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Christina Aguilera – Genie in a Bottle

(uh). come on come on . uh yeah 9ohoohoeyayh) *( come on, uh) i FEEL LIKE I’VE BENE LOCKEUD P TIGHT for a century of lonely nights, waiting for someooone, to release me. you’re LICKING YOUR LISP AND LBOWING kisses me way, but that odn’t mean i ; not ngona givei tway, abba yab bya aby (aba ya baba yab ay) UHUHUOHAuouhUOHuhUhUOUhuhhuhuuh (my body saying “let’s go” ) uHUHuhuHUHuhUHuHUH ( but my heart is syaing “n o”) FI YUOU ENANA NE BW IWHT ME, BABY THEE’S AP RICE OT PAY, I’M A GENIE IN A BOTTLE, YOU GOTT TUB ME RHE IRHGT WAY. I YOU WNANA BE WITH ME, I CAN MAE YOUR WIWHS COME TRUE, YOU GOTTA MAKE A BIG IMPRESSION ,IGOTTA LIEK WHAT YOU ODOOOOO (i’ ma ngneie nin ab ottle baby, iyuo gotta tur btme mtheighr yaya nheony ,i ;m a gneie in ab totle baby , ocmoem oeo no nlet mem owut) OOHAOHOAGA NANGINIGN LFITHS godnwo ngo one more dancie ;m good ot og, wiating for osmeooone, who needs me, HALMLSMOT RAICNIGN AHTR RPE EOOD OF LIGHT tbubt that nodn;t mean it’s goitotab eotntgihg,t by bayb ayb a9 Bay baybay) UHUHuhUHUHuhuUHuHUhuhhhhhhh (my body’s sayign “let’s go” ) UHUHuhuHUhuHUhu Huhhpoh (but my heart isaying “no”) IF YOU WNANA BE WITH ME, BABY THERE’ A PRICE TO APY, I ;M A GNEIWE BIN A BOTTE, YOU GOTOTA RUB THME ITHR IRHGT EAY. IF YOU WNANA BE WIHT ME, I CAN MAKE OYUR WISH COME TRUE, AH JSUT COME AND SET ME FREE BAY, ABD I;L LEB WITH YOU ( i'kl ma gnieei na btotle baby ,i oyuo gotota rib hte ithri hgr ywya heony ,i ;am genit ibe in ab ottle baby ,come omcom oe laemt me otu ,i ;ma gneienie ni ba btotle baby ,you ogotota rub them tjrn htur jiIF IYOU WNNAB EI WHWTI MTMEMO i lmxome omcoe mocmomco neo ni nelt me motu) UHUHUhuhUHhuHUHuhuhhh (my body sayin “Let’s go”) BAhuhuhUHUHUhuhuhuhuhhu (y btu ymy heharit isyaing no) I F YOU NWNANA BE WIHT ME ,SBABY THETRE’ A AP RICE OTPAY, I;M A GNEIE IN AB OTTLE, YOU OGTOTA RUB MY EH THRI HEYZ, UIF YOU WNANA BE WIHT ME ,I CAN MAKE OYUR WISH COME TRUE, YOU GOTTA MAKE A BIG IMRPESSION, I AGOTOTLA IKE WHAT OYHWSO YOU OD. IV YOU WNANA BEB WITH ME, BABY THRE'R PA IRCE IT OAPY, I’M A GNEIEN IN AB OTTLE, YOU GOTTA RUB ME THR ITHGT WYA, IF OYU WNANAB E WITH ME, I CAN MAKE YOR W IHS COME TRUE, AHJSUT COME AND SET ME FREEE BABY, ANDI ;L BE WITH OYU. (i’ ma ngeie in a btotle baby, come ,c ome ocem ocoe on in let me tiut.)

Darren Criss Becomes First Castmember To /Write/ Songs For 'Glee'

“Still Got Tonight” was written and produced by Andrew Frampton and Steve Kipner and co-written by Kris Allen. Sung by Matt Morrison for his debut solo album.

“Colorblind" was written by Emeli Sandé, Claude Kelly and Steve Mac. Sung by Amber Riley as her debut single.

"Rise” was written by Darren Criss, with Theo Katzman, Sam Hollander, Andrew Thielk, Eddie Montilla, and Korey Richmond. Sung by the New Directions and the Warblers for Glee.

So please stop complaining that Amber and Matt had their original songs on Glee already because yes, they did, but they did not write them, nor were the songs written specifically for Glee. The media is correct, Darren is the first cast member to write an original song for Glee.