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The Choice - A Gang Imagine

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Word Count: 292

Warnings: Sex mention, STD mention

Pairing: It’s up to you ;) 

I cringe at the sound of a slap that emits from the kitchen. Two-Bit, Dally, and Ponyboy have been fighting for the last half hour over who gets to take me out and, ultimately, be my boyfriend. I was flattered at first but soon realized that it could tear apart their friendship or make them all hate me.

“You wouldn’t ever take her out! You’re always in jail!” Ponyboy argues, sounding surprisingly confident talking back to Dallas Winston.

“You’d just want to read her stupid poems,” Dally scoffs. “And Two-Bit would make her do some weird Mickey Mouse roleplay in bed. Sorry, Two-Bit, but chicks won’t dig calling you Mickey and wearing mouse ears while you hit it from behind.”

There’s a loud thud and I’m pretty sure that it’s Dally that I hear a groan come from. “How would you know what chicks dig? I’m pretty sure you haven’t done half the girls you claim to.” Two-Bit snaps.

“I’ve done plenty of girls, Mouse Boy.”

“Then you probably have STDs,” Ponyboy interjects.

Unable to sit and listen to this any longer, I stand up and walk into the kitchen. “All three of you, sit.” They all start arguing, of course. “I said sit! Or I’m leaving and none of you are going to go out with.”

That shuts them up nice and quick.

“I know I have to make a choice. Obviously, I don’t want to because two of you get hurt.” Taking a deep breath, I look down. “Two-Bit, you’re funny and kind. Dallas, you’re loyal and tough. Ponyboy, you’re smart and creative. I love you all, but I choose…”

“My baby”

I said, holding a picture of someone older than my father.

psychic: *reads my mind*

my mind: You know, some guys my age man… they forget about drinking milk. I don’t know why, maybe they forget how good milk is. Milk’s great. It’s natural, uh… it’s satisfying. I like it when it tastes cold. You just can’t beat it. So don’t you forget it. I’m drinking milk for good.

psychic: what the fuck

do you think c. thomas howell wakes up every morning grateful that he got cuddled by rob lowe <i>and</i> ralph macchio?????


The Outsiders (1983) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola

“I used to talk about killing myself all the time, man. But I don’t wanna die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t gonna be long enough. Hell, I wouldn’t care so much if there hadn’t been so many things I haven’t done yet. So many damn things I ain’t seen or done. That time when we were in Windrixville was the only time I’ve ever been away from my neighborhood.”


“ You think my old man gives a hang if I’m dead in a car wreck or drunk or in jail or something, he doesn’t care but that doesn’t bother me. You’re not going anywhere.” 

The Gang x Irrational Fears

- Dally is afraid of spiders

- “Dal, it’s just a bug.”

- “More like just Satan!”

- Johnny is afraid of things getting in his eyes.

- “Johnny that fell like 3 yards away from you.”

- Johnny rubs his eyes until they’re puffy and he is pleased with the way they feel.

- Steve is so afraid of drowning that if the water starts to back up while he’s showering he has to stop the water and wait for it to go down.

- What the socs did to Pony is Steve’s literal worse nightmare.

- Soda is afraid of being left alone for too long.

- “Just cause Pony is staying the night at Curly’s doesn’t mean you have to go stay with Steve.”

- “But what if the world ends and I’m all that’s left!”

- Ponyboy doesn’t like sirens or horns.

- Every time he hears a train or an ambulance it puts him on edge. Amber alerts are the worse.

- Two-bit might like Mickey Mouse but if he see’s a real mouse he’s on top of furniture screaming like a girl.

- Dallas is good at catching mice bc New York so he teases Two-bit with it.

- Johnny might be a pure bean but hes also a little shit that will actually pet spiders so he puts one on Dally’s arm.

- Darry thought it was hilarious so Dally bought a big ass snake for revenge.

- “You think spiders are Satan but you’re touch that?!”

- “Look into his eyes, Darry. He loves you.”

birthday w/ the gang headcanons!

❃ soda demanded you celebrate your birthday at the curtis house.

❃ darry said he would bake the cake himself and spare everyone the trouble of buying one.

❃ pony and johnny woke you up on your birthday, succeeding in their goal of being the first people you saw on your birthday.

❃ two-bit sang a soulful “happy birthday” every time he saw you that day.

❃ dally called you “the birthday kid” and asked for your “age again, kid?” he grinned when you blushed.

❃ steve didn’t say much, but his actions made up for his words when he presented you with an expensive silver bracelet adorned with a few diamonds after cake when you two were alone.

❃ “I’ve been saving up for a while for that, you know.”

❃ soda called you “birthday princess” and pony insisted it was your “big day” although you tried convincing him otherwise.

❃ tim shepard arrived with curly, but they pretended they didn’t know about the party.

❃ curly went in for a hug, and tim shared a cigarette with you outside as the sun slowly set.

❃ “today’s your birthday, yeah?”

❃ “that’s what my mother tells me.”

❃ everyone danced around the curtis house to elvis, singing at the top of their lungs.

❃ the boys took turns dancing with you, spinning you around. two-bit tried to “dip” you and nearly broke his back and dropped you. said he forgot about his recent injury.

❃ dally decided that for your birthday it’d be fun to get a kiss on the cheek from each guy.

❃ staying up all night to cherish your birthday.

❃ the boys — except steve — all promised to get you a present as soon as they could afford it.

❃ they were determined, although you said it was fine if they didn’t get anything.

❃ it was the most fun you had had on your birthday in years, considering birthdays were never very fun for you.

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