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from the aus to consider: "we live in different countries and got paired up as pen pals for a project for school" bc all my friends are long distance and i'm a sucker for pen pals. ps. i rlly love your fics but i am too Shy™ to come off anon


Dear Bucky,

How are you? My name is Steve. I’m nine and go to school in Brooklyn, New York. Why are you named Bucky? How is Indiana? My teacher says my letter has to be a page long, which is why I am asking so many questions. She also said I could not talk about the Dodger’s last game because you probably didn’t watch it. Can you read my handwriting? My mom says I don’t have good handwriting, which makes me sad. But I do spell really well. Do you speak other languages? I don’t. My mom can speak Spanish and I will start learning Spanish next year. Please write to me and soon. I am excited to talk to someone so far away!



Dear Steve,

Hi, I am good, thank you for asking. I’m Bucky and I live in Moscow, Russia. I am American but my dad works for the government and they moved us here two years ago. I don’t always like it in Russia. I used to live in Indiana. I didn’t watch the Dodgers game because my family roots for the Cubs. They lose a lot. I think you have fine handwriting. I also speak some Russian but not a lot. I mostly can ask questions about where the bathroom is. I have a cat named Milky. She’s white. Do you have any pets? I want to hear from you soon, even though we only had to write the one letter for class. Can you send me a picture? I sent you one of me by a museum in Russia.



So that’s how it starts.


12:00 AM



12:00 AM

Don’t you mean ‘have a very happy eighteenth birthday Steve, light of my life’?


12:01 AM

No, I mean happy birthday America. Don’t put words in my mouth, Steve. We’ve been friends for nine years. You should know better.


12:03 AM

Wow Buck. Thanks for ruining my birthday.


12:04 AM

RUDE. I was just celebrating America’s birthday because that’s where I am. Right now.


12:04 AM



12:05 AM

Aren’t you in St. Petersburg?


12:07 AM

Maybe you wanna come downstairs.

Steve jumps out of bed, legs tangled in his blankets. He nearly trips, but that doesn’t stop him. Steve takes the stairs two at a time, thundering down until he’s in the living room.

And there’s Bucky, standing next to Steve’s mom, beaming.

“Steve, look who’s here!” Sarah Rogers says, grinning as she gestures to Bucky. Her grin turns into a chuckle as she notices that her only son came downstairs in a pair of plaid boxers, a black tank top and bedhead. “Dear, you could’ve put on some pants,” she says.

Steve loves his mom, but he ignores her.

“Bucky?” he asks.

Bucky nods. He’s a little shorter than Steve expected him to be in person. It makes Steve grin.

“Hi Steve,” Bucky says. “Happy birthday.”

It takes Steve about three seconds to close the space between them and wrap Bucky in a huge hug, his leather jacket kind of cool against Steve’s skin.

Bucky chuckles, low and soft next to Steve’s ear. “It’s nice to meet you, too,” he says.

“I’ve known you forever, jerk,” Steve says, then pulls back a little, just to take Bucky in. “Hi,” he says.

And then Bucky leans in and presses a kiss to Steve’s lips. “Hi,” he whispers back.

Steve blinks a few times, surprised. “Buck?” he asks.

“I wanted to wait until I could see you in person,” Bucky says. “You, uh… right?”

“What?” Steve asks, starting to smile.

“Don’t make me say it.”

“You like me,” Steve says.

Bucky nods. “Yeah, I do.”

“I like you, too,” Steve says.

Bucky nods again. “Yeah,” he says. “You do.”

Sarah rolls her eyes. “Happy birthday Steve,” she says. “I’m going to bed.”

Bucky laughs, then looks over at her. “Thanks for getting me the ticket over here, Mrs. Rogers,” he says.

“It’s no problem. Now you two… have fun.”

Bucky laughs. “We will,” he says, looking back at Steve. His eyes go soft. “We will.”

There Is No Time For Pants - Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Reader(kinda)

Originally posted by aestheticimagines

Words: 1038
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x (kinda)Reader
Warnings: swearing
Requested: no
Authors Note: soooo i have writers block. And literally a month and a half ago i had this funny idea with my friend rianna aka @myfandomsarecooler about Stucky so here it is. Technically, there is no x reader, but it is about the reader, so that’s fun. Also, this could turn out to be more cringe than I thought because it is my first Stucky fic. I hope it’s not too bad xD it’s also basically just a big conversation between steve and buck, there literally isn’t much plot besides the point of a laugh.


Steve was waiting anxiously for Bucky to come into his bedroom. Steve was sat in the middle of his bed, in a long, baggy shirt and pink underwear. He also had a Starbucks latte sitting in between his legs, as it was too much for him to hold the drink and freak out at the same time.

Bucky walked into the room to find his boyfriend looking like an overgrown three-year-old. “Steve, what the hell is going on?” Bucky sighed when he got a good look at Steve.

“Buck!” Steve shouted, a huge smile growing on his face, “You’ll never believe what I just found out!”

“Okay, Steve, but you should really put some pants on. You know we can’t just sit around a base half naked,” Bucky sighed and walked over to the closet to pull out clothes for Steve.

“No, you have to listen! You’ll never believe this!” Steve exploded, catching Bucky’s attention.

Bucky turned around and sighed at his boyfriend. “Steve, please, you have time to put some pants on.”

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Hc's for what the gang does when it snows?


- Everyone but Darry, Dally, and Johnny ends up falling face first into the snow its ridiculous

- Darry and Soda making snow men while pony and Johnny are snow angles

- Soda and Steve kissing while its snowing




- Dally throwing snowballs at Pony’s face every chance he gets

- Until Johnny moves in the way of it at one point ending Dally’s game as he apologizes over and over again

- Two laughed every single time it was too funny ok even Darry laughed

- Soda built Steve into a snowman giving him frost bite

- Darry sprinkles snow in Soda’s hair because his blonde hair with white looks very pretty

- Johnny is not aloud to sleep in the lot ha no way he will drink hot cocoa with the boys at night and spend the night if he isn’t at his own home he is not aloud to freeze to death please my bABY-

- I’m sorry lmao

“Drinking Coffee With the Captain Part” 2

You just found out your neighbor is Captain America…

Steve Rogers x Reader

part 1

He hitched his towel up higher, and looked around the kitchen, looking uncomfortable.

“Well?” You asked him, hands on hips. You weren’t upset, but you’d have liked if he’d been upfront with you from the get go.

“Yes.” He nodded. “I’m Captain America.” He ran a hand through his blonde hair. “Does that change anything?”

You raised an eyebrow. “If I need to lift something heavy, now I know who to ask, but no. Why would it change anything?” You sighed. “Why didn’t you just say so, Steve?”

“Uh, can I go put some pants on?”

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Imagine Steve getting reactions to wearing a kilt (your reason of choice).

“Steve…Steve no.”  Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose to ward off the rapidly oncoming migraine.  Steve, standing in front of him in the bedroom, scowled and gestured irritably at his outfit.

“Do you think I want this?  Does this look like something I’m choosing?”

“Then go put some pants on, Jesus.”  Steve shook his head, crossing his arms.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that, Buck.  I have to wear it.”  Bucky rolled his eyes.  His boyfriend was ridiculous.

“No, you don’t.”

“I promised Ma.  The kilt stays.”  Bucky took a deep breath, exhaling long and slow, before confirming,

“You promised your mother you’d get married in a kilt.” His voice was flat, and without his usual dancing eyebrows and curling lips, Steve couldn’t get a read on him.

“Well…” Steve rubbed at his neck, shifting uncomfortably.  “When I promised, I wasn’t exactly thinking I was ever going to actually get married.  I just wanted her to be happy.”  Bucky leaned his head against the doorjamb and groaned.

“Fuck you, of course you have a good reason.  Fine, I can’t make you break a promise to Sarah.  The photographer is gonna have a cow though.”  Steve laughed and stepped closer so Bucky could wrap an arm around his waist and lead him out of the apartment to the car.

The photographer did indeed “have a cow” when they showed up.  Tony laughed so hard Steve sort of hoped he’d rupture something, and Natasha had to redo her makeup by the time she’d gotten a lid on her giggles.  Sam had told him it was “sweet that you’re keeping that promise,” but after he walked away, the hem of Steve’s kilt was mysteriously tucked into the waistband, giving a few people a good shot of his “Property of J.B. Barnes” underwear, so the sincerity of his comment was highly suspect.

Even Bucky finds that he doesn’t mind the kilt so much.  Really, as soon as they’re at the altar, he can’t think about anything besides how mindblowing it is that he gets this at all, that he and Steve can be together forever and be so open with it.