steve blue's clues

The primary reason I started drawing is because I really wanted an animated puppy of my own that would vandalise inconvenient places with pawprints and send me on adventures.

Okay, let’s get something straight: Blue’s Clues is my favourite show. 
I may talk of SuperWhoLock and all these other fandoms which I love to death, but one show will always take the cake.
That show is Blue’s Clues. It helped me overcome anxiety and anger problems ever since I first sat on my 3 month old arse as turned on Nick Jr. 
Steve was my best friend (my favourite colour is green because of him!) not just because I was only 90 days old and my sister wouldn’t be born for another year, but because he treated me like one. 
All the other shit like Dora would just wait for an answer as if you already knew, asking for fucking spanish and what I thought an answer was. Just that. 
Steve, on the other hand, he didn’t just ask questions and wait for an answer, he spoke to me, empathised and chatted to me. Although, I never spoke back to the screen ever (according to my mother), I knew he was speaking to me, just me. 
Because I was his friend. 
Steven Burns would later go on to talk about this profound connection he had with millions of children in a stand-up story for the Moth in 2011.

So I felt as if it was a duty to edit this page accordingly, which I still plan on developing to make it even better, as the show itself wasn’t just about a guy galavanting with a magical Blue animated puppy, talking to Salt shakers and playing a game while You watch. 
It’s about You. You play Blue’s Clues.
You figured about Blue’s Clues. 
It about You, because You’re really smart.

And the best part?
The best part is that no matter who You were, whether You watched in America, Australia, China, wherever; whether you are a guy, girl, old, young, if you liked the colour Green or Blue, at the end of every episode, without fail, Steve will thank You for doing your part.

And together, with Steve and You, and his dog Blue,
You can anything that You want to do. 

Hey, remember @knittinggiantbeanies’ Blue’s Clues trilogy? if not, here:

Well, we decided that after putting up with Steve’s plagiarism, we’re gonna dub some of the episodes of Blue’s Clues! Why? Because we didn’t know September 8th was the show’s 20th anniversary!

This time, the stream will be held this Friday, September 9th at 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Only on http://picarto.TV/RealTimeFandub

Guests include but are not limited to:
- @knittinggiantbeanies
- @chongoblog
- @just-watch-me-hachiko
- @ghostanjo
and myself.

Why isn’t Charley in this list? We ain’t asking him this time. It’s just us, dubbing Blue’s Clues out of the blue. (pun intended)

Remember, 3pm EST today on http://Picarto.TV/RealTimeFandub

See ya there!

I noticed you’ve been havin a rough time recently. So here’s a gif of Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues dancing. Hopefully it at least makes you smirk. Peace and love hun ✌🏻❤️😁