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Somebody that I used to know Chapter Three:

Summary: Bucky and the others get shot back into the past where Steve isn’t Captain America, Bucky isn’t captured by Hydra, and their friends and family are alive. The others are trying to get back to the future, but part of Bucky doesn’t want to. His family is here, he can finally remember who he use to be and stop himself from becoming the man he was in the future. (Y/N), his girlfriend, is in the future trying to figure out how to send everyone back to the future, but will Bucky join them, or will he stay in the past so that can never become the Winter Soldier?

Prologue One Two Three

Note: Suspense

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Bucky honestly didn’t know what to say, because right in front of him was his mother. Someone who has been dead for a long time, but he couldn’t stop the emotions that he wanted to. “Steve, your Momma said to come visit her tomorrow.” Mrs. Barnes told Steve who froze on the spot. That was impossible. Steve’s mother had passed away before Steve and Bucky moved in together, but Steve didn’t want to think she was alive and be disappointed. “Mrs. Barnes, are ya sure it was my Ma?” He asked tilting his head gently. “I know your mother very well. Yes, I am sure.” She huffed softly as Steve’s eyes widened before he swallowed thickly. “She’s at our house?” His voice was trembling as Bucky looked at him, looking just as shocked as Steve felt.

“Of course, you act like you moved away from her about forever ago.” Winifred placed her arms onto her hips and Steve wanted to comment on how right she was when there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it.” She said as Bucky went to stop her, but it was too lately. The door opened to reveal the other Avengers causing Steve and Bucky’s eyes to widen in shock. “Hello may I help you?” She asked tilting her head. “Uh… We must have gotten the wrong apartment. I’m sorry.” Natasha said before they started down the hall. “Strange teenagers.” She comments with a frown before shutting the door. “Uh Ma, Steve and I need to head out.” He pointed to the door when she looked at him. “Already?” She asked softly. “Uh Bucky, you stay here.” Steve nudged him.

“Can you give us a second?” Bucky asked before hauling Steve into the bedroom with ease. “Dammit, I hate when you do that.” Steve hissed. “Stevie, what the hell are ya doin’?” He demanded quietly. “You’ve missed your ma… I think it’s best if ya stay here and spend time with her.” He explained as Bucky swallows softly. “What… What about you?” He asked. “I’ll get the others.” Steve said as if that was obvious. “No punk. Your Ma. What about your Ma?” He questioned as Steve blinked for a moment. He honestly didn’t know what to do. “I’ll think of somethin’ Buck. Just worry about your Ma. I’ll be back.” He said as Bucky growled softly in frustration not wanting him to go, but knowing that Steve would even if he did tell him no.

“You better come back to me Punk. We need to get back to our time.” He said as Steve nods. “I will always come for ya… Jerk.” He resorted when they both smiled as Bucky hugged Steve tightly. “Please be careful. We don’t know what’s happenin’. Tread lightly.” He murmured as Steve nods, hugging him back. “I will.” He answered before grabbing his jacket out of the clothes press. “Don’t do anything stupid.” Bucky smirked when Steve looked back to him. “Never.” He replied as he smirks back before walking out to see Mrs. Barnes sitting on the couch when she looked up. “Steve, you gonna see your Momma?” She asked. “No Ma’am there’s something I need to take care of. I’ll be back.” He said as she nods.

“Now don’t go out there and gettin’ into trouble. You hear?” She asked as Steve nods. “He already heard that from me Ma.” Bucky rolls his eyes as Mrs. Barnes shook her head. “Boy needs to hear it twice. Still won’t to him good.” She murmured as Steve shrugs. “Sorry Ma’am.” He murmured as Mrs. Barnes smiles. “Just as headstrong as your momma.” She comments when he smiled, looking down. “Yeah, I am. I’ll be back now.” He said before went out of the apartment and ran down the steps, panting already. “Really hate bein’ in this body again.” He grumbled angrily before looking around for the others. “They couldn’t have gotten far.” He clenched his button up shirt to catch his breath. “Steve?” A voice called as Steve looked up to see Sam.

“Sam.” Steve beamed happily as Sam went up to him. “You both remember us?” He asked when Steve nods. “Are you okay? You sound winded?” Sam frowned. “Asthma.” Steve responded. “Oo… That sucks. We have a major problem.” Sam’s voice grew worried. “Why? What’s wrong?” Steve quirked an eyebrow at him. “It’s Tony… He went to look for Jarvis and his father.” Sam explained as Steve’s eyes widened. “Somethin’s wrong Sam… My Ma is alive… She wasn’t alive when I moved in with Buck. That was the whole reason I did….” Steve explained as Sam frowned. “That’s not good.” He murmurs. “We need ta stop Tony before he does somethin’ he’ll regret. Buck’s with his Ma.” Steve pointed back towards their apartment.

“Probably the best place for him right now.” Sam stated when Steve nods. “What about your Mother? What are you going to do about her?” Sam asked. “Honestly, I have no idea… ‘m scared to go see her, because once I do… Who knows what could happen to me.” Steve’s voice cracked before he immediately shook his head. “Can’t worry about that. We need ta find Tony.” Steve’s voice almost instantly grew hard. “Steve…” Sam trailed off. “Come on, we need to go. Make sure Tony doesn’t do somethin’ stupid.” He huffs when Sam nods before they started going down the streets. “Natasha went after him. Bruce, Thor, and Clint aren’t handling the 30’s well.” Sam rolled his eyes as Steve smiled softly. “Hopefully they won’t have to.” Steve said.

Sam nods. “We didn’t have any of our weapons or anything when we got here.” He chuckled. “‘Course not.. You’re in a time that it didn’t existed yet. Just like I’m the scrawny kid from Brooklyn again..” Steve tried not to groan as he rubbed his knees. “Are you okay?” Sam questioned. “I had a lot of health problems before I became Captain America.” Steve sighed. “Do you need any help? I could carry you or…” Sam’s mouth closed the moment Steve glared at him. “Pick me up an’ I’ll break your jaw.” He huffed as Sam held up his hands. “It was just a suggestion.” He said. “Yeah, well suggest better ideas.” He murmured as Sam smirked. “You really are like Bucky described.” He chuckles as Steve rolls his eyes at him. “Sam.” He said in warning.

“Right.Tony.” He chuckled when they started moving faster. “Hopefully Natasha got to him.” Steve murmured. “You know when we came back in time we all turned into teenagers again… Isn’t is strange?” Sam asked looking at Steve who frowned. “Yeah…” Steve said before looking at him. “You also came without yer stuff, right?” He asked when Sam nods. “Something is wrong. Maybe because you guys were sent with us it’s messin’ with time.” Steve suggested as Sam nods. “That makes sense… I hope that if we do go back in time it does set things right.” Sam said when Steve nods. “That makes two of us.” He sighed when they turned down a corner and collided with someone. “I’m sorry Ma’am.” Steve and Sam said together helping the woman up. “Steve! I was just coming to see you!” The woman exclaimed happily. The moment Steve locked eyes with the woman he froze in place… It was his mother. “M-Ma?” He asked in shock.

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Accidentally read your diary AU with steve and ponyboy??? :oo

authors note: So Roni specifically wanted just Steve and Ponyboy so sorry it’s just the two boyssss
warnings: language/if ur a homophobic prick then slight gay shit
thanks for requesting
hope ya enjoy ! 💘

Accidentally read your diary AU: with Steve and Ponyboy
Title: This Freakin Kid Man.

3rd person:

It was a Friday afternoon and Steve and Sodapop had finished their shift at the DX. Sodapop plopped onto his bed and passed out. Leaving Steve to ponder what in the fuck he was supposed to do.🤔🤔

Steve’s POV:

Well fuck, Sodapop had dived into bed and passed out before he even fully hit the mattress. I was sitting in Pony’s desk chair lookin at the mess on his table. I spotted a book bounded in leather with a built in bookmark. Might as well see what the kids prolly gonna go on about this week, there was no cover or description. I opened the book to see its contents and I was met with some cursive writing. It was a diary entry, this fucking kid man I swear. Normally speaking I wouldn’t have read it. You know, that’s a lie I was gonna end up readin it anyway. The most recent entry had read something about him questioning his sexualit- hol up… is he… gay??? Oh.
I thought I heard a noise,
Quickly shutting the book I looked around and over my shoulder. Making sure Soda was asleep, I opened the book again. Readin the cursive writing sprawled on the page-
“- I don’t think Darry would be too happy with what’s goin on in my head. I mean I told him and Sodapop I wasn’t interested in girls. They said "you’re too young, you’ll grow into it” but what they didn’t stick around to listen to me say was that I didn’t like girls but I liked this boy in my class. Of course, I’m not an idiot, so I kept my mouth shut. I knew if word got around I’d not only be targeted by socs but nearly everyone else around ‘ere. right about now I’m questioning if I should just suck it up and marry some random grease girl who wears too much makeup and too little clothes. I mean I probably would tell Darry what I’m thinking and even if he DID accept me I know there’s not a snowballs chance in hell he’d allow me to like a kid like Curly Shepard.“
… well then that’s a surprise.

Ponyboy’s POV:

I crept up to my room when I heard slight snoring, didn’t want to wake up Sodapop. I had a nightmare last night and he stayed up with me pretty late.
When I walked in I saw Steve with his head in some book. I was surprised enough to see him readin something for once in his god damn life but I didn’t not expect him to be reading my diary. I jumped across the room trying to snatch the book from his hands. We wrested for a moment before Soda mumbled in his sleep obviously disturbed from our throw down. We looked at eachother, nodded and walked out of the room, shutting the door. Once we reached the living room I turned and tackled him "why were you reading my diary!” I roared. “I don’t know! What do you see in Curly freakin Shepard??” He demanded. I paused, I went numb and my heart dropped. He knew.

Steve POV:
- the freakin kid bursts into tears and yelps “please don’t tell darry or Soda, please” my jaw dropped. I narrowed my eyes and pulled the dumb kid up. “Why would I tell Darry?” He looked up with tears running down his face, “Because you think I’m gross…” he whimpered. I dropped my eyes, of course I didn’t think the kid was gross, I mean I didn’t understand but he was apart of the gang. So I had to try. “Listen kid-” I muttered pinching the bridge of my nose, “I ain’t gon tell Darry so quit your weepin.” He looked up once again, hopeful, “really steve!?” I sighed “yeah, but you do. and soon.” he sniffled rubbing his eyes, “yeah yeah. ok deal.” I sighed sitting down on the couch in silence I looked at him. “so curly huh?” I smirked, his eyes snapped open and he punched me in the chest.
this freakin kid man.

Ok so that’s it, I mean I didn’t really know how to do a full on Steve x Ponyboy so I decided I’d write this with a message in mind;
do NOT. EVER. out someone to their family or other friends. that’s not your place to do and sometimes you don’t know if they’re truly safe, in this instance yeah ponyboy would’ve been safe and Steve knows it bc he’s practically family. But still he chose not to because it isn’t his place and it’s something that should be done by that person themselves. I chose to come out to my parents and I still wasn’t sure if they’d accept and luckily they did. There’s people out there that would not. You can not out someone and it is truly something that they need to do themselves unless they want help. Doesn’t matter if it takes years or 15 minutes to build up the courage/nerve to do so, it’s their choice and their own life so don’t out someone bc it isn’t cute or funny or nice.
love ya guys ok?

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#2 and #8 for the prompt thing (if you're still doing it of course) and with Bucky or Steve (whoever you chose is okay), please. love ya

“Can you shut up for five minutes, please???”

“The floor is lava.”

Originally posted by camwelgrace

You squinted at the book in front of you, your eyes scanning the page and your brain attempting to absorb the words. It wasn’t really working though, as Steve was mumbling something, trying to get you attention.

“Can you shut up for five minutes please?” You snapped, slamming your book shut.

“Finally!” Steve exclaimed, “Now that I have your attention, the floor is lava.” He explained, gesturing the plush white carpet in the living room.

You rolled your eyes, “Seriously Steve? We’re gonna play this game again?”

“Hey, I’m just letting you know that the floor is lava.” He shrugged, “And if you step on it, you lose and have to make my bed for a week.”

You shook your head and laughed “This is a child’s game, but alright.”

And then you and Steve began to play. Hopping from couch to couch, throwing pillows on the ground so you could walk on it, tiptoeing across the table. If Tony found out you two were abusing his furniture, he’d be pissed, but that wasn’t really a concern of yours.

Just as you were about to slip off the table, Steve slid his arm behind your back and pulled you back up.

“Don’t want me making your bed, I take it?” You smirked.

“No, I just wanted to get close enough to do this.” He grinned, leaning in closer to your face.

Just as your lips were about to meet, Sam shuffled into the room.

“Floor lava?! I love this game!”

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Are you one person sitting at a computer all day or a collaboration of monkeys?

Let me ask Steve.  Steve what do you think?

Steve:  oo oo ahh AHHH AHHH AH AH AHHH AHH