steve dement photography

Okay this might be the last one for today. Sorry the past week has been a flood of photos of me, but sometimes you get weeks of no photos of me. I just happen to get a small flood of images recently. Hope you like ‘em at least!

Photo by Steve DeMent Photography

Corset by What Katie Did (custom designed by ME! Darla Doherty)

Hey y'all! Guess what holiday is close by? MY BIRTHDAY! And by close, I mean two months away! Haha. I just wanted a reason to post this photo I got from Steve DeMent Photography today. 

But seriously, my birthday is November 2nd. I love my birthday but unfortunately this year I don’t have any big plans. Hopefully I’ll think of something fun to do. It falls on a Saturday so maybe I’ll wait until the 3rd to celebrate because Saturday nights are CRAZY in Austin.