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I haven't read the comics and I don't think you really keep up on them, but I was wondering if there are any moments/quotes that you like from them from a shipping/character background perspective.

Guess I was too deep in thought….thoughts about Bucky!” - Steve Rogers, The Avengers Volume 1 #56, me every day

I am worried about Bucky.” - Steve Rogers, Captain America Volume 1 #606, me every day

I believe in you, Steve. I believe in Captain America. All that hooey about symbol of liberty, Fighting American, – even someone like me could fall for it… I guess ‘cause we need a Captain America. I need a Captain America.” - Bucky Barnes, Captain America Volume 1 #4, also unsurprisingly, me every day

That’s the thing – the thing that makes Captain America great…is Steve Rogers!” - Bucky Barnes, Captain America 70th anniversary special, also me every day

Sometimes I think if you didn’t have me, there wouldn’t be a single person in the world who really understood you…” - Bucky Barnes, Captain America Volume 5 #11

I keep trying to escape it, but I can’t. Bucky the lone wolf… Bucky the killer… the Winter Soldier. No. Stop it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you stupid selfish fool… this isn’t about you. You’re doing this for Steve.” - Bucky Barnes, Thunderbolts Volume 3 #5 (also not to be dramatic but literally punching me in the throat would hurt less than this quote)

On my oath as an Avenger, I shall devote my life, if need be, to finding the one who caused Bucky’s death! Only then will I be able to find peace!” - Steve “i invented melodramatics” Rogers,  Avengers Volume 1 #6

Of course, there were things I couldn’t tell him…things I don’t know how to say… Like that I didn’t only relive my past…I also saw my future…and I think if Bucky doesn’t keep wearing that uniform…if he doesn’t keep being Captain America…I think he may die…and I couldn’t live with that. Even if it means I have to sacrifice a future I want.” - Steve Rogers (who apparently will sacrifice himself for Bucky in any and all universes), Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield

I’d enter a thousand traps - for the slimmest chance of finding Bucky again!” - Steve Rogers, Tales of Suspense Volume 1 #88

Mcdanno Thoughts 7.14
  • LOL at Steve using Danny’s car for his driving test. I guess it really is “our car” as Danny said a while ago. Also LOL at Danny warning the woman giving Steve his driving test about Steve. They are super, super married.
  • LOL at Danny telling this random kid on a bench all about his life. This only furthers the “Danny must talk to random strangers about Steve” (and Grace, too) characterization the show has given us. He literally cannot shut up about Steve. (Seriously, Danny marry him already. PLEASE.)
  • I loved the cargument about mind reading. Nice to see some cute banter with them, and it made me so happy to see the adorable way they smile at each other. I wonder what would happen if either of them actually developed the ability to read minds. (That would make an interesting fanfic idea.) Also, they should definitely go on a date to get wings after the end of the episode.
  • I loved that little bit with Danny cataloging Steve’s facial expressions while he was on the phone and the way Chin looked at Danny and said “You know your boy well.” Chin is totally a shipper, too.

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rubbing bucky's dick through his pants under the table at dinner to see how long he can seem unaffected. before he makes a noise. or cums.

“You alright, Buck?” Steve asks across from both of you. 

Bucky’s face is flushed when he answers “I’m peachy, I think Y/N is feeling a little sick so we may have to go home.” 

That’s when you know you fucked up. 

Sinful Sunday™

If She Lets Me

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing?

A/N: Just something cute and silly, it’s crap but I liked it. Haha.

(I’m not tagging anyone in this cause well it’s short, and I’m not sure it’ll even go in my master list. Haha.)

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He watched her, leaning over the table lining up her shot. The grin on her face told Steve she was about to put Sam out of his misery, and she was getting high off it. Pulling the stick back she gives it a push forward making the connection with the white ball, it rolls, taking out one, two, and three balls before it bounces off the green walls. She stands grinning, calling her eight ball, Sam is sweating, getting beat by a girl who was not someone you would guess could hustle grown men at a game of pool.

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yeah i also thought he will go to steve show in vegas yesterday but nope.... this is super confusing, i dont get why there is no promo from him when its obviously a song that matters a lot to him.. any theories?

The only thing making sense to me is that they’re ramping up BG before they lift it up and smash it to the ground. They took care of DC already so one more to go.

Why during promo? Don’t ask.

Why promote now when the music video is supposedly coming in March? Another good question.

Especially if this genre seems to be only performed at clubs??? (Which I don’t agree with but let’s assume).

A music video is the most important visual tool if there’s no chance to perform live.

That would give it the press it needs, the visibility. But his social media has been used more for advertising celebrity big Brother and FIFA than this song. He tweeted more about this song during the fandom project than now.


It makes me feel this promo version 1.0 is for associating him w the baby and it will have a 2.0 part where things will be normal (he’ll be free).

These are the messy thoughts circulating in my head.

I’m watching.👀👀

“This is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard off.”

“It will help us, become a better team, Tony.”

Tony rolled his eyes so hard, they almost fell out of his eye sockets. What was with Steve and always making him roll his eyes?

“I don’t see how falling on you will make me trust you more,” Tony grumbled, eyeing the soldier from the other side of the mat. Really, how?

“It is just a basic trust exercise,” Steve explained patiently, although what he really wanted was to knock Tony on the head. Genius or not, Tony could be so stubborn sometimes.

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Right Time Wrong World - Request

You walked down the black metal ramp tired but happy. Shoulder’s rolling out the kink’s from the ride back to Stark Tower. A slow smile working it’s way onto your face; Pietro.

It was true you were only dating a month. That didn’t stop the overwhelming feeling of love. Being teammate’s first probably had something to do with it. Now you just had to find the speedster.

“Hey Steve, have you seen Pietro?” Teleporting straight into the gym. Steve barely breaking focus.

“Last I saw he was in the rec room.” Steve said between grunt’s. His fist making short work of the heavy bag.

“Thanks!” The word echoing as you moved to rec room.

Arriving around the corner you pause. It’s not often you get to surprise the speedster.

“I don’t know Wanda. She’s just so much. I mean she’s always trying to be better. It’s like can’t we just have fun.” Pietro rolling his neck. His finger’s launching a dart.

“Well then why date her?” Wanda’s hand on her hip.

“I thought I could get her to loosen up. Maybe be less annoying. Less of a know it all? I don’t know.” Pietro speeding over to his sister when she put down the pool stick.

“Come on I have to check on lunch. Are you going to dump her?” Wanda putting an arm around her brother. Before they could speed by you, you teleported.

You could feel your heart breaking. A new sensation. Head spinning, breath coming in short gasps. All your nerve ending’s on fire. Escape. The wall’s of your room contracting in on themselves. Stark Tower alarms raging.

Concrete shattering. The floor caving in under your feet. A large crater where your life used to be.

“Barry a portal just opened. Something’s come through it.” Cisco said into the intercom of Barry’s suit.

“On my way.” Barry speeding down Central City’s main highway. A small object plummeting from the crystal blue sky. The only object for him to catapult off of the radio tower at the airport.

Barry accelerating to match the object’s speed. Surprise alight in his eye’s. A woman. BArry decelerating to the speed that wouldn’t cause damage.

“Are you-” Cisco’s question moot when Barry appeared in front of him.

“Where’s Kaitlin?” The next 2 months spent rehabbing you. An activity you had grown unaccustomed too.

“Allen I’m fine.” His hands resting on your waist. A light blush dusting your cheeks gently.

“I just want to make sure.” Barry’s eye’s glowing with admiration.

“Alright you two. Y/N are you ready to teleport?” Kaitlin asked from behind the glass. Your face looking up with a nod. In that space good luck was whispered in your ear. Allens full lower lip brushing your ear lobe.

With a blush and a deep breath you closed your eye’s. Teleporting into Barry Allens arms.

“We have a blip. Guys let move out.” Tony yelled into the intercom. Now that you had used your power’s they could track you.

“We only make one jump in 24 hour’s. At 00:00 hour’s everyone must meet back to report.” Steve replied.

“I just hope we’re not too late.” Wanda imaging the worst. Her mind moving to her own month’s of torture. Chosen, true, but torture the nonetheless.

“We’ll get our girl back.” Steve clapping Pietro on the shoulder. No one but Wanda aware of his intention to dump you. The guilt he had been exhibiting making everyone uneasy.


“The metahuman can teleport. Barry you have to let me help.” His Star Lab’s sweatshirt flopping down over your hands.

“Well not sure how useful a handless teleporter might be.” Barry chuckling while he helped you roll up the sleeves. His warm palms resting on your forearms. Your hands sliding to meet his.

“Barry. I don’t want to lose you. In my dimension I was apart of a team. We saved a lot of people. We-I also hurt a lot of people. When I say I know the damage a teleporter can do. I mean it.” Barry just held you. The vulnerability it took, extensive.

“I’ll be fine…with you at my back.” Your eye’s going from hazy to elated.

“Oh Barry I won’t let you down! I-” Barry grasping your face in his hands. His kiss passionate and sincere just like Barry.

“Alright we have 24 hours to find L/N. Move out across the city. Stay as incognito as possible. We don’t know what kind of universe we’re in. Meet up every 8 hours. Check in every 2 via comm.” Various forms of acknowledgement floating out as each member of the Avenger’s began to search.

“Strange …” Cisco’s finger’s heard typing away.

“What’s strange?” Barry asked halfway to the teleporter. Y/n not far behind an ethereal streak of white trailing behind each event.

“There’s an active portal. It’s stable too.” Barry and you stopping mid roof about half a mile from your original target. She chose to hide out in the suburbs.

“We need to stop her.” Y/N’s Avenger persona in place.

“How about we go after her. Then check out the new portal.” Barry asked rubbing your arm.

“That’s taking up too much time. Cisco–Kaitlin. I need you two to be on your top game right now. I’m going to take on the teleporter alone. The Flash is going to to do recon on the new portal.” Barry practically sparking at the thought.

“That’s too dangerous. I’m not going to risk you.” The argument becoming more heated. Your voice’s raising until you were certain the teleporter could hear you.

“We’re wasting time!” You yelled coming into his space.

“I love you!” Barry yelled. Your face inches from each other. Tears in your eye’s as his words registered.

“I love you too!” Various sounds of congradulations could be heard through the intercom.

“What she says makes sense Barry. Y/N nab the teleporter. Barry go do recon.” Wells said. The Flash and you hugging punctuating with one last kiss.

“Be safe.” You said in unison. The Flash speeding towards the city. While you teleported the last ½ mile. A solemn blue figure standing between houses.

“You won’t kill me.” The cocky teleporter said aiming a gun at your head. Blood dripping down her lip her smile crazed.

“Wrong, I’m not Flash.” Teleporting behind her you kicked out knocking her over the railing. Her powers activating the panic in her eye’s evident. Your power’s outmatching her’s, she knew her option’s were limited.

Whirling around she teleporting
out the window and down the street. You steering her towards the portal.


Barry’s chest heaving along with the blue speedster across from him.

“So you think you can steal an Avenger. Get away with it?” The man with a strange accent spit out.

“An Avenger? Y/N-” The blue speedster managing to get a hit in knocking Barry into a wall.

“She was in love with me!” The jealousy all to evident on his face.

“Did you even care that she loved you Pietro? That she knew your favorite color before you knew her’s. That she cooks breakfast for everyone. Even though almost no one likes the same thing. She risk’s her life because she couldn’t stand by and do nothing. You couldn’t see how special she is. Now she’s mine.” Barry finally turning to see himself surrounded.

An array of looks staring him down. When he met your gaze he couldn’t turn away. The both of you moving towards each other.

Your eyes closing out the rest of the world.

“Thank you.” Barry resting his cheek on your head.

“Anytime.” The Avengers standing together.

“L/N, can we talk?” Cap standing at the forefront. Barry keeping his arms around you while you decided.

Leaning up for a kiss you pecking Barry on the lips.

“So I take it you’re not coming back.” Steve asking his arms crossing but his eyes belaying his happiness for you. Bright blue eye’s glowing down at you.

“No, I finally found my home. I guess I was just in the wrong universe.” Steve unfolding his arms at your response, a large smile bursting forth.

The rest of the Avengers congratulating you.

“Can I ask you a favor Cap?” Everyone’s eyes falling onto the unconscious teleporter.

“Sure.” Iron man confining the teleporter with shackles that neutralize her powers.

“That’s amazing. What is your suit-is that a gold-alloy. How do you power it?” Iron man and Barry nerding out together.

“He suits you.” Cap said with a smile. The rest of the Avengers filing through the portal.

“He does.” A blush dusting your cheeks as your shoulders roll back in pride.

“Call us if you need us.” Cap handing you a communications device.

“You too, Cap!” Barry smiling as you both waved goodbye to life you knew.

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Hey guys!! I lost this one fic: so it's like an AU where Steve and Bucky are like spies but they're not working against each other but not with?? And Bucky is working with Clint and Nat while Steve is working with Shield. And it might be a 5+1 ... anyway if that makes sense at all ?? Literally tho thanks so much y'all're are great

okay @bereftandbreathless and i found two that sounded ilke it could fit: Fifty Words for Murder, and I’m Every One of Them by toomanysharks & Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by buckyno

Steve Rogers Imagine Deathly Engagement

Requested by anon: Can you make one where Steve Rogers and you have been dating for a long time but on the day he wanted to propose, Someone from Hydra threatened to kill you but Steve doesn’t know. You don’t tell him so he won’t be worried. When you are at dinner with Steve, the leader of Hydra comes and takes you away. Steve doesn’t know until you don’t come back from the bathroom. While this is happening, Hydra is torturing you, getting ready to kill you. Thanks so much! I love you!

You looked at your phone, the anonymous message lighting up the screen. You’d been getting them for awhile, from someone claiming to be part of Hydra. They were threatening to kill you and God knows what else. It had consumed your thoughts, but you’d not told anyone about it.

“Everything alright?” You quickly removed the message and looked up at Steve with wide eyes. he kissed you gently and looked at you with concern.

“Yeah, I’m great.” Steve eyed you for a moment, not quite believing you, but shrugged it off. 

“So, I was thinking of going out tonight? Just us two.” Steve suggested, sitting down next to you and taking your hand. You’d been together for a few years and still loved him as much as you had at the start.

“What’s the occasion?”

“No reason, I just want to spend time with you.” Steve replied sweetly and you chuckled, but nodded, kissing his cheek. Steve beamed back at you.

“Great. I’ll make a reservation for 7.” Steve answered and walked away.

“Got any room left for dessert?” Steve asked, smirking and you rolled your eyes at him. The meal had been amazing and you were surprised that Steve had picked such a fancy restaurant. 

“Are you suggesting something?”

“Not unless you want me to be.” You giggled, as the waiter handed you a dessert menu. You scanned the words, smiling when you noticed a certain dessert.

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom, I’ll have my usual.” You pecked his cheek as you walked away and entered the bathroom. You leaned against the sink and looked into the mirror, gasping when you saw a figure clad in black staring back at you. You turned around, eyes wide with shock.

“Get away from me.” You threatened and the figure stepped closer. Slowly, you edged towards the door, knowing that you needed Steve. You weren’t an agent and knew you couldn’t match their skills.

“You’re going to come with me and we’re going to have a little chat.”

“Bullshit, I’ve got the messages, you psycho and if you think I’m coming with you, you’re delusional.” The figure glared at you, their eyes icy. You rushed towards the door, but the figure stopped you as you tried to open it, pushing you back down to the ground. You tried to get up, but they grabbed onto you,  tying your hands together.

“He’ll come after you. He’ll kill you.” You threatened, as they led you outside through the back entrance. 

“He can try. but he won’t succeed.” The words were followed by a evil cackle, as a black car pulled up beside you. You struggled as you were dragged towards it. You were pushed inside and driven away.

“Help!” You screamed, hoping that someone would hear you. You didn’t know where you were, having been blindfolded during the car ride. You’d woken up in a room, chained to a wall, with an array of weapons laid before you.

“Oh, I love it when they scream. Makes it all so much more exciting.” You struggled, as yet another weapon was brought towards you. 

“Please let me go.” You begged.

“Why would I do that? I’m going to kill you and I’m going to make it as slow and painful as possible. And do you know what the best part is? Captain America won’t be able to save you.” You winced, as the weapon did it’s deadly work, the villain laughing at your pain.

“Oh won’t he?” You opened your eyes, seeing Steve in his uniform, anger etched onto his features. Your captor grinned and turned to face Steve.

“Captain America. Exactly the man I wanted to see. I’m going to offer you a deal.” 

“Not interested.” Steve replied coldly. His gaze flicked to you and you smiled gently at him, trying to convey that you were alright, despite your injuries. 

“Well, I think I have a pretty convincing bargaining tool.” Your captor gestured towards you and Steve charged forwards, sending his shield towards the villain. it hit their head and they crumpled to the floor. Steve broke the chains and you fell into his arms.

“I should’ve told you about it, I’m so sorry.” You whispered, as Steve cradled you in his arms. He kissed your forehead and shook his head.

“No, I understand, you’re not to blame for this. I knew something was wrong when you didn’t come back from the bathroom. I was so scared, I thought…” Steve trailed off, not wanting to say the words. You cupped his cheek, caressing it soothingly.

“I know. It’s alright. But it’s a shame we never got to have dessert.” You joked and Steve chuckled, the laughter lighting up his eyes. Steve set you down and took a deep breath.

“Well, i was going to ask you something at the meal, but considering that our moment was interrupted, I’m going to ask now.” Steve pulled out a small box and you felt tears forming in your eyes.

“Steve.” You gasped and he grinned.

“(Y/N), will you marry me?” Steve asked and you nodded as soon as he’d finished. You flung your arms around him and kissed him, before he slid the ring onto your finger. 

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I'm Here For You

Requested by anon: Um could you write Reader x Bucky or Sebastian please? Thanks love!

Pairing: Bucky (The Winter Soldier) X Reader

Word count: 1.494

You and Steve have been friends since he woke up. Well, he bumped into you on the street, making your small pile of books fall. You cursed him, but since them you were never really apart. You were new in town and he didn’t know anything about this century. So you decided to help each other. Steve gave you new friends, superhero friends, and you helped him with pretty much anything.

This evening, you’re knocking on his door. You don’t have anything to do, so you decided to come. Is Tony who opens the door, with the sarcastic smirk he always wear.

“Good evening, my lady.” He steps aside to let you in. “Steve is coming. We’re just…”

“Just…?” Raising an eyebrow, you look at sides, wondering where the laughs are coming from. “Who’s here?”

“Steve will explain. I’ll tell him you’re here.” Tony leaves you alone, disappearing through a door you never saw open.

Patiently waiting, you sit on the sofa. But as soon as you sit down, Steve arrives, a kind smile on his lips.

“Hey, Steve.” You stand up to hug your friend.

“Hello, (Y/N).” Steve seems happier than usual, hugging you back. “Did Tony scare you?”

“No. But what is he doing here?”

“Do you remember Bucky?”

“Of course. You talk about him all the time.” You know many things about James. Steve is always talking about him, even after the Civil War incident. “Wasn’t he on cryogenic stasis? Since the end of Civil War?”

“Yes. But Tony finally finished his metal arm.” Someone curses, and Steve roll his eyes. “The arm is perfect, but they still don’t get along.”

“Whoa, can I see him?” You ask all of a sudden, without thinking twice. “I mean… you always talk about him and I wanted to meet him.”

“I think it’ll be fine.”

Steve leads you through white halls, the voices getting louder. Suddenly you feel nervous, walking fast to follow your friend. You see him when Steve opens a huge door. He’s sitting on a bed with light blue sheets while Tony fix something on his new arm. The smile on his face feels empty, like he could burst into tears at any moment.

“Bucky, this is (Y/N). I told her about you.”
You shyly wave at him, trying not to look weird. Bucky stares at you, making you blush.

“Hey, Bucky…”

“Hi. Steve didn’t tell me about you.” Tony murmurs something before leaving the room. Bucky takes a look on his new metal arm with sad eyes.

“We’re just good friends. And you were in cryo… so…”

“Do I make you nervous?” He puts his arm down, his eyes locked on yours.

“What? No! I mean, it’s not about the metal arm.” You noticed he was feeling bad about his arm, afraid to scare you. With your heartbeat increasing, you look at Steve. “Tell him, Stevie. I actually think the arm is really cool.”

“It’s true.” Steve giggles at you, crossing his arms on his chest. “I’ll leave you two for a minute. I still need to talk to Tony.”

When Steve leaves the room, you take a deep breath. You have no idea what’s going on, but for the first time you feel nervous about someone.

“Is everything… ”

“Are you going back into cryo?” You interrupt him, blushing when you realise what you’ve done. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Yes. I’m too dangerous.” He stands up, looking around. You step back, trying to give him some space. “Whatever Hydra…”

“I know. But maybe, whatever is inside your head… it’s just inside your head.” He reminds you off a distant time, when you were depressed. You had good friends to help you, so maybe Steve can help him too. “If you stay, I’m sure the Avengers will help you.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Then I’ll just say goodbye.” Trying not to seem so sad, you offer him a small smile before turning to the door.

“It was really good to meet you, (Y/N).”

“Yeah…who knows? Maybe we’ll see each other again in seventy years.” You’re impressed by how you sound angry and sad at the same time. Running out the room, you almost fall when you bump into Steve. But you keep going, leaving Steve’s apartment.

It’s very late but you can’t sleep. That man keeps haunting your dreams since you met him three days ago. Steve came to talk about it, but you told him everything was fine. The worse part of it is that you probably won’t see Bucky again.

Tossing around on the bed, you notice your phone ringing. You have no idea why you didn’t hear it, but you raise your arm and pick it up. It’s Steve. And it’s 3 a.m.

“Hello?” You sit up straight, cleaning your throat.

“(Y/N), can you come here?” Steve seems calm, so you guess nobody is in danger. Then why the hell did he call you?

“I saw your fourteen missed calls.”

“Yes. Can you come?”

“It’s like 3 a.m.” Rolling your eyes, you look around your bedroom for warm clothes. “Something’s wrong?”

“I’ve sent a car to pick you up.”

You’d answer, but he hangs up. Fixing your hair quickly, you go to the front door to find a black car waiting. You know the driver, so you whisper ‘good night’ when you get in.

You sleep all the way to Steve’s apartment, literally dragging yourself to the elevator.

“Steeeeeeve!” You yell after knocking on his door. “Opeeen!”

“Hi.” He says after opening the door.

“That’s all you’re going to say?”

“It’s more complicated than that, but…” Steve’s steps aside, allowing you to come in.

When you do, you see him, sitting on the couch with a sad look in his eyes. You freeze, holding your breath. Bucky looks up to you while Steve leaves the room. You don’t know what’s happening or why Bucky is here, but you’re happy. Really happy.

“Ahm… I…” You point at the hidden room where he used to be, not certain of what to say. “I’m glad you’re back…”

“I’m not… back.” His voice sends shivers down your spine, so you take a deep breath.

“So, is that a dream?”

There’s a shadow of a smile on his lips, and you feel happy to make him smile. But it disappears, leaving behind a broken man.

“It’s not a dream. I can’t leave the apartment. It’s an…. agreement.”

“It’s a good agreement.” You’re being selfish. You’re so damn happy to know he won’t go back into cryo, but you know he should do what’s best for him. “Well, I’m here to help you. And so is Steve.”

“I… I was thinking about what you’ve said. I don’t agree but…”

The way he looks at you makes you blush, but you can’t just look away. Cleaning your throat you sit on the couch beside him, keeping a distance. But there’s something between the both of you, like electricity. You feel like you need to know more of him, stay close to him.

“But I’ll be here. I mean… You have Steve but I want you to know that I’m here for…”

“I’m here for you.” Bucky says all of a sudden, making you look into his eyes. Beautiful eyes. “I don’t know how to explain but I couldn’t leave you just like that. Steve doesn’t get it too, but I don’t care.”

Your heart skips a bit, and you look away from him. It’s good to know he feels it too.

“So… Let’s watch something. A movie.” You stand up abruptly, pointing at the huge pile of DVDs you brought here.

“A movie? Don’t you rather go back to sleep?”

“I wasn’t sleeping, actually. Couldn’t stop thinking that you were in cryo and that I’d probably never see you again. But here you are and let’s watch Alice in Wonderland.” Bucky smiles at you, his beautiful eyes finally looking happy too.

“Let’s watch it then.”

You quickly put on the DVD, coming to sit by his side. Your arms are touching, but your don’t feel uncomfortable. Soon enough your eyes are heavy, and slowly you fall asleep. You can feel him carrying you and laying you down on a very comfortable bed, but you just can’t open your eyes.

“Good night, (Y/N), we’ll finish the movie tomorrow.”

With the echo of his voice in your ears, you turn to your side, hugging your pillow and murmuring a ‘goodnight’ before falling asleep again.

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Shy Bucky x reader fluff (short)

Bucky doesn’t know what you were cheering about earlier today. He wants to know, but doesn’t want to talk to you, whenever your near him he feels… fuzzy, close and wanted maybe? He’s not sure what the feeling is but it makes him embarrassed. So instead of asking you, he asks Steve. “Oh, yeah (y/n) got an 100 on her test, she’s been working really hard for it.” Steve chuckles and continues on, “You should go to her, I’m pretty sure she’s in her room kissing her essay right now.” He smiles as Bucky walks off, obviously to your room. He was happy for you, but he still had his stern face. Bucky stands in front of your door, waiting for something to happen. He doesn’t want to knock on the door, but he does anyway. The door opens in a second, you stare up at Bucky. And Bucky stares down at you. You smile happily at at him, “Hey Buck is everything alright?” She asks in a soft tone, “Y-yeah, um I heard about your, erm. Papers, I’m really happy with your results.” “Aw, thanks James. That’s very nice of you—” But before you could finish your sentence, you were wrap around Bucky’s arms, your feet were literally not touching the ground. Literally. You could tell Bucky was blushing. So he put you down gently, rubbed your head and then walked away. You weren’t sure how to react, but you played normal and went back in your room, instead of replying to everyone’s messages on your phone… you instead cover your blushing, smug face with your essay. Natasha: Bucky broke (y/n) Clint: Aww Tony: Lmao, she’s soooo dead 😂 Bruce: I hope she’s gonna be alright Vision: I agree with Bruce ^ Tony: I don’t ship them though Clint: Shut tf up Natasha: No body asked you Tony: Is no one going to talk about that hug?? Wander: Shut it Steve: Language guys!

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This is How We’ll Dance (Part 6) - Bucky Barnes

Summary: Period of World War II, when Steve and Bucky were still in the Howling Commandos. Then, after they’re gone… The future never seemed so close.

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)


N/A: TIHWD is inspired by MCU but I’m using some information of the main comic book (earth-616): Bucky was born in 1925 and Natasha was born in 1928.

February 14, 1957. Maryina Horka, Belarus. 

The weather is so cold, it’s always snowing. The days are short and the nights are long, making the trip more difficult to cope with. But the team is working in sync so everything’s going to be fine. It’s an easy mission of recognition. In and out. No prisoners. Avoid any kind of causality. We need to be discreet, but with each passing minute, the boys become more impatient. I must confess that I’m getting impatient as well. 

February 16, 1957. Paris, France.

It’s him. The boys keep trying to tell me that I’m wrong but I saw damn well. I’m not going crazy. All this time… The ghost all this time was him. But the worst part? He wasn’t alone. He was training a redhead, intensely and brutally. For a moment I barely recognized him. I don’t know what I should do exactly. My heart broke into pieces when I saw them together later that night, acting as two teenagers with a forbidden love.

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The anti-inauguration party at Sam’s has become pretty raucous by noon, considering the free-flowing booze and the fact literally everyone in their group of friends is about to lose a whack of rights now the flaming hot Cheeto’s in office. 

“These assholes wanna make bars get animal licenses to have shifters on the premises! Like we’re fucking pets!” Bucky downs his tequila and grabs Clint’s for good measure - although his friend is pretty much too baked to care. 

“Maybe you can get like a service dog vest and get in. Lucky’s might fit you.” Clint picks up his suddenly empty shot glass and squints at it in confusion, joint smouldering in his other hand.

“You breathers are too fucking much.” Bucky shakes his head until his vision spins and leans over the back of his chair to look at Steve upside down. He and Sam have been sullenly, silently drinking beer as they get closer they get to zero hour, and they’re still occupying the couch like the doom merchants they are. “Hey, hey Stevie. You wanna go live in the ocean?”

“I can’t breathe underwater.” Steve grumbles, with the morose tone he gets when he’s being a sad drunk. “Probably still be better off in the long term.”

“You’re an idiot.” Bucky snorts affectionately as he sits upright, slithering off his chair to wobble over and plant himself in his boyfriend’s lap. “Good thing you’re cute.”

“Let’s all go live in the ocean.” Sam pipes up from the other side of the couch, clearly a couple of beers deeper than Steve since he’s reached the Crazy Schemes point of intoxication and holds his bottle aloft like a brand new Statue of Liberty. “Four years in the sea!”

“Four years in the sea!” Clint joins in with the toast… but throws his shot glass across the room in his enthusiasm. 

Steve buries his face in Bucky’s neck and groans as the glass shatters. It feels pretty appropriate. 


Ship Aesthetic for @melody-of-scream and Steve Rogers
Ship Aesthetic for @willamherondale and Peter Parker

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Okay, so, Steve gets hit with something that makes his super soldier metabolism slow down

Steve grunts and rubs at an itch on the side of his neck as he climbs out of bed. The other side of the bed is rumpled but empty. He can smell something spicy, hear the sizzle of hot oil.

“Chilaquiles,” Bucky says without preamble when Steve takes a seat at the kitchen counter. He sets a well-loaded plate down in front of Steve along with a fork.

“Nice.” Steve inhales deeply, enjoying the scent of chiles and chorizo. Bucky’s been on an international kick lately, which Steve has been enjoying. Not that he really ever doesn’t enjoy Bucky’s cooking. Or food in general, though he doesn’t tell Bucky that. He’s so used to being hungry, burning through calories like nobody’s business, that he’s of the opinion any food is good food.

He eats two hearty servings of chilaquiles before ambling over to the sofa to read. There are always power bars stashed near his usual spots to fend off sudden hunger, and he nibbles on one for a few chapters. He gets deep enough in the book that it feels like only minutes later that Bucky’s calling him over for lunch.


Steve scratches his neck with one hand and Doritos into his mouth with the other. For whatever reason, Stark finds it deeply hilarious to give him bags of the chips; he clearly wants Steve to ask what makes it so funny, which is why Steve never will.

He sucks cheesy dust off his fingers once he’s reached the bottom of the bag, then stretches a little. He’s always preferred his shirts tight, but this one seems extra snug.


Bucky dumps another scoop of noodles onto Steve’s plate without even asking. Steve rubs his neck and picks up his fork. “You know, leftovers ain’t a sin.”

“Ain’t a virtue either.” Bucky raises an eyebrow at him. “If you’re hungry, you oughta eat. Right?”

“Right.” It took a lot of work for Bucky to unlearn the idea that food is nothing but fuel, something to be used only as necessary. Steve twirls the spaghetti around his fork and takes a big bite. Bucky looks satisfied.


“Uh, Buck?” Steve can’t quite look away from his reflection in the mirror. Bucky pads into the bedroom, coming to stand behind him and rest a hand on his hips.

“What is it?”

“Do you think I…” Steve frowns, hoping that maybe if he looks at it differently, he’ll realize it was just a trick of the light. No such luck. “Do I look…heavier to you?”

Bucky shrugs and moves one hand up to curve around…yeah, Steve definitely has softness at his waist for Bucky’s hand to curve around, fuck. “I guess? Maybe a little.”

“That shouldn’t be possible.” Steve turns to the side. The little swell of pudge on his stomach is, well, little, but it’s unmistakably pudge. Pudge where six-pack abs used to be.  Bucky makes a little eh kind of sound, and Steve looks at him in the mirror. “This doesn’t weird you out? Something’s obviously going on.”

Bucky is usually the first one to go into full-on murder mode at the first hint that something might be wrong, especially when it comes to Steve. But now he just shrugs, and slides his hand around to rest on Steve’s belly. “I mean, it’s weird. But it’s not bad, is it? It’s not hurting anybody.”

“I guess not.” Steve rests his hand on top of Bucky’s. It’s not too hard to read him. “You like this, huh?”

Bucky wrinkles his nose, but he doesn’t move his hand. “I like to cook. You like to eat. Don’t see any problem there.”

“Right.” Steve snorts. He rubs his thumb against the back of Bucky’s hand, considering. “I’m still gonna get it checked out. Just in case. But…you’re right. It’s not hurting anybody.”


Steve would come to think of getting bitten by that weird spider to be in the top three things that had ever happened to him.

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4. Shape of You- Ed Sheeran

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6. Just hold on- Louis Tomlinson ft. Steve Aoki

7. Some nights- .fun

8. Locked out of heaven- Bruno Mars

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10. Party Monster- The Weeknd

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im so glad we agree on that! i also feel like it would go beyond sharing like he'd love to watch steve destroy you and then it's be time to for him to have fun with you and you'd wonder how you ever got yourself in this situation. i feel like they'd start talking in 40s brooklyn slang when they're in the bedroom with you and that they'd each have their own expertise. like steve gives the best head and bucky is so so good at making you come with nothing but his dick.

I….I need to take a shower excuse me.

Sinful Sunday™

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So he hates shipping, funny cause we are the only ones making that song successful lmao does he even know who he is assaulting here? He better not cause well, this poor promo alone won't save his and steve's ass !

not to be rude but Louis didn’t even do anything and this message is annoying and you should probably relax and let go of some unnecessary bitterness