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Surprise, Tony!

Peter was eating some cold pizza out of the fridge in the Avengers Tower when his phone started ringing. He checked the caller ID and rolled his eyes when he saw that his boyfriend had changed his name in his phone to “BIG DADDY POOL <<33”.
“Hey, Wade, are you on your way over?”
“Yes. I had to take a quick detour, sorry I’m late.”
“That’s alright. Be safe, I’ll be waiting for you.”
A few minutes and several slices of pizza later Wade stuck his head into the kitchen.
“Hey, Peter. I have something to tell you.”
“You gotta promise to not get mad.”
“When you say that it makes me feel like you’re about to tell me something enfuriating and then play victim when i get mad. So no.”
“You know me so well. Okay. I um. I got a dog… or 4.”
“4 dogs? Where are you gonna put 4 dogs?”
“I was hoping… here?”
Wade stepped into the kitchen holding a box full of squirming, whimpering puppies. Peter had to admit, they were pretty cute. But no way would his dads let him keep a bunch of dogs in the tower. As Peter approached the box and reached a hand in to pet one several of the little dogs started barking in excitement. Peter heard Tony call his name in annoyance as an almost running Clint came down the hall.
“Are - are those puppies?”, Hawkeye panted.
“That they are, Mr. Eye. Would you care to hold one?”, Wade said politely as he handed one of the puppies to Clint. Clint baby talked and petted the dog before bellowing for Natasha.
Natasha and Bruce came down to the kitchen and we’re greeted by the yipping of 3 other puppies dying to play with someone.
Natasha went to Clint and began petting the dog that he held while Bruce immediately picked one up and put it on the floor to play tug of war with the nearest plastic spatula.
“Mr. Parker”, Jarvis spoke up, “Mr. Stark requests your presence in the common room.”
Peter quickly made his way to meet with Tony.
“Hey, Dad!”, he said, attempting to sound cheerful and not at all like he’s hiding something.
“Peter. Why is everyone in the kitchen?”
“Ummm. Wade is here.”
“That’s some bullshit, Peter, nobody ever wants to hang out with Wade. Wade’s a jackass. You’re the only one that likes Wade.”
“Okay. Got it.”, Peter sighed. He’s heard this phrase more times than he can count.
“So, what I’m saying, Peter, is that if what I think is happening is happening. It better not be. Am I clear?”
“Crystal, sir. But uh, could you run by me again what it is you think is happening?”
Tony cocked his head to the side and gave Peter his best “you’re an idiot” face.
“I have a strong feeling that-”
“Wade brought puppies to the tower, hun!”, Steve said cheerfully as he walked in holding a puppy.
“He. Uggghhhhh.”, Tony rolled his eyes dramatically and started striding towards the kitchen. “You’re grounded.”, he pointed at Peter as he exited the room.
Peter gave an exasperated huff. Steve patted Peter on the back and grinned, “Overruled.”
Peter smiled in relief and scratched the dog behind the ears, “Thanks, Pops.”
Steve and Peter walked into the kitchen to see Tony and Wade arguing while everyone else ignored them and played with the puppies.
“But everybody loves them! And they love you!”, Wade exclaimed as he pushed the puppy he was holding towards Tony.
“Wade Winston, I will straight up punch. you. in. the. face. if that thing gets any hair on me.”
“Be that as it may, but you can’t say no to this little guy!”, Wade chuckled as the puppy enthusiastically licked his face. “Besides, everybody else likes them.”
“Was this a bribe to get into the Avengers because the answer is still a resounding no.”, Tony leaned against the counter.
“Okay, Mr. Stark, first of all no, it was not a bribe but that’s a pretty good idea and I will most likely be doing that sometime soon. And secondly, I had to! It was my moral obligation!”
“Since when do you have morals?”, Natasha asked as she cuddled the puppy in her arms.
“Thank you, Nat!”, Tony exclaimed as if his point had just been proven.
“Ignoring that rude and very hurtful comment (what the hell, Natasha). They were alone in a box on the sidewalk. The box said their parents had died. I thought you and Batman were like the head authority on dead parents.”, Wade said and quickly ducked from the punch that was thrown at him. Wade held the dog in front of his face and yelled, “YOU WOULDN’T HIT A PARENTLESS PUPPY WOULD YOU?!”
“Okay, that is enough.”, Steve stepped in between the two. “All in favor of keeping them raise your hand.”
Everyone except for Tony raised a hand.
“All opposed?”
Tony raised his hand and looked around.
“You better raise that hand, Peter.”
“No, Dad, I kinda like the dogs. They’re adorable.”, Peter held the dog that Bruce was playing with up to his face and matched the dog’s puppy eyes.
“No loyalty. Now you’re double grounded.”
“Double overruled! We’re keeping them!”, Steve said excitedly. Everyone cheered as they played with their new pets. Clint and Natasha bickered over the name of their puppy while Bruce sat quietly on the ground with his sleepy furball. Peter made his way over to Wade and gave him a quick peck on the lips while his dads weren’t looking and smiled. The puppy squirmed around in Wade’s hands and was passed to Peter. He had a passing thought that Wade was like this puppy- a handful, but oh so worth it.

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Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  A reader insert with Steve Rogers where you’re all hyped up on energy drinks and Steve trying to calm you down. You eventually pass out in Steve’s arms and when you wake up the next morning. Steve, and Bruce and Natasha (who were present during your hyperactive episode), tell you how crazy you were acting. Just something funny, but cute in the end, please :)

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What’s up people! Another fluffy imagine… Daily life of the Avengers = goals! Just to remember you that the requests are open, so submit anything anytime, love you guys M xxx CREDITS TO THE OWNER OF THE GIF 


Summary: A normal day in the life of the Avengers.

Number of words: 923

Warnings: Cursing, Alcohol, MAJOR fluff


You woke up, feeling drowsy and tired. You shouldn’t have drink so much. Even though you wanted to resist to the alcohol’s attraction, Bucky and Sam forced you to take several shots of tequila, and the Natasha wanted to play a drunken version of Never Have I Ever, resulting of you being shit-faced drunk and laughing your ass off. You learned that Pietro already went outside naked like a newborn and that Nat had sex in public with “a random guy, just for a mission”.

Turning around in your soft sheets, you massaged your temples and insulted silently the guy who invented tequila.  After a few minutes of not-so innocent curses, you got out of bed and put some shorts on ever though, let’s be real, no pants are the best pants. You tied your Y/H/C hair in a ponytail and got out of your bedroom, remembering when you moved in the Avengers tower in New York.  

You didn’t have a physical power, more of a psychic one. You could get out of any situation because your mind gave you all kinds of solutions. It was quite helpful for battles, because with you, everybody could get what they came for and get out of the fight without any major wounds. Also, you had an empathy link, so you could feel anybody’s emotions. Again, very useful to manipulate your enemies. Tony Stark found you almost a year ago, alone in a small town in Canada, and sent a Quinjet to come and get you. All through the flight, he showed you the files of the Avengers, one by one. From this first impression, Thor was your favorite, because he was powerful, but also humble (plus his hair was fantastic). After a long ride, you arrived in New York, right on the tower. Your eyes moved until you saw the skyline, with so many glass skyscrapers and the Hudson river glistening because of the lights by the water. Immediately, you fell in love with the city and its charm, silently promising yourself to never move out its boundaries.

“Pretty, hun? Steve had the reaction when he saw it too. I think you’re gonna like him, Y/N.  Your room is right next to Wanda and in front of you is Bucky.” He murmured, entering the large penthouse by the sliding doors. “I’ll call Nat to show you around, she’s probably still awake.”

“What? Is it really that late?” you asked, admiring the luxurious kitchen and the comfortable-looking suede couch, along with the grey ceramic on the floor and the wooden walls, adding a comforting feeling to the huge apartment.

“It is… 3:30 in the morning.” Tony said, glaring at his watch. Then, he got his phone out, called the Russian gal and explaining briefly the situation.

A few moments later, Romanoff appeared out of the right hallway, wearing a pair of black leggings and an old oversized tee-shirt. She was feeling calm and relaxed, even though she was really happy and excited to have a new girl Avenger in the building. You liked her immediately, with her sarcastic sense of humor and her charming looks.

“Hello Y/N, I’m really happy to meet you. Iron Man here never stopped talking about you since he knew you were alive,” she said, nudging Stark’s side.

“Well, after this very embarrassing moment, I will go to bed. Y/N, tomorrow, I will show you the new plan for the attack. Goodnight, ladies.” Tony whispered, leaving the common area, turning left before disappearing in the hallway.

“I feel like we’re gonna have a lot of fun together, Y/N” Natasha said, hugging you tightly and smiling like a child.

“Ah, good times,” you thought while making your way to the kitchen. Soon after, you arrived at your destination, looking at all the Avengers present. Steve, Bucky and Sam were sleeping on the couch, snoring lightly, Clint, Tony, Thor and Bruce were all looking fine, eating their breakfast on the glass dining room table. Natasha was looking like a truck just rolled on her; puffy eyes, disheveled hair and a tall mug of coffee in her hands.

“Rough night, hun, Y/N?” Tony asked, a toast in his hand, newspaper by his side.

“Fuck you, Tony.” You responded, hugging Nat and getting a big mug of coffee for yourself.

“What the fuck was my idea to play Never Have I Ever with tequila, first, and with you?” Black Widow asked, her head in her hands.

“Ah, young people. I don’t miss my young days,” Tony laughed.

You rolled your eyes, walking to the couch with the mug in your hands. You bent to kiss Bucky on the forehead and move the hair on his forehead, shook Steve’s muscular arm and passed your hand on Sam’s hair. A few moments later, they all opened their eye, squinting at the light.

“Good morning, boys. There is coffee on the table and toasts, too,” you chirped.

“Thanks mom,” Bucky said turning around and taking a sip of the fuming liquid.

Wanda and Vision came out of their room, taking food and going back, giggling and smiling.

“Where is Pietro?” you asked, playing in Nat’s hair, soothing her headache.

“He went jogging, Lady Y/N,” Thor responded.

“Oh and Y/N? Tony and I wanted to see you in the lab later to run some tests,” Bruce told you.

You laughed and looked at them. Your family. The people that supported you when you were down, helped you have fun and get better with time.

“I love you guys.”