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I think the market for iBeacon is gargantuan, and Estimote demonstrates the venture world agrees.

John Biggs, iBeacon Pioneers Estimote Raise $3.1M Seed Round

Jakub Krzych, founder of Estimote, has announced a $3.1 million seed round raise from Innovation Endeavors, Betaworks, Bessemer Venture Partners, Birchmere Ventures, Valiant Capital Partners and others. The company is already shipping its small Bluetooth products, called Beacons, to retailers and they expect a huge rush in orders as they line up large clients next year.

In related news, Steve Chaney (formerly of GroupMe) is joining as SVP of Business Operations, and building a NY office for the company. I’ll have to sit down with him for an interview, soon.

anonymous asked:

any shakespeare aus like Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and so on?

okay i could only find

This Ain’t No Shakespeare by KillTheDirector

“Two ice cream shops, both alike in dignity, in fair New York where we set our scene…”

The rivalry between Hydra-Freeze and SHIELD Sundaes was one of the most well known through out the amusement park. The romance between shift managers James “Bucky” Barnes and Steve “I’ll punch you in the dick” Rogers was even more well known.

buuut there are quite a few fics that reference shakespeare in some way

Into the Lion’s Mouth by reclusiveq

All Bucky wants to do is finish out his senior year at a new school without anymore trouble. But he apparently attracts trouble, and this time it goes by the name of Steve Rogers.

Like Lon Chaney by Sassaphrass

Bucky’s knows two things without a doubt to be true: he’s a monster- a wolf-man, and Steve is good. Too good for a monster like him, but, he’ll stay as long as Steve let’s him.

Of course, secrets have a way of coming out in the worst possible ways.

Never Doubt I Love by stripyjamjar

In the midst of war, Steve confesses in a quiet sunlit church in Hungary. Also featuring sleepy Bucky Barnes and Monty Falsworth being thrown in a lake.

Oh, and some casual Shakespeare.

The Play’s the Thing by toli-a (togina)

Steve had heard there were HYDRA minions lurking in the Shakespeare troupe. Infiltrating the play might not have been his brightest idea.