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Table Read for the Finale of the Office.

My highlights are at:
4:05 - Original cast photo 
4:16 - Introduction of the cast
7:16 - The lost Matrix Prank that was never shot
1:06:27 - Jenna and John 
1:13:38 - Jim’s penultimate talking head
1:14:04 - Dwight’s final talking head
1:15:49 - Jim’s final talking head
1:16:02 - Pam’s final talking head

I’ve been emotional, cried and laughed many times over the course of this show…but I didn’t think the table read would get me as it did.

Happy: Who of the seven of you has slept with each other? 

Natasha: Its like a dirty math problem. 

Steve: The answer would be none of us. 

Happy: None of you have gotten drunk and stupid over the years? 

[The group looks at each other]

Bucky: Well, that’s a different question. 

Happy: I find it hard to believe a group of people who spend as much time together as you do has never bumped uglies. I’ve got another question: Who of the seven of you has almost? 

Tony: [they all quickly get up] I’m getting coffee. Can I get anyone more coffee? 

Bucky: Hey, there’s a dog out there! 

NSFW Alphabets

just thought y’all might like all of these in one place; and it creates the illusion of organization,,,(also it tells you who’s coming up! that’s fun)


Steve Rogers

Bucky Barnes

Natasha Romanoff

Frank Castle

Star Trek

Leonard McCoy

Jim Kirk


Carol Marcus


Dean WInchester

Benny Lafitte


Grady Travis

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Yes perform “Roundabout”, with a lineup of Steve Howe, Jon Anderson, Alan White, Rick Wakeman, Trevor Rabin, and Geddy Lee

April the 7th, 2017

anonymous asked:

Headcannon of being Steve's and Diana's daughter and forming the new Trinity with Damian and Jon

  • First off they would both be very proud
  • Even though you were trained by the best Steve still worries about you
  • He threatens the boys and makes sure they don’t try anything
  • But he knows you could kick their butts w/out trying though
  • Seeing the you and the boys always makes Diana remember being in the original trinity
  • You, Damian, and Jon become as thick as theives
  • No one messes with ya’ll
  • Diana, Clark, and Bruce see themselves in you guys
  • Surprise check-ins/team ups from the parents