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Oh God. I don’t know if I just thought of the most Hilarious Prompt idea or the most Horrifying.

You know that meme going around: STOP TELLING PEOPLE I AM DEAD! Its like I can still hear their voice?

Well it inspired me. Probably in the worst of ways.

 Imagine if Tony & Steve meet and Steve asks Tony on a date, but Steve’s still wearing his wedding ring. So he tries to explain that Bucky is on tour, in the marines right now, but they have an arrangement that if the other ever found someone worth adding to their relationship they’d take the chance. But all Steve gets out is that hes gone (or something like that) and Tony (jumping to conclusions) says “say no more” thinking Bucky has passed away and Steve can’t bare to move on.

Steve’s so relieved that he doesn’t have to explain further, thinking that Tony understands what hes getting into. (an eventual joint relationship with them)

So Steve writes Bucky telling him all about Tony and how he cant wait till Bucky meets him. Bucky is sort of laughing at him when he writes back, saying hes looking forward to the man his Husband thinks would be a good fit for them both.  

So Steve of course talks to Tony about Bucky all the time. Which Tony respects, cause how could Steve not talk about his past love? And of course fate intervenes every moment that would clarify Bucky is still alive and still very in love with Steve.  (and quickly falling for Tony, after Steve starts telling all these funny stories and waxing poetic)

Tony of course is falling in love with them both (even though Bucky is gone and he feels really guilty about it cause god that makes him such a creep.)

Then Bucky gets in the an accident, he looses his arm and suddenly hes getting Honorably Discharged. Suddenly his on the road home to Stevie and this new man who sounds so wonderful, but hes not ready to face them yet, because this wasn’t supposed to happen. So he stays for some heavy post-op PT and therapy.

So Steve just cries to Tony all horrified saying “Bucky…”  And then breaks down in tears before explains what happened. And Tony just thinks its a bad night and comforts him and mourns a little too for the great man he thinks hes never going to meet.

Fate intervenes some more keeping Tony from realizing, that this talk about Bucky loosing his arm isn’t in past tense and every time Steve tries to talk about Bucky's  recovery (wishing he could come home so he could help) they get interrupted by Sam and Natasha.

Tony is starting to get confused cause people are starting to talk about Bucky in present tense, but he shrugs it off as nostalgia. Which just makes him wish more that he could meet this legend.

Bucky begins to improve and Steve gets better and things are getting better. Finally after a long stint with PT and therapy, Bucky is ready to come home.

Steve’s excited and nervous and worried, thinking Tony knows whats going on and is excited and nervous about Bucky too.

Meanwhile Tony is panicking cause how can he be falling in love with a dead man and said mans widowed husband. He feels like his betraying someone hes never met and hes nervous to tell Steve cause he doesn’t want Steve to hate him.

So one day in the afternoon Tony is sitting in the living room where hes talking to Bucky’s picture, saying shit like  I love him so much and I can’t help, but fall in love with you too and I know that seems wrong, because we never met. But I hope that I am enough for Steve, that I could have been enough for you too.

That’s when Bucky  decides to interrupt (who only heard the last part) with a blush and  a smile leaning on the door jam:  “Any man who can enthrall Stevie is man enough for me.”  All cocky (even if its a little shaky) and flirty n’ shit.

And Tony just shrieks in fright, faints.   Bucky of course is self concussion thinking it because of the arm. Steve’s furious and confused. Until Tony wakes up and starts yelling at Steve about how “you said he was dead” “i thought he’d passed away, that you hadn’t moved/having trouble moving on”  “i thought i was falling love with dead man and I was feeling so fucking guilty for being such a creep” all high pitched and panicked. ” and then he just shows up..” and hes stuttering and pale.

And Bucky who is relieved that this isn’t some horrible reaction to his arm, just starts busting up laughing, and says between breaths  “Stevie, stop going around telling people I am dead. I am right here.”  and then he starts laughing again because only fucking Steve would get this shit all twisted around.  Such a fucking punk.” he says sounding fond and exasperated.

Steve’s just standing there horrified. “Buck its not funny.”

Which makes him laugh harder and then he grins all sexy at Tony, “Hi I am Steve’s, not-dead husband, and we’d like to date you.”

Then chaos and a happy ending ensue from there.

Natasha enjoys the hell out of telling this story on their Wedding day.

steve trying to keep sam and bucky separated for as long as he can. and everyone thinks it’s because he’s jealous or thinks one of them will be jealous. but really he knows that if sam tells bucky all the shenanigans steve’s been up to in the 21st century, bucky’s going to beat his ass

based on a scene from this perfectly perfect modern Steve and Bucky au where Steve sees Bucky for the first time (sort of) after they’ve just been texting ever since Steve messaged a wrong number


“i’m not as bad as i seem”, a mix of songs for the jerk who just might have a heart of gold,

> i was wrong (sleeperstar)
then i saw, what it was, what i had done to you. i was wrong
> different (acceptance)
i wanted to see something that’s different, something you said would change in me
> numb (adam jensen)
can’t look at myself and i just don’t understand
> you should get to know me (jeremy zucker feat. quin xcii)
i’m not some eighties jerk on the screen, varsity jacket who hangs with the team
> dirty laundry (blackbear)
my girl don’t want me ‘cause of my dirty laundry. i think that she knows, i’m out of control
> jet black heart (arrows to athens)
i’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it
jesus died for you.. not me (jonny craig)
shit’s just insane, i feel it crashing down. everyone says i’m to blame
pack of wolves (astronomyy)
take me back to when my eyes were full of things i’ve seen, the things i call my jewels
> gravity (eden)
you can run if you feel you have to. i’ll be fine if you ever ask me
i’ll be good (jaymes young)
i’ve been cold, i’ve been merciless. but the blood on my hand scares me to death

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(^Get my pun)

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This is Rosalee’s recommendations where I recommend blogs and fictions. 
If you read ANY fictions or one shots, even writing blogs, please let me know so that when I do this next time, they can be added. 

With my excessive amount of followers (almost 10k) decided, I wanted to praise some other writers, who I think are amazing and you should look into. 


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The Bus: The Cruise | The Green Eyed Monster | A series that I think is great, involves Marvel characters, it’s on hiatus at the moment but I think you need to follow. 


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Writing Blogs Taking Requests- Shout Outs.


A new imagines blog that writes for; Teen Wolf, DC, Marvel and Supernatural. Go over and show some much-needed love for a new writer. 


A blog taking Marvel requests. Go over and request stuff for us to all fawn over and read.

 I don’t really ever have time to read as much as I used to, which is a damn shame, so most of these are recommended by my friends who do read. Unfortunately, spare time is used for writing but I do love these people, love their stuff. - Rosalee (also because I feel bad for my mental breakdown and wanted you guys to have some awesome stuff to read)

  • me: is a little bit 'meh' about sharon since she was a minor character in tws and i don't read comics so i didn't know her at all
  • you: post horrific, sexist, and just plain offensive ""confessions""
  • you: throw around homophobic and antisemitic language and abuse without any real understanding of those concepts (or of canon) to back them up
  • you: actively hate on a female character in a pairing while the man isn't hated (bc if your issue is the Kiss, then where's the steve hate blogs?)
  • you: mix comic and movie arguments and then say "it's the movie you can't rely on comics!!1!"
  • you: me: can you actually provide evidence in canon of xyz? / you: i can't read suddenly BUT LOOK AT ME RESTATING THE SAME ARGUMENTS AND WATCH THIS SCENE AGAIN AND YOU WILL SUDDENLY START HATING A FICTIONAL CHARACTER
  • you: invade the tags that were supposed to be safe spaces - while using the appropriate anti tags for the same post
  • you: whine and make out like we're the bullies when we call you out on this shit
  • me: ...
  • me: wow i love my newest daughter isn't she so great and good and kind and wonderful

A home at the end of the world.

“When the war is over, misery and struggles long forgotten, from the rubble and ruins, for our damaged souls to finally rest… we will make a place of our own.”

Disclaimer: Made purely for lols, not for hate! I guess I’m bored so… fake screenshots! This Civil War scene was funny, but this version would have been badass. Carter ladies don’t take shit from anyone. Stay back Uncle Steve.

Bonus Sam and Bucky:

What if I Asked?

Request: Hi! Can I please have a SteveRogersxReader  where the reader is introverted and soft-spoken avenger that steve wants to ask out, but he is nervous/intimidated because 1.) he thinks that she would not be interested in him 2.) Tony has been trying to get her attention. Also, could you add a hint of jealous/pining Steve to the mix :) Thank You!

@sweethoneybee1995 thanks for the request!

You sat in the common area of the tower and read. Everyone was busy with their everyday task, so no one bothered you. It was nice, with all of the missions you’d been going on lately it felt like a special treat to just be relaxing. Your book brought a smile to your face as your favorite characters  interacted. It all felt like coming back home after years away.

    “You’re reading that book, again?” Tony exclaimed as he flopped on the couch beside you. You sighed quietly and looked up to formally acknowledge his presence.

    “Yes. It’s my favorite.”

    “I could buy you new books. We could go out right now, get some lunch, go to all the bookstores you want.”

    “As tempting as that is Tony, I’m gonna have to say no.” you answered.

    Steve walked around the corner into the common room, he knew you’d be there. He had been looking for a book that the two of you sort of co-owned. You both exchanged the book so much neither of you could remember who bought it. When he came in and saw Tony sitting next to you, he felt himself frown without consciously choosing to. Tony had his arm thrown over your shoulder and he was talking close and quietly. Steve wished Tony would just leave you alone. Wasn’t it enough that every other woman in Stark Tower pined over him? Did he have to get you too? However, you didn’t look so impressed. Your eyes kept straying back to the book in your lap and he could tell you desperately wanted to just get back to reading.

    “Stark. Could you come here?” Steve called, pretending to have just walked in. Tony turned his head to look at Steve and you did too.

    “What?” Tony demanded, obviously annoyed.

    “I uh… can’t get into my room, all this technology junk is impossible,” Steve lied. You gave him a small smirk. You knew he was lying. Steve knew very well how to get in out of his room.

    “You just press the numbers,” Tony groaned.

    “Well why don’t you come help an old man out,” Steve sighed, rolling his eyes. Tony got up giving you an apologetic look, like he was sure he was really breaking your heart by leaving.

    “Sorry, let me help the senior citizen. When I come back we can talk about that date.”

    “Cool,” you agreed lamely, giving him a half hearted thumbs up. As soon as Tony’s back was turned, Y/N mouthed a heartfelt “Thank you” to Steve. He smiled and nodded imperceptibly. The moment the two of them were gone, you fled the common area and locked yourself in your room.

    Steve walked with Tony towards the elevator with Tony, “You know I think she likes me. Just playing that hard to get thing.”

    “Didn’t think Y/N, was your type,” Steve was trying very hard to stay nonchalant.

    “Women are my type, Capsicle. Plus, Y/N’s got this quiet, bookworm vibe, it’s hot.”

    “Maybe she’s not interested,” Steve suggested. If he could just get him to leave you alone, then maybe everything would be okay. You were to good for Tony anyway. You were more than just one of the women who he could bed then send out the door without another word.

    “Cap, modern dating is a lot different than what you’re used to. Both sides like to play the field a bit, you know? She can’t just say yes, what’s the fun in that? It’s a process, and a waiting game. I’m willing to wait, the quiet ones are always freaks.”

    Cap stopped walking and just glared at Tony. How dare he? How dare he speak about any woman that way, let alone you. Tony looked back, noticing Steve wasn’t following anymore.

    “Do you want me to help you get into your room or not?” he questioned.

    “You shouldn’t talk about women that way,” Steve scorned, still trying with all of his might to be casually. This was a matter of respect, it had nothing to do with you specifically. It was all women that had to be defended here.

    “I mean it with the utmost respect, Spangles. Believe it or not women are sexual beings too.”

    “So that’s it. That’s what all of this constant flirting is for. To… to get Y/N in your bed then kick her out in the morning.”

    “Well I’m not looking for marriage here, Cap!” Tony threw his hands in the air obviously confused and frustrated. Steve wanted to punch him in the mouth, he wanted to punch something at the very least.

    “Well, Stark. I think when Y/N says no to all of your dates, she’s not just doing it play your game. So just leave her alone,” Steve ordered in a firm voice.

    “Hey, we’re both adults. If she wants me to leave her alone, she can tell me. She’s a big girl.”

    “I don’t need help with my door! I was just rescuing her from your relentless advances. She said no! Leave her alone!”

    “Wait, you were cockblocking me?! What is your problem?”

    “You’re my problem, Stark! Just because Pepper left you doesn’t mean you walk around here like some kind of stud treating every woman around you like a conquest!”

    “Don’t bring Pepper into this,” Tony flexed his jaw glaring Steve.

    “Well then just leave her alone then.”

    “Cap why don’t you grow some balls and ask her out then?”

    “We’re friends, I’m just looking out for her. So as a friend I’m gonna say this one more time. Leave. Y/N. Alone.”

    “We’ll see who she agrees to first,” Tony shrugged, going the opposite direction back towards the common area. Steve desperately wanted to punch something anything. Instead of putting a hole in a wall, he stalked towards the training.

    As Steve punched at the punching bag all he could think about was what if one day you said yes to Tony… was it just because he knew Tony didn’t have pure intentions that made him so angry, or was it just simply because it was you. You wouldn’t stay single forever, no someone like you just couldn’t stay alone. Men were stupid, but not stupid enough to be blind to the quiet beauty you were. Eventually, someone would come along and you would say yes to them, and you’d have a happy life. Steve could vividly remember when he first realized that he was done for. You were sitting alone in the common area, just taking in the view and he asked you if he could draw you

    “You want to draw me?” you questioned softly, tilting your head in confusion.

    “You make a good model you don’t move too much,” he explained.

    “That’s the nicest way I’ve ever heard anyone call me lazy,” you laughed. Your laugh it sounded like music, and your smile was like sunshine. For the first time ever it occurred to him that he could just ask you on a date. There would be no ramifications to that in the modern world. No one would give a second thought to the difference in skin tones. Well not no one, but no one important.

    “I mean, I’ll be able to concentrate. Everyone else fidgets and talks too much.”

    “Yeah, you can draw me…if I get to see it when your done.

    “That sounds fair,” he agreed, nodding.

You were too good for anyone and everyone. Someone as perfect as you wouldn’t want some punk from Brooklyn who stumbled into becoming a hero. You were just too good.

    The sun was setting by the time you left your room again. The only reason you were leaving out was because you were hungry. There was no way you’d make it to the kitchen without Tony finding you. Sometimes you thought he watched the cameras to know when you were out and about. There was one person you trusted to help you be alone.

    “FRIDAY, can you tell me where Steve is,” you called.

    “Mr. Rogers is in the east gym.”

    “Thank you,” you called. You walked your fastest to the gym. The last thing you wanted was another unwanted interaction. Before rounding every corner you listened for any voices or footsteps. You made it safely to the gym and shut the door behind you. The tell-tale sound of a punching bag being hit with uncanny force filled the otherwise silent room. You easily spotted Steve, in a tight white shirt and sweatpants. There was something about seeing him look so casual that really just captivated you. You padded over to him, and sat on one of the benches with your legs crossed. He grabbed the punching bag as it flung itself towards him. He looked at you curiously, face covered in sweat.

    “Rough day?” you questioned.

    “You could say that.”

    “Thanks for getting me out of that Tony situation. He can’t take a hint… or a not hint. I mean I could put a neon sign on my forehead that said leave me alone in big letters and he’d still come over and try to flirt!” you complained.

    “So… you really don’t want Tony.”

    “No I really don’t. On the off chance that he keeps me around for more than a night, he’d expect me to go to parties, and be in the press as much as he is. And be his personal babysitter, and you know if I wanted a child I’d have one,” You only talked this much to Steve, because you knew he was listening to every word, and he was never annoyed with your talking. Steve made you feel safe… just like the books did.”

    “And it’s not because you’re with someone else.”

    “Steve, if I had a boyfriend, do you think he’d be okay with me spending all of my time with you. And if I was interested in spending my time with anyone else don’t you think I would.”

    Steve was trying to find the right words to respond with. He was out of line. That wasn’t any of his business.

    “I’m interested in the sweaty man in front of me, who doesn’t make me talk when I don’t want to… and listens to me when I talk.”

    “I know I’m your friend,” he smiled shaking his head, “If I asked you to go on a date with me, what would you say?”

    “I would say, as long as we can go to that place on 5th… and also as long as you shower. You know… if you asked.

    Steve felt his heart swell, “Y/N, will you go on a date with me?”

    You grinned,” Yeah if we can go to that place on 5th, and if you shower first.”

    “I can do that,” he agreed.

~Mod Lillian

AN: Damn. This gif always gets me XD I haven’t used it since Winter’s Flame! Thank you anons that sent this request in, I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader


1.) Can I request a steve x reader where they’re like partners in everything and he’s really protective of her especially during missions? :D

 2.)An imagine where Steve gets jealous and all possessive? :D

(( I’ve never written any possessive characters, so forgive me if this is complete cheese. Or just shitty. I’m not exactly sure how possessiveness mixes with Steve’s personality. Wish me luck. ))


“Not his Little Anything”

“We’re not getting anywhere with this one, Steve.” You grumbled, kicking away some of the rocks that rolled under the soles of your shoes. “Let’s just get him back to base, that way we can get out of here.”

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