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Late Nights

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: In which Tony, Steve, and Bruce wake you up with their squabbling and you end up in Bucky’s room admitting feelings.

A/N: This story is all over the place, but I literally whipped it out an hour ago because I’ve been missing for weeks. Sorry guys. Hopefully, this will appease some of you.

You always knew your fellow teammates could be immature, insane, and a little annoying. 

But right now, under duress and severe sleep deprivation, you’ve officially dubbed them as inconsiderate brats. 

Grown ass, inconsiderate brats that possess the most powerful tech, efficient minds, and absurd strength. 

With all those advantages at their disposal, you’d think they’d find and utilize means to problem solve and muddle out of inner conflict without inducing bodily harm or witty verbal abuse at three in the morning. 

But no, none of the boys could ever use their brains or act their age, not even in the middle of the night, while the more normal side of the group slept. 

You lied on your back, wide awake, with red-rimmed eyes fixated on the ceiling listening to every hushed insult that slithered, unwelcome, into your room and ears. 

The hands clutching your blanket to your chest tightened their grip with every sound. 

“Stark, this isn’t right." 

"Uh, Rogers, you’re kind of intruding on my moment, mind taking your misguided principles elsewhere." 

You could picture the crease in Steve’s brow, and Tony’s condescending glare. 


You could even imagine Banner’s guilty expression and diplomatic hand gestures. They were probably in each other’s faces and if that was the case…Steve is going to sa- 

"Put on the suit,” Yes. Steve was going to challenge to Tony, again

You groaned inwardly and violently kicked off your blanket. You shoved your feet into the slippers next to your bed and stomped loudly to the door. The voices outside became deathly silently. 

You grinned madly and threw open your door with enough force to knock it off its hinges. 

“Good morning boys,” you greeted, manic murderous expression in place. "Being assholes as usual, I see.“ 

They all shifted awkwardly, as Steve coughed into his hand. Tony pointed the pen between his fingers accusingly at Steve. "All him." 

You twitched. "Of course,” you replied blandly, unamused. “Steve is always the one man show, hm.”

 Then with movements to quick to see you began your vicious assault on them.

"You want to be loud and obnoxious?!” you growled, flinging everything adorning the table next to you at the horrified men. “You want to blame each other, huh???" 

All three of them ducked immediately, desperate to avoid the screws and the small sharp metal fragments at them. 

"Ack wai-" 

You were in no mood to let any of them get a word in. You scooped up the next objects and wasted no time sending them sailing through the air. 

"Hey I-" 

You aimed the particularly heavy book at Tony’s face and he had to abruptly cut himself off and dive onto the tiled floor to avoid it. Steve inched toward you next while Bruce wisely slid behind one of the cabinets in the lab. 

You glared at him hard and your hair whipped around your face fiercely. You held a glass container filled with a sickly colored green liquid high in your hand. 


"You’re going to hurt us if you keep this up,” he said meekly. 

What do you think I’ve been trying to do!“ you bellowed. Steve winced and said a prayer inwardly before he raised his hands to his chest cautiously. 

"We didn’t mean to wake you…" 

You widened your stance and lowered yourself threateningly, your glass weapon still poised high in the air. "Well you did.”

Steve had to resist the urge to sigh. “I’m sorry…no- we’re all,” he gestured to Banner who was still cowering behind the steel cabinet, and to Tony who stubbornly kept his face down on the floor with his hands over his head, “we’re very sorry. We’re going to call it a night, and leave all unfinished business for the morning." 

You were somewhat appeased, but your eyes still shot imaginary lasers at him. You narrowed them into slits and gave him your best dirty look. "Always the diplomat,” you muttered. “I forgive you all." 

They all let out a relieved sigh. 

You gave them a smile filled with dark promise. "I know you guys won’t destroy anything during your future pissing contest right?" 

Steve gave his fellow comrades a quick look and then nodded quickly. 


Then, you set the glass back on the table, and while Steve’s guard was down, you picked up the stapler and brutally chucked it at his head. He barely had time to dodge, and you relished in his appalled state. 

“Goodnight guys.”

 There were garbled responses as you retreated. Garbled responses that would soon escalate to arguing once more. You were no fool. You knew they’d start it all again. 

Begrudgingly, you walked down a few doors and turned at the nearest hallway. 

Without preamble, you softly opened the door to Bucky’s room and waited for the cool metal to encompass your neck. 

“It’s just me,” you whispered.

 The grip loosened and then slackened completely. 

Bucky’s eyes strained to search yours in the darkness of the room. 

“Why don’t you ever knock,” he questioned, walking back to the bed. 

“It’s not my thing." 

As he got under the covers and adjusted his pillow, you moved to join him. 

Bucky rolled his eyes and lazily pointed his finger in the general direction of the lab. "Just like them being quiet isn’t theirs." 

Sure enough, you could hear the muffled noises of them squabbling and picking up all of the items you had thrown.

"Essentially, except they’re idiots." 

You snuggled up against Bucky and enjoyed the complex feel of the warmth of his body and the cool metal of his arm. 

You allowed yourself to smile as his chest shook with a light chuckle. "As if you walking into an assassin’s room isn’t stupid." 

"I guess their stupidity is infectious,” you murmured. “Besides, this assassin,” you nudged your nose against his cheek, “secretly adores me and loves when I come in here." 

"That may be true,” he replied, kissing your forehead. “Even though you’re only using me to steal my warmth and take advantage of my quieter room.”

 "I am not!“ 

"You never come in here unless you’re cold or they’re loud." 

"I come here for sex too,” you protested. 

Bucky smirked. “You’re not helping your case." 

"I wasn’t aware this was one." 

"Well now there is. What do you have to say for yourself?" 

You rolled your eyes. "Well, Barnes, typically when a girl has sex with you, expresses emotions, and spends her time with you, she’s hinting she adores you too and isn’t just using you.." 

He is silent for a moment. 

"So…you adore me?" 

Were all boys dense? Did he really think you didn’t mutually like him like…that after all you’ve done together.

You buried your face in his chest. "Yeah." 

”…You like me?“

 "Obviously,” you replied. “This is getting redundant.”

 "It’s not like we’ve ever actually discussed this.“ Bucky clicked his tongue. "This is more than friendship with sex and cuddles?" 


 "Well,” he mumbled thoughtfully. “I can finally admit that…" 

He gently pulled you away from his chest and smiled at you. It’s so bright, even in the dark. 

"I love you.”

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Do Me a Favor (Part 5)

Summary:  AU! Bucky Barnes and you are neighbors and close friends. As a huge favor, Bucky asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a relative’s wedding and you agree.

Word Count: 3,071

Warnings: Cliffhanger. Drinking.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: Here’s part 5, guys! Yes, this is Let’s Pretend all over again, I am only making minor changes.

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“Steve, is everything alright?” Peggy asked, placing her hand on his forearm, fingers squeezing. She furrowed her brow in worry, Steve seemed stuck in another world.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m fine, honey,” said Steve, blinking as if he was waking up. He gave her a reassuring smile and kissed her cheek.

“You’ve been awfully quiet,” she expressed. “For quite a few hours already. Are you sure you’re doing okay?”

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THIS MAN! He literally just threw a football with a recently dislocated shoulder just for Danny b/c he was the he missed the football game. (Ala S3E17) like, this man child literally further injured himself for Danny. Not to mention the fact that Danny could’ve make it and met Peyton Manning (who’s actually a friend of a friend, if you’ll believe that!) because Steve was hurt. With just a dislocated shoulder like he wasn’t shot or anything, it was just that he needed it set. But he still missed THE GAME b/c Steve had a minor injury. (Not to say that that injury isn’t painful and debilitating just that Steve’s had much worse) So like, seriously. These boys. With their date to go to the game together and then Danny missing it b/c Steve wasn’t going to make it either.


Minor Inconvenience (part 1)

Summary: Steve has a crush on reader. Everyone in Stark Tower knows it but reader herself.

Words: 729

Warnings: none

A/N: Thank you to my dearest @buckyywiththegoodhair
for helping me out with this fic! Don’t know what I’d do without you. This is going to be a drabble series, short and sweet. Let me know what you think, feedback feeds the muse!

“You know, I can hear you pining all the way from over here.” Sam’s voice startled Steve, causing him to drop the fork he’d been holding.
The sound of metal against the hardwood floor of the kitchen had you glancing away from the movie you were watching. “You okay there, big boy?” You inquired, watching Steve fumble between picking up a fork and sending glares Sam’s way. He cleared his throat, a light flush coloring his cheeks, and mumbled an “I’m fine” before stalking out of the room, not even sparing you a glance. You raised an eyebrow at Sam. “What’s his problem?”
“I wouldn’t call it a problem problem. I’d say it’s more of a minor inconvenience.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Sam smirked at you, “Oh, I think you’ll find out soon enough.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Nat.” You scrunched up your nose at the thought of going on a blind date.
“Oh come on, [Y/N]. When’s the last time you got laid?”
You snorted, “Fine, you’re right, it has been too long, but just for the record, I’m perfectly capable of picking someone up on my own.”
Nat nodded in mock sincerity. “Oh, of course, of course.”
You playfully elbowed her side. “Hey! I am!”
She laughed at that. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But it has been too long since you’ve tried for my taste, so I thought I’d lend you a hand.” She wriggled her perfectly groomed eyebrows at you before resuming her work on your hair. “Plus, Jake’s really cute, I promise.”

You couldn’t help but smile at your best friend’s antics, but you were slightly concerned about the prospect of going on a blind date. Those had never worked out before and you’d sworn them off after a particularly awful incident involving a guy who wouldn’t shut up about football for three seconds. You were surprised he even knew your name by the end of it, you had barely gotten a word in.
“Where’d you even find the guy anyway?”
“What guy?” Steve’s voice had you jumping slightly in your chair, his sudden presence in your room not failing to send your senses into high alert.
Nat smirked at him. “[Y/N]’s going on a date.”
“She is?” The surprised tone in his voice had you scoffing. “Wow. Is it so hard to believe I’m going on a date? Maybe it has been too long.”
You grabbed your neatly laid out outfit from its spot on your bed and scurried off into your bathroom to change.
“You know, it would be smart to make a move before it’s too late. She isn’t going to be available forever.” Nat was meddling, but she didn’t care. She knew of your feelings for Steve and saw the way the man looked at you. Everyone else knew it too, except the two of you. She suspected you were both highly aware of your own feelings, just wholly unaware of each other’s feelings. You both just needed a little push. Which is why Nat had set you up with Jake from S.H.I.E.L.D’s weapons analysis department. Maybe seeing that you weren’t always going to be there would give Steve the push he needed to finally make a move. She knew you would never ever take that chance, you were sure that Steve only saw you as a teammate, maybe even a friend, but not much more than that. No matter how many times Nat had tried to tell you that Steve was more than interested, you remained unconvinced.
Before Steve could muster up a reply, you were stepping out of the bathroom, your dress and heels on and your bag in tow. “So… How do I look?”
Nat gave you two thumbs up while Steve struggled for air. He had yet to see you in something other than sweatpants or mission gear. “You look n-nice.”
You raised an eyebrow at him and Nat punched his arm, muttering an “Is that really the best you can do?” under her breath.
“Thanks? I, uh, gotta go, don’t wanna keep Jake waiting.” Steve watched as you rushed out the door, waving quick goodbyes at him and Natasha.
He crossed his arms over his chest, a broody frown etched on his face, and made his way out of your room, leaving behind a very amused Natasha.

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Minor Inconvenience (part 2)

Summary: Steve has a crush on reader. Everyone in Stark Tower knows it but reader herself.

Words: 402

Warnings: noneee

A/N: Thank you again to my bestest @buckyywiththegoodhair for reading this over and helping me out❤️

Part 1:

“So how did your date with Jake go?” Wanda’s question snapped you out of your reverie. You were down in the training room, as you were most mornings, watching Steve and Bucky take their turns on the weight machine. As per usual, your eyes were glued to Steve’s sweaty torso. You thanked the gods he always opted for a wife beater when training unlike Bucky who always went shirtless. Not that the tiny shirt left much to the imagination though, especially not when it was drenched in sweat, clinging to all the hard lines of Steve’s perfectly sculpted abdomen. You huffed a breath out and tore your gaze away from his body. Wanda. Yes, she had asked you something. “Uh, sorry, what?”
She smirked at you knowingly, “I asked how your date with Jake went.”
Oh. Your date had gone okay. Jake was a nice guy, handsome, respectful. A guy you could see yourself with, long-term. You just couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. Not wanting to get into this, especially with Steve and Bucky being not too far away, you replied, “Oh, it went well. He asked me out on a second date.”
“And did you accept?”
You nodded. “He’s a nice guy.”
“Ah, the guy you went out with last night?” Bucky asked. He approached the bench you and Wanda were sitting on with Steve on his heels. You nodded in response.
"Did you have a good time?” Steve hoped you wouldn’t hear the tightness in his voice. You didn’t, too preoccupied with your own thoughts. You gave him a sad smile, your answer coming out barely above a whisper. “Yeah, I guess I did.”

Bucky and Steve were walking to the showers when Bucky placed a hand on Steve’s shoulder, effectively stopping him in his tracks. “Your time’s running out, buddy. Are you gonna tell her or should I?” Steve grimaced, not wanting to talk about it.
“There’s nothing to tell.”
“Oh come on, Steve. Anyone with eyes can see it. You’re a terrible liar, you know that? Always have been.” Bucky shook his head, a chuckle leaving his lips.
“Look, all I’m saying is this life we lead is tiring and draining. Takes a piece of you more often than it gives you something good. Don’t make it lonelier than it needs to be.”
And with a pat on Steve’s shoulder, the soldier walked away, leaving a conflicted Steve behind.

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Season 2 idea: BBA has to run for President to save us from the Republican nominee Hap, can she fend off a primary challenge from The OA who pretends to be a nicer person than her? Can she win the youth vote symbolized by French (overachiever minority) Steve (straight bro) Jesse (stoner) and Buck (LGBT)? Find out on Season 8 of the West Wing!



Charleston Improvement Corp. Houses (1906-07), view02, 93-99 Church St, Charleston, SC, USA by Steve Minor
Via Flickr:
Charleston est. 1670, pop. 127,999 (2013) • No. 95 Church St • parcel of land formerly owned by the Charleston Hydraulic Press Company (1874), a large industrial complex during the last half of the 19th c. • purchased by Charleston Improvement Corporation, 1906 • led by businessman Tristram T. Hyde (1862-1931), later mayor of Charleston) • constructed mid-sized houses throughout Charleston, 1906-1930 • this was the company’s most extensive development • similar Queen Anne style gable ends & front piazzas varied slightly with double-tiered porches at No. 93 (now gone) & No. 97, pedimented entries & side piazzas at No. 95 & No. 99 Charleston Historic District, National Register # 66000964, 1969 • declared National Historic Landmark District, 1973

Timber (Steve x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Word Count: 517

Warnings: Minor swearing

“(Y/N) would you go get the boys from outside? I’ve made some snacks” Clint’s wife interrupted you from the book you were reading. Placing it down with a soft sigh, you called back, “Sure! I’ll go get ‘em now”. You walked to the front door and opened it, a breeze rushed past you. Sighing you stepped down the steps and towards the voices of two men.

You stopped a few meters away from Steve and Tony, you watched as Steve raised the axe high above his head before bringing it down forcefully. You saw how his muscles flexed, and tried to stop the thoughts erupting in your head. You couldn’t deny that Steve was pretty, but outside with the sun shining on him, there was something that made him undeniably attractive.

You continued to stare, too caught up in your thoughts to realise that the pair had stopped chopping wood. You watched as they started to argue and you began to move closer. Then Steve picked up and piece of wood and ripped it with his bare hands within seconds. You couldn’t help the little gasp that escaped out of your mouth, “That was so fucking hot” you mumbled to yourself.

Tony’s head whipped around and Steve’s eyes flickered to you. Your cheeks lit up red as you looked at Steve. His cheeks also had a light dusting of red. “(Y/N)! How long have you been stood there?” Steve said scratching his neck. “Not long” you smiled, “I came to tell you that the snacks are ready”. 

Steve smiled, “Thanks (Y/N)”. You started back towards the house, Tony came and walked in line with you, “Language” he said with a smirk. You’re eyes widened, and you shoved him. Tony carried on smirking and playfully nudged your shoulder, meanwhile Steve watched with a jealous scowl on his face. He watched as Tony teased you and you stuck your tongue out at him. 

He then had a thought, if he didn’t ask you out Tony could swoop in there first and then he would have lost somebody else he loved. He took deep breathes as he reached the house, stopping before the steps. “Hey (Y/N!” he called out, “Can I talk to you for a sec?”. You started to walk back down the steps when Tony whispered, “Go get him tiger!”, making you turn around and slap his chest.

When you approached Steve, a frown was on his face. “What’s up?” you smiled up at him. He looked back at you and then to the ground, “Are you and Stark an item?” his words sounded harsh. You let out a short burst of giggles before shaking your head, “No”.

Steve let out a sigh of relief. “Anyway why do you ask?” you questioned Steve. He started to fidget as he replied, “I was wondering… maybe after all this, would you wanna catch a movie or something?”.

Your face lit up, “Of course I would! But under one condition”. He smiled back at you, “And that is?”. “I get to call you lumberjack” you smirked back.

Intoxicated, I Love You - Dean x Reader

A/N:  Part Three! Dean Winchester meets Steve Rogers! Minor testosterone battle, anyone? 

Warnings: None that I can think of 

Previous Parts: One | Two

Word Count: 2416

“First night, and you already slept with him.” Natasha Romanoff had gone full mother mode on you as soon as she got you alone, and hadn’t stopped raving. Even once you had walked into the headquarters.

“Context is very important here.” You defended. “I slept with him, but there were no sexual acts. And have you heard Clint snore? His poor wife… I have no idea how she lives. Ear plugs, maybe?” You got slightly sidetracked as you thought about it. There was no way there wasn’t a trick to it.

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like scarletamerica is a legit thing in the comics but i’m sitting here waiting for age of ultron knowing that if steve and wanda so much as look at one another i will drop dead like i lost my mind because liz and chris sat next to each other at sdcc and he made sure she didn’t feel left out at the panel but steve and wanda

Steve Carlsberg always wanted a family. He loved children, but he knew that to have them he would have to have sex which made his stomach turn. When he met Abby, he fell deeply in love. She was sweet and kind and she didn’t mind not having sex with him. When he found out she already had a kid, it was all he could do not to marry her on the spot.

It should come as no surprise that investigations have shown that many for-profits do in fact target low-income people who can’t pay. These people areoften minorities.

Steve noticed the same thing at his school: “Most of my students made minimum wage, and over half were black. Every one of my students had a loan, and it’s all they ever talked about. Some felt strong-armed into them, but some wanted them. They lived off of them. They wanted the loans as another source of income because they couldn’t make ends meet with their regular jobs. They took a few classes to keep up appearances, but I would always know why they were really there. Every college has these students, but at my college, I had several in every class I taught. I never knew what happened to them after the semester and they were 20 or 40 grand in debt. Many struggled to make ends meet, and the college offered an easy way to get loans. What did you think was going to happen?”

For-profit universities vastly prefer loans – and the long-term, interest-bearing income they generate – to straight cash payments. So much so that they often don’t take cash: “One student in particular told me that she had $20,000 from an inheritance in cash, but ran into roadblocks everywhere. My college wouldn’t accept cash, so she tried a check. They told her they couldn’t, since they had too many issues with bounced checks. She then tried paying online in full, but she was told she shouldn’t because ‘What if you decide to drop a class? Would you still want to pay for it?’ She then tried monthly payments, but she was informed she was too late to sign up. She could only take a loan.”

I Teach At A For-Profit College: Here’s Why It’s A Scam

Office Romance

A/N: In your office relationships and romances are forbidden, in an attempt to keep things running smoothly. Despite these regulations, Steve can’t help but notice you and wish…

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 2792

Warning: Minor strong language, some slow-build adult themes. Not full out smut, though I’m working on it if I’m being honest. 

The rules in your shared office space were very clear, and to be honest they had never even been a problem for Steve until you came along. There had been a considerable amount of outrage when it was announced that all office romances were to be discouraged and/or registered if they were already under way. People cried out that it was a breach of privacy, but when you worked in an undercover industry the way you did it seemed prudent to know who could be tied with whom. 

Explicit details were not expected when registering, and employees were hence forth to keep their distance from romantic entanglements with one another. When the pamphlets started circulating among agents there was a quiet rage that permeated most departments, but it quickly progressed into something of an office joke. In fact it had been a running joke amongst the other Avengers, who were mostly annoyed with the new policy, that of course the Cap didn’t have a problem, it’s not like he’d seen anyone in over half a century.

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