steve prestwich


Take a whole life’s loneliness
Wrap it up in some tenderness
Send it off to some emptiness
With all my love

RIP Steve Prestwich

I couldn’t believe the news when I found out. I’d always dreaded the day that an original Cold Chisel member would pass away, I just didn’t realise it would come so soon. He was the mind behind one of Cold Chisel’s greatest songs, When The War Is Over, and even had a stint in Little River Band, another one of my favourite bands.

Being a Gen-Yer, I didn’t get to experience Chisel in their hey-day. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live once, and I’ve listened to their records countless times. They’re my favourite band in the world, and I’m just heartbroken to think that one of them is gone. My deepest and sincere condolences to Steve’s family and friends, especially his two kids.