steve and darcy

Follow up to Captain Deserter.

Steve stepped into the seemingly empty kitchen and peered around in the darkness. In the faint moonlight filtering in through the tinted window, he could see the outline of a hunched figure sitting at the center table. The figure looked up in annoyance when he flicked on the lights.

“Look who it is,” Darcy Lewis drawled, blinking at him in the sudden bright light.

Steve scowled. “You again.”

“Yes, me again. Now run away like you did last time.”

Steve rolled his eyes and walked over to the fridge, rummaging inside for his leftover sandwich from last night. He could feel Darcy’s gaze on him but refused to be affected by it. With his snack in hand, he made his way to the seat opposite her and settled down, eyeing her in challenge.

“Still here?” she mocked, sounding bored. Her fingers played with the spoon in her hand before she scooped a large chunk of ice cream from her bowl and shoved it artlessly into her mouth.

“Will you let that go already?” Steve asked, exasperated. “I apologized, didn’t I?”

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Love Machine - Chapter 1 - GlynnisIsta8 - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  Valentron, Tony’s latest creation run amok, is terrorizing single people in the Avengers’ Upstate Facility. Steve tries to save Darcy. They end up tied together, sealed in a panic room.

Maybe Valentine’s Day doesn’t suck so bad, after all!

for Erica_T, affiliated with the 2017 Steve Darcy Valentine’s Exchange, thanks to @mcgregorswench for prompt share & beta help!

Song mentioned at beginning: Love Machine
- Tumblr Post with ‘Love Machine’ cover graphic


anonymous asked:

Not to stir up this discourse again but I feel like every fic with darcy as the main character should just be relabeled "reader insert". Epsecially the ones where she's with a character she's never even spoken to like honest to god where the fuck did steve/darcy even come from

it came from hell, anon

your problematic favs on christmas:

NAT: the drunk af aunt who spills gov secrets and her drink but still looks classy af

VISION: awkward uncle who stands under the mistletoe in an ugly christmas sweater mumbling about symbolic foliage and its origins, wants to kiss Mysterious fam friend

TONY: wasted cousin from out of town who invited himself, spikes the eggnog with asgards strongest booze and trips over his own feet as he slurs and butchers Oh Holy Night

PEPPER: Wasted cousins wine drunk gf, rearranges vegetable platters to be symmetrical, smells good, only eats organic food

CLINT: second cousin twice removed, sneaks bites from the food before it’s time to eat, disappears into the woods for half a day with nothing but a bow and three arrows

WANDA: mysterious fam friend who carries a knife and tarot cards, speaks in metaphor, lives on spicy food

PIETRO: Mysterious fam friends twin, volunteers to do the shopping, finishes within less than 10min, uses a whole roll of tape to wrap a single present, buys expensive gifts, flirts with Hyped up espresso girl, won the olympics //track// for 3yrs in a row before quitting

BRUCE: acts like a 86 year old grandpa, comes in from out of town just to rage over the thermostat being touched and silently observe everyone, hogs the tv remote

THOR: super spiritual hot guy from out of town, invited by a cousin, unnatural height, broke a cup just by holding it, talks about the universe while downing alcohol like it’s water, never seems to get drunk

JANE: tries to explain physics to a group of children, it ends with them throwing shoes into the fireplace bc “she says it could be a portal” “i said no such thing”

DARCY: makes out with the santa impersonator, hyped up on espresso, talks too fast, friend of Physics (see: jane)

BUCKY: the hot grandpa who still looks 23, appears homicidal in fam pictures, sneaks off with his childhood pal during prayers, has kissed him under the mistletoe 6x and honestly he’s just rubbing it in the single relatives faces now, never married, may or may not have killed a man in 1943, dresses like he’s going to a funeral, listens to johnny cash

STEVE: hot grandpa’s pal, also looks creepily young, tells you to Watch your fucking language, claims he could kill a man with nothing more than a garbage can lid, prob isn’t lying, wears suspenders, still goes to the gym, owns a working record player

LOKI: that one snooty relative everyone avoids, makes babies cry by smiling at them, tells the kids santa isn’t real, insults hot spiritual man in another language, cops are called to break it up

SHARON: repackages store bought pies, pretends theyre homemade, watches It’s A Wonderful Life every year, dresses like she’s going to an office meeting, brings a gun to christmas dinner, small but deadly, leaves early with Gov secrets aunt

SAM: answers everything sarcastically, ex military, irons his clothes, swears a lot, argues about how to properly cook a turkey before taking over altogether, smells like soap and the outdoors, tells Wasted cousin to back the fuck off, leaves mid dinner bc he thought he saw a very rare bird, brings his pal riley who is also his secret bf but everyone knows

RHODEY: neighbor who tells the same stories every year but changes minor details, has too much spiked eggnog and knocks over the tree, butchers christmas songs with Wasted cousin, bonds with Ex Military Sarcastic relative over the future of aviation, no one knows his real name

SCOTT: fresh out of prison, spends the entire time oogling Hot grandpa’s pal, makes you look at a seemingly endless stream of pictures of his daughter, hates baskin robbins, has an ant farm, overly physically affectionate

WADE: tries to kiss his sisters boyfriend under the mistletoe, wears crocs with socks, brings a bag of chimichanga’s that he refuses to share, his plus one is his blind elderly roommate, blasts rap music at one in the morning, has a witty retort on the ready, shamelessly wears a lewd christmas sweater, winks at your mom, seductively eats candy canes while maintaining eye contact

PETER: 16yo nephew who collects comic books, designated amateur photographer, watches star wars religiously, climbs things he shouldn’t, thinks the 90’s are vintage, actually a danger noodle

((if you have a request lmk and I’ll make one for that character. this was fun))

“Now I look at her, she does seem kinda familiar,” Steve conceded.

“What!?” Bucky hissed.

Steve wasn’t sure where he’d seen the girl before, she definitely hadn’t worked here the last time he’d been. She’d come and taken their order for two black coffees, then lingered awkwardly as if she expected them to say something else. Maybe Bucky was right: even though the diner had always made sure no-one bothered him in the past, maybe now they were actual fugitives, the policy would change.

Steve knew he should have grown a beard.

The waitress reappeared shortly with their drinks and two cupcakes, with little star sprinkles, that they definitely did not order. She slid them onto the table, then stood staring at Steve with one hand on her hip.

“Cupcakes are on the house, with a side helping of ‘what the hell are you two doing here?’” she said, looking unimpressed.

Cold panic seized Steve’s throat and he saw Bucky none too subtly reach for the butter knife lying on his napkin.

“I mean, when Clint said you guys were headed out of town I kind of assumed that meant further afield. Like, at least Queens,” she said, turning to look at Steve more closely.

“You don’t recognise me, huh? Okay, whatever. Enjoy your coffee, lemme know if you want anything else,” she drawled, falling into a rather disappointed voice. “I’ll tell Thor you said hi.”

Then a lightbulb popped into life above Steve’s head.

“Darcy!?” he exclaimed, thinking back to the one and only time he’d met Dr Foster and her assistant at the tower. “What’re you doing here? Don’t you work with Jane anymore?”

“Oh, sure,” she smiled brightly, now that he knew her, “but this is the job I have to have so Jane and I can keep slogging through theoretical astrophysics as well as eat. And that’s with Clint giving us a break on the rent.”

“I thought Tony gave you guys a grant? You spent a week wheedling it out of him,” he asked, suddenly afraid he would find out that the Avengers’ breakup had cost Jane and Darcy their funding.

“Yeah, Jane spent most of that on some fancy-schmancy equipment that doesn’t need darkness. I don’t know if you noticed but Brooklyn is kinda heavy on the light pollution.” She looked over to where Bucky was still gripping the cutlery. “You’re turn. What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re hiding in plain sight,” Bucky grumbled, glaring at Steve. Steve glared back. Darcy suppressed a giggle.

A shout came from the kitchen for someone called Max, along with a loud clattering noise and another woman’s yelp, but it was Darcy that turned looked back.

“Okay, then, you boys eat those cakes. And if there’s anything else, you know where to find me,” she said, tapping the table by the cakes and then heading away to investigate the ruckus. There didn’t seem to be anyone else around that might be called Max.

Steve gingerly lifted his cupcake - with vanilla cream buttercream, and red and blue stars - off the napkin, revealing the address of Clint’s apartment building scribbled in swirling writing. At least their destination for tonight was sorted out,  he thought. 

When Natasha Romanoff introduced Darcy Lewis to Steve Rogers for the first time, she hadn’t expected them to know each other already and she definitely hadn’t expected Darcy to flip the hell out when she laid eyes on Steve.

“You,” the normally chirpy brunette hissed, pointing an accusing finger at a wide-eyed Steve. “What is he doing here?”

Natasha looked from one to the other, suddenly very interested. “This is Steve Rogers, Darcy. Captain America.”

Darcy looked stunned. She snapped her gaze to him and said incredulously, “You’re the Captain? No! You can’t be.”

Steve looked guilty. “I can explain.”

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So I wrote a thing...

I don’t know what this is. I just had a wintershock scene in my head that wouldn’t stop and I just had to get it out. I kind of want to make it a multi chapter thing, but seeing as the only fan fiction I’ve ever written has been a OUAT one shot and now this, the task seems daunting. But anyway, hope y’all like it. God, this is nerve wracking. Unbeta’d, any hot messes are mine. 

UPDATE!!! This is now a multi chapter fic on AO3!


There were exactly three things Darcy Lewis was prepared to cheerfully wake up for: homemade French toast, Christmas morning, and sex of the mind-blowing variety (subpar sex was met with her usual post-slumber grumpiness.) Loud, insistent knocking on her apartment door at 3am was decidedly not on that list, so it should come as no surprise that she let loose a rather feral growl as she rolled from her bed to seek out the source of the knocking. Darcy grumbled and stumbled her way to the front door, a hint of murder flashing in her eyes, before ripping the door open with a startling amount of violence from someone who could be solidly categorized as “civilian”.

“What. Do. You. Want,” she spit out, her eyes slowly focusing on the two blurry figures crowding the hallway outside her door.


Oh great. Of course. Who else would be here to see her in all her grumpy, rumpled glory but Captain Gloriously Handsome and…was that? Yep. Yep. Captain Glorious and his equally attractive, if utterly terrifying, bff superassassin, the Winter Beefcake.

Jesus, whyyyyy?

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[Steve/Darcy, explicit) I'll miss you til I meet you - twistedingenue -
By Organization for Transformative Works

Steve carves out a spot for himself on the internet through an anonymous tumblr, a place where he doesn’t have to be Captain America. Darcy, starting back at Culver after a long break, isolated and alone, also restarts her own tumblr. They connect.

The Steve has a tumblr and no one knows it fic you never knew you wanted.



Where’s the rest of the motley crew, you may ask?

Well, Bruce and Wanda don’t prefer to attend social functions.

Sam and Bucky are at the bar NOT participating.

Vision is camouflaged, so you can’t see him. Rhodey is working.

OR, in simpler terms, I got tired after giving a make-over to eight fully grown adults. So there.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Just some Darcy Lewis headcanons cause I’m 100% Darcy trash

*Hella  asexual

*She is the thrift store queen. Like, she can go into Goodwill with ten dollars and come out with a hella cute getup

*Becomes really great friends with Lady Sif

*In fact, she eventually is dubbed an honorary member of The Warriors Three (partially due to the story of her tasering Thor)

*Thor and Darcy have a hella adorbs older brother/little sister dynamic

*Ended up moving into the tower, goes by Agent Lewis and all that

*First few days in the tower were a little awkward, as she was one of the few there who weren’t an Avenger or romantically linked to one

*But she develops a super close platonic bond with Steve Rogers. They go out and have adventures together and it’s pretty adorbs

*Takes advantage of being in NYC by seeing a lot of Broadway shows. The political science major in her geeks out over Hamilton, enters the lotto for it every day.

*Adopts a kitten that she calls “Mew Mew”. It’s a tuxedo cat that everyone loves                          

In reality this was Tony’s fault, as were most thing if anyone was being honest. Tony had only been trying to help Thor stay in touch with Jane. The Tablet with face time was programmed to pick up after three rings regardless so that Science Bender Jane could still be reached. And it was that default setting that had the entire crew sitting in silence listening intently. 

“No Janey! Fuck Captain America!!” The first thing to poor out of the speakers caught everyone’s attention. “He had his time to shine. I want to buy shit with Black Widow and Hawkeye’s face on them!  Is that a crime? Should I have to special order shirts from the ass end of Siberia just to get a sick ass Widow /Bow combo?” The voice was muffled and Thor, a little stunned at the conversation he had interrupted  was looking in confusion at a black scream. Perhaps Jane had set something onto of her tablet? 

“Lady Jane?” He tried. 

“Maybe because they’re spies and if you keep asking about their Identities the NSA is gonna come slam your ass. Always listening!” Jane offered offhandedly. She sounded farther away than Darcy and like she was trying to work.

“Well I mean it. I’m sure he’s a wonderful beautiful human but Fuck him. One more Captain America tee shirt and I’m gonna blow a gasket.” Darcy sounded like she was pouting. “ I mean Black Widow is way cooler anyway! She like strangled a man with her killer thighs! Literally Killer Janey.”

“You gonna stop saying Fuck the Captain, Coulson’s gonna ring to defend his honor any moment now” Jane chuckled. Tony snorted and Steve blushed in his seat. From what Clint could tell Natasha had gone very still while listening. Her eyes were shut and she appeared to be listening intently. 

“You’re right figures Coulson would be in bed with the NSA” 

“Do you really think Coulson’s in bed with anyone?” Jane sounded much closer now and far more focused on the conversation. “What about Iron Man he has ton’s of merch. like everywhere.” Jane pointed out. 

There was a thud that sounded like Darcy had smacked the table the tablet was sitting on. Thor and Steve jumped at the loud sound. Tony had diverted the sound to the Quinjet’s main speakers so everyone was listening even easier now. 

“I bet that Asshole makes his own stuff!! Tony wants to build you a nice lab and let you play with your Science Crush but not make me a Hawkeye Tee shirt? This is an outrage!! I’m calling someone Jane. Should I call our New Mexico congress man or the New York one?” Clint chuckled wondering if she had her phone out. She probably had both on speed dial. 

“Darcy! I thought we agreed never to mention that!! Bruce would never work with me again!”  All eyes but Tony who was flying rested on Bruce. He was flushing a brilliant pink all the way down his bare chest. “And I think he makes the Thor and Hulk stuff too” She added. 

“Why do you need Thor stuff? You could literally just wear Thor!!” Darcy’s voice was very shrill and Tony reached to adjust the volume. “All I want is to stretch Hawkeye across my fantastic rack and talk to everyone on the street about how jumping off that building was hella cool.” She sighed. It was Clint’s turn to flush. He tried to fight it and looked desperately at Natasha. She was watching him eyes bright in amusement. “Or Black Widow. you think she’d marry me?” Natasha inhaled too quickly and coughed sharply. Clint’s eyebrows rose. Natasha had been caught off guard with that one. 

“You should probably, I don’t know meet her, and then buy her dinner or something first.” Jane sounded like she was rustling threw the papers near her tablet. 

“I’m pretty charming, I bet she’d be down.” Darcy muttered. Suddenly Thor’s view was clear and he waved enthusiastically at Jane. 

“Hello my love!” He shouted. Clint winced. Jane flushed and tapped the tablet cranking the volume up. 

“Oh my God. How much of that did you hear?” She said “The volume was down I didn’t hear you call” Darcy appeared over her shoulder. 

“Hey Buddy!!” She waved.

“The good Doctor is a worthy man Lady Jane” Thor smiled. Jane groaned and rested her face in her hand. “As are the Lady Natasha and Brother Clint!” He turned his tablet a little to include Clint in the view. 

“AGENT BARTON IS HAWKEYE?!?!” Everyone winced at her volume. “Well that settles it, Black Widow’s my favorite.” She shook her head. 

“You may keep her Clint” Natasha’s voice was clear enough for Darcy to pick up and the intern grinned. 

“Yea I’m a keeper Barton!” Her face was schoolgirl excitement. Jane was looking a little overwhelmed and Clint didn’t blame her. “Wait can you turn us around big guy?” Darcy asked. Thor complied and showed her to the rest of the plane.

“Sorry I said to Fuck you Mr. Captain America, sir.” She said some what sheepishly. Before Steve could even speak Tony interrupted. 

“Hey what about me?!” 

“Nope still an Asshole” and she hung up. 

All in all not the worst thing Tony’s done. but still his fault that half the team road home embarrassed and the other halfway in love with the intern waiting at home. 


I’ve been meaning to share these for ages.  I followed @arethouyetliving’s lead and had a custom Funko Pop made of Darcy Lewis (Makeitpops at Etsy. I even got the guy to make her a taser!).  She keeps my unmasked Captain America company very nicely. :)

Day 21: One Way to Propose

Day 21! Three weeks straight of stories! So much cleaning to do in my home tonight! I threw this piece together fairly quickly, please excuse any awful errors I may have made, I haven’t re-read it in the slightest.

Steve’s soulmark was always a little odd. It’s a good thing Bucky got one just as strange, so they could look forward to meeting their third together.
Darcy just doesn’t want to face the relatives probing questions about her still single status.

Word Count: 1512

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Stark Industries, a well-known multinational conglomerate, is at the brink of a new era when CEO and Founder Tony Stark announces his early retirement from the business in order to pursue other life goals. In light of this event, two individuals step up to take the mantle of CEO - Steve Rogers, second-in-command and best friend to Mr. Stark, and Darcy Lewis, Stark’s highly educated yet relatively inexperienced step-daughter. With the bar set so high, Steve and Darcy must fight prove that one is better and more deserving than the other but in order to do that, they must first work together. They may clash heads, call each other names, argue over the littlest things but the fact remains, only one of them will be crowned CEO.

However, in their race to the top, there comes a point where feelings and priorities change and, suddenly, winning a title isn’t the only thing at stake for the couple.

Petition to bring Darcy back for Infinity War

Darcy: “So Thor, haven’t heard from Jane in a while. How’s it going between you two?”

Thor: *surly, Asgardian silence*

Darcy: “Oh, all right. Sorry about that. Ah, Tony. How’s that CEO lady, Pepper?”

Tony: *angrily drinks whiskey*

Darcy: “O for two, huh. Yikes, all right. Uh… Steve! How’s Bucky these days?”

*dead silence everywhere*

Darcy/Steve, Drone Mistletoe

for @mcgregorswench

“You enjoying yourself, Cap?”

Steve looked up into the big blue eyes of Dr. Foster’s-turned-Ms. Potts’ assistant.   Darcy Lewis was offering him a mug of something.  Something hot, it appeared, given the steam rising off it. She had one for herself too, so he didn’t feel bad for taking it.  “As much as I can be, Ms. Lewis.  How about yourself?”  

She settled in beside him, leaning on the balcony railing, apparently, the raucous party taking place to their six behind glass doors wasn’t her cup of tea either.  “Don’t give me that ‘Ms. Lewis’ crap.  I’ve bought you underwear.  You can call me Darcy, I think.”  

“Are you enjoying yourself, Darcy?” he corrected himself, smirking down at her before taking a sip from the mug, which turned out to be hot cider.  

She shrugged. “Eh.  I can’t complain, I guess.”  

Steve blushed and he wasn’t really sure why.  Other than the long-standing crush he’d had on Darcy.  Any attention she gave him usually resulted in the same reaction.  

They gazed out into the New York City skyline in relative silence, the party a mere dull roar behind them.  It was nice. Until the spell was broken by the soft buzz of Redwing, who flew out to hover right over Darcy’s head.  

She looked up.  “Uh-oh…someone thinks they’re being cute…”  

Steve looked up as well, rolling his eyes when he saw the mistletoe dangling from Redwing’s retractable claw.  He sighed, shaking his head.  “I’m sorry…”

“Sorry for what? I’m quietly hoping it’s for your friends’ not-so-subtle nudging and not because you’re gonna leave me hangin’ under the mistletoe, Rogers.” 

He glanced up again and back down to Darcy’s face, feeling his own flush bright red again.  “I don’t think I could live with myself if I left you hanging…”  

“Then don’t.”  

That was as good a sign as any, he supposed.  He leaned down and pressed his lips softly to hers.  The blood was rushing so loudly in his head that he almost didn’t hear the thunderous applause and cat calling from right behind them.