Johnny is Dead: Steve x Reader (MCU); Part 1

A/N: Idk what to say, but this one shot is such a cliche that i was kinda thinking not to post it. But towards the end i swear, it’s something new. This is super silly but I think it’s okay 😮😶!?!?! Sorry for any typos.

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Word Count: 2800 words 

Warning: cursing, but is that really a warning? 

Part 1

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Confused, but Loved

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Imagine waking up one day and finding yourself lying between Bucky and Tony wondrering how the heck you got there. They teasingly tell you that you’re in a relationship with both of them. Only then does Steve come in and say oh no I’m dating all three of you? Steve looks baffled while Tony and Bucky chuckle, then you realize that they are teasing you, or are they??? ;)

A/N: Tbh, I smiled at the end of this request, I really did. I think this idea was so cute, and so it shall be fluffy <3

Warning: Fluff ;3

Are you dating all three? Or were they just teasing you.

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melodynightsong  asked:

How do the Avengers plus Wanda and Pietro(he's not dead) treat you when you become sick?


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He’ll wait by your side for as long as you’re sick. Yeah he’ll make sarcastic jokes, but they’re meant to make you laugh. Why? Because “laughter is the best medicine,” that’s why! Sometimes he’ll talk about the most boring engineering stuff just to make sure you’re actually just bored to sleep. He’ll wear a surgical mask around you and joke about it, but he’ll care for you.


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Growing up in the ‘30′s and ‘40′s, natural remedies were all Steve knew. And since he was sick all the time, he knew exactly which things were best for what illness. He makes you herbal tea and homemade soups in various flavors. He stays with you while you’re sick, mothering you more than Bucky mothered him, and just makes sure you’re comfortable and well-cared-for.


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Clint is 100% human, unlike most of the rest of his team. He ends up sick a lot more than the other Avengers. If a mission is particularly hard, he’ll sometimes be in the hospital/infirmary for a couple weeks. So he wraps you up tightly in a blanket and holds onto you, making sure you’re warm. He’ll take you on drives just to get your mind off of your illness.


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Bruce is a doctor. Maybe not a medical one. But a doctor nonetheless. He’s a very smart man. He gets you all the right medicine and makes sure you have something to take it with. Water usually, but he’ll break bread into little bits so you can eat it beforehand without hurting a sore throat too much. If you try to refuse your medicine, sometimes he’ll calmly but forcefully make you take it.


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When he realizes how ill you are, Thor decides to just take you to Asgard (making sure not to tell Odin because he’s so picky about who can and can’t enter) and let the healers help you. They figure out a magical-sounding treatment and begin. Somehow it extracts the virus or bacteria causing you to be sick, and you start to get better.


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When Natasha was growing up, training with the Red Room, illness was thought of as weakness. She was forced to train through it. She makes sure you don’t have to do the same thing. She makes sure you’re warm and sits on the sofa with you—or on your bed—and watches movies with you (several of which aren’t even on DVD yet—you decide not to ask). Her favorite is Suicide Squad.


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Wanda was always the most responsible between her and her brother. She makes you soups and uses her powers to take your mind off your illness—usually by making the objects in your room put on a performance with her telekinesis. If you ask her to, she’ll look in your mind and make elaborate illusions to get your thoughts somewhere else. But only if you ask.


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Pietro knows how to care for an ill person, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get flustered. He’ll take you on walks–and if you don’t have the energy to walk, he’ll just carry you. He insists that the fresh air is doing you better than any stupid medicine the other Avengers are trying to force down your throat. Sometimes he’ll hold you in his arms and run as fast as your body can safely handle. The wind of moving at such speeds clears your sinuses and makes it easier to breathe. He always gives you the smuggest smirk when you blearily tell him that it actually worked.

“Nat… Where’s Natasha?”

“She’s ok. Fury’s meeting with her now. He’s pissed she came after you, but she refused to wait and let me help.”

“Then I’m going to get her.”