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Dad!Steve x reader

Word count: 1680

Summary: Your little girl is growing up to be a carbon copy of her father, you only wish he was around to see it.

Warnings: sadness, so much sadness, angst, nightmares, anxiety and PTSD, smidge of racism (it’s avenged though because racism is not cool) funerals, death

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Writers: Here is a new troubled, confused and unloved character


heathers characters as guilty pleasures
  • jd: anime/fucking guns/fucking slushies
  • heather mcnamara: britney spears and madonna
  • heather chandler: screwing nerds
  • heather duke: chicken wings (this is canon)
  • veronica: poison ivy/harley quinn fan fiction
  • martha: big fun
  • ram: being gay
  • kurt: ballet
  • fleming: steve