me, and he died under a street lamp. Bad things happen to the young, good people. Charlie was a good guy, and he died with a shotgun wound above his eye. He hadn’t been drafted. Sodapop had.

Darry spent weeks without talking, drowning in his worry for his kid brother. Brion was a completely different person after making that calm phone call for the police. “Why are you doing this to me, buddy?” Mark had asked, Brion told me later on. The Motorcycle Boy was a good guy, and he was shot down by the police, Rusty-James watching his hero fall.

Ponyboy finally fell in love when he was sixteen with M&M’s sister, Cathy. Sodapop had just been drafted-he was nineteen. Darry opened his own roofing business when he had just turned twenty-three, and he was doing well for himself. Darry no longer had to work two jobs. He was worried for one kid brother because he was fighting in a war, and proud of the other kid brother because he was graduating high school early.

Two-Bit drank his last beer and sobered up when he was twenty. He had fallen in love with a girl who loved him deeply, and wanted the best for him. Steve moved out of his fathers house and bought his own when he was nineteen. He shared it with Evie until they broke up three months later. She was pregnant with someone else’s child.

Sodapop came home a year after being drafted, a week before his twentieth birthday. Soon after that, he met a bright eyed girl with long red hair, and she drove away the bad memories of watching more of his friends die in the jungle, just as he had watched one of his friends die under a street lamp.

That same year, M&M’s hallucinations began to fade. He still had them every once in awhile, but they weren’t as bad as they had been. Cathy and Ponyboy dated for a year before she disappeared without a word, moving to Atlanta for a “new life”, as she put it, when they had turned seventeen.

When Darry was twenty-three, he met Allison, a tall, lean girl who did interior design for new houses. They met while building a two-story house for a family of seven, and Darry never goes one day without thinking of the first time he saw her smile, green paint in streaks across her face and arms. She had long, curly brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a dimple in her left cheek. When Darry was twenty-five, he married Allison, and the colors of the wedding were green and white.

That same year, when Steve was 22, he became the owner of the DX, and his business took off, and he was doing well for himself as well, because everyone knew from miles around that Steve Randel knew any kind of car inside out. He took pride in this, and soon, there were DX stations everywhere in Oklahoma, and Steve owned them all.

Two-Bit had graduated high school (finally) when he was twenty, and he settled down, got his first job as a cashier at the supermarket, where Brion worked, and the two of them became friends. This was two months before Mark was hauled into the station for selling drugs. There was a kid who always sat in there, reading a magazine and eating M&M candies. He had long dark hair and charcoal colored eyes. He disappeared a month before that, and when Two-Bit heard they had found him living in a free love house, he also found out that he had lost his mind on a bad acid trip. “Too bad,” Two had told Ponyboy when he asked, “he was an okay kid. A weird kid, but an okay kid.”

When Steve celebrated his one year anniversary with his new girlfriend, Violet, he went to the pet store on the west side of Tulsa, and bought her a golden retriever puppy. She had wanted one all her life. While he was in there, he noticed an odd boy, tall and lean, with hair a strange color of red and serious eyes, staring at the “Siamese fighting fish” (or at least that’s what the pet store owner had said they were when Steve asked what was interesting about them.)

Steve heard on the news the next day that an odd boy with hair a strange color of red and serious eyes had broken into the same pet store, freed all the animals, and had been shot down outside. His fourteen year old kid brother had seen the whole thing and went into shock, then slit his wrists on the broken glass of the police car window he had busted.

I didn’t want to think about how all the bad things happened to good people, but it made me appreciate all the small good things that happened to good people. It’s been five years since Johnny Cade died in the hospital, Dallas Winston died under a street lamp, and three years since Charlie was killed by Texan travellers looking for trouble, and since Mark had been hauled into jail for selling drugs.

It’s been hard, but together we came through, because we stuck together like brothers, fought like brothers, and won like brothers.



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Dirty Preferences:

1. How he fingers you
2. What they’re like during sex
3. Blow job
4.Where would each of the Outsiders have semi-public sex with their girl?

Clean Preferences:

1. How he hugs you
2. What he loves about you.
3. Their nickname for you
4. You baby girl names
5. They tell you they love you for the first time
6. What is the Outsiders favourite thing(s) to see their girl wearing?
7. Your nickname for him
8. What’s the Outsiders favourite feature(s) on a woman? And/or what do they notice first off?
9. How they hug you… (day)
10. What they buy you for your birthday
11. How many children you have with them…
12. What movie you watch with your boyfriend
13. Your favourite song to listen to when you dance with your boyfriend



1. You argue with Darry
2. You meet Darry for the first time… and embarrass yourself.
3. You think Darry doesn’t love you
4. Darry is jealous and gets upset (request)
5. You are pregnant
6. Darry gives his little girl a bath…
7. Give Me Love
8. His little girl cries when he leaves for work
9. Christmas Imagine
10. You leave Darry Part 1:
11. You come back to Darry Part 2
12. Quiet sex whilst the kids are asleep
13. Imagine losing your mind at Thanksgiving because of the gang and their antics
14. Seeing Darry for the first time after you left for college
15. Darry comes home after hearing about his parent’s dying…


1. Trying to convince his daughter to go to bed:
2. You catch Sodapop staring at you:
3. Sodapop writes you a love note
4. You and Sodapop fight
5. Imagine seeing Sodapop in a towel and liking what you see…
6. Sodapop tells you he loves you after a fight…
7. Sodapop finds out that you self harm…
8. Sodapop eats you out…
9. You marry Sodapop….
10. You see Sodapop after he comes home from war…
11. Imagine Sodapop coming home from war and noticing how different he is…
12. Sodapop is having a bad day 
13. Sodapop comforts you when you think you’re a failure
14. Sodapop being there for you when your father dies.
15. Imagine being Sodapop’s tutor
16. Sodapop meets his little girl for the first time
17. Sodapop runs off after Darry upsets him, and you find him and comfort him
18. You and Sodapop have a miscarriage
19. Sodapop tries to make his little girl laugh


1. Ponyboy has a panic attack
2. Uncle Ponyboy
3. Ponyboy can’t pay attention in class because of you…
4. Ponyboy tells you that he likes you, and then asks you out…
5. Ponyboy admits that he likes you
6. Imagine Ponyboy trying to impress you, but failing


1. Steve eats you out…
2. Imagine Steve taking you out for a date…


1. Getting drunk after a fight with Two-Bit
2. Imagine comforting Two-Bit after Johnny and Dally die


1. Johnny is secretly dating Dally’s little sister:
2. Johnny kisses you after thinking you’re going to leave him…
3. Dally walks in on you and Johnny making out.
4. Your first fight with Johnny
5. Imagine adopting Johnny from a very young age


1. You argue with Dally
2. Being angry at Dally:
3. Dally say’s he loves you after a fight
4. You and Dally fight
5. You and Dally shower together
6. You walk in on Dally cheating on you
7. Imagine Dally hitting on you as you walk by
8. Dally’s weeding vow’s to you



1. Couple moments
2. Day in bed with Darry
3. Best friend moments
4. First time with Darry


1. Couple moments
2. Day in bed with Sodapop
3. A date with Sodapop
4. Your first time (PG)
5. Best friend moments:
6. Happy couple moments


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments:

Steve: -

1. Best friend moments
2. Your first time with Steve


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments


1. Couple moments
2. Best friend moments:
3. Sex with Johnny moments


1. Couple moments
2. A day in bed with Dally
3. Best friend moments
4. Couple fights

LGBTI Stories:

1. Sodapop and Steve’s first kiss
2. Sodapop comes out to Darry…
3. What Steve and Sodapop would be like in bed together
4. Johnny and Ponyboy’s first kiss


1. Ponyboy and Sodapop see their brother dancing for the first time
2. An imagine based on life (Request)



1. Being married to Darry 
2. Being Darry’s best friend…


1. Dating Sodapop Curtis…
2. Being best friends with Sodapop
3. Dating Sodapop Curtis (Modern headcanons) 


1. Dating Ponyboy Curtis

Steve: -0

Two-Bit: -0

Johnny: -0


1. Dating Dallas Winston
2. Dating Dallas Winston (Part 2)

Steve takes your v-card

You were walking out of the school when you felt someone’s arms wrap around your waist. You jumped and elbowed them in the rib.

“Ow Babe!” You hear Steve yell.

“Oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t know it was you.” You stared at him. “Are you okay?” You asked after a while.

“Yeah. I think so.” He pulls you in for a kiss. “Do you want to come over?” He asks you.

“Sure.” I smiled and hopped in his pick-up. He drove to his house and we went inside.

“Want anything to drink?” You shook your head and he came back with a beer. He takes a giant gulp.

“Will you not drink tonight? Please.” You look in his eyes.


“Because I want us to just talk and remember.” You give him puppy dog eyes.

“Fine.” He sat the beer down and you kissed him.

“Thanks.” You smiled. You lay on the couch together watching tv, you both ended up falling asleep.

You wake up and it’s 6:30. “Steve, do you want me to make us supper?” You slowly wake up.

“Sure.” You get up and start cooking. After a while he comes in and helps you. He wraps his arms around your waist as you cook and slowly kisses your neck.

“Steve.” You get mad he is trying to get you turned on. He always makes jokes about how you still are a virgin. It doesn’t bother you, it just gets annoying. You finish making supper and you sit down together to eat.

After you finish you start to wash the dishes. He grabs your waist and picks you up and sits you on the counter. He slowly kisses you and wrap your legs around his waist. You feel him start to get hard and he pulls away. “Steve.” You bite your lip. You jump off the counter and go into his bed room. He follows you and he lays down on top of you as you make out.

“Babe are you sure?” You never made out like this before and he wanted to make sure.

You nod as he pulls off your shirt and kisses you roughly. You lift his shirt off and run your hands up and down his abs. He lightly licks the uncovered parts of your breast and you moan softly. He undoes your jeans and slides them down. You undo his jeans and he helps kick them off.

He takes your bra off and sucks on your breast. He slowly rubs your clit through your underwear, your moans start to get louder. You slide your underwear down as he switches breast. He slowly slides 2 fingers in you and begins pumping. You let out soft moans.

He pumped for a while. “Damn babe you are wet.” He smirks and pulls his boxers off. He grabs a condom and quickly slides it on. “Are you ready?” He double checks. You pull him in for a kiss and he slowly slides in. He goes about a third in and slides back out. He keeps up this slowly pace until get gets all the way in. You moan loudly as he picks up speed.

You let out short quick breaths and he grunted trying to keep the pace up. You lifted your hips up so he could go in deeper. You started to get close. He slowed down right before you came and then he picked up speed again. You cum with your orgasm. He does a few more thrust and cums inside you. He pulls out and lays down beside you. He pulls you on top of him and you rest your head on his chest.

After a while you speak up. “I love you.” You smiled softly at him.

“I love you too Babe.” He kisses you and wraps his arms around your waist. “Is this why you didn’t want me drinking tonight?” He looks at you. You nod shyly. “Wait so you had this planned?” He asked.

“I knew I was ready and I was just waiting for the right time.” You smiled. He held you tight as you fell asleep together. This night couldn’t have gone better, you thought. 

                                Steve Imagine

   It was a snowy winter morning. You and Steve were both still sleeping. You both were up late sitting on the couch cuddling watching the snow storm. It was around two in the morning when you both decided to go to bed. You’ve been dating for about two years now. 

  In bed Steve was holding you while you both slept in. Then the door bell rings and Steve looks at the clock. It was only 9:00 in the morning. He didn’t want to go and answer the door but you gave him a kick and he got up to get the door.

  At the door there was a blond lady there who looked like she was in her fifty’s or so and with her was a scared looking little boy. He looked to be about three years of age.

“Hi, are you a Steve Randel?” the lady asked.

“Yes what can I do for you?” Steve asked looking confused.

“This little guy here is your little brother Raymond. If you don’t take him in he will be placed in foster care.” the lady explained.

 you were coming out of the bedroom and you heard everything that was going on.

“Yeah well what about my parents?” Steve asked.

“They weren’t taking care for him or paying him any attention to him. Some of their neighbors called us and reported it, they also told us about you. This is all in your hands what you would like to do and what you think would be best for your little brother.” The lady told Steve.

 you walk up behind Steve and put your hand on his back. you both looked at each other and you could tell right away that he wanted his brother there with him.

Steve turned to the lady. “Yes of course we will take care of him. ”

“Oh good! I will come back with all the paper work and all you have to do is sign, but for now you can just get to know each other and get settled.” The lady said with a smile and left.

“Hey buddy wanna come inside. It’s pretty cold out there.” Steve said in a calm voice trying to get his brother to come inside.

Raymond started to walk into the house. keeping his eyes on Steve, thinking he looked pretty scary. He then saw you standing there smiling at him and he ran right up to you crying.

“Oh it’s ok little guy. Don’t be afraid your brother is a really nice person.” You told Raymond while you were hugging him trying to calm him down.

“Yeah I’m nice. You will like it here I promise. We will take you to the parks and other fun stuff.” Steve said to Raymond.

Raymond then pulled away from you and started to look around the place. He finally took off his backpack and jacket. He turned to you and asked you. “What’s your name?”

“Oh I’m sorry my name is (Y/N).” You said with a smile.

“Oh.” Raymond responded.

The lady came back and you both signed papers which didn’t take long. You both decided you should take him to meet the rest of the gang.


You arrived at the Curtis house. Everyone was there, they were all doing different things. Dally and Soda were playing cards. Two-bit of course was watching Mickey mouse. Johnny was helping Darry fix something in the kitchen, and Pony was doing his homework. Steve looked into the window.

“Okay everyone is in there. You ready?” Steve asked you.

You and Raymond both shook your heads. You walked in and everyone looked up. Two-bit didn’t see Raymond at first because he came running over picking you up in a hug. Raymond got scared and grabbed onto Steve’s pant legs.

“Hey who’s the brat?” Dally called over.

“He’s not a brat…he’s….well my little brother. His name is Raymond and you are going to be nice to him. He’s a little shy yet.” Steve said giving Dally and glare at what he called his brother.

“Oh sorry man I didn’t know.” Dally said he really was sorry.

“Well I think you should come over here and say sorry to Raymond.” You said with a smirk on your face.
“Well….” was all Dally could say.

Everyone is the house pressured Dally to do so. So Dally knelt down by Raymond and he said he was sorry. Raymond looked up smiled and jumped onto Dally giving him a hug.

“aww!” Everyone said.

“Okay buddy time to get off now.” Dally said trying to be nice.

Raymond wouldn’t let go. He then crawled on Dally’s back hoping to get a piggy back ride. Dally didn’t even fuss he knew the gang would make him so he started to play with Raymond.

“ I think Dal has a new friend.” Darry said from the kitchen.

“Your just jealous.” Dally said he was actually enjoying this.

“I think he’s coming around and took a liking to Dally.” You whisper to Steve.

“I think so too.” Steve said back and smiled and kissed you on the head.

You stayed for dinner that night. Dally played with Raymond for almost the whole time. Raymond and Dally fell asleep  on the couch after supper. You and Steve say and all you both could do is smile.