steve listwon


Work from the Powerpoint exhibition.  Everything in the show had to be inspired by or produced using the classic and clunky program from the Microsoft Corporation.  I produced a display object that is based on a template from Powerpoint that I extruded to form a 3D piece of furniture.  Lauren Thorson made a publication that served as a collection of the ‘best’ templates around the web and interactive show cards based on Powerpoint templates that gallery visitors had a lot of fun with.


Shots of my floor lamps ‘Woof-Blow’ and 'Holy-Milk’.  They will be for sale at the show Divergences at the B.I. Worldwide gallery.  Each lamp is 12" x 12" x 48" and features two high powered LED bars that illuminate words spelled out with neon acrylic rod on both plywood sides.  The other two sides of the lamps are frosted acrylic that let ambient light come through.