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To be fair its steves set and his performance and louis is just a guest so it understandable why they showed steve more, doesnt mean i like it tho. But whats more important is that he did amazing and so many people watched him and danced with him. Im very proud.

?????? sorry but when an edm artist has only a few special guests, the cameramen should DEFINITELY show them more than they did with louis here….they showed the crowd just as much as they showed steve if not more so they could have replaced some of that crowd time by showing the person singing. nobody expects them to replace steve time with louis but they could have replaced some of the pans to the crowd ??? seems reasonable to me soz

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Avid Reader

You love to read and everyone knows it and they often give you new books to read or come to you for opinions on books to read. One person who gives you books more often than anyone else is Steve, he’s always bringing you new books and asking you to recommend books to him. One day, he comes to you and tells you that he has a surprise for you.

Steve x Reader

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yo boo gimme all ur stancy headcanons i feel like dying tonight

Oh damn girl you came to the right person.  Hope these help :)

  • Steve’s a much more affectionate person than Nancy and throws around “I love you’s” like hellos.  Nancy’s more careful about when she says it, but Steve doesn’t care, because that just makes it mean so much more when she does say it.
  • Their one year anniversary is a big deal.  Steve loves planning dates and celebrations, so he goes all out.  He dresses up nice, spends an hour on his hair, brings her flowers, and takes her to an incredibly fancy restaurant in the city.  Nancy thinks the whole thing is a bit extra, but she loves how happy it makes him, so she goes along with all of it.  The restaurant turns out to be incredibly snooty and exclusive though and this night was supposed to be fun, so they end up leaving before they order.   Steve’s bummed his perfect night veered off course, but Nancy cheers him up and they end up drinking milkshakes on top of his car in a Sonic parking lot. It’s perfect anyway. (shoutout to @eggo-my-leggo for the conversation that inspired this)
  • Nancy’s a total genius in college and she loves what she studies, but Steve doesn’t actually understand any of the scientific stuff.  She’s always hesitant to talk about her classes because she knows he won’t get it, but after a bit he convinces her to explain it to him since she clearly wants to.  After that, she’ll always tell him about fascinating labs and interesting facts that she learned.  He loves to hear her talk, even if every second of it goes over his head, because she’s so happy.
  • They’re not the most compatible when it comes to sleeping.  Nancy sleeps cold and wakes up early, and Steve is constantly overheating and could sleep until 1 PM every day if it weren’t for his alarm clock.  They like to complain about each other’s habit constantly, but it’s nothing more than bickering
  • When they go out drinking together at parties, it’s a complete mess.  Steve will get hammered within the first half hour, and want to stay for the rest of the night.  Nancy’s never as bad, but she has a tendency to get drunk and then refuse to admit it and try to take care of Steve.  It never ends well, and someone (read: Jonathan) always has to get them home at the end of the night.  
  • Steve loves cooking and baking and basically anything in the kitchen.  People usually think he’d be terrible at it and burn things to a crisp (and yeah, there are some fires towards the beginning) but over time it becomes his main hobby, and he becomes really good at it.  Nancy’s his official taster and always gives honest feedback about his recipes.  When she has lazy days, Nancy will sit in the kitchen and just watch him– he says that he always makes his best meals when she’s there.
The Next Captain America
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Sam:</b> I should take the shield.<p/><b>Bucky:</b> Steve trusted me more and he would have wanted it that way.<p/><b>Y/N:</b> *whistles a tune as they walk up, grabs the shield, and leaves as quickly as they came in*<p/><b>Sam and Bucky:</b> ...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Bucky Barnes aka Badass (or love is eternal)

You know what I loved about Civil War?

Despite hundred of (amazing) different fics trying to imagine the Bucky/Steve reunion, none of us imagined what we got.

We (the collective fandom) tried to imagine a broken Bucky struggling to reconciles his recovered memories and his past as the Winter Soldier, having dramatic PTSD. Or simply trying to even just remember who he feels likes he should be (while suffering dramatic PTSD). And of course, Steve, knight in shining armor that he is, is supposed to be there along the way, helping during every moments of the Journey to Recovery.

Very few fic took the opposite direction: Bucky remembers who he used to be, but decides it’s not him anymore and therefore he doesn’t care about Steve no more because Steve belongs to past-Bucky. (Of course, until he’s exposed to Steve again, and realised the error of his ways because- true love.)

Instead, Bucky remembers his WW2 period and his Soldier period, assimilates both, has no trouble forging a current identity out of this mess while still liking Steve, is aware of his partial non-responsability in his crimes while still being very aware he’s the one who committed them, and is hiding to a) protect Steve, the population and himself from being used this way again b) recovery tiiime in his own time (the man know his needs and limits).

Phew! Man…

I’m blown away.

1) Talk about mental, moral and general resiliency. He probably has PTSD and and a terrrible time; but for all the horrors that happened to him, he got his shit seriously together.

2) I love how this outcome was a total evidence for both of them. The dialogue in Bucky’s appartement was like:

“-Come one, you know I’m here as a friendly. You saved my ass back there, so you know we’re friends. Don’t even front.

-La, la, la. I can’t hear you!

Buckyyy, stop it! Yes, you do hear me!

(Sulllen face. Internal dialogue: “Stevie, why you can’t play pretend for five fucking minutes. I swear! It’s OK to suck at this when we were five but you got seventy years to practice. How are you still so bad at it?!?!”)

Armed forces breaks in.

Steve and Bucky fight in tandem like WW2 was just yesterday.

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And (here’s my favorite part) Bucky has no trouble or a second of hesitation to use Steve’s body as a weight to throw off his opponent!

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He’s 100% sure Steve will:

-not fight him

-get what he’s trying to do

-follow throught

-be strong enought to still come out on top.

And Steve goes throught it because he’s that confident in Bucky right back.

In short: 2 partial deaths, 70 years of sleep, murders & atrocities, one epic fight and fucking showdown, one near drowning + rescue, plus some years incommunicado later, Bucky and Steve still trust each other like it’s day one!

It’s fucking amazing and I love it!!!!

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True love is forever!

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(Yes, thank you Disney for Unrealistic Expectations. That asides, it’s such a nice, cool story! Friendship for the win!!!)

(I love them like rlb)

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Number 9 “i don’t think i can do this anymore”? Sam/Steve please?

“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” Sam said when Steve entered their room.

Steve looked bad already, run down and there was a permanent frown on his face, but Sam looked even worse and he knew it.

He was beyond tired, which was evident in the begs under his bloodshot eyes, and he barely felt alive anymore; too weak to even accompany Steve on most of his searches.

“What?” Steve asked him, eyes wide and hand still on the doorknob.

“I can’t. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t help you, I can’t go on, and I certainly can’t watch you run yourself into the ground, chasing after your former lover,” Sam said and Steve lost even more colour.

“Sam,” he started but then he stopped, obviously thinking something over.

Sam waited patiently, but his decision was already set. He loved Steve, he did, but he couldn’t continue like this. He was running himself ragged and he wouldn’t go on like this. The way they were running after Barnes was too much for him to handle and the knowledge that Steve was running after his maybe ex just hurt him further.

He was pretty sure Steve liked him well enough, but he was also pretty sure that if Bucky let them catch up, Steve would maybe not forget about Sam, but he would certainly not want to be with Sam anymore. And Sam wasn’t about that. He knew he deserved better and he reached the point where he was ready to demand what he deserved.

“I know I haven’t been a good boyfriend lately,” Steve started and Sam stopped him right there.

“You haven’t been a good friend either,” he said and Steve flinched under his words.

“Look,” Sam tiredly sighed. “I know that Barnes is important to you, and I don’t begrudge you that, but I just don’t see a place for me there. I am no super soldier, and this pace is running me down, not to mention that we are chasing your ex, which makes me think that he won’t be your ex for much longer after we find him, and I deserve better, Steve.”

“You do, god, Sam, you do, which is why I decided that we won’t go on anymore.”

“What?” Sam asked, disbelieve in his voice. He hadn’t counted on the fact that Steve would understand and encourage this decision. Secretly he had hoped that Steve would stay for him, but he guessed that was stupid.

Steve’s and Bucky’s love story spanned centuries, there was no way he could compare to that, and Sam realized that he had been foolish to hope. It didn’t lessen the pain, but Sam tried to convince himself that it did.

“I’ve seen what this search did to you and I’m sorry I put you through that,” Steve said.

“Alright,” Sam replied and got up from the bed. “I guess I will be going home then,” he mumbled, not meeting Steve’s eyes, because goddamnit did it hurt to be brushed off like this, and he threw some stuff into his bag.

“What are you…?” Steve asked and reached out for him. “Sam! We are both going home!” he almost yelled and Sam stopped.

“What do you mean, we are both going home. You haven’t found Barnes yet.”

“And I won’t if he doesn’t want to be found, and I won’t continue to do this to you. I love you, Sam, I wouldn’t leave you for him, even if we did find him, and apparently I didn’t make myself very clear. It’s time I did that now.”

Steve took a deep breath before he continued. “Bucky and I, we were over before he fell. He is my best friend, and I love him, but not like I love you. And it’s time I act like it. I am sorry I made you feel like he was more important to me, but he isn’t. If you want to go home, we will, and if you want me to stay away, I will do that too, but please. I never meant to do that to you and I am sorry.”

Sam was speechless for a few seconds before he reached out for Steve, who readily grasped his hand.

“Let’s go home together,” Steve said and Sam nodded.

“I would love that.”

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No it wasn't because the show was about Steve!! The singer on "How Else" performed and was filmed more than Steve! It is fucking weird im telling you

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:they did show the other singer that performed after him more tho

Idk them 🤷


I had a bad idea for an old meme and my friend had access to MS Paint.



background Bucky (ft. Sam’s left arm)

ultron came for my home boy steve calling him “gods righteous man” and saying that he’s “pretending he could live without a war” and then steve my main man comes back a film later dropping shields and titles like they ain’t shit and picking up Bucky and walking away bc he never needed a war, he just needed something worth fighting for and now he’s got bucky and he puts himself first he’s got the best thing to fight for - love and a chance at happiness, steve did that !!! an icon!