steve and tony in a gay way

[Unable to find Steve, Bucky or T’Challa] 

Natasha: Well, this calls for drastic measures. *proceeds to yank Tony’s pants down, causing Tony to shriek and Clint to scream in the distance*

Tony: Why the fuck -

Natasha: *cups her hands together* Tony has his pants down!

[sound of a stampede getting closer, children screaming, babies crying, women fainting, and men turning gay as Steve, Bucky & T’Challa run towards them]

Natasha: There they are. 

Tony: *glaring and struggling to pull his pants back up* Couldn’t you have done that without actually pulling my pants down? 

Natasha: I like the view.

Tony: [to T'Challa, Steve and Bucky] I wish we could all take a bath together. Not in a gay way, but in a relaxing drunk in the tub sort of a way.

fics by agetwellcard

okay so here is a post of all the fics that i’ve posted and don’t hate also the ryden stuff is older so it’s a little rough so be easy on me


the key of victory, e, 64k words

(music game show au) Don’t miss the new season of The Key of Victory, a show that kicks off music careers for the winners. Every season we bring five popular musicians and then mix them with fifteen hopeful teenagers in one house. Every week they will compete in various competitions to see who is most ready to be a professional musician, all with the guidance of our celebrities. It’s fifteen weeks of action that keep the cameras rolling 24/7. Make sure to tune in!

car crash symphony, g, 3k words

(TiMER au) When Ryan was in eighth grade he went to get his own timer, to find out when he would meet his soul mate. He just didn’t know how much would change before it would actually go off.

choking on smoke, e, 13k words

(coming out fic) He tries not to think of that thing that happened a few weeks ago. The thing that made his whole chest fill with something that had never been there before. The thing that had single-handedly set his whole life on fire. To be fair, though, his life had always been engulfed in flames he had just chosen to ignore it.

pride, g, 3k words

Brendon thinks it’s fair that he didn’t want to tell his parents that he was going to a gay-straight alliance meeting after school.


this place is a shelter, g, 4k words

Living with Bucky reminds Steve of the way it feels to jump to action, natural and exhilarating and almost like it was something he was always meant to do.

Aka, the one where there is no one after them so Steve and Bucky live together in the apartment in Bucharest.

they say love is a virtue, m, 22k words

“I have a bet,” Tony announces to the room. He stands up, repeating himself a few times so that everyone is forced to stop the game and look up at him. He looks straight into Bucky’s eyes when he goes, “I bet you fifty dollars that you and Steve can’t spend a whole week pretend married without realizing that you’re both in love with each other.”

the cut of a knife, t, 33k words

The blond-haired man is breathing heavily over him now, hand steady as he presses the blade warningly into his neck.

In Russian, he goes, “Your handler is dead,” and then, “You’re free.”

(AU in which Bucky and Steve both fall off the train and are taken in by HYDRA. It’s not until many years later that they are rescued by SHIELD, and by then it might be too late.)

playing pretend, g, 6k words

“You know, I didn’t even get to go to your funeral,” Steve tells him, his hand now flat against Bucky’s chest. He can feel his heartbeat thumping away.

“I’m dead?” Bucky asks, a calmness to his voice.

Steve feels his pulse under his palm and nods. “You’re dead. I’ve been to your gravestone.”

Steve moves into his new apartment in Brooklyn after coming out of the ice, and keeps having dreams that Bucky is there with him. He thinks maybe it’s a dream or a hallucination, and he doesn’t know that Bucky is really alive.

the curves of your lips rewrite history, e, 17k words

After Steve’s wedding, Bucky kisses Steve and everything changes.

(AU in which Steve and Bucky survive the war. Steve marries Peggy, and Bucky has to deal with his feelings for Steve.)

a soft blur, e, 28k words

After recovering from his time in the army, Bucky is a successful photographer who is trying to forget his past. Two weeks after Steve’s return, he accidentally spills his champagne on Bucky at a charity event. It brings them together at a time when the two of them need each other the most.


ai tombom ste yun, g, 1k words

“Lexa,” Clarke huffs, sitting up in bed. “Come on, what does it mean?”

(AKA Clarke learning Trigedasleng fic)


you’re not alone in this, g, 12k words

Bellamy follows Clarke after she leaves because it’s the only reasonable thing to do.


because you’re the reason, g, 2k

moments between achilles and patroclus.
a morning. a broken arm. a lazy afternoon. happiness in troy.

natasha romanoff–
- women
- making women smile
- making women laugh
- protecting women
- cuddling with women
- the way women smell
- well-timed one-liners
- steve rogers
- sam wilson
- her adoptive dad nick fury
- cats
- sharon carter
- maria hill
- wanda (reluctantly)
- facesitting
- italian subs
- burning c*nfederate flags
- damaging government property
- defacing government property
- overall sticking it to the government
- that gay shit
- messing with tonys shit without asking & “accidentally” breaking it
- wrecking tonys cars
- wrecking tonys jets
- girls
- shooting men in the face
- putting men through many other methods of torture/pain
- revenge
- jokes about death & dying
- edging
- fucking girls from the back
- leather
- 70s disco , namely donna summer
- girls

Bucky Barnes Imagine: "Gay"

Reader Imagine: You and Tony are convinced that Steve and Bucky are in love with each other, much to Bucky’s annoyance- who goes out of his way to “prove” he isn’t.


You and Tony were certain of it. Three weeks of watching and documenting, getting F.R.I.D.A.Y. to play back audio records of their wistful conversations- there was not a doubt in your minds.

Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes were in love.

You just had to prove it. Stalking after Bucky down the corridor as he went to meet Steve for their early morning Tuesday training session (you had their schedules committed to memory), you listened attentively as the brunette spoke animatedly on the phone to someone you assumed to be a woman. “Psh,” you spat, “Cover-up.”

Bucky whipped round at the sound and you quickly retreated, sprinting down the corridor, mortified at the possibility of being caught following him. You thought you’d lost him after ten minutes of aimless sprinting and allowed yourself a break, propping yourself up on your knees with the palms of your hands as support after being doubled over for a minute or two- only to find yourself being stared out by none other than the gay man himself.

Jumping up quickly you propped yourself up against the wall nonchalantly, one hand pressed against the cool paint and the other resting on your waist, after a moment or two you pretended to only just notice Bucky who had been staring at you the entire time, now bringing his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose as he shook his head in exasperation, whispering faint exclamations of disbelief. “Oh hey there Bucky.” You smiled cheesily, waving your hand with a bit too much enthusiasm. “I didn’t see you there.”

Bucky groaned and pressed the flat of his hand against his eyeballs, “Are you actually- (Y/N), seriously? I literally watched you- I can’t believe this.” You rocked back and forth on your heels, now bringing both hands to rest on your hips, “Hm?” You hummed in innocence, raising your eyebrows up at him in challenge, refusing to acknowledge he had just caught you stalking him.

Bucky didn’t seem impressed. “Why were you following me?” He asked forcefully, his brow furrowing as he got straight to the point. You smiled widely. “I wasn’t following you Bucky.” You said simply with a shrug, dismissing the idea as fantasy. “Yes you were.” He stated, mirroring your stance in an attempt to dominate.

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Yes you were.”



“But why would I, Bucky? Is this your subconscious wishing that I was?” You teased, wiggling your eyebrows suggestively up at him causing him to throw his hands up in exasperation. He opened his mouth as if to argue the point further, but upon watching you hitch your eyebrows and deepen your smirk, he scowled and padded away.

“Oh, Bucky!” You called after him in a sing-song voice. He didn’t stop walking, his figure retreating around the corner. “I know.” You said ominously, your eyes darkening mischievously as you laid your playing cards on the table. You watched his head pop around the corner, the rest of his torso still concealed behind the wall, giving him the ghoulish quality of a floating head. Fighting the urge to laugh, you kept the smirk firmly plastered on your face.

“Know.. What exactly?” He questioned uneasily, his eyes growing weary. He began moving towards you hesitantly, as if approaching a flighty bird. You examined your nails a moment, revelling in the power you had over him.

“About you and Steve, of course!”

This really threw him through a loop, “What are you talking about?” He cawed, his eyes narrowing and his face scrunching up in confusion. “Know what about me and Steve?”

You smiled devilishly again, “I know what you’ve been up to..” You stated, near to singing the last word in your gleeful mischief. Bucky’s head reared up and whipped from side to side in an unidentifiable emotion. Eventually his spluttering stopped and he looked at you with wide eyes, “What on earth are you talking about, (Y/N)?!” He groaned, tugging at his hair frustratedly. It was at moments like this he really wished he could read your mind, in the two years he’d known you you’d confused him infinitely more than any other person he’d ever met. Your strangeness both appealed to him and freaked him out.

“I know you love each other!” You shouted, throwing your hand in the air, pulling a cluster of confetti from your pocket as you made the declaration. A moment passed.

Two, three moments in silence.

Then Bucky burst into raucous laughter as the confetti settled in his hair, peppering him with an oddly fitting rainbow of colours as you watched on in bemusement. This wasn’t exactly the reaction you and Tony had planned on garnering when proclaiming your knowledge of their intimacies. He would not stop laughing. You joined in after a while, nervous giggles slipping from your lips as you tried to figure out what was so funny.

“You think..” Bucky began after a while, recovering from his eruption of laughter, clutching deftly at a stitch in his ribs. “That me.. And Steve are..” He disintegrated into fits of giggles once more, grabbing onto your shoulder for support. “Are.. Gay?” You finished for him, only adding to the screamed laughter that poured from his lips. You gave him a look that embodied your thoughts of “what the fuck is happening” which he took note of and managed to sober up.

“What made you think that?” He chuckled, swiping at a few stray tears lining his cheeks.

“Well, you’re not denying it, for starters.”

“We aren’t in love.” Bucky stated, then added hastily. “Well, I do love him. But he’s my brother, my oldest and bestest friend. It’s entirely platonic, maybe there was a time when we could have..” He trailed off for a moment then shook his head and returned to the present. “But things change, stuff happens and.. We’re perfect as friends.” He finished with a broad and content smile, beaming at your unimpressed face.

“I don’t buy it.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“What, why?”

“Because Thursday’s!” You shouted, as if that was all the explanation you needed. Bucky shot you a puzzled look.

“You have sex every Thursday.” You dead panned, hitting him with the facts. Bucky’s face twitched a smile but he didn’t lose it this time. “We train every Thursday.” He corrected you.

“B-but,” you began, stutters lining your voice. “The audios of you two, the moaning, the grunting-”

“Weights.” He said simply by means of explanation.

You narrowed your eyes. “I don’t believe you.” You declared, striding past him and towards Tony’s office to inform him of your findings. Bucky shrugged and walked off with a smile, planning the same with Steve.

It didn’t phase Bucky at first, in fact him and Steve found it quite hilarious. But then he began to notice the watchful and devilish looks Y/N was shooting him every time he was in Steve’s presence. It really began to grate on him, especially when Tony started making his comments.

“I’m going to check up on Steve,” Bucky said, bringing a firm hand down on his thigh as he made to leave the room.

“You sure you aren’t just going to check out Steve?” Tony quipped, not looking up from his device, still tapping away furiously, a faint smile lining his features. Bucky snorted and dismissed the comment, leaping up and going to seek Cap’s company.

Then Sam chimed in.

“I’m his best-friend.” Bucky argued, “We’ve known each other near enough our entire lives and we share a much deeper connection than you do with him!”

“Aw hell no,” Sam said, bringing his fist down on the table with force. “Just ‘cause you’re sleeping together don’t mean you’re his best friend, I mean maybe you do get "deeper” with him than me since I don’t-“

"What the hell, Sam?” Bucky interrupted in horror, the words pouring from his mouth forcing him to picture a disturbing visual. “We’re not sleeping together!” He shouted, almost completely forgetting about his conversation with you, seeing as it had happened over two months prior. Though the thought slowly returned to him as he mulled it over. “What made you think that we were-” Sam perked an eyebrow up at him, his mouth curving into a smile.

“Y/N.” They said in unison. “I’m going to kill her.” Bucky cried, storming out of the room and making a beeline for your room where you were sat innocently reading, before your state of tranquility was disturbed by the harsh knocking of fist against wood, or more precisely- metal against wood. You sighed heavily and hoisted yourself up, barely managing to unlock your door before Bucky barged in, eyes ablaze and fists clenched.

“I’m not fucking gay!” He roared, staring you down. You returned his glare with your own bored, lazy gaze.

“That’s exactly what a closeted gay person would say.” You stated, moving back to resume your position on the bed before Bucky caught ahold of your wrist and spun you round.

“If I was gay,” Bucky huffed, his eyes wild and his hair fanning his face as he breathed heavily. His mind whirring as he contemplated what he was about to do. “Would I do this?”

“Bucky, wh-”

Your words were quickly silenced by hastily pressed lips against your own, moving ferociously, a hot tongue swiping at your lips as you struggled to process what was happening. The shocked gasp you emitted making entrance for Bucky’s tongue which moved sultrily within you. Roaming hands lit your chest aflame and ignited a passion within you, suddenly you were kissing him back. Your once frozen hands finding the nape of his neck, tying them tightly into the loose strands of his hair that decorated the back of his head. You tugged and pulled when he found a soft spot on your neck, earning moans of approval as you did so, sometimes pulling so hard he emitted a growl that stirred your insides and turned them to mush.

You could feel your feet tripping backwards and then your backside crashed into your writing desk, Bucky soon hoisted you atop it, grabbing you by your thighs and almost throwing you aggressively, grunting as he did so. He peppered your neck with kisses, nibbling at the tender skin and leaving territorial marks. You moaned ever so slightly and pulled back quickly, panting and struggling for breath. “Bucky.” You breathed, wide-eyed and still struggling to process what the fuck had just happened.

But Bucky only smirked and pressed your lips together again and again until you were certain it wasn’t Steve he wanted, but you.


(I’m actually Stucky trash and it was really hard not turning this into a Stucky fic because they actually are in love and you got it right the first time girl)


We all know that with friends we can talk about everything.

Even if it’s  stupid or even kinky shit.

But, when you see Tony Stark, who joke about BDSM with Captain America, something is really…….weird? Maybe inappropriate?Like WHAAAT?!?!?! JUST…UGH….IDK (not in wrong way, I ship stony so hard it’s hurt)!

Becouse it’s really fucking gay and “just kiss each other plis” and this shit is still not canon.


And when you think that more gay can’t be, author just trow another that type of joke.

Becouse why not?!?!?!? It’s really funny!!!(nope)

But maybe this time Captain America should joke about this?!?!?!


And of course Cap said this joke to Tony…….


Give me canon.

I wanna cry.

or die.

or both.

(sorry for my english, I suck)


Imagine Getting Transported To The Future With Peggy

For Anon

You and Peggy live in secret and shame. Luckily no one knows about you and Peggy but you and Peggy. If anyone knew you’d be in big trouble.

Your lives changed the day Howard sent you both in to get this super dangerous device.

Peggy knew he and Jarvis were lying about the use so she opened it and hit the button.

Everything blasted white and went black.

“Hey hey you gals okay?” a voice asks and shakes your shoulder. You groan and blink.

“Yes Peg?” you reply and open your eyes to look for her. You’re instantly blasted with a bright array of colors. Rainbow colors and a lot of half or mostly naked people. “Oh my god where are we?”

“New York City pride parade to be exact” the voice says and you find it belongs to a handsome blonde man holding the hand of a red haired man.

“What’s a pride parade?” Peggy asks and slowly stand up dusting off her skirt. Then she grabs your hand and pulls you up.

“Its a parade celebrating being gay!” the red haired man exclaims. You glance at Peggy and she mouths “roll with it stranger things have happened.”

“Really!?” Peggy squeals. “A parade celebrating being gay? What year is it 2015?”

“Yes it is actually” the blonde man replies.

“How fun! Can we join?” you question and squeeze Peggy’s hand.


The boys lead you through the parade waving and smiling as they go.

“We’ve time traveled” Peggy whispers to you.

“This is so cool we’re actually accepted here!” you murmur back.

You talk to so many people and get covered in glitter and paint rainbow flags on your cheeks.

It’s all going great until…

“Oh my god STEVE!” Peggy screams. You scan the area to find Steve Rogers on a pink purple and blue float. You’ve learned pink purple and blue are bi pride colors. Bi standing for bisexual which means liking girls and guys. Steve jumps and follows the voice to you and Peggy waving madly.

“Peggy? PEGGY!” Steve yells and jumps off the float dashing towards us. When he gets to us he grabs Peggy and twirls her around. “Wait are you real and who are you? How are you here?”

“I’m her girlfriend and Howard Stark got us here with some invention” you explain and shake his hand after he’s set Peggy down.

“STEVE! Don’t run off like that” a shorter brunette man scolds skipping up with a dirty blonde muscular guy throwing glitter.

“Sorry Tony this is Peggy! From the 1940’s! You after made and invention that brought her and her girlfriend here!” Steve explains excitedly.

“You’re Howard’s son? I never expected him to settle down” Peggy jokes.

“And you’re Peggy” Tony observes. He has a pan pride flag on his face and Steve actually has a bi pride one on his cheek too.

“Tony’s my boyfriend” Steve adds and kisses Tony’s cheek.

“That’s sweet may we join you on your march?” you ask.

“Definitely oh and by the way this is Clint” Steve introduces. Clint waves and tosses more glitter on Steve. Clint is also wearing a tutu.

“Hello” you and Peggy say.

“Hey there!” Clint greets and waves.

“Shall we?” Steve asks.

“Yes we shall.”

Together you walk in the parade grinning like idiots.

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

I have been devouring so many Steve/Tony fics lately that I thought I’d make a reclist! This is a get-together post, because those are @theirdarkness​‘ faves :) I’ll probably do another post with my other faves as well! 

A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century by Captain Steve Rogers US Army by Copperbadge | 14k

Steve is adapting well to the new millennium, and he has the dictionary to prove it.

And Begin Again Tomorrow by BlackEyedGirl | 4k

Steve can tell there’s something wrong with Tony. He just doesn’t know what happened. Or why Tony’s friends seem to think it’s his fault.

Arms And The Man by copperbadge | 14k | coming-out

His best friend keeps cockblocking him, his relationship guru is a computer, and he might be gay. The future is very complicated.

Before I Knew You by somanyfeels | 8.5k

When Steve came out of the ice, he was stuck in a bed for weeks, unable to move and talk and everyone around him assumed he was unconscious. But he wasn’t, he was perfectly aware of everything going on around him, he heard everything the people around him said and very little of it made sense. Until a man came into his room by mistake and kept coming back to visit.

Can’t Help If It’s True by allourheroes | 11k | Bucky Barnes

Tony thinks he’s finally caught on to the big secret of Steve and Bucky, but he might not be the genius he’s always thought himself to be. In fact, he might be the biggest idiot in the tower if the way Steve eyes him–which just so happens to be the same way Bucky and Sam eye each other–is anything to go by. by lupinus | 7.5k

The one where the Internet is stalking Steve’s day to day life, but that might be okay, because it just keeps bringing him closer to Tony.

Or, in which Clint Barton uses the Internet to mock Steve.

Coffee Into Theorems by BladeOfTheNebula | 21k

When Natasha actually smiles at Barnes and Barnes in return gets to call her ‘Nat’ without being killed in a scary and extremely painful way, Tony decides Barnes hasn’t just encroached on his territory, he’s fucking invaded and set up a new regime.

Or: In which Tony acquires a family, then a Steve and Bucky Barnes returns from the dead to ruin Tony’s life.

Issues by so_shhy | 10k | Bucky

In which Steve has a crippling crush on Tony Stark, Tony is oblivious and obnoxious, and Bucky expresses his disapproval via passive-aggressive comics.

Love Among The Hydrothermal Vents by DevilDoll | 27k

In which Namor has a thing for Steve, an octopus has a thing for Tony, and Steve and Tony eventually have a thing for each other.

Some Dragons are Famous Dragons by Eudoxia | 10k | AU & Tiny!Steve

Bucky’s not surprised when Steve beings home stray cats, dogs, and even a raccoon once, but a dragon?

Really, Steve? A dragon?

A dragon that likes to steal tools and watch the news about missing persons, too.

Spellbound by missbecky | 31k

After their alien hosts witness yet another heated argument between Steve and Tony, they are hit with a powerful magic spell in order to teach them a lesson. Now they are stranded and alone on a hostile planet. One of them can’t see and the other can’t hear, and the only way back to safety is on foot. And the Forest is full of dangers…

The Forever-Nighter by Wordsplat | 10k

When Rhodey decides that Tony’s been slacking lately and drags him along to the gym, Tony’s fully prepared to duck right back out the door the first time Rhodey turns around. Then he sees Hot Blond Guy.

The Reason You Ruminate The Shadowy Past by Mizzy | 21k | fake!boyfriends

So, Captain America effectively manages to cockblock Tony for a year.

It’s not Steve’s fault. Well, actually, it is. But he was just proving a point - that if a superhero is gay, how can it be wrong? Steve just picked the wrong superhero to make the point with. Now America will think they’re dating - and Tony’s not going to be the guy to break Captain America’s heart.

There’s only one way out. To save face, Steve and Tony have to become fake boyfriends. Steve thinks the “boyfriends” bit will be the hardest to act… but maybe it’s the “fake” part that will be the hardest act of all…

Thumb, Index and Pinky Extended by Eudoxia | 5k | mute!Tony

Tony Stark is twenty-one when he loses his voice. It shouldn’t matter, but in a world where the first words your Soulmate says to you are marked on your skin, it can be pretty damn annoying.

Toasted Buns by CopperBadge | 47k

After seeing Tony naked and tanned – all over – in a decontamination shower, Steve realizes he may be in trouble. Tony, meanwhile, is definitely in trouble over those tabloid pictures of him sunbathing nude. The solution is clearly a tropical island getaway.

Walk A Mile In Your Shoes by inukagome15 | 33k | body!swap

In which the Avengers reassemble and none of them are quite themselves because Loki decided it would be totally awesome to see what would happen if they all swapped bodies. Tony has had quite enough of this now, thank you. Steve just wants this all to be over so that he can think about possibly dating (read: confess his love for Tony).

Warmth, Light and Vibrations by toraten | 8.5k

“No, Tony. You can’t just give me this pile of information and gloss over it. So, Steve – Captain America – is getting harassed by your… ball of love? Is that – ball of feelings? Ball of – ”

“Let’s call it a sphere. A sphere of… affection. A sphere of warmth, maybe. I don’t know, I’m not the space alien who came up with this shit.“

yoursaltness  asked:

Kay but what if marvel got Its Shit Together and gave is a good reconciliation between Tony and Steve where they work things out and slowly but surely make their way into a romantic, healthy, gay relationship. I would die for this

Ok my humble opinion is that this will pretty much happen in Infinity War tho. I hate to make predictions because predictions breed disappointment but like. That movie is going to be PACKED with characters; there is not going to be much time for each and every one to reconcile with everybody they pissed off or hurt in CA:CW or AoU.
Movies are short. By necessity they must be condensed. Meaning characters are going to have to symbolically reconcile with everyone by actually reconciling with one person. Wanda and Vision, for example, will probably spend most of their personal arcs reconciling with each other and exploring their romance. Bruce and Natasha will (if I hope hard enough) do the same. Probably Peter and Gamora are gonna kiss too since they didn’t in GotG2.
Now, probably Tony and Steve will get a chance to hash things out with people besides each other, since they’re the dang leads, but it will likely only be a few lines. Just shorthand for “yeah these guys are cool now.” No, the real meat of their personal arcs is gonna be, I think, getting back together. Rebuilding the trust. Becoming friends again. Reaffirming the IMPORTANCE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO ONE ANOTHER. And it’s gonna run parallel to the romance arcs I’m stoked.
This is why I love Civil War so much, haha. They broke up, so now we have to have a major chunk of this next movie dedicated to getting them back together. It’s gonna be. Great.
(And then they’ll probably die. But maybe they will die together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


Imagine coming out to the Avengers.

The night was calm and everyone home safely. So Tony volunteered truth or dare as a team building activity. Steve surprisingly agreed. It started out innocent before the drinks came out. The things got a little dicey.

“Steve interrogation or humiliation?” Tony inquires.

“Interrogation” Steve says.

“Are you a virgin?”

“Nope” Steve replies popping the “P.”

“Really who was the lucky gal?” Tony asks raising an eyebrow.

“One question per truth Tony. Now (Y/N) truth or dare?”

“Truth since I don’t feel like embarrassing myself” you say smirking.

“First boyfriend.”

“Never had one” you answer honestly the smirk falling from your face. There is a collective fast around the room at your response.

“Okay game over project find (Y/N) a boyfriend commence!” Tony announces and all the Avengers instantly scatter leaving you alone in the living room.

“Oh lord” you sigh deeply. If only they knew.

Tony brought a too tall know it all man named Jared the next day.

“I’m Jared and you must be (Y/N.)”

“You must be going now” you order and shove him out the door.

“Come on (Y/N)” Tony whines.

Thor comes in with one of the Warriors three, Fandral. You could tell he wasn’t a commitment guy instantly and wave him off to talk to Sif.

Steve presents you with Sam Wilson. You couldn’t find a flaw with him.

“Hey I’m Sam Wilson” man number four grins.

“I’m (Y/N) and I’m sorry but no” you say politely.

Clint brought in Jeff from SHIELD. He was short and cranky. You didn’t even say hello.

Pietro didn’t bother he thought you were fine on your own. You like Pietro more now.

Vision (bless his innocent soul) wasn’t sure exactly what was going on so he didn’t participate.

Bucky the smooth motherfucker brought himself. You laugh and kiss his cheek. That’s the end of it.

By the end of the week you’re annoyed and frustrated.

“(Y/N) Natasha and I worked together and found you the perfect someone! They’ll be coming up soon with Natasha” Wanda states after skipping into the living room. The other Avengers come in seconds later.

“What are you guys doing here?” Wanda asks.

“Friday reported that Wanda and Natasha have one final attempt” Tony answers.

“We wanted to see” Steve finishes and you snap.

“NO! No more suitors! Guys there is something you should know about me” you choke up a little.

“What (Y/N)” Clint prompts.

“I-I’m a-Uh. I like girls” you stammer out. Just then Natasha walks in with Maria Hill, the toughest hottest gal working with the Avengers. You have tried to talk to her so many times but you just clam up.

The Avengers stare except for Natasha and Wanda.

“Natasha and I figured it out. So here’s Maria she thinks you’re sexy now go out for dinner” Wanda exclaims and shoves Maria closer to you.

“Well (Y/N) I’m sorry we threw guys at you then” Tony apologizes.

“Yeah that must have been annoying. But never the less I’m glad you told us” Clint says sheepishly. Thor claps you hard on the shoulder and Bucky hugs you. Steve is just blushing awkwardly while Pietro stands quiet.

“Pietro do you have something to say?” you question a fond look on your face.

“I’m gay” he whispers and throws himself into you’re waiting arms.

“That’s it Pietro. We are perfect the way we are now want to join Maria and I for dinner?”

“Yes” then the three of you walk out together.

The night is spent laughing and by the end of it Maria and you have another date planned.

When you arrive back at the tower with Pietro in tow you find it shockingly lit up in rainbow colors.

List of Important Steve/Tony Moments in Avengers Assemble - S02

2x01 The Arsenal
Tony makes a robotic friend, a would-be present from Howard that ended up absorbing gamma radiation in some random town in Russia.
There’s a scene like the one in S1 opener of Tony observing his teammates on his screens.
Steve uses the Power Gem, it looks pretty cool. He screams a lot too (if you’re into that).

2x02 Thanos Rising
Contains the team’s first clash with Thanos. Arsenal gets destroyed.
Not much Steve/Tony though.

2x03 Vallhalla Can Wait
This one has the team on a late night talk show at the beginning of the episode. Both Steve and Tony are super cute in their segments.
But this is mostly a Loki vs. Thor episode. With a pretty cool bone monster on a rampage through NY, if you like those.

2x04 Ghosts of the Past
This one has Winter Soldier zapping everyone in the Tower.
Cap is angsty about taking on a young apprentice (Sam) because of what happened to the last one. Tony offers some helpful advice (like a good husband he is).
Cute Tony/Guacamole moments.

2x05 Beneath the Surface
This episode is beloved by Clintasha fans. It has them play a couple on a cruise, in normal clothing (I’d effing kill for a Stony episode like that! js).
Some footage of Tony in his lab, trying to revive Arsenal. Later they fight giant robots on a rampage through NY.
Cap looks great in his diving gear, that’s a plus.

2x06 Nighthawk
Nighthawk turns Tony’s arc reactor into an electromagnet strong enough to attract a table, could be useful for for h/c vids.
Steve gets trapped in a bubble.
A couple of moments where Steve and Tony act like team dads, this time for Sam.

2x07 The Age of Tony Stark
This one has Tony de-aging into a child and Steve staying behind to help (and not at all because in sickness and health does cover de-agings :P)
So many cute young!Tony scenes.
Some triceratops trample Cap, interesting visually.
End scene for young!Tony where he and Steve hug and Tony finally takes the Time Stone out of his arc reactor is one of the most beautiful precious Stony moments this show has blessed us with. It really has to be seen to be believed.
In the end Tony plays with Steve’s shield and they live happily ever after.

2x08 Head to Head
This one has a well known scene in which Steve carries Tony (in Iron Man suit!) on his shoulders, while running and throwing his shield about, and Tony exclaiming that it’s impressing even to him.
Cap gets to ride Tony’s body for a day. They all switch bodies. There’s a reason people think this show’s been taking their plot ideas from fanfic lol.

2x09 The Dark Avengers
This episode has the Avengers in a flipped reality, courtesy of Squadron Supreme (if you don’t know, in short, they’re Marvel’s evil Justice League)
Tony wears a black and gold armor and looks great in it
Cap’s new identity is The Captain
This episode is famous for the scene in which Tony catches Steve as he’s falling down a building (Hyperion’s doing) and it looks a bit… A LOT gay what with Iron Man’s hands around Cap’s torso and his crotch, well, let’s not go further.
Very important episode that shows Avengers as bad supervillains because of their internal moral compass that survives even a reality flip.

2x10 Back to the Learning Hall
This one has mostly Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye being bros and defeating Loki.
Tony has one great moment though, he straps Thor’s pet bilgesnipe Bilgy to Natasha’s flying car and makes it chase a Mjolnir hologram so they can get into Asgard. Someone watched way too many Christmas movies hahah.

2x11 Downgraded
It’s mostly about Hawkeye and Falcon who end up in Vanaheim and have to find their way back to Earth without electricity.
There’s one important Steve/Tony moment, the one where Steve gallops to Tony on a horse called Snowball that, by Steve’s own words is not a pony but a stallion. (There’s a joke in there somewhere, I’m sure of it!). It can be used for all sorts of vids imo.

2x12 Widow’s Run
This one is mostly about Widow trying to hide the Infinity Gems.
There’s one moment where Tony looks angry, at the beginning, because the Gems are affecting him, and there’s also a short animation of what he’d do if he used them, it looks cool.

2x13 Thanos Triumphant
This is a team episode, Avengers vs. Thanos. Has ageing up, everyone baiting Thanos, cool robo suits, but not much Steve/Tony one on one interaction.
Ultron returns in this episode.

2x14 Crack in the System
Ultron is back and his plan is to divide the Avengers, starting with Steve and Tony.
This one has Tony with a flower necklace thing. Super cute! And he offers Steve a double cheeseburger from his glass (idk either).
Steve leaves the Avengers at the end after some harsh words are exchanged between him and Tony.
Great visuals of Steve returning the Avengers card and walking away with his back straight, to the sound of mutual heartbreak (I’m mostly joking, but then again, I’m not).
In my opinion 2x14-2x18 should be watched and rewatched and studied because, in addition to showing why Avengers work best as a team, they reveal the limits of Steve/Tony relationship and how they mutually expand those limits because THEY LIKE EACH OTHER THAT MUCH!

2x15 Avengers Disassembled
This is the episode in which the team is further divided, with Widow, Falcon and Hulk choosing Cap dad and Hawkeye and Thor choosing Tony dad.
The upside of this drama is, Steve looks hot in his Commander uniform.
Also, this is the episode where Tony replaces Cap with Spider-man. His explanation for this is that Ultron-Adaptoid doesn’t know his attacks so he can’t adapt but I think it’s obvious he wants to piss Cap off.
The team splits in the end after Tony busts up all his suits as well as the Avengers Tower.

2x16 Small Time Heroes
Ant-Man becomes a Tonyvenger. This episode is a bit gross because it has Tony’s team enter MODOK’s ear cavity and then his brain.
It also has some cool scenes of Tony being a failboat.

2x17 Secret Avengers
This one has Capvengers go to Russia. No Steve/Tony interactions, can be skipped.
At the end of this episode though, Fury wants Capvengers to arrest Tonyvengers. There’s a moment where Cap looks at a picture of Iron Man that could be useful for vidding.

2x18 The Ultron Outbreak
This one is a M U S T! So much Steve/Tony it’s like Christmas!
They save one another. They chase after one another. They bicker like old couple who missed each other way more than they’d ever admit in public which means they must DO THE OPPOSITE AND BE SALTY! Until Tony is about to risk his life once more (this time by launching himself into Sun, gosh the drama in this relationship…) and till death do them part aspect becomes too real.
Seriously, this one has everything!

2x19 The New Guy
This one has a very important scene of Steve painting one of his husband’s near untimely demises (mentioned it in S1 list, the end scene from 1x01). In the background there are pics of other Avengers, but only Tony gets 2. And one of those has him smiling with a cup of coffee in his hand. If you read even 1 Stony fanfic in your life you know the special use for that painting. :PP
Other than that this is mostly a Hawkeye/Ant-Man budding bromance episode. But there’s a potentially useful tied-to-a-tree Cap moment in it too.

2x20 Terminal Velocity
This one has a few tiny blink and miss them moments (one of them is acting like dads at Hulk this time). It’s mostly a Hulk episode.

2x21 Spectrums
The Dr. Spectrum episode. It’s known for the scene in which Tony saves Cap in a very suggestive way, he grabs Steve’s torso from behind and has them landing on a road side to side and panting. It also has hand-holding/flying just before that.
Thor, Steve and Tony face their demons. Tony admits he too makes mistakes.

2x22 Midgard Crisis
This is mostly a Thor episode. He almost becomes buddies with Zarda (Squadron Supereme’s evil Wonder Woman) which hurts Hulk’s feelings a bit, especially when they start making waves while sparring because that’s THEIR thing and how dare Thor?
It has a cute scene with a bunny on Iron Man’s head. It can be incorporated into a fairy tale vid. Something I’d like to exist very much.

2x23 Avengers’ Last Stand
This one has Steve and Tony captured while on a diving expedition. Very few scenes but they do look cool, because they’re under the sea.

2x24 Avengers Underground
Squadron become global dictators. This episode has a cool scene of Steve using Dr Spectrum’s prism to change the color of sunlight. And even though it doesn’t have much Steve/Tony one on one interactions it should be watched because episodes like this one show why Avengers are best when together.

2x25 New Frontiers
This one is known for Steve and Tony in Space, admiring Earth and space respectively.
They end up on some random planet and fight Thanos and his goons.
There are small moments of Steve and Tony touching, Tony saving Steve from space vacuum, etc.

2x26 Avengers World
This one has the final scene that looked a lot like the infamous scene in the comics Avengers where Tony made this map of Avengers and called it Avengers World but later that turned out to be a lie of sorts… So people were like “Oh, no!” Luckily nothing came of it. No Incursions for AA!verse. Phew!
Tony uses a Jaeger-like mega robot to fight Thanos (and I can’t believe the writers couldn’t find an excuse to have both Steve and Tony pilot it! What a missed opportunity!). Looks very cool anyway.
There’s a scene in which Tony offers Steve some cake from his own plate which I loved so much I giffed it myself. It looks very good and could be used with other mentioned scenes where Steve and Tony stealthily (or not) try to feed each other.

Season One   Season Two   Season Three

As always, if you think moments got omitted, feel free to send a message or reply to this post.

Tony chuckled wetly, shivering. “Dad would hate me for dating Bruce,” he choked. “More than he already does. Fuck, could you imagine, Steve? Not only is the Stark heir gay, oh no, but he’s dating beneath himself.” He chuckled again. “He would hate me.

Steve slid slowly down the wall until he rested beside teenager on the floor. And Tony didn’t hesitate to lean into him, in that eager way he did when offered physical forms of affection. It made his blood boil, as it always did, he fingers flexing in the air in urge to strangle a man who wasn’t there. 

“Bruce is a good kid,” he offered instead. “Good guy,” he corrected with a small smile when Tony snorted. “Intelligent, nice sense of humor. Kind.” He shifted carefully, enough to slip his arm around Tony’s shoulder. “I like him.”

“Yeah?” Tony burrowed closer still, the shivers of self-loathing still pushing through his body. Always there. “I really like him too, Steve. And I … shouldn’t?”

“Should,” he corrected firmly. “If you want to, then you should. He’s good for you. And you’re good for him.” It wasn’t a lie. He had seen the two of them, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, thick as thieves in the depths of science and the power of their own minds. Had watched the shadows dash from Tony’s eyes, the tenseness seep from Bruce’s shoulders. How they both went from too old and too wounded to their correct seventeen just by being in the same room together. “I won’t tell you to forget about Howard, or to not care about what he thinks, because I understand why you do. But kiddo,” he pulled him closer, and Tony easily went, “it doesn’t matter. It hurts, I know, but it doesn’t matter. You’re happy, and if Howard can’t see that, then … then I’m sorry, but he’s a shitty father.”

This time, Tony’s chuckle wasn’t as wet, as punched out as before, and Steve relished in the sound. “Wish you and Peggy had been my parents instead,” he mumbled into Steve’s shoulder, low.

Steve sighed. “Me too, buddy.”

Minutes or hours later, when Peggy cracked open the door of their guest room to the sight of them, Steve looked at his wife, took in the hard set of her jaw and the rage in her eyes that he knew she had mercilessly seared into Howard’s soul, and shook his head.

“But maybe Captain America being Hydra is a commentary on Donald Trump and how Bigotry Really Works and blahblahblah fart fart fart”

Steve Rogers is a weak, sickly Brooklyn kid whose parents are poor Irish immigrants. And while I was obviously not inside the head of his two (Jewish! very Jewish! fighting in WWII and being-given-names-like-Jacob-Kurtzberg-and-Hymie-Simon-and-having-to-change-them-to-get-published-Jewish!) creators, the Captain America story seems to me like a repudiation of and a victory against very long-standing anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews, particularly Jewish men, as weak, cowardly, passive, unattractive, and effeminate. Steve Rogers literally becomes a supersoldier and punches Hitler in the face. How many young Jewish men do you think fantasized about something like that? How many Jewish boys of that time do you think were getting beaten up on the streets of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Lower East Side by bullies shouting ethnic slurs? And here comes Captain America, beloved by everyone and saving people from oppression.

Steve Rogers may not be canonically Jewish (and part of me wonders how much of that is only because he would never have been considered a truly American superhero if he had been written that way), but his story is a Jewish story. Turning that story into a “commentary on how bigotry really works” belies the fact that it is NOT marginalized people who are responsible for oppression, particularly their own oppression. If anything, oppression looks like Tony Stark, not Steve Rogers. (While I’d be pretty annoyed at a plot twist about Tony going Hydra, it at least wouldn’t be so fucking insensitive and asinine.)

I think this “plot twist” appealed to the writers for the same reason as ignorant straight people everywhere love the idea of anti-gay politicians turning out to have secretly hired male sex workers. The irony! The hilarity! Maybe marginalized people themselves are the ones driving oppression, and the rest of us have nothing to worry about!

Yes, anyone can be(come) a bigot and bigotry does not always look like literally Hitler. But Captain America’s story is just not that story.

How Could You

Originally posted by buddyineedyou

A/N: This request was sitting in my inbox since I posted my first imagine and I’m slowly trying to make my way through them. I really want to post a girl x girl one for pride, so if anyone has a gay request hmu. Or any requests :) However I don’t think I’ll write a part two to this imagine. 

Request:  Can I get a request where Tony has two twin daughters on of them (reader) is dating Cap but the other one gets jealous and pretends to be her sister and sleeps with him? And then reader finds them both in bed. Once reader explains everything to Steve he’s not sure getting involved into the Stark drama is worth it? Please! :)

Word count: 1140

It took me forever to start writing this when I opened the word doc because I was jamming so hard to Formation lmao


“I’ll see you later babe,” your boyfriend of two months, Steve, kissed you goodbye.  "I’ll be back by ten,“ you called as you walked out the door.  

You were off to meet up with your twin sister, Bella, for a drink. The other Stark girl had barely been talking to you since you started dating Steve, having had a crush on him herself. So when she called you this morning apologising and asking you to get a drink with her and talk things over, you had jumped at the opportunity. Bella – much like your father, Tony – could hold a grudge for years, so you were over the moon she had gotten over it so quickly and that she valued you over her crush on your boyfriend.  

You had missed her dearly for the two months you had been with Steve. As soon as your mother had given birth to the pair of you she had dumped you with Tony and left. As a result of this, your family was very tight nit, and you had never kept a secret from your sister in your life. Tony had often said that Bella reminded him of himself, whereas you were more like his mother and the dynamic in personalities had always worked well for the pair of you. You often serving as Bella’s moral compass and her often bringing excitement and danger into your life.  

You jumped into a taxi, and gave the driver your destination – a trendy bar on the other side of town. Little did you know your sister stood around the corner, watching as your cab drove away. Bella allowed ten minutes before walking briskly into your apartment building, smiling at the doorman as she went.  

She opened the door to your apartment as silently as possible, kicking off her shoes at the door. Steve’s singing could be heard from the bathroom where the shower was running. Bella grinned as she figured out in her head exactly how she was going to seduce him.  The shower turned off and she quickly ripped off her clothes in the bedroom, leaving her in only her lacey underwear.  

Steve was slightly taken aback by her presence under the covers of the bed. Bella almost swooned at the sight of Steve with only a towel around his waist, still slightly damp from the shower. "I thought you were meeting Bella?” He asked, not recognising Bella for who she truly was. “She cancelled last minute,” she paused, slowly stepping out of the covers. “But I thought we could do something else instead.” She stepped towards Steve and slowly began kissing his neck. Within minutes they were both undressed.  

You were in a cab on the way back from the bar. You had waited there for almost an hour, calling your sister every ten minutes, but she never showed. You convinced yourself that she was probably just working on a project with your Dad and had forgotten the time and that she hadn’t intentionally stood you up.  

You walked into your apartment and dropped your bag at the door. You looked curiously at the pair of heels that were sitting next to your door. They definitely weren’t yours. You slowly walked through the apartment, a million explanations running through your head. You arrived at the same one each time.  

The bedroom door was slightly ajar and fearing for the worst, you pushed it open. Lying in your bed, naked, was Steve and your sister Bella. “How could you?!” You yelled, anger immediately sending you into hysteria. Steve’s head snapped over to you in shock, but you didn’t register the confusion that came over his face. “Y/N?” He questioned.  

“Look, Y/N I’m sorry but-” Bella began.  

“You manipulative bitch! Just when I thought that I mattered more to you than some dumb crush!” You screamed. “You have two minutes to get dressed and get out.” You stormed out of your bedroom. While you were more like your grandmother than your father, you still had a tendency to explode when someone really pushed you past your limit.  

Steve came running after you, still pulling his jeans up his legs. “Y/N, you have to believe me it’s not what it looks like,” he pleaded. He pulled his shirt over his head. “Oh, so you didn’t just have sex with my twin sister?” You sassed. “Well yes, but it wasn’t like that!” Steve yelled.  

Bella, now dressed, slowly approached the scene. “Get out Bella. You’ve done enough,” you lowered your voice. “But Y/N-”  

“Get out now!” You screamed, grabbing a book from a shelf and throwing it at her head. She ducked, and quickly ran out of your apartment, picking up her heels as she went.  

You inhaled and exhaled deeply, attempting to regain some sense. “You have two minutes to make an excuse.”  

“I thought she was you, Y/N. You have to believe me. I came out of the shower and she was sitting there in her underwear, saying that Bella had called her to cancel drinks and she just started kissing me. I swear if I had have known it wasn’t you I would have pulled away straight away. Please Y/N, you have to believe me,” Steve pleaded. Being with you had changed his life so much in the last few months. He was less reckless on missions, and he felt he actually had something to live for in this new world he had been thrown into. “I love you,” he said for the first time.

Your eyes filled with tears, your anger going from anger to sadness. “It doesn’t change anything. You slept with her, even if you didn’t mean to. I can’t go into that bed… I can’t hug you or kiss you or have sex with you knowing what you did. Not at the moment anyway. I’m going to stay with my Dad for a while. Maybe longer,” you finished quietly.  

“Christ Y/N, is all this drama even worth it?” Steve rubbed his face in frustration. “What are you saying?” The tears spilled over. “All of this family drama. First it was Tony’s disapproval and now it’s Bella’s schemes. Why drag it out? Why not just end it? It’s clearly having an impact on us.”  

“Well if that’s what you want.” You walked back into the bedroom and quickly packed a bag, trying not to imagine what had happened in the bed not even an hour ago.  

“Goodbye Steve,” and with that you left him standing there. Alone in this new world once again.

Batting on your Team

Request: Can you please write a fic Natxfemalereader (black reader) she’s an avenger and the minute she walked into the avengers facility the guys all had a crush on her,but she actually likes Nat and one day she walks in on all of the avengers talking about how pretty she is and wants to date her and she confirms that only Natasha could get her attention and Nat takes her on date ❤️❤️❤️❤️    

The Avengers sat around the conference table waiting on Director Fury to come in and inform them why they had all been summoned here. They didn’t meet up often, not all of them lived in New York anymore. Sam and Steve stayed in D.C., Tony had been in LA, Wanda drifted between D.C. and L.A., Natasha had just came back from a mission in Moscow and I guess no one really knew where Vision resided.

    The door to the room opened, and Director Fury walked in with a woman tailing him. Everyone stopped and looked at the woman entering. She was beautiful in her own right, meaning she took the concept of beauty and made it her own, to the point where it seemed somehow unfitting to use the adjective on her. No one, save Wanda and Vision, could look away. She looked like art. Her brown skin stretch over her form like the finest silk, and her uniform clung to her curves like the fabric itself was in love with her. As Fury stood at the head of the conference room, she stood slightly behind and to the side of him.

    Wanda looked around at everyone, bewildered by how awe stricken they all looked. Steve’s jaw looked like it had unhinged. She gave a confused look to Vision, who only shrugged. Sure, Wanda acknowledge that the woman was gorgeous, like really gorgeous, but jeez did they have to gawk at her?

    “Avengers, this is Y/N. She was a SHIELD spy before it fell. She’s been helping me eliminate the rest of HYDRA. I believe she would be a valuable asset to the Avengers Initiative.”

    “Well I agree,” Tony smirked, leaning back in his chair. Y/N spared him a glance, and he winked as they made eye contact. She immediately looked away.

    “Y/N, would you like you introduce yourself?” Fury asked looking back at her.

    “Well you already said all the fun stuff,” she laughed, “I’m Y/N, and I think it will be a pleasure to be a part of the team.”

    “Are you free for lunch?” Tony asked.

    She laughed a little, “I am not, I have paperwork to fill out.”

    Fury gave Tony a withering look, then shook his head, “That’s all. You can get back to whatever it is you were doing,” he left the room, and Y/N began tailing him. The eye of every man followed her out, noticing her round backside.

    Wanda was the first to get up. She figured it would be good to get to know the new member of the team. She followed her out and set upon striking up a conversation.

    “Hi, Y/N, I’m Wanda,” she greeted, with a kind smile.

    “Hello. Nice to meet you.”

    “Seems like you’re really good at your job. I’ve never heard Fury praise anyone.”

    “He’s a family friend, my god father actually. He’s a little biased.”

    “You don’t really have paperwork do you?” Wanda gave a knowing smile. Y/N laughed lightly and shook her head. There was no way she’d have anything to do, she just joined the team and the Avengers didn’t really do paperwork. Wanda nodded.

    “I could show you around HQ. Maybe keep the boys off of you,” Wanda offered.

    “You are an angel,” Y/N let Wanda lead the way.

    Back in the conference room, the gossip was at its peak. Natasha sat listening to the men around her as they talked about the new recruit. To her, they seemed a bit presumptuous. Tony was already making dinner plans, for christ’s sake.

“Tony, no offense, but I’m pretty sure you’re too old for her.” Sam jabbed.

“Well so is Cap.”

“Well Cap is too old for everyone,” Sam shrugged.

“I was 23 when I was frozen. Physically I’m still 23,” Steve argued back. Natasha just

watched them. She had the sneaking suspicion there was a better explanation as to why Y/N had turned down Tony. Sure Tony was known to be a playboy, so maybe that was the reason, but it could be because she was batting on his team. Natasha silently analyzed the past interaction, reevaluating Y/N’s rueful laugh at the proposal. If her gaydar was correct, and it usually was, then it would seem that she should probably ask Y/N out. Just like that a smug smile had settled on Natasha’s face.

    “What the hell are you smiling at?” Tony exclaimed.

    Natasha only shrugged, “You guys just seem so sure she’d want any of you in the first place,” with that Natasha stood up and left the room. The men looked between each other, confused by her coy remark.

    “I think, Natasha means to say that Y/N is homosexual.” Vision clarified, in a bored tone.

    “Bullshit!” Sam stood up to follow after Natasha, the others did the same, leaving Vision in the conference room by himself.

    “I… uh, well I’m not really into mean,” Y/N said with a sheepish smile.

    Wanda nodded, “I figured,” she pushed the pasta on her plate around with her fork, “You didn’t seem particularly taken to any of the guys, and borderline disgusted by Tony’s advance.”

    “Who’s the red head, though?” Y/N asked thoughtfully.

    “Natasha. You’ve got a chance with her,” Wanda smirked.

    “I think we’re gonna be good friends, Wanda.”

    “Oh I hope so, I need to know all of your makeup secrets.”

    “She is too pretty to be gay,” Tony argued.

    “Well what the hell is that supposed to mean?” Natasha demanded. She shifted her weight onto one hip, and glared at the man. He shrunk back at her anger.

    “Nat’s right. Beauty has nothing to do with sexual orientation,” Steve, ever the peacemaker, asserted, “either way we can all agree that she’s very beautiful. I think it’s her choice who she goes out with.”

    “Guys,” Y/N said, as she and Wanda walked into the common area. Y/N had been listening to their little discussion for a little while and figured it was probably for the best that she intervened now.

    “Natasha is the only one who would have a chance with me,” Y/N smiled, “Sorry, we’re batting for the same team boys.”

    Tony and Sam groaned like children and Y/N only shook her head. This wasn’t the first time she’d been through this. Natasha gave her a small smirk, then turned her gaze to the men around them. They seemed so hopelessly devastated.

    “Would you like to have dinner?” Natasha questioned.

    “Yeah, I would.”

~Mod Lillian