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Not My Specialty (dad!Tony x reader)

Request: Omg I hope I make it before closing! Could you do one w/ Tony Stark where he is the reader’s dad and she’s married to Steve. Her and Steve are expecting their first baby together but when he has to leave for a mission and she goes into labor, Tony comforts her throughout it until Steve shows up at the last second before it’s time for delivery? I just watched Father of the Bride Pt II and of course like the Marvel Trash I am, this is what I came up with. XD I’d like it super ultra fluffy pls! c:

“Okay, sweetheart, just don’t get that baby goo on the leather, okay?  It’s imported.” Tony said as gently but firmly as he could, keeping a tight hold on your hand while helping you into the passenger seat of his car. He wanted to call an ambulance to take you to the hospital once your contractions started, but you insisted that you had time for him to take you, much to his dismay.  As a first-time grandpa, he was almost as nervous as you were and he wasn’t exactly secure on his driving ability at the moment.  

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Oscar’s Hotel For Fantastical Creatures

I despise you

(A/N): I love this request so much! 

Request: Can you do a steve x reader where y/n is literally the most chill and sarcastic vigilante like spiderman and it bothers steve so much when she pulls things like that on missions n everyone think they hate each other but theyre actually dating

Warnings: swearing

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   ‘(Y/N), I need you to focus please,” Steve muttered as he made his way through another set of agents. “We don’t want another mission to turn out like last time,” (Y/N) seemingly ignored Steve’s comment, instead continuing on with their rather relaxed way of fighting. 

   “Come on Cap, chill out a bit,” Steve grunted as an agent threw themself at his shield, nearly making him topple over. 

   “I can’t really ‘chill out’ when I have agents and robots attacking me from all sides,” 

   “Wait, was ‘chill out’ a joke about Steve’s years as capsicle? Did you really just steal my joke?” Tony asks as he casually drops down by Steve, helping him take out ever single asset within the area. (Y/N) smirks as they touch down beside the two, wiping their dirtied hands on their cargo pants. 

   “I think I just did,” Steve groans, rolling his eyes in annoyance. 

   “I don’t know if you guys noticed but we’re kinda in the middle of a mission, we don’t have time to sit back and talk,”  

   “It’s a small mission,” (Y/N) rests their arm on Steve’s shoulder, their combat boots making it a bit easier to do so. “We can sit back and talk for a minute,” Steve growled softly as he moved (Y/N)’s hand off his shoulder, stomping off to go assist Nat and Sam in taking out the hostiles. 

   “Is Steve always this grumpy?” Tony asks, staring after the team Captain in mild shock. 

   “Yes,” (Y/N) replied, smiling as Steve marched off. “Yeah he is,” Truth be told Steve was only ever uptight on missions, any other time and he was a complete sweetheart but (Y/N) could understand why he acted the way he did, missions were stressful after all and (Y/N) wasn’t the easiest teammate to deal with. Rest assured they did make up for it after the missions though and that’s exactly what (Y/N) planned on doing after this. 

   Steve sighed as he pulled his helmet off, throwing it on some seat as he slumped down into the one beside it, thoroughly wiped out from the mission. He wiped at his dirty forehead, his arms aching in pain as he does. 

   “Hey Stevie,” (Y/N) whispers as they plop down beside him, giving him a small smile. 

   “Hi,” Steve smiles back, exhaustion written across his face. (Y/N) smiles as they wordlessly pull him into a hug, allowing the large man to wrap his arms around (Y/N) and nuzzle his face into their neck. 

   Sam and Bucky eyed the two curiously, taken aback by the sudden closeness. 

   “What the-” Sam begins only to stop when (Y/N) starts speaking again. 

   “I’m making dinner tonight-” 

   “(Y/N), you don’t have to-” 

   “And dessert and we’re opening up that bottle of wine I bought, kay?” Steve hums softly as he nuzzles even closer, more than just content to be wrapped up in his lover’s arms. “And you’re taking a bath because you reek,” Steve chuckles, his smile slowly starting to grow in size. 

   “You’re joining me, right?” 

   “Hmm…maybe I will,” 

   “You’re seeing this too, right?” Sam whispers to Bucky, not once taking his eyes off Steve and (Y/N). 

   “Uh- I think so,” 

   “Don’t those two hate each other?”

   “No,” Nat smirks as she sits beside the two, folding her arms over her chest as she, too, stared at Steve and (Y/N). “They’ve been dating for almost a year now…did you guys not know this?”

   “How the hell?” Bucky glares at Steve, “I’m his best friend, I should’ve known about this,” 

   “Did you never connect the dots? (Y/N) and Steve leave the compound at the same time, arrive at the compound at the same time, and they’re always glued at the hip. It’s so obvious Bucky I can’t believe you didn’t catch on,” 

   “It’s…they hate each other!” 

   “I actually really like (Y/N),” Steve mumbles against (Y/N)’s neck, smiling to himself as he does. “And I’m pretty sure they like me back too,” 

   “Sorry to burst your bubble boys but it’s true,” (Y/N) gives the two men a sheepish smile. “I think it’s just Cap that hates me, Steve’s a pretty alright guy,” Steve chuckles, a bit muffled due to (Y/N)’s neck pressed against him. 

   “Be quiet,” 

   “You got it…Captain,” 

Don’t you think that there are just too many perfect men with name “Chris”?
  • Chris Hemsworth 

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  • Chris Evans

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  • Chris Wood

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  • Chris Pine 

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And now girls are like:

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