steve leiber

we will not ever be staying here again

Well, today has been an exercise in abject frustration and lots of angry phone calls, and after all of that, one of us will still be sleeping on the floor tonight, so, well done, Charlotte Westin, we will never be staying here again. Those of you interested in attending this con in the future should take note as well.

If nothing else, we did get free internet out of this hotel kerfluffle, so I’m making good use. ::angry face::

But, we had a nice dinner and wandered around a bit and went to the Hawkeye panel which was great. My favorite bit was–well, all of it was great, but the bit I felt the need to tweet was something he said re: Clint and Kate:

“The two of them together kind of make a Hawkeye. Separately, they’re kind of car crashes.”

There’s some cool stuff coming up for Kate in the next arc, and I’m totally psyched (based on the faces that we were making in the third row, Fraction expressed concern that we had a case of the vapors and he might need to go get a fainting couch) because Kate is the best. Weirdly, I was the first person to bring Kate up almost at all in the panel, despite how integral I feel she is to the feel of the book? idk, maybe that’s just my tendency to hone in on the ladies.

Tomorrow there will be more conning, I will take even more cold medicine, and hopefully the hotel will move us to a room with enough beds for all of us. FINGERS CROSSED.