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Trump dealt with a national security crisis in front of diners and servers at a restaurant

  • North Korea carried out a ballistic missile test Saturday night, launching the weapon in Japan’s general direction while Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. 
  • The launch is being described as a “show of force” by North Korea, according to NBC News.
  • The missile test occurred as Trump and Abe dined in the members’ dining area at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort.
  • Rather than retreat to a secure and private location to discuss these sensitive national security issues, Trump, Abe, Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn tended to the crisis right there in the public dining area, where people not permitted to hear classified information could have overheard the conversations, according to CNN. Read more (2/13/17 8:56 AM)

Just some of what is happening on Twitter right now.


#DumpTrump #NotMyPresident #UnitedAgainstHate #BanBannon #trumpprotest  #NotOurPresident #TheResistance



OKAY so!!! how about that episode huh!!!

honestly though, words cannot truly describe how happy this entire episode made me. there was screaming! there were tears! i’m still shaking with joy thinking about it! it’s no secret i’ve love this show and how important cecil and carlos have been to myself and to many other fans, and what a fantastic way to celebrate that love than the way episode 100 did.

there might be more pics to come hopefully? there are just so many great lil tidbits and characters in there i might do more :’)

happy holidays everyone! very happy indeed ❤︎❤︎❤︎

A Night Vale Alphabet

Best if read in the voice of Cecil Palmer (Beware of spoilers)

A’s for the Tracker (Apache, he said)

Not quite as embarrassing now that he’s dead.

B’s for Big Rico, best under the sun.

No one does pizza like Rico, NO ONE.

C’s for the council, with crowns of soft meat.

They’re off on a clearly pre-scheduled retreat.

D is for Dana, or maybe her twin.

It’s hard to say which of them managed to win.

E is for Emmett, or Ernest some claim.

It’s hard to remember him, even his name.

F is the Faceless Old Woman who roams

Unseen just behind you. She lives in your home.


H is for Hiram and all of his heads,

A literal dragon who ran from the feds.

I’s for the Interns who’ve come and who’ve gone.

We send our condolences, then we move on.

J is John Peters (The farmer. You know.)

Folks love the invisible corn that he grows.

K is for Kevin who worked here a while.

Beware of the lies hiding under his smile.

L can be found on the edge of the town

It’s old Larry Leroy. He’s always around.

M is for Marcus, the town’s richest man.

I’d tell you what happened, but I don’t think I can.

N is for Nazr, the school’s football coach.

His tongue’s pretty creepy. I wouldn’t approach.

O’s Old Woman Josie, whom we dearly missed,

Surrounded by friends who do not exist.

P is for Pamela, mayor no more,

A press conference chief with surprises in store.

Q is a question you never will voice.

No “shouldn’t” about it. You don’t have a choice.

R is for Roger, who paid with a spine.

It bought him a condo and terror sublime.

S is for Steve. I’ll try not to rant.

He once saved my life by- No, sorry. I can’t.

T’s for Tamika, that lover of books.

She’s already found, so don’t bother to look.

U’s for the people just under lane five.

They’ll only rest when we’re no longer alive.

V is the vague yet menacing team

That works for the government. So it would seem.

W is for worms…(ellipsis, no caps)

If you can’t find your dog, it’s the pellet that yaps.

X has been cancelled, we’re sorry to say.

There’s nothing to see here, so be on your way.

Y is for you, it just so turns out.

You’re sometimes the one that the story’s about.

Z is the sound once you’ve turned out the light,

So Carlos and I wish you all a good night.

Janice: If you want to take Nightvale, you’ll have to go through me.

Tamika: And me.

Beagle puppy: Is this a joke? I will not be threatened by two little girls.

Tamika: You don’t want to mess with us.

Janice: She’s a hair puller.

Steve: And you’re not just dealing with them.

Cecil: You’re dealing with all of us.

Intern Maureen: Except me.

Cecil: Except Maureen

Intern Maureen: I don’t care what happens.


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1989. Piece of Time

is the debut album by band Atheist, released in 1989 in Europe. However, it was not released in the United States until 1990. This was because the label that Atheist had initially signed with, Mean Machine Records, was going bankrupt, and the band had to search for another label. They eventually signed with UK label Active Records, who released their album in Europe soon after. The album was not released in the US for another six months, until Metal Blade Records finally arranged a licensing deal with Active Records and released it to the American market in November 1990. Piece of Time is the only Atheist album to feature bassist Roger Patterson, although he wrote much of the bass on Unquestionable Presence.

Atheist is a death metal band from Florida, founded in 1984 by drummer Steve Flynn and singer/guitarist Kelly Shaefer. The band are known for their highly technical playing style.

the debut album from death metal pioneers Atheist, remains one of the greatest musical journeys and truly the start of a new direction for the metal world., fortunately the band delivered three brilliant albums before being buried. This was of course the first of them, and without a doubt the thrashiest, and heaviest.

        Kelly Shaefer    Rand Burkey    Roger Patterson    Steve Flynn

Tell me what you think of me... (Wtnv edition)
  • Void black: I think of you the way Cecil thinks of Carlos
  • Cloud cloud green: I think of you the way Cecil thinks of Koshekh
  • Cecil hair colour (what ever that may be): I think of you the way Cecil thinks of Telly
  • Desert bluffs yellow: I think of you the way the fandom thinks of Kevin
  • Night vale purple: I think of you the way the everyone thinks of Tamika Flynn
  • Mysterious lights in the sky white: I think of you the way the fandom thinks of Steve Carlsberg
  • The inconstant moon grey: I think of you the way Carlos thinks of Cecil
  • Dog park grass charred: I think of you the way the fandom thinks of Dana

My Loves



I’m crying.

Cecil. My baby boy.

Carlos. My science baby boy.

Steve. My baby boy.

The angles. My babies.

Dana. My baby.

Janice. My precious child.

Tamika Flynn. My wife.

Night Vale. My favorite town.


I loved the new episode so much I’m dead. How are they gonna top this? How?

I’m sorry I’m rambling. But this shit. This shit. I’m dead.


Cecil and Carlos cosplay photoshoot for my GREATEST CLASS EVER WHERE I DO THIS STUFF FOR A GRADE YO

Guest starring my super-NEAT boyfriend as my Carlos

Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn and Adolf Trump are all about establishing white dominance through destruction of societal norms. 

They want chaos. They want failure. Then they bring, as planned, their fascist ‘law and order’.