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When u start requests again, could u do a hc about the gang going go-carting together??

-Ponyboy thinks this will be a nice, fun time to bond with all the guys and catch up

-ha wRONG

-it’s every man for himself and Dallas Winston has his hands on a cart. He’s got Johnny in the passenger side and is showing off way too much

-“Dal, I’m gonna be sick”

-Darry decides to join in on the fun after some convincing from Soda. They join together and actually turn out to be the best team. Darry doesn’t let Soda drive but that doesn’t stop Soda from shouting which way to turn and when to speed up

-Ponyboy notices that Darry is smiling just the way he used to when their parents were still alive. When Dally rams into them, Darry doesn’t even get angry, but smirks and fires a shot right back

-meaNWHILE Ponyboy is crammed between Steve at the wheel and Two-Bit on the passenger side of their cart. They’re both barking at each other over who should get to drive

-eventually Steve makes a sharp turn and Two-Bit falls out and onto the ground, cursing and spitting but also laughing a lot

-he ends up in Dally and Johnny’s cart. Ponyboy then feels awkward being left alone with Steve, but Steve doesn’t care. He’s still the same old guy, but he explains his plans to try and tip over one of the guys’ carts. Ponyboy tries to help by adjusting his weight when they’re turning and such, which earns a grin from Steve

-in all it’s about as chaotic as you can get and they aren’t allowed back, but it was a perfect experience in everyone’s opinions


I love this (first pic) camera angle. When they use it Bucky appears to be standing fairly close to Steve or at least right up behind him even though he isn’t. He had been standing with the others until he changed his mind and joined Steve; knew without even looking at him that he was nervous and even though he is too, he doesn’t let Steve know. He brings up a happy memory instead. And the bottom picture proves that he was correct; Steve turns to look at him before entering the hallway as if he needs confirmation that it’ll be okay and hes making the right move in gradually entering rather than rushing through. He may be Captain America who appears to be all business in front of everyone else but around Bucky he’s Steve who is very much terrified and out of his element. Bucky knows what he’s feeling without looking; a skill probably learned in childhood when Steve would tell him he was fine and he knew he wasn’t; listening for every hitch in his breathing or creased forehead because he has to protect him at all costs.

Civil war aesthetic: A beefy super soldier, a solid af bird boy, and a metal armed enhanced ex assassin crammed into a tiny car

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“Six” pt 7: At the Dark End of the Street

With Steve and Bucky in tow, you travel to meet an old associate. New information about your past comes to light. Finding yourselves exhausted and stuck in France, you crash at a safe house for the evening, and things with Steve take in intense turn…

Spinoff of the Mayday Series

Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Violence, language, feels, fluff, FINALLY A LOVE SCENE WOOHOO!!!

It didn’t take long to get to Paris, since we were already in northern France. We landed in a practically deserted air field. Wade had called someone, Dan most likely, on the way there, and there was a nondescript tan hatchback waiting for us when we arrived.

I eyed Deadpool. I was nothing if not cautious and suspicious. “How do I know we can trust you?”

He picked up his swords and climbed out of the jet. “Honey, you shot me in the head. If anyone should have a lack of trust here, it should be me.

“How did you survive that? I know I didn’t miss. You were dead. I checked.” I followed him out.

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Can I prompt you a drabble? Steve has an asthma attack. He hasn't had one in 70 years and it advances into a panic attack. Darcy's little sister had asthma as a child so she knows exactly what to do and cuteness follows.

I don’t know if this is EXACTLY what you wanted…but I hope you like it?  Thank you so much for the prompt!  You’re awesome!!

Warning:  description of asthma attack and panic attack.  

Finding a proper security detail for Thor’s amazing lady was a royal pain in the ass.

Doctor Jane Foster was notoriously hard to defend.  When Steve had told Thor as much at their last meeting, claiming that none of the normal security details had volunteered to go on Foster’s latest science expedition in the deserts of the Sahara, Thor had responded evenly with,

“Due to SHIELD, my Lady and my Sister-in-arms have had to defend themselves far too often to allow such simpletons to be able to watch them so easily.  Your forces are showing their cowardice, Captain.”

Steve didn’t think it was so much cowardice as self-preservation.  Before SHIELD fell, many a low numbered agent had come back bruised, battered and unable to talk about what had happened after a jaunt with Doctor Jane Foster (Thor’s lady) and her assistant Darcy Lewis (Thor’s sister-in-arms, a term he did not throw around lightly.  Natasha was the only other Midgardian woman to have claimed the title).  

Sharon Carter had been sent back in time during one of the security stints.  She had missed less than five minutes in 2016, but had apparently been back in time long enough to have fallen in love with a young Lieutenant Chester Phillips, spending six blissful months with him before being zapped back in time.

She didn’t talk about it much, but Steve noticed that she hadn’t really endeavored to spend much time with him after that.  Later, Natasha had reported that in Sharon’s initial desperation to get back to the future, she had tracked down a little Steve Rogers and could not honestly date a man she had seen in knee pants, crying and wheezing on a street corner at the age of three.

“You look terrified.”

Steve looked up to see Thor’s sister-in-arms staring at him in appraisal.

“Fear is good,” Darcy nodded at him.  "I’m glad you’re not being all macho about this like, you know, that wimp you sent us last time.“

“Sam’s not really a wimp,” Steve said diplomatically.

“He nearly wet himself!” Darcy disputed with a genuine peal of laughter.

“Nearly isn’t quite wetting himself,” Steve gave a small shrug as his lips twisted upwards into a teasing kind of smirk.

“Admit it, he peed a little.”

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