steve larkin

It makes me sad every time i think of Clarke and how pretty much everyone hates her for what she did to save them. When Octavia said “screw you, i know where my loyalties lie.” and when Clarke said she was doing everything she could and O answered “It’s not enough” and when Jasper looked at her, with Maya, dead, in his arms; all of this made my heart break into pieces. Even tho Bell made the decision with Clarke, everyone blames Clarke, it’s like she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and it makes me sad, i just want to go to her and hug her and tell her i love her and that she did the right thing, like she always does. It’s like Bob said in a interview; some times you have to do something bad in order to do the right thing.

Steve Talley

How convenient that the “@specialist4” one of Steve Talley’s (Wick) Twitter account has now been deleted.
How convenient that after Adina Porter (Indra) found out about his disgusting tweets thanks to a fan, his Wiki page has been edited and the part that said he was (is actually) a KKK supporter/member is now gone.

Please, for those of us trying to do something about it, don’t stop reaching out to the writers just because the tweets were taken down and then the account deleted.

It upsets me that Lindsey, a Latina woman, has to work with him. It upsets me that Isiah, Bob, Chris, Jarod, Ricky, Adina, Sachin and others have to work with him.