I swear he is the real life Captain America on twitter.

WHO IS THAT!?!?! oh, steve, you scared me, i didnt recognize you in that baseball hat, hoodie, and sunglasses

u kno what really tickles me about the writers vehemently denying a romantic connection between steve and bucky?? it’s that they wrote it. all the stuff people are picking up on, they wrote. and like they’re not amateur writers trying their hand at story telling, these are seasoned writers who know the tropes and the different literary devices, like they know what they’re doing supposedly.

they know that “person A and B grow up together, person A loses person B in some way and ends up lost and lonely, person B comes back and they fight to make their way back to each other” is the basis of pretty much any romantic drama.
they know that “I’m only interested in dating people with similar life experiences” *insert return of childhood/lifelong best friend here* is the set up to many a romantic comedy.
they know that “Person B is in danger and Person A risks life and limb and potential imprisonment to keep them safe” is the premise of literally every hero/love interest dynamic out there.
Like they know these things, they’re professional writers of course they know these things, so why use these romantic devices if your intention isn’t to imply romance.


Thank you Chris!!!!

And to all the supporters out there confronting this type of ignorance and hate:

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No Regrets (Part 5)

So here it is. Please let me know if this is still any good - this part took me longer than I expected, it’s because I’m not too sure if it works very well?

Word count: 2k

Warnings: Angst and swearing, you know the drill.

A/N: Bucky is having an emotional meltdown. Bless him!

Previous chapter: Part 4

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Bucky just stared at the door through which Y/N disappeared mere seconds ago. He knew there was no point of running after her, she was so determined to get away he’d never catch her.

‘What’s going on Buck?’ Sam looked at him concerned by what he just witnessed. This was clearly not playful behaviour anymore. Y/N looked devastated. And Bucky looked guilty.

‘Bloody Steve, having to meddle in things…’ Bucky sighed in surrender and turned around to get back to the recovery room. ‘I hope you’re proud of yourself, punk. Now I can forget about her for good…’

Steve felt genuinely bad for what happened, he really did mean well. Who knew this was going to end this way? He clearly underestimated his friend’s stubbornness and his determination not to admit his feelings. God, he knew Bucky was very protective of his emotions but Steve never thought he’d let him get as far with Y/N as he did.

‘Buck, I’m really sorry…’

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Prompt #28. “I wasn’t listening, I was undressing you with my eyes.”

Warnings : Mentions of sex, implied smut

Author : Ash

Request : Yes @sgt-jbb-107

Summary : Bucky’s Truthful Answer of why he wasn’t listening during your de-briefing brings back some rather “intimate” moments from your teammates.


Prompt List

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“I wasn’t listening, I was undressing you with my eyes” your boyfriend Bucky said as he looked your over. You were in the middle of giving a de-briefing when you had asked Bucky a question only to be met with a more then truthful answer. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“We all know you and (Y/N) have a very active sex life.” Natasha pointed out. She gave you both a sly wink and you noticed everyone nodding their heads in agreement. “Remember the time on the balcony?” Nat said as you she gave you a thumbs up.

“It’s not like we haven’t heard or seen the security camera footage.” Tony said. “And by the way, I’m still waiting for one of you to replace the counter in the kitchen.” He said his eyes shifting to Bucky. You thought back to that night, one of the nights where you got jealous of some blonde bimbo at one of Tony’s parties. You had told Bucky “Fuck me for all I’m worth” and he did. Although it broke the kitchen counter in the process.

“What about the time where (Y/N) and Bucky decided they would stop the elevator during the cocktail party because they absolutely couldn’t wait?” Wanda said almost in a teasing tone. She threw a tsk-tsk finger shake at you and you just hung your head down as you started laughing.

“Oh no, I know the one that tops that.” You and Bucky both looked over at Steve. You all three shared a knowing look. “Steve, don’t say it pal.” Bucky said almost in a teasing yet threatening tone. “Oh god, this isn’t happening.” You muttered under your breath.

“Quinjet three weeks ago…we were in the middle of a mission and they decided to stay behind.” Steve looked at both of you. A mortified expression crossed everyone’s face.

“That’s what you were doing??!!” Everyone said in unison. You hung your head down in shame as everyone just laughed. “To our defense, you guys had everything taken care of.” You said as you tried regain your composure.

After a few minutes of embarrassing stories and good laughs the team decided you’d try to give the debriefing at another time. As everyone started to file out of the conference room Bucky walked up to you.

“You know Doll, I was imagining that purple lace number I love so much underneath that tight little dress of yours…You could show me right here.” He said seductively as his hand skimmed its way to your thigh right at the hem of your dress.

“Not in the Conference Room Barnes, I want at least one thing that hasn’t been defiled by both of you.” You heard Tony shout as he walked by. You and Bucky just laughed as you both started to head towards your room. The conference room would just have to wait for another day.

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