steve buscemi is a god


OK SO this is a sneak peek of my scifi dating sim game “Buscemi DAZE” which i have been working on tirelessly for the past year. i still have to finish the second half of it but heres a little bit.  also: i hate myself for making this

the signs as things my boyfriend said while loopy from a fever
  • Aries: "one time i pushed a tree until it fell over"
  • Taurus: "what if goofy wasn't a dog. what if he was a bull"
  • Gemini: *laughter that turns into sobs*
  • Cancer: "he's dead jim"
  • Leo: "steve buscemi is good" spelled as "steve busch emo is god"
  • Virgo: "do i have enough toes?"
  • Libra: "there is a tiny sharp rock stabbing me. it's blue"
  • Scorpio: *evil cackling*
  • Sagittarius: (to my cat) "you could fix the economy. you're wise. you could be president. i trust you"
  • Capricorn: "one time we tied a friend to a tree and left her there and it started raining so she broke the tree"
  • Aquarius: "it's hard to get a job if you don't have enough toes"
  • Pisces: *softly* "i see souls"
The Lonely Tree (Part 13)

Word Count: 1580 

Summary: You and Steve have The Talk

Warnings: Lil bit of language, nervousness, and anxiety

A/N: I’ll just be over here screaming if you need me…

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“Still sleepy?” you asked absently, finally breaking the silence as you neared the Lonely Tree.

“After getting yelled at, punched, and dragged across campus in the snow without my coat? Not so much,” Steve said ruefully, and you looked up at him with concern even as you pressed a bit closer. You hadn’t brought your coat either.


“Gee, however did you guess?”

“Alright, sassy, just tell me what happened,” you said with an exasperated laugh.

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