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On Your Right - Bucky Barnes x Reader (Part 1)

A/N: This story literally started out because of this shirt.. And all I wanted to do was right a quick little drabble about the reader running with Sam so there was someone between him and Bucky. And then I started writing about Bucky and I couldn’t stop, so here’s part 1 of like probably at least 3 maybe more. I hope you enjoy. 

Summary: Starts with Bucky, Sam, Cap and reader running around the reflecting pool and then goes from there. There’s Bucky fluff. A little bit of angst. Inexperienced!reader 

Rating: T (to be safe) 

Word Count: 1786 

Sam had been begging you for weeks to go on his morning runs with him. When you found yourselves on an extended stay in DC, you finally agreed, waking up before the sun and changing into your workout clothes. You met at the far end of the reflecting pool and started off at a light jog.

The two of you ran at about the same pace, so it was easy to keep in time. You were about to comment on the slowly lightening sky, when you heard heavy, hurried footsteps behind you.

“Just ignore them,” Sam ordered.

Before you could ask, you heard Steve’s familiar voice, “On your left,” and saw him pass by Sam. You weren’t expecting the low “On your right,” murmured in your ear as Bucky passed you and you jumped in surprise.

“Do they always do that?” You asked as you sped up to keep pace.

“Constantly,” Sam grumbled.

You didn’t understand why Sam was so put out. It was kind of funny. You supposed it might get irritating if it happened every day.

It was plenty irritating by the thirteenth time that same morning.

“Okay, now I get why you wanted me to go running with you,” you laughed as you leaned back against the tree, trying to catch your breath.

“It was one thing when it was just cap, but both of them. I needed a barrier.”

“Fair enough. Well, if running with you means a view like this, I can dig it.”

“Are you two calling it quits already?” Steve asked, walking up to you, barely even breaking a sweat.

Stupid super soldier.

“We’re just getting started,” Bucky added on, looking even less fazed.

“Well, by all means, have at it. We wouldn’t want to hold you back.”

“You could never hold me back, doll,” Bucky smiled genuinely at you, and you lost your train of thought. “Of course, I could always slow things down, if that’s the way you like it.”

Steve rolled his eyes at his best friend and Sam fake gagged next to you. In your head you responded with a witty quip about how he would never know how you like it or something similar. In reality you just sort of gaped at him, stomach flipping and brain fritzing.

Standing up abruptly, you mumbled an excuse, “I better head back to the tower. Wanda said she wanted to train together this morning. See you later, thanks for the run, Sam.”

“If that’s what you call it,” Steve barked out laughing.

“Yeah, you’re hilarious. That hasn’t gotten old at all,” Sam sneered.  

Rolling your eyes, you jogged away from the three guys, but once they were out of sight, you slowed to a walk. You remembered too late that Wanda had left the night before.

“Ugh, idiot,” you mentally slapped yourself.

You had no doubt they had all picked up on your lie. Figuring it wasn’t worth it to face Sam’s teasing or Steve’s knowing glances or Bucky’s dumb flirty perfect face you didn’t bother going back to the compound.

“Stupid super soldier,” you muttered to yourself as you wandered around D.C.

You ended up at the Smithsonian, roaming around the Captain America exhibit. You liked to come here whenever you were in D.C. You had come with Bucky pretty frequently when he was first sorting through his memories after Wakanda. Being there brought back your own happy memories.

You smiled at the video clip of Steve and Bucky they had playing on a loop. They were so at ease, joking and teasing. It had taken a long time, but the light in Bucky’s eyes had eventually come back. He and Steve were constantly laughing together making up for lost time you were sure.

You’d also seen that smile thrown your way more than once. It always made your stomach warm, like when you finally got a home cooked meal at the holidays.

No. No. No.

You didn’t want to admit that Bucky had started to feel like home. That would mean that you liked him. And you definitely did not like the dumb, wonderful, sweet, perfect super soldier.


It wasn’t that you actually had a problem liking Bucky. He was one of the best people you knew. T’Challa and his team had managed to deactivate the programming Hydra had given him. He could never be turned into that again. He once told you it was one of the happiest days of his life, followed quickly by months of the worst.

Knowing he couldn’t turn back into the Winter Soldier was a huge relief for him. But then he was finally forced to confront what he had done. That was a long struggle. The major turning point was when Tony came to visit the compound and forgave Bucky.

Natasha had provided Tony with the same intel she had given Steve. The intel that offered excruciating detail into everything that was done to Bucky. You weren’t sure about everything, but given the night terrors he often had, you could guess. Even with that info, it took time for Tony to come around. But when he finally came to the compound, he sat with Bucky. He told him how he understood that they had turned Bucky into a weapon. How it wasn’t really him that pulled the trigger.

That had been the first time you saw hope in Bucky’s eyes. After that he started to heal and you slowly began to see the Bucky Barnes Steve had once known. And Sergeant Bucky Barnes, was a merciless flirt, and you had fallen right for it. He took particular pleasure in riling you up.

You were “cute when you’re flustered, doll”. He drove you nuts. Because while you wanted to be bold and confident like Nat, and your sarcasm skills were definitely up for the job, you were as inexperienced as pre-serum Steve on the dating thing. That’s why Bucky’s comment about taking it slow threw you. Yeah he was teasing you about sex, but in reality if you were going to be with him you really would need him to take it slow - right from the start with dating, all the way through to sleeping together. That is why you never gave into your crush. You knew he’d get bored with you before anything ever happened.

“On your right.”

You jumped at the interruption to your inner monologue, more than a trained agent should have.

“You know when I told you to take a picture because it would last longer, I didn’t mean it. You’re always welcome to take a peek at the real deal.”

“Who says I was looking at you?” You shot back.

“Same goes for Steve. It’s not like he’d toss a dame like you out of bed.”

“Always a gutter brain. Were you this bad in the 40’s?”

“I’m a perfect gentleman, doll. Remember I promised to take it nice and slow with you,” he whispered at the shell of your ear.

You repressed a shiver.

“Let’s get out of here,” he suggested abruptly.

He tried to play it off as a pick up line, but you sensed the sudden tension in him. You looked around and noticed the large tour group of kids coming your way. Kids always recognized Bucky, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was the parents who pulled them away.

Pulling his arm around your shoulder, you stuck your hand through his belt loop, guiding him away.

Public displays of affection make people nervous. Nat had taught you that. A happy couple drew much less attention than a baseball cap and jacket ever would.

Outside in the fresh air, you felt Bucky instantly relax beside you, but he didn’t remove his arm from around you. It felt nice, so you let him lead you around the city, letting your feet fall in step with his.

“You look nice, by the way,” you complimented him after catching sight of your reflection in a store window. “What’s the special occasion?”

His dark jeans fit him perfectly, and the blue striped button down he wore was snug in all the right places.

“I… uh… had a date planned. But the dame never showed,” he explained, using his free hand to adjust his baseball cap.

Your heart sank at his words. A date.

“So you decided to take a trip down memory lane instead?” you queried.

He shrugged.

“I hoped you’d be there. I thought we could spend some time together.”

Because you were the easy part. Always there, but never wanted until you were the last thing left.

“Well, you found me,” you huffed.

Noting the change in your expression, he steered you toward the nearest shop. The sweet smell of sugar, butter, and chocolate pushed away the worst of the bitterness. Bucky ordered a giant brownie and a giant chocolate chip cookie. You took your goodies and settled into one of the small tables in the corner.

You moaned as you bit into the warm chocolate chip cookie, not feeling an ounce of shame until you noticed Bucky repressing a smile.


“Nothing,” He shook his head, “Not a thing, doll.” He grinned and then turned to people watch.

While he was distracted, you reached out to steal a bit of his brownie. You were a millimeter away when you felt his hand close around your wrist.

“Paws off my sweets, doll.”

You managed to look a little sorry and moved to retract your hand but Bucky didn’t let you. Instead, he moved both of your hands under the table and entwines your fingers. With his other hand he pinches off a piece of the brownie, offering it to you. You go to grab it, but he pulls back with a smirk.

“Ah ah. I said paws off,” he reminded you, offering the bite again.

“Then what… Oh,” you said, realizing what he was getting at.

As he held up the bite of brownie you inclined your head and he fed it to you, smirking triumphantly. He offered you another bite, with that same infuriating smirk.

‘Mmmm, god that tastes so good,” you groaned, and his smirk faltered for a moment, as he shifted in his seat uncomfortably. It was so quick you soon decided it must have been your imagination.

Halfway through his brownie, you realized your cookie had gone relatively untouched.

“You know, you’re looking mighty smug for someone who’s willingly giving up half his dessert without getting anything in return,” you grinned, opting for a bite of your own cookie. Breaking off a piece you offered it to Bucky, who snaked his tongue out and took the bite.

“Who says I didn’t get anything in return,” he commented, smiling brightly.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed it. There will be more coming because I am down the Seb Stan/ Winter Soldier rabbit hole and I’m not coming back. Feedback is appreciated but be kind lovelies. 

Part 2

Something - Steve x Reader

Look I made and cropped this gif. I’m proud okay? Let me be proud.

Requested by anon. (I found your series of asks quite funny. I loved your train of thought. Thank you for requesting.)

“(Y/n), wait.” Steve touched your shoulder gently, diverting your attention from the airport tarmac where you imagined what was going to happen within the next few hours.

“Can I talk to you?” Steve asked. 

You nodded and followed him slightly off to the side away from the others.

“How are you felling?” He asked.

You laughed slightly, taken off guard by the question, “I’m ready but I’m worried something will happen. We used to be friends with them and I know we have to do this but I just don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Steve nodded, chewing his lip slightly.

“I know. I’m sorry I got you into this. I appreciate you being there for me and supporting me but always telling me what you think. I need that.” He smiled at you shaking his head slightly, “And I know this may seem silly but I’m going to do whatever I can to keep Bucky safe, and you and the others. So I don’t know if I’ll survive this-”

“Steve-” You whispered, touching his arm gently.

He shook his head, removing your hand and holding it firmly in his.

“I love you. I want you to be safe. I want you to be happy.” He said, eyes locked on yours.

“I want you alive, Steve. I love you and I need you- Bucky needs you. You can help him get his memory back-”

“Not if Tony gets his way. I can’t help him if he’s locked in a cell or worse.” Steve bowed his head. “I needed to tell you. I love you and I want us to be safe together if you feel the same way but given who we are and what we do, that may not be possible.”

You smiled sadly, leaning up to press your lips to his. Steve took your face in his hands, kissing you gently- heavy with worry and sadness and emotion. 

“Be safe.” You whispered, “But do what you have to do.”

anonymous asked:

Lol on the theme of shovel talks, Winteriron are a fresh couple and Tony expects Steve and basically to give him the talk 'cause Bucky is basically his brother but they actually give the talk to Bucky because smol Tony needs to be protected

I find that very funny, oh my goodness. 

I can imagine Bucky going up to Steve and saying, “Don’t go too hard on him, okay?” because he’s fully expecting Steve to give Tony the shovel talk. It all spins around when Steve goes, “Oh, I won’t. But I will with you.” and Bucky is quite shocked when his best friend turns and gives HIM the shovel talk.

It continues like this as the rest of the team threaten to destroy Bucky if he so even tries to do anything to hurt Tony. Bucky is shocked by the whole thing and he’ll never admit that it was Pepper’s talk that scared him the most. Natasha’s one was lethal as well as Rhodey’s but Pepper…you don’t joke with Pepper. 

In the end, he has to admit that it warms his heart because he knew that they all cared about Tony but them showing it was truly beautiful, even if it is in the form of detailed threats. 

Imagine Jarvis/Friday giving him the shovel talk as well. 

Oh, that would be brilliant.

And the best part is that Tony remains oblivious to it. He has NO idea that his friends are doing this at all.

mysticalmagicalmasterpiece-deac  asked:


When Natasha asks to borrow Steve’s laptop, he goes along with it, because sure, whatever, he trusts her.

He doesn’t realize until he opens it up the next afternoon what she’s left open in his browser.

Bucky walks in while he’s reading, half-horrified, half-fascinated. "Whatcha lookin’ at?“ he asks.

Steve, who hadn’t noticed him, slams his laptop closed and tosses it aside. He can feel the blush creeping up his neck. "Nothing. Nothing. Just something–nothing.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “Just something nothing, huh? Okay.”

Steve thinks that’s the end of it.


A week later, he and Bucky haven’t spoken in days. Not that anything has happened, but. Things are weird.

Steve can’t stop thinking about that thing he read. Fanfiction, Nat had called it, when he’d confronted her. “I thought you might get a laugh out of it,” she says.

That’s not…quite what’s happened. Steve doesn’t think it’s funny. Really. He’s not sure what he thinks but…it’s not that.

Seeing his name and Bucky’s, like that, together in the same sentence as kissing, well, it brings back a lot of memories of fantasies long past. And some not so long past.

In fact it kind of just brings up fantasies. It’s making it hard to look Bucky in the eyes, so he’s mostly been avoiding him.

It’s hard to avoid Bucky when he comes storming into Steve’s apartment and stands in the kitchen while Steve’s making a sandwich. He looks all twitchy and stuff until finally Steve asks what’s going on.

Bucky clears his throat, looks away from Steve. “I…saw that thing. The one that you were reading the other day.”

Steve looks away too, blushing. “Oh. Yeah. Just. Maybe we could forget about that? She said she thought I’d laugh.”

“Did you?” Bucky asks. He rubs his fingertips against his thumb. Steve can see the tension along his shoulders.

“No. I–wasn’t really. I didn’t think it was funny. Did…did you?”

Bucky’s weight shifts from one foot to the other. “No.” Steve swallows, trying to think of what to say next, when Bucky pulls in another breath. “I think she’s laughing at us.”

“I don’t…why would she do that? I mean, I don’t get the logic.”

Bucky looks at him for a moment, then turns and paces in a small tight circle. “She…knows things. About. About me. Probably you, too. She’s like that, you know?”

“Yeah,” Steve says. “I’ve noticed.” He hesitates. “What is it you think she knows?”

For a second, Bucky looks pained. He lets out a long breath. “She–god, you know what? She’s the worst. She knows I’m in love with you.”

Steve stares at him. Bucky shifts on his feet again. “How’d she find that one out?” Steve finally asks. His voice is strangled.

Bucky doesn’t seem to notice. “She’s a terrible, nosy woman, that’s how,” he says. “Just. Let’s. Can we pretend I didn’t tell you that, and she didn’t ever show us that stupid thing?”

This is the first time that Steve has ever, ever harbored hope that Bucky might not be repulsed by his advances. “What if–what if we didn’t?” he asks.

The look on Bucky’s face, something like shock, something like elation, is better than Steve could ever have imagined.

Steggy fic (Cougar!Peggy): The story of Peggy’s Jewelry

Author’s Note:  Set in April 1974.  Chronologically, happens about six months prior to Mind the Gap

“Ma’am, did you hear me?”

“Yes, Agent Fury,” Peggy says, “I heard.”  She takes a deep breath, tries to regroup.  “What is your ETA?”

He pauses, she can hear the howling wind in the background, “Probably twelve hours, ma’am.  I’m pushing for less, but the weather’s not cooperating.”

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