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Nat. Wonderful as always. Kate’s moved in your room because, and I quote, ‘you and Clint suck at everything, including houses’ so I think it has to do with the decor? 

Age Of Ultron AU with Daniel Craig as Barney Barton.

top 5 favorite ships

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1. stydia - teen wolf

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2. jake x amy - brooklyn 9-9

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3. fiona x steve - shameless

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4. robin x barney - how i met your mother 

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5. gallavich - shemless 

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there is no particular order, i love all these otps equally :) 
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Imagine clint having to introduce the avengers to his brother (MCU verse)

They’re on their third Hydra base since SHIELD fell when Hawkeye shoots Captain America.

Rather, what Clint does is ping an arrow off of Steve’s shield just as he’s about to throw it at one of the remaining thugs.  It catches Steve’s attention immediately, and while he’s too far into the throw to abort it, he’s able to change its trajectory so it gouges a chunk of plaster out of the wall by the man’s head instead of slamming into his gut.

“Hawkeye, talk to me,” Steve says, keeping his eyes on his former target.  He doesn’t know what the archer saw, but he trusts his judgement, especially in this.  They’re tracking Loki’s scepter, after all, and Clint has more reason than any of them to want to see the damn thing out of enemy hands.

“I’ll explain later,” comes Clint’s voice in his ear.  “Capture that one.”

“Roger that,” Steve says, and grabs the thug’s arms before he can run off.

Later finally comes, and Steve is vaguely surprised to see Clint threatening to shoot the thug in the face.

They’ve cleared the base, with no sign of the scepter or any intel as to where it might be.  All they can do now is hand their prisoners off to the proper authorities and hope one of them gives up something useful under interrogation.

Hydra, Barney?” Clint all but spits, his voice lined with anger.  “Really?”

The man laughs.  “Like you’ve never done something a little illegal when you needed cash.”  He holds out his hands, and Clint tenses.  “But look at you now!  Who’d have thought you’d be a superhero someday?”

“Hawkeye, you want to fill us in?” Steve interrupts, raising an eyebrow.

Clint glances over his shoulder, sees the rest of the Avengers spread out behind him, then sighs and lowers his bow.  “Guys, this is my brother Barney.  Barney, meet the Avengers.  Now put your hands above your head and tell us everything you know about what Hydra did with Loki’s staff.”

Clint’s brother grins and laces his fingers behind his head, less a gesture of surrender than one of ease.  Steve suddenly suspects that Barney knows quite a bit more than the average mook about what Hydra’s been up to.

But then, he’s apparently related to Clint.  It’s only to be expected.

“Sure thing, little brother, sure thing,” he drawls.  “Say, you ever heard of a little country called Sokovia?”


Avengers/Circus AU

Part 2

Tony Stark:The Ring Master and Co-owner of Stark’s Steampunk Circus

Pepper Potts:The Ring Mistress and Co-owner of Stark’s Steampunk Circus

Natasha Romanoff:The Animal Trainer.

Darcy Lewis:The Girl in the Woods

Clint “Hawkeye” Barton:The Marksman

Barney “Bullseye” Barton:The Marksman

Steve Rogers:Daredevil/Stunt master

James “Bucky” Barnes: The Knife Thrower

Dr. Bruce Banner:The Apothecary

Part 1


HIMYM/Captain Hill AU: After her husband death in car accident, Robin  Scherbatsky changed her name to Maria Hill and joined S.H.I.E.L.D, where she became great spy. During one of her missions she had met Captain America, the man that she heard a lot about. They worked together and became closer. Maria never thought that after Barney’s death she will be happy again, but there she is all happy with the great man by her side.

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June fic fest request: For the Silver Age 'verse, I would love to read about Clint's brother, Barney, finding out about his "adoption" by the Starks, his attempt to turn it to his advantage, and what happened then

Title: The Brother and the Mother
(I love how these “the ___ and the ___” titles keep getting more ridiculous.)

Note: I know Barney’s been somewhat rehabilitated as of late, in the Hawkeye comic, but I love him as a villain, so…


The first the Young Ultimates knew about it was when Steve swung by Stark Industries on his motorcycle to pick up Clint, only to find Clint notably absent.

They’d talked about the motorcycle at breakfast that morning; Clint loved the bike, and Steve had agreed to pick him up and take him out to an empty lot where they could practice some trick-riding. Clint had been excited, and it wasn’t like him to miss an appointment without warning. At least not since the infamous Stark Family Dinner incident, back before Clint had internalized the idea that people would miss him if he didn’t show up somewhere.

Steve frowned, parked the bike and headed inside.

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How I met your Dad-Pool. Part one two. Meeting the in-laws, take one.

“This is what you’re getting worked up over, Tony? You do realize he also stole one of your jets and never returned it?”

“That was him?!”

“Wait, whose side are you on, baby boy?!”

Clint: Don’t thank me for getting arrested for you too much, or people will start to talk… I’m in trouble with this. Please don’t yell at me. Stark already called. Cap too, as in– America. I wonder if anybody’s ever been fired from the Avengers before. Stark says there’s a behavior and morals clause in the contract… Shoulda read this before I signed it…

Cap has only really appeared in one issue of Hawkeye so far, but that doesn’t stop him from being a presence in this book. Way back in issue #01 Clint defined his code in relation to Cap’s– it’s all fine and well to be a boy scout when you’re standing next to the Captain, but when you aren’t the rules can be bent.

And then in this issue, Clint brings up the association again. The leaders of the Avengers are calling Clint to tell him not to get arrested– and though he may claim otherwise, that matters to him. He doesn’t want to be the guy constantly being called out for screwing up. Again, that moral high ground is gone– he can’t really articulate why he’s doing what he is, so there’s no fair response to give Steve and Tony. (Or the other Avengers, who show up in the next issue.)

This book is so much about Clint and his persona while he’s “alone,” but even that is crafted by comparisons. Kate, Steve, Jessica, Natasha, Barney, Bobbi… even Danny Rand, who doesn’t actually appear. All of them have some bearing on Clint’s day-to-day, and therefore he’s never truly just a man in isolation. The thing of it is, he doesn’t seem to get that, yet. 

From Hawkeye Volume 4 #08 (Matt Fraction & David Aja)