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Steve Harvey taunts Flint resident, Little Miss Flint responds

  • Steve Harvey’s recent jokes about the tap water in Flint, Michigan, have landed him in hot water with city activists.
  • During a radio interview on The Steve Harvey Morning Show Wednesday morning, the comedian aused Flint’s ongoing water crisis in a retort against a caller arguing about the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Melissa Mays — an organizer with the grassroots coalition Flint Rising — said that Harvey’s Wednesday comments making light of Flint’s “brown water” are nothing short of “heartbreaking.” Read more (6/16/17)

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Ahhh Black Television how I miss you so much💕 I miss how much we were portrayed as successful and family based.
Reality shows have unfortunately erased all of that for us. (I only put the first 10 that came to mind. Don’t come at me if I missed a show)

Things My Daughter Says...

This took place a few days ago on James’ birthday… 

*Driving home from picking my daughter up from daycare* 

My daughter: “Mommy can we listen to Blackened?”

Me: “Sure baby! Oh, do you know what today is?”

My daughter: “No, Mommy what is it? Do I get to see James?!”

Me: “Well, not yet baby, but we will get to see him soon! Today is James’ birthday though! Can you guess how old he is?”

My daughter: “Hmm… Well he’s super pretty with his blue eyes and silvery blonde hair so he has to be…. forty-two!”

Me: “cracks up laughing” Well I’m sure he would be very flattered baby, but no he’s not forty-two. Want to try again?”

My daughter: “No Mommy, just tell me. How old is my pretty James?”

Me: “James turned fifty-four today!”

My daughter: *silent pause* “Mommy… are… are you sure? I think his Mommy and Daddy told him a fib because he’s too pretty to be that old.”

Me: “That’s sweet baby, but James was born in 1963, so that means he is fifty-four.”

My daughter: “Well, I still think he was told a fib. We gotta make him a cake and buy him presents! Oh! Mommy let’s get him Lego sets! Boys love Lego sets! We can get him a mini car too like the ones Pa builds in his garage!” (She’s talking about the model cars my Dad builds.)

Me: “We can get him something soon okay? I gotta find out when we get to see him first. He’s still touring, but I’m sure he can’t wait to meet you.”

My daughter: “Okay Mommy. Well, I saved the best gift for last, and that’s me telling him he’s my new husband. You can play Blackened now.”

Me: *Thinks to myself: I really need to get her on that Steve Harvey show where he features kids…. She says the funniest things…*