steve rannazzisi

Anonymous asked you:
For Steve: Do you actually play fanatsy football? Hows your team doing?

I do.  In 3 leagues.  I think I’m good but I’m mediocre at best.  I can’t crack the fantasy code.  People assume I’m good and ask for advice so I give it to them and ask them to not hold it against me or my family when they lose.

mellro asked you:
What was the worst/most humiliating scene you’ve had to film for The League? What was your favorite?

Fake having sex with a a married actress who’s husband is also on the show in front of a child watching may take the cake.  Not sure.  I’ve also had some horrific stuff happen to my member.  Toss up.  My fave scene was with Jon Lajoie in the McGibblets costume.

Anonymous asked you:
STEVE: Who are your biggest comedy influences?

Bill Cosby, Freddy Soto, Pryor, my mom.

Anonymous asked you:
Nick Kroll says you have a huge melon of a head. You gonna take that shit???

Don’t need to cause Nick knows this big melon is covered in THICK, BEAUTIFUL HAIR SON!!!!!

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That’s it for this installment of Ask a Professional Comedian. A big thanks to Steve Rannazzasi and everyone who submitted questions!

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