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leaving the guardians : chp.8 - b.b

brief summary: being a guardian of the galaxy and falling in love with bucky. - endgame spoilers ahead!

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thank you for all the support on this series, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as it was so much fun to write. 

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After the snap happened, I could feel it in my body. I felt the pieces that had fallen apart return and fit back together like a jigsaw puzzle. I looked at Steve, smiling brightly as we realised it worked, they were back.

But the relief was short lived as Rocket tugged my leg, seeing a large weapon firing toward us. “EVERYONE GET DOWN!” Steve yelled and before I could react, it hit. 

Opening my eyes I can feel something pressing against my body. “Fuck.” I mutter as I try to turn my head, only to see rubble surrounding me. “Guys?” Yelling I wait for someone to respond, a sound or cry. But nothing follows, no one else is here. 

A low growl echoes and I tilt my head up. Panic rises through my body as I shuffle, but the weight suppressing me is too strong to budge. Curling up my fists, I try to channel my powers, but as I glance down they keep sparking out. 

As the creature gets closer I can feel it’s warm breath hovering over my body. “Come on! I can’t die here.” Aggression rises in my tone as I clench my fists, ignoring the pain that rises through my body as I lift them up, watching as a flash of light sends the creature flying back. 

“Y/n?” I freeze as I hear my name being called out. “Doll, you in here?” My breath halters in my throat as I listen, hoping I’m not hallucinating the entire thing. 

“B,Bucky?” I stutter, hesitant to allow my brain to give in, to realise I’m dying and imagining what I want more than anything. 

Within seconds I listen as the sound of footsteps becomes more urgent and I feel a hand resting on my cheek. “Doll, open your eyes.” He mutters and I shake my head.

“I can’t because this is just a twisted dream. I’ll wake up in the jaws of some god awful alien and never see you again Bucky.” I can feel the tears falling down the side of my face, hitting the rocks my body is weakly lying on. 

A small laugh sounds from the figure above me. “It’s okay, Y/n. I’m here, I’m really here. Just, just open your eyes.” 

Letting out a shaky breath I feel the weight keeping me down being lifted, the sound of a heavy grunt as I whimper. I slowly open my eyes, looking down as crimson stains my skin, but I can still feel a hand resting on my cheek.

My eyes rise until I see blue, a shade of blue that cannot be replicated. It’s his blue, the blue I once woke up to that provided comfort, the soft words I needed to hear as I thought of my family light years away. The blue that would push me to my limits but would love me all the same despite the awful things I’ve done. 

“Bucky.” A watery laugh escapes my mouth as he smiles brightly, wiping my eyes.

“Hi doll,” He chuckles as he lifts me up. “miss me?” 

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i feel like the fundamental ideological divide they’re using for civil war is that steve is reacting to the winter soldier while tony is reacting to age of ultron

steve is afraid of being controlled, of being forced to take action or inaction even when his own moral code disagrees, or when he’s not given all the information (this ties a lot into bucky’s arc but that’s a whole other post)

tony is afraid of himself, of what he could do or who he could become without something restraining him, of being the merchant of death with no accountability all over again

steve does what he does because he’s certain that what he’s doing is right; tony does what he does because he doesn’t trust himself to make that call anymore

Captain America: Civil War
  • Everyone: "Team Cap" or "Team Iron Man"
  • Me: I'm "Team I 100% agree with cap that they shouldn't place they're full trust in the government since it is often corrupt and that Bucky is completely innocent, BUT I still love Tony despite disagreeing with him and completely sympathies with his reaction at the end even if I don't like it and I forgive him"