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Can we all agree that Steve, Sam and Bucky are all Danny, Joey and Jesse from Full House??

Steve, is obviously Danny.

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Sam is obviously Joey and Bucky is obviously Jesse.

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I could go on but we all see my point. Now you all understand why I get inspired by this show. Cause that’s exactly how those three would be with kids. We all know it.- Ro

(Latest One Shot. Alternate “You”niverse finale part. Bucky Barnes x Clara Oswald drabble.)

5 OTPs Challenge!

I was tagged by my lovely friend @mythicalheartbeat to list 5 OTPs of mine that I love! Thanks, Laura!

Now, 5 OTPs of mine…. ;D

1. GoChi (Goku X Chichi from Dragon Ball)

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2. DaiKari (Davis/Daisuki Motomiya and Kari Kamiya from Digimon)

3. LuNami (Monkey D. Luffy X Nami from One Piece)

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4. Danny X Sam (Danny Fenton X Sam Manson from Danny Phantom)

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5. DJ X Steve (Dj Tanner/Fuller X Steve Hale from Full/Fuller House)

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“New York’s hottest new club is Ströhl. Housed in the nursing room of an abandoned Babies R’ Us in Boise, Idaho, Ströhl has everything: milk, Steve Buscemi, pregnant lady fight clubs, socialites from 2001, the Full House theme song, and human hysterectomies… That’s the thing when you think you might want another baby and then your kids start screaming about Paw Patrol and your tubes tie themselves.”


@dixiedolittle submitted to aureliaastralis: Prompt, please! More Tony-Darcy, pretty please.

Anonymous asked: Can you do a continuation of your last drabble, but pick it up when Captain America and Iron Man confront each other in one of the Civil War confrontations? Iron Man encounters his soulmate who up and disappeared during the confrontation for the first time since she left, the second time in fact that they ever meet. I imagine the concept of soul mates would take on a much deeper meaning during the Civil War period of Marvel & really change the dynamics of the event. Darcy isn’t on Tony’s side.

@chavivaelisheva asked: Could you write some more of the Tony/Darcy soulmate fic? I am dying to know who texted her!

Anonymous asked: any chance you’ll continue either the civil war or first daughter au?

part one // just a moment, but i hope you like it! the mystery texter isn’t revealed, but let’s just say it was one of two options… you can choose :)

The second time Darcy Lewis met her soulmate, it wasn’t chance, and it wasn’t serendipity. It was planned, a tactical move to push him off kilter – Natasha had suggested it, coolly rebuffing any and all of the vehemence sent her way for “even daring to think of using Darcy like that,” but she’d insisted.

“Besides,” the redhead said smoothly, calculating and curious as she stared Darcy in the eye. “I doubt he’ll care all that much.” It wasn’t meant to be a barb, but it felt like one – she bit her lips though, because the assassin was right. He probably wouldn’t care.

Regardless, Darcy agreed, and she stood between Wanda and Sharon in the Avengers HQ conference room as her soulmate stalked in, all traces of his normal personality washed away by the tight lines around his eyes.

Despite his rejection of her, she drank him in, soaking in the force of his presence before he saw her. She probably wouldn’t ever see him after this – not if it was going in the direction she was thinking, and not with whom she was with now – but he was still her soulmate. She wanted to remember him, pain and all else aside, as a reminder of whom she actually chose to be with.

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