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Do you think Wonder Woman might be attracted to other men besides Steve Trevor?

It’s been known to happen! In the Silver Age, Steve Trevor had a “proper” rival for Diana’s affection in Manno the Merman.

In the early Silver Age, Diana declined Steve’s proposals because she wanted to focus on her career as Wonder Woman. Later, she said no to Steve because she couldn’t decide between him and Manno. As the Silver Age progressed, it got dumber and dumber until…

Steve was killed off and Mod Diana happened, and in this era, she fell in love with a lot of dudes who would always end up being villains. And she’d be like “omg he’s such a MANNNNN wow” and like, that’s fine, but dude not if you are Wonder Woman.

These are all summarily bad examples of times when Diana was not herself (speaking of, don’t forget her and Superman in the New 52).

The master himself, Dr. Marston, would make Diana and Steve occasionally jealous of each other’s interactions with the opposite gender, but they would usually shake it off in good fun. It got pretty intense though in one of my favorite early WonderTrev stories, Sensation Comics #51. Here, Diana meets a secret agent named Speed Ferrett (heh heh heh) and he’s suave and brave enough that she actually starts falling for him.

Look at how awkward Steve is, how amused Etta is, and HOW BEET RED DIANA IS. The reason why I love this issue is because later, Steve chastises himself for being a “jealous fool” and instead plans out how he can help Diana in her pursuit of the counterfeiters (#ForeverEvilARGUSvibes). Happily, we get a satisfying ending and one of the best WonderTrev panels of all time:

  • Wonder Woman calling herself out for trusting a man.
  • Steve calling Diana “Angel” and Diana melting at once.
  • WonderTrev cuddles.
  • Diana, the person who just lifted a car, calling her emotionally supportive lover “strong” and thus celebrating non-toxic masculinity.

Muah. Beautiful. So yes, Diana is attracted to other people sometimes, but at the end of the day, Steve is THE ONE. That’s why I ship him with my queen. Thanks for the question!


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