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The Owl, The Myth, The Legend.

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Origin Story

Fanfic: A Wing And A Prayer 

  • Part 1 (Pepper, Rhodey, and a surprise) -a
  • Part 1a (Clint and Thor meet Lovelace) -a
  • Part 2 (Three ways Lovelace met Steve Rogers) -a
  • Part 3 (Clint Barton acquires a Potoo) -a
  • Part 4 (Tony and Pepper proposition Steve) -a
  • Part 5 (Lovelace rescues Tony from Certain Doom) -a

Miscellaneous Headcanons: 


Lovelace and: 

More to be added as events warrant. 

caedesdeo  asked:

Clint finds out about Lovelace and ...(whatever the Andean Cock of the Rock Bucky turned up with is called) and starts trying to find someone who can loan him a potoo for a weekend, doesn't he?

Clint Barton has many life failures under his belt but I truly believe that he is the kind of man who, once he set out to find a Potoo to borrow, would manage it with relative ease. He’s actually the kind of man who would locate a Potoo entirely by accident.

Rocky Birdboa, Bucky’s Andean Cock of the Rock, is from a spinoff fanfic here

This is technically part three of A Wing And A Prayer which can be found at the Lovelace Masterpost. But it’s not like any of this makes sense so don’t feel that if you read parts one and two it will help much. :D 

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zephyrmacabee replied to your post “ok but how do the rest of the avengers first react to lovelace? and…”

I envision a series of children’s books entitled “Lovelace, the Demented Cyborg Owl”. Lavishly illustrated; maybe with pop ups.

Ahahaha. “Lovelace’s Grand Day Out”  “Lovelace And Stranger Danger”   “Are You My Tony?”   “Lovelace Goes To Owl School”   “Lovelace The Superherowl”….special fourth of july edition “Lovelace Meets Steve The Eager Eagle”. 

caedesdeo  asked:

Please, please tell me that in the Lovelace 'verse Steve ends up just going about his normal daily life with a tiny ball of MURDEROUS FLUFF perched on top of his head, glaring DEATH AND DESTRUCTION at everybody in the same general vicinity as him. (Except maybe Natasha. Natasha has mystical murderfluff powers and will often reach up to pet the falconet nestled in Steve's hair)

LOL probably not even on his head, like, they’re so tiny. It’s probably in his shirt pocket, just its eyes peeping over, MURDEROUS GLARING at everyone. 

anonymous asked:

but in the bird verse, if Steve has his own bird, will Lovelace get jealous? I always figured that Tony belongs to her, and by extension so do Steve and Pepper. If that's the case, I don't think she'd take too kindly to Steve's bird friend.

Lovelace never reacts kindly to anything. She tolerates Pepper and Steve through exposure but unless they have a rat in one hand she can’t really bring herself to pretend she likes them. Steve having a bird would just mean he spends less time pestering her and also is available to bring Sentinel, The Tiniest Of Murder Falcons, into her presence should she require his services.