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O Kaya gibi cümleyi sevdim: ‘Neysen o ol.' 

Nietzsche Ağladığında, Irvin D. Yalom (Sayfa 140)
Görsel : Steve McCurry - Afghanistan

Story time Saturday
  • Stranger: *has Harto merch on*
  • Me: *screeches and circles around stranger*
  • Stranger: *screeches back and begins to circle as well*
  • Steve Irvin: And here we have 2 hartosexuals meeting in their natural habitat! What majestic creatures! The hartosexuals give off a distinct odour because it's believed that they stay in their dens for days, only coming out for food! What a rare, raw creature!

The Blob | 1958 | dir. Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. 

This monster B-movie doesn’t deliver as much silly blob “horror” as I was hoping for, but what I actually liked about this cult film was its message about how common it is for an older generation to fail to value the intelligence of a younger generation, a way of thinking that still creates a divide amongst people of different ages today.