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The Look of Sherlock Season 3, E1 & E2:
Gregory Crewdson‘s Influence on Steve Lawes 

Gregory Crewdson

Crewdson’s photographs usually take place in small town America, but are dramatic and cinematic. They feature often disturbing, surreal events. The photographs are shot using a large crew and are elaborately staged and lighted. He has cited the films Vertigo, The Night of the Hunter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blue Velvet, and Safe as having influenced his style, as well as the painter Edward Hopper and photographer Diane Arbus.

Steve Lawes: …what I love about Crewdson’s work is that he captures what I feel we really see with our eyes although it’s heightened and it’s exaggerated. It’s that idea of sodium light, that sort of radiation you get off sodium light, fluorescent light, all those different tones and colors you know how they kick off a pavement, how they kick off the road, things like wet-downs you know. I’m forever winding production up because I want roads wet down.

If you look at a Crewdson frame it’s like a painting. It’s like a Dutch master: you can look at parts of the frame, you can sit there. That’s what I try and do with my cinematography. I try and create frames that if they were put on a still people would look at them and go “there’s depth in the frame” which brings me to the importance of framing and relationships in the frame. 

In terms of influences I’d say that Crewdson has probably had the most dramatic influence on me in terms of you could probably look at Crewdson’s work and then look at my work and see that there’s a similarity.

…what I love about Crewdson’s work is that again there is this scale and this color and there’s everything. They’re paintings. I tend to be drawn to darker things you know dark in terms of contrast but also dark as in terms of subject. I find it more interesting. The kind of underbelly. There’s something I love about Crewdson’s work which is that there’s something not quite… it always feels slightly on edge. There’s something not quite right about it. I think it’s really interesting the idea that you… it’s about being as subtle as possible. And I think what Crewdson does so well is that he does lots of really dramatic things but he does them very subtly.  So what you’re actually getting and the fact that he creates this frame and does the shot and you look at it. A lot of time when you start off in terms of cinematography or photography… when I first started I wouldn’t put a light somewhere unless I thought it was justified because if you want your lighting to look real then really it should only come in the direction the sun comes in. Well you soon learn that if you do that you’re on a hiding to nothing because it’s very difficult to do that. What you tend to do is you tend to stick to that rule but then you bend it slightly which is what Crewdson does which is if you want to have a different color in the frame you can create different color in the frame. You don’t necessarily need to justify it. It can be there for an aesthetic reason. It can be there for all sorts of reasons. What you’re actually doing is you’re creating different things in the frame because you have the ability to do that. Visually Crewdson’s been a very big influence on me.



Beautiful, cunning, and ambitious to a fault, Liliana is quietly becoming one of the Multiverse’s most magnetic dangers. She wields the blackest of black magic: necromancy. Her spells reanimate the dead and corrupt the living.

Liliana’s dark charisma is undeniable. She’s agelessly striking and sharp as the edge of a razor.

Faced the limits of her human lifespan and not content to accept her lot, she made a pact with demon lords to forever remain at the height of her health and power.

One of the demons tasked Liliana with obtaining a powerful artifact for him known as the Chain Veil. Once the object was in her possession, she felt its power instantly. She refused to give it up, and used it kill the demon, starting her on a path to destroy the remaining demons to whom she is beholden.

Liliana’s ambition has led her to interact with beings from all over the universe. But ultimately, Liliana’s greatest love and first priority is herself.

She’s convinced that everyone else is in it for themselves, too. She just thinks that she’s better at playing the game than everyone else—and maybe she is …

Some amazing artwork featuring Liliana Vess.


I bet you didn’t know Steve Martin can Tap dance…

“Fit as a Fiddle” with Steve Martin & Gregory Hines

Link to the full video!


There is no virtue in subtlety—at least not as far as Chandra Nalaar is concerned. She’s a red-magic-wielding Planeswalker, and her specialty is pyromancy: spells of fire, fire, and more fire.

Chandra’s spark ignited when she was still quite young. As she’s grown, so have her magic and planeswalking abilities. Impulsive, passionate, and short-tempered, Chandra is just as ready to explode as her ever-growing arsenal of spells.

Given her immense and unpredictable power, authority figures have sought to restrict and control Chandra, directly challenging her heated desire for independence and freedom. As Chandra’s wild inner fire encounters world after world of rules and restrictions, the results are sure to be explosive.

Some amazing art featuring Chandra Nalaar.

opens tonight, Wed, May 14, 6-8p:

War Stories
 curated by Anthony Haden Guest

William Holman Gallery, 65 Ludlow St., NYC

War Stories brings together an impressive and diverse group of artists, whose work focuses primarily on war and conflict. The exhibition features Steve Mumford’s documentary watercolors from Iraq and Afghanistan, poured paint castings of Taliban gunshot holes by Piers Secunda, video work of Desert Storm by Nin Brudermann, Farideh Sakhaiefar’s conceptual display of smuggled Iranian war objects, photography by Trevor Paglen, terrorist bomb sculptures by Gregory Green, and Alfredo Martinez’s firearms drawings alongside a video interview by Mika Mattila.  - thru June 21


Warm-up for the showjumping competitors at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy. Source World of Showjumping.

  • 1-2. Hovering over the water jump
  • 3. Pénélope Leprevost / FLORA DE MARIPOSA.
  • 4. Steve Guerdat / NINO DES BUISSONNETS
  • 5. Charlie Jayne / CHILL R Z
  • 6. Gregory Wathelet / CONRAD DE HUS
  • 7. Frank Schuttert / WINCHESTER HS
  • 8. Christian Ahlmann / CODEX ONE
  • 9. Daniel Deusser / CORNET D'AMOUR
  • 10. Spencer Roe / WONDER WHY & Michael Whitaker / VIKING

CSI 5* in Basel, 2015. Source Webstallions

  • 1. Marcus Ehning & CORNADO NRW
  • 2. Marlon Modolo Zanotelli & SWEET DE BEAUFOUR
  • 3. Pénélope Leprevost & VAGABOND DE LA POMME
  • 4. Gregory Wathelet & CONRAD DE HUS
  • 5. Rolf-Göran Bengtsson & CASALL ASK
  • 6. Steve Guerdat & ALBFÜHREN’S MEMPHIS
  • 7. Hans-Dieter Dreher & CALLISTO
  • 8. Philippe Rozier & RAHOTEP DE TOSCANE

Cap-Iron Man Big Bang 2015 with author @linneakou. It features Toni Stark, a small-town witch, who assists the police – and detective Steve Rogers – in solving occult-related crime. Nothing seems too big to handle, even the reappearance of her estranged brother, until someone begins to ritually murder townsfolk.

BB was a wonderful experience, esp the correspondence! Enjoy the novel!


This blog is primarily for appreciating photographs of the San Diego Chargers, and less about my personal opinions and experiences as a Chargers fan. However, I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Lightning Ladies event tonight at Qualcomm Stadium. Lightning Ladies is the official Chargers fan club specifically for female fans, and benefits the UC San Diego Health System.

Tonight’s event included appetizers, a fashion show of new Chargers apparel available at the team store, and a Q&A with Steve Gregory and Scott Mruczowski of the San Diego Chargers. I asked them if they play fantasy football (A: no, but both their wives do), and if Antonio Garay’s Hello Kitty Smart Car is for real (A: yes, and it leans a little when he’s in it…).

Had a fun time tonight with other lady Charger fans! To learn more, visit