steve and kelly


Table Read for the Finale of the Office.

My highlights are at:
4:05 - Original cast photo 
4:16 - Introduction of the cast
7:16 - The lost Matrix Prank that was never shot
1:06:27 - Jenna and John 
1:13:38 - Jim’s penultimate talking head
1:14:04 - Dwight’s final talking head
1:15:49 - Jim’s final talking head
1:16:02 - Pam’s final talking head

I’ve been emotional, cried and laughed many times over the course of this show…but I didn’t think the table read would get me as it did.


Max’s farewell party was perfect in every way, which is no more than what Max Bergman and Masi Oka deserve. But what made that last scene even more special was the honesty and sincerity behind every word that was being said. It wasn’t just acting. The emotions were real and that made things even more beautiful.

Max has come a long way. He has changed a lot; became more open and more social. But from day one, he was a great friend. He will be missed. Aloha, Max!

Mcdanno Thoughts 7.14
  • LOL at Steve using Danny’s car for his driving test. I guess it really is “our car” as Danny said a while ago. Also LOL at Danny warning the woman giving Steve his driving test about Steve. They are super, super married.
  • LOL at Danny telling this random kid on a bench all about his life. This only furthers the “Danny must talk to random strangers about Steve” (and Grace, too) characterization the show has given us. He literally cannot shut up about Steve. (Seriously, Danny marry him already. PLEASE.)
  • I loved the cargument about mind reading. Nice to see some cute banter with them, and it made me so happy to see the adorable way they smile at each other. I wonder what would happen if either of them actually developed the ability to read minds. (That would make an interesting fanfic idea.) Also, they should definitely go on a date to get wings after the end of the episode.
  • I loved that little bit with Danny cataloging Steve’s facial expressions while he was on the phone and the way Chin looked at Danny and said “You know your boy well.” Chin is totally a shipper, too.