steve never listens

Bucky teaching Steve to dance is one of my favourite things ;-;

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Nicholas J. Fury absolutely did not want anyone except Steve to notice he'd broken into his apartment while injured in CATWS. There's no way he just chose to play whichever album Steve had left on that stereo, assuming he had ever even used the thing in the first place. Nick picked that specific song--a song Steve would never have listened to normally, from all the albums the SHIELD rehousing unit would have chosen for him ("It's Been a Long, Long Time" - Harry James & Kitty Kallen, 1945)--knowing fully well that Steve would have immediately realized someone had broken in and was up to something fishy, and would thus enter the house alone and carefully. This presents us with two very different cases for Sharon's behavior when Steve arrived home that evening: either A) she had no idea Nick had broken into the apartment, and was thus acting solely according to her cover when she points out he's left that stereo on, or B) Nick contacted her en route to Steve's apartment, ordering her to stay clear of the front door and also to point out to Steve, whenever he returned, that the music was playing, ensuring that he would not enter from his apartment's designated entrance without her having to break her own cover. At this point, Nick has realized that SHIELD has been compromised, so whichever option he picked would have spoken volumes about how much he personally trusts Agent 13. Regardless: in both scenarios, why would Nick take these measures to ensure that both Sharon and Steve avoid entering through that front door? We have to assume that Nick realizes that his assailant tracked him to that apartment and had an eye on the apartment's front door, where he would have likely sniped Steve had Steve entered through it normally. Nicholas J. Fury navigated his way to Steve's apartment through the DC sewerage system, managed breaking into the apartment while injured, and possibly without alerting Agent 13, and knew exactly which song Steve would never listen to voluntarily, and there is not enough goddamn fanfiction centered on this man gah