steve as santa is my favorite thing

kat-atomic  asked:

I know that you’re Ride or Die Steggy (which, honestly, same) so I’m wondering what your fave Steggy fics are. I’m looking for new ones and navigating the AO3 tag is a nightmare.

Anything by @roboticonography is pure 100% Steggy goodness. They are my favorite Steve x Peggy author by far. Flames We Never Lit is the gateway, but there’s not one Steggy story in their repertoire I haven’t enjoyed!

I wish I had better recs in terms of newer stuff but you’re not wrong, the tag is a nightmare and I get frustrated enough with it that I don’t bother as much these days. Good news, though, the Steggy Secret Santa is happening so there ought to be some fun things coming around the end of December. 

Additionally (and I realize this means nothing considering I haven’t written a damn word of it), I’m in the process of plotting/outlining a longform Steggy AU that I’d like to start posting sometime in the next month or so.