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Midnight Memories

A/N: I saw a post a while ago with this prompt idea so if it’s yours feel free to tell me and I’ll give you credit!!

Warnings: cussing, a little bit of smut, mostly fluff

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You smiled at your reflection in the mirror, readjusting your bikini and feeling confidence radiate through your body. 

A pool party. 

Not that you hadn’t had the idea before, but now that your birthday had rolled around, you decided to give in to the requests that your friends had made many times before. 

“You look hot.” Natasha said in the doorway, grinning as you immediately covered your stomach. 

“Shut up, I’m going to be underwater most of the time anyway.” With one last glance at your reflection, you grabbed the silky over-shirt and slipped it onto your body, hooking arms with Natasha and walking out of your room. 

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Summary: Based on this anon request-

do you think you could do a request on a character that has teleportation powers for some reason? like they were just born w them and the team/nick fury literally can’t find her until they set bucky on her, ensuing a cute lil relationship between them?? thank you if you can!!

Bucky x reader, FLUFFA LIL BIT ANGSTY, Word count: 3,636

TW: Bucky sneaks into your apartment through your window

A/N: Sorry this request took so long, anon! I tweaked it a little so the reader wasn’t exactly born with powers- it made the story flow a little better I think. I really like how this turned out though–I hope you do too!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Dammit, Natasha! Stop lying! Stuff keeps going missing off my desk and my hunch is that Fury has you stealing it, isn’t that right Nick?” said Steve, clearly irritated with the situation.

“I swear I’m not taking your shit Rogers. Just because you can’t keep track of your stuff doesn’t mean I took it. I highly doubt Nick has anything to do with it either,” hissed Natasha.

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It’ll All Be Okay (pt. 3)

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: It’s time for Steve to talk some sense into his buddy. 

Word Count: 959

Genre: I don’t even know

Warnings: language, drinking maybe secondhand embarrassment

(pt.1) (pt.2)  

So this part picks up directly after the last part and there’s very little of the reader in this, mainly just Steve and Bucky talking about (y/n), Hope y’all like!


     I’m such an ass, Bucky thinks as he stares at the closed door in front of him. He knows he shouldn’t have said it, but he was just so angry. Clair was originally supposed to be a little fling until (y/n) was ready to admit her feelings but now three years had passed, he was still with Clair and (y/n) decided to bury down her feelings even further.  Bucky first learned of (y/n)’s feelings after a night of drinking a few years back. Because of the serum, Bucky couldn’t get drunk but (y/n) was pretty hammered. That night, he couldn’t miss the look of complete adoration that masked (y/n)’s eyes or the declaration of her love she made as she propped herself up on his shoulder.

    That night as Bucky carried (y/n) to her room, he couldn’t help but smile, She actually likes me, he thought, She actually likes me!

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Summary: Tony is feeling a little down after a mission and asks Steve to give him gentle tickles rather than rough ones.

A/N: Based on this prompt. I’m quite happy with this one, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Words: 1 558

Steve’s body was aching. It wasn’t overwhelmingly bad, but the dull pain that shot through his limbs was annoying and a slightly too big of a reminder of a life full of chronic pain that he’d left behind him. He glanced at Tony as they entered their bedroom. If he was in pain he couldn’t imagine how Tony might be feeling.

“Are you hurt?” he asked once they’d shut the door behind them.

Tony shook his head. “Nah. The suit took all the beating. I promise,” he added at Steve’s skeptical look.

Steve didn’t say anything, but he didn’t take his eyes off of him as they started undressing. Tony never winced once, and Steve couldn’t find a single trace of oncoming bruises on his body, so he reckoned the genius was speaking the truth regarding his well being for once.

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Avengers x Reader: Just a Cold

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(Author’s Note: A little something for you if you’re feeling under the weather!I actually wrote this several months ago and had it posted on my deviantart account, but figured it would be a nice time to post it here. 

Also, gif is not mine!, credit to original owner!)

  “Ahah….ACHOO!”  You sneezed fiercely, fortunately grabbing a tissue just in time.  "Ugh.“  You sniffled miserably as you wiped your nose and tossed the crumpled-up tissue into the garbage can placed strategically beside the bed.  Yesterday, you had the sniffles, but you hadn’t imagined that it would turn out to be such a bad cold.  Looks like it would be a lonely, lazy day.  
   There was an abrupt knock at the door.  
   "Oh, ________!”  A certain billionaire superhero sang, his voice slightly muffled by the door.  
   And no, it wasn’t Bruce Wayne.
   "Ugh, what do you want, Tony?“ you complained, mentally face-palming.
   "I couldn’t help but notice that you missed  afternoon training with the team.  What’s up with that?”
   You sighed.  You had decided not to say anything about being sick, not wanting to burden your teammates.  They’ve got enough to deal with when it comes to battling villains and whatnot.  You didn’t want to ruin a nice day off for them.  Plus, Tony could be a jerk sometimes.  You figured he wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to taunt you at a time like this.  Oh well.  There was no escaping it now.
   "I’m not feeling so great today.“  
   "Aw, poor ________,”  he teased.  "Staying in bed all day isn’t going to make your problems go away, you know.“
   "Actually, it probably will,” you retorted.  “A nice rest is exactly what I need.” 
   "Just come on out, and-“
   "That’s not such a good idea.”
   "If you won’t come out, I’m coming in.“  There was a pause before the door opened.  
   You grabbed a nearby shoe and launched it at him.  "The heck are you doing, Stark?”
   "Ow!  Sheesh, relax.“  Tony dusted himself off, giving you a look.  He took note of how you were buried in a mound of thick blankets and sheets, the trash can full of crumpled tissues, and the redness of your nose.  "You’re sick, aren’t you?”  He took a few big steps backwards, as if stepping out of range of contamination.
   "Yes, as a matter of fact,“ you replied, sniffling.  
   "Why didn’t you just say so?  Gosh, women are so complicated.”  He rolled his eyes and went over to the window, pulling back the curtains to let the sunshine in.  You shielded your eyes as you protested.  "Now now.  There’s no need to give me crap.  I’m helping you, after all.“
   "What?” You asked, surprised.  "No teasing or taunting?  You’re just going to help?“
   "There might be a little taunting, but…yeah.  Pretty much.”  He paused, stroking his beard.  "First thing’s first.  Let’s have the Doc take a look at you.“  He went over to the doorway and poked his head out before you could protest.  "BRUCE!  BRUUUUUUUCCCCCE!” he hollered obnoxiously.
   "What?  What?“  Bruce appeared at the doorway moments later, looking a little irritated.
   "Avengers Tower has been infiltrated by a horrible enemy…Germs,” Tony said dramatically.  Then, he shrugged.  "Basically, __________’s sick.  You should check it out.  It’s pretty bad.“
   "It’s just a cold,” you explained.  "I’m fine.“
   "I’ll take a look, just in case,” Bruce told you with a kind smile.  "Let me get my equipment.“  He left the room, and you let out a defeated sigh, lying back against the stack of pillows on your bed.  
   "Is there a problem?  I heard Stark causing a commotion in the hallway.”
   Steve’s voice made you want to disappear.  All this unnecessary attention…
   "Nope.  Tony’s just being….Tony,“ you sighed, hiding your face under a blanket.
   "Actually, Cap, _________ is sick,” Tony informed him.  "Bruce is going to see how bad it is.“
   "Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, ________.”  Steve came over and gave you a light nudge.  "Is that why you missed training today?“
   You nodded from your place under the blanket.  "Yeah.”
   Steve chuckled and pulled back the blanket to place his palm on your forehead.  His playful smile faded a little.  "You’ve got a bit of a fever.“
   "Here, let me take a look.”  Bruce came in with a leather bag full of equipment.  He pulled up a chair beside the bed and took a seat, fishing out a thermometer.  "Hm….You do have a fever.  It’s not too bad, but we’ll definitely need to keep an eye on things.  Would you mind sitting up for just a moment?“
   You did as he instructed, trying to ignore the concerned looks from both Steve and Tony.  Bruce checked your heartbeat with the stethoscope, and asked you to take a few deep breaths.  You couldn’t even exhale without it turning into a coughing fit.  
   "S-sorry,” you coughed.
   "Why are you sorry?“ he asked, giving you a pat on the shoulder.
   "I don’t know…I didn’t want you guys to be bothered.  I can just take some medicine or something, and I’ll be fine.  Why don’t you all go back to enjoying your day off?”
   "It’s no trouble at all.  Don’t worry about it,“ Bruce assured you.  
   "So, what’s the deal, doc?”  Tony interjected.
   "As you said, it’s a cold.  But it is a bad one,“ he replied.  He turned to you, taking off his glasses.  "I think that some time off your feet with some special care will help.”
   "Just some rest will be fine,“ you said with a shrug.
   "No, it will take a little more than that,” Bruce insisted.
   "__________, let us help you out,“ Steve said.  "You’re always there for each of us whenever we need it.  Let us return the favor, please?”
   The pleading look in his eyes made you crack almost immediately.
   "Alright, alright….But I don’t want to be pampered.“
   "Too bad,” Steve said, a mischievous look appearing on his face.  Before you could question him, he knelt down to scoop you up in his arms, blankets and all, and carried you out of the room.
   "Steve!  What is-“ you couldn’t hold back a giggle.  It was kind of fun!  "What are you doing?”
   "I’m moving you to the couch so you don’t have to sit in that stuffy room all by yourself.“
   "I could walk, you know.”  You giggled again.
   "Now where’s the fun in that?“  Steve carried you to the elevator with Tony and Bruce following.   
   "Sure,” Bruce shrugged.
   "We’ve got quite a group here,“ Tony noted aloud when the four of you were in the elevator on the way to the top floor of Avengers Tower where the gang usually hung out during free time. You could lounge around, watch movies, look out the windows at the city, play games, have snacks…  Stark did a great job of making it a nice place to spend time.
   Steve set you down on the couch and tucked you in.  "Can I get you anything? Tea, orange juice, apple juice…?”
   "Just some (favorite drink), please.  I bought some the other day.  It should be in the kitchen area.“
   Steve went over to fetch your drink while Bruce fluffed up a pillow for you and placed it behind your head.
   "So,” Tony clasped his hands together, sauntering over to stand in front of you.  "What’s on the agenda?  Reading?  Video games?  Some chick flicks, maybe?“
   "I don’t know,” you said with a shrug.  "What do you want to do?“
   "This is your day,” Tony replied.  "You decide.“
   "Oh, in that case…”  You paused to think.  "Some movies sound nice.“
   "Movies it is!”  Steve exclaimed, hopping up over the back of the couch to join you, handing you your (favorite drink).  
   "Aren’t you worried about catching a cold?“  you wondered aloud, accepting the drink with a grateful nod.
   "Nope.  I haven’t been sick in a long time, actually.”
   "Just another amazing thing to add to his list of why he’s better than everyone else,“ Tony said sarcastically.
   "That’s not what I’m saying,” Cap rolled his eyes.  "But anyways, what kind of movie are we going to watch?“
   "Whatever _________ wants,” Tony explained.
   A sly look crossed your features.  "Whatever I want?“
   ”Yes,“ Tony seemed a little suspicious.  His eyes flickered between you and Bruce, who seemed to be catching on to what you were trying to say.  The unspoken communication between his two Science Bros made Tony’s curiosity intensify.  "What?  What are we watching?”