steve as santa is my favorite thing

Get to know me tag game

I was tagged by the lovely @sometimes—quiet—is—violent

  • name/ nickname: jessie
  • last song i listened to: thangs by steve lacy
  • first fandom: omg it was for the musical RENT back when i was 12
  • book i’m currently reading: i’m actually not reading anything right now, but i’m about to order “the bundy murders” and “the trail of ted bundy” by kevin sullivan
  • worst thing i’ve ever eaten: i’m sure i’ve eating gross things, but i can’t think of anything off the top of my head that was exceptionally bad. ya girl loves food
  • favorite places: san francisco; santa monica pier; venice beach, la; disneyland; boracay, philippines

tagging: @witchlockmonsterfox, @i-am-insouciant, @tedbundystuff, @teddybearbonkers, @ofrabid, @amazingamyelliotdunne, @mrsjeffreylioneldahmer, and whoever else wants in