2 years later... Part 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Bucky Barnes

Word count: 2226 words

Warnings: Maybe some swearing and some fluff (yes, finally lol)

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Notes: thank you to all of you for reading it! I’m so glad you liked it really! And oh well, this last part came out longer than expected haha I guess I’m not good at writing short stuff haha hope you like it!

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It had been six months since you came back to the Avengers HQ. You had been training every day to be able to go back to the field and you actually did it two months later. Probably, the adrenaline you felt that day was one of the things you missed the most. Knowing you were doing the right thing, that you were saving people, saving the world, it gave you a feeling of satisfaction nothing else gave you. 

“Nice job out there”, Bucky told you when he found you in the kitchen.

All of you were back from a mission at that moment. It had been a tough one but it had been successful. The moment you stepped out of the quinjet you went straight the kitchen to have some water and also to clean a cut you had on your arm under the sink. Since it wasn’t serious you decided to take care of it by yourself instead of bothering Dr Cho who had to take care of Clint’s and Tony’s wounds. 

“Thank you, soldier. You were good too”, you smiled at him leaning against the counter.

You and Bucky had grown closer during those months. He was the one telling you about Steve, about how he was, and he also had been helping you through your training most of the time since he was the one who spent most time at the gym. 

“Where’s Steve?” You asked as he took some water from the fridge as well.

“He went straight to the shower I think”, he said closing the door of the fridge. 

“Good”, you nodded.

Your relationship with Steve was something you didn’t know how to define. You two used to talk. Not much but enough to call him a friend. But at the same time there was some times when you two would fall asleep cuddling up on the couch, or when he would flirt with you or you with him during missions. He even had told you he loved you a couple of times. 

You were really giving him his time but you were also getting tired of waiting. He really looked like he had forgiven you, he looked happier now and you could actually see a hint of that old light in his eyes when he looked at you. Everything was coming back to place but he still didn’t look like he wanted to go back to you for real. And it was frustrating. Every day you craved him more and more, you missed sleeping with him, you missed his kisses, his laugh, your missed all about you and him. 

“Hey there”, you turned and had to control yourself so you couldn’t choke as you saw Steve coming in shirtless, with a towel around his waist. “You smell, guys”, he said.

“Thanks for the tip, I’m taking a shower”, Bucky said. 

Before he left he winked at you. Why did he have to leave you alone like this?You put the bottle on the counter and walked to the sink since the cut on your arm was bleeding again. It wasn’t serious but it looked deep. When the water hit your skin you hissed and closed your eyes for a moment.

“Are you ok?” Steve asked moving closer to you. 

“Yes, it’s just… a bit painful”, you mumbled. 

At that point you could actually feel his heat behind you. Somehow you knew that if you turned around, you would be way too close to him to handle it so you decided not to move. 

“Damn (Y/N)!” He exclaimed when he saw your wound. “How did you get that?”

He quickly moved around you until he was in front of you, taking your arm in his hand and examining it. You couldn’t help but look at his torso and then at his face. Couldn’t he just get dressed like a normal person before coming down to the kitchen!? 

“It’s nothing, really”, you assured him in a whisper. “It looks worse than what actually is”, you added.

“Bullshit”, he said putting your arm under the water again which made you gasp. “Will you ever admit that something hurts?” He mumbled. You didn’t know if he was talking to you or to himself so you just decided to let it go. “Don’t move”, he ordered.

He started opening drawers all around the kitchen until he finally opened the one where you had a first aid kit. He took out some alcohol and some bandages to take care of your wounds. You observed silently how he systematically cut the bandages into pieces with some scissors and then went back to you. 

“You know this is going to burn”, he said pouring some alcohol onto one of the bandages. 

“I know”, you sighed looking away from the wound. If you didn’t look, it wouldn’t hurt right?

But of course you were wrong. The moment Steve pressed the bandage against your arm you gasped and tried to pull away but he was holding it tight, knowing what you would try to do. 

“Damn Rogers!” You exclaimed looking at him just to find out he was almost laughing.

“So tough to take down anyone that comes in your way but you want to run away because of some alcohol”, he teased you. 

“It’s painful”, you mumbled looking down at your arm while he cleaned up the cut. 

“And I’m sure when you broke your leg in that mission in Croatia four years ago it was painful as well, but you didn’t even flinch”, he smiled at you. You smiled a little looking at him and shrugged. 

“It’s not the same”, you chuckled. 

Shaking his head he finished cleaning up your wound and then he just put a bandage around your arm to cover it. You thought he would just let it go but he moved his hand down until he took your hand. When he wrapped his around yours, you felt your heart fluttering like it did every time he touched you. His touch was something unique in this world, so gentle and so strong.Biting your lip, you looked at him as he looked down at you with a small shy smile planted on his lips. 

“Be careful, please”, he said running his thumb all over your hand. “I… I don’t want to lose you”, he added.

“I will…” You whispered.

He smiled at you and then kissed your hand softly, taking your breath away, before he walked out of the kitchen. It still took you some time to breath normally, but you finally managed to move and throw the bloody bandages away. You needed a shower. A cold one. 

That day after dinner you were too tired to stay in the living room with the rest of the team, you really needed to sleep, so you said your goodnights and went to the elevator already yawning. 

“Hold the door!” Someone said when you were already in the elevator.

Quickly you put the hand between the doors so they opened again, letting Steve in. he smiled down at you and thanked you before leaning against the wall.

“Aren’t you watching the movie?” You asked looking at him.

“I’m tired”, he shrugged looking at you as well. 

You nodded and looked down at your feet, wishing once again you could just go with him to his room, lay on his bed and hug him until you both fall asleep. You hated sleeping alone and you knew it was because you were used to sleep with him every night. Damn him. When the doors opened, you both walked out of the elevator to your rooms silently. He looked kind of lost in his thoughts and you didn’t want to bother him so you didn’t say anything. 

“Goodnight, Cap”, you said when you opened the door of your room. 

“Night, (Y/N)”, he said back.

With a nod you walked into your room and closed the door. You didn’t know why you kept on thinking that he would change his mind all of sudden and ask you to go to his room or something. Obviously it wasn’t going to happen. He wasn’t ready and all you could do was to respect that. 

You changed into your pyjamas, which actually were one of Steve’s t-shirts you stole from him when you left. He never seemed to miss it so you never gave it back. Somehow it still had his smell which made you sleep a bit better even when you missed him way too much. Once you were changed, you took the book you were currently reading, Harry Potter and the Globet of Fire all over again, and laid down on the bed. Probably you would fall asleep while reading like every day but you were ok with it. 

Thirty minutes later, you were already almost asleep, when you heard a knock on your door. That was odd since nobody used to go up there when they knew you were going to bed. Yawning, you got up and opened the door. Saying that you were surprised to see Steve out there was a misunderstanding. It was shocking. 

“Eh…hi”, you said feeling confused. You thought he would be sleep by now, what was he doing there?

“Hey”, he said back. 

“Can I…help you?” You finally said after a while.

“May I come in?” He asked.

“Sure”, you mumbled stepping aside so he could walk into the room and you closed the door. “Are you ok?” You asked walking closer to him. It looked like something was bothering him and you sure wanted to help. 

“Yes. No”, he said taking a seat at the end of your bed. Ok, that was a bit confusing. “I can’t sleep”, he finally said.

“Oh…” You mumbled sitting by his side. “Insomnia?” You asked. 

“No.” He sighed. “You”


You looked at him frowning slightly. What did he mean by that? It’s not like you were being loud or anything. You were just lying on the bed, reading your book as you fell asleep. 

“I miss you”, he said looking at you which made you look down at your hands. “And every day it’s getting worse. I miss having you in my arms to sleep, I miss your scent, I even miss your kicks when you have a nightmare”, he said making you laugh a little. “I can’t sleep without you”, added with a sigh. 

His confession made your cheeks turn red and your heart beat faster. You weren’t completely sure of what he meant. Did he want you back for real or just to sleep? It looked like it was the last one but you wished it was the first. 

“I…miss you too”, you admitted looking at him. “Damn, I’ve been sleeping with this for the last two years and a half, of course I miss you”, you chuckled signalling his t-shirt. With a sigh you looked at him to see him smiling a little.

“Maybe…I can sleep here? At least for today?” He asked.

Biting your lip you nodded, trying to hide your disappointment somehow. You got up and took your book to put it on the shelf while he laid down on the other side of the bed. You did the same and turned off the lights but there was enough moonlight to allow yourselves to see each other. He was looking at you and you were looking at him, but you didn’t dare to move. Eventually, he turned to lay on his side, facing you, and slowly placed a hand on your hip, moving you closer. 

“I’ve been thinking about us lately”, he whispered once you were close enough. 

“Have you?” You mumbled looking at him. Since it was dark you could only see half of his face but it was enough to see his eye perfectly, which hypnotised you. 

“Yeah…” He said rubbing your hip with his thumb which sent shivers all over your body. “You know I told you that…maybe, eventually, I would heal and we could go back to ourselves”, he said. You nodded holding your breath since you didn’t want to miss any single word. “And…these months I’ve realised that…the only person who can completely fix me, it’s also the one who broke me”, you took a deep breath and bite your lip. You were feeling so nervous at the moment. “I love you, (Y/N), and I need you. Not only to sleep. I need you daily, every day, every moment, and seeing you there but not kissing you it’s the worst torture I have ever faced”, he moved his hand to your face, rubbing your cheek slowly. “Please, come back to me”, he mumbled.

The moment he finished talking you couldn’t say anything. You were completely speechless. All you wanted to do was kissing him and so did you. Slowly, you closed the space between you two and placed your lips over his softly. Immediately, he moved his hand to your waist again and pulled you closer, making the kiss last longer before you both pulled away.

“I’ve always been here, waiting for you to let me in again”, you whispered smiling at him. 

“Damn, I love you”, he laughed kissing you again, rolling over so he was on your top, kissing you deeply like he had been waiting to do for two years and a half. 

Anon: Can you do a tony stark imagine where Steves being an asshole to tony n he gets angry The team is all usual tony watta fuckwad n you get super pissed for treating your husband like that n stand up for him cuz no one else does n u put them in check

TITLE: You’re not perfect
NOTES/WARNINGS: Swearing, arguing. It’s based on AOU where just after he’s made Ultron and everyone is yelling at him. It’s that exact scene but I’ve placed the reader in there and the ending of the scene is different.

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Imagine bucky smiling like that again. And the reason for that smile is no other than Steve who, for the longest time, is the only one who is able to make Bucky light up again. And Steve cherishes these moments over everything else and memorises Bucky’s smiling face to draw it and have it last somewhere; and sometimes, very rarely, Bucky looks like Bucky again, like he did before the war and before Hydra. Steve memorises all of it, holding on to it, too scared to lose it all again, to lose bucky. Little does Steve know that Bucky is doing the very same thing.


V~Preference: How You Sleep.

Tony Stark/Iron Man ~

Pretty much everyone in the tower knew about Tony’s sleeping difficulties, you especially. You and Tony never had a set sleeping arrangement due to this. But it didn’t bother you much, as long as you could get Tony into the bed, that was all that mattered.

Steve Rogers/Captain America ~

Steve liked to be protective of you. If he could be by your side all the time, he would somehow make it possible. So in bed, he liked to have tou close, with your head in his neck or on his chest so he could keep you close and protect you from any danger. 

Bruce Banner/Hulk ~

Not many people knew about Bruce’s insecurities. He had told you when you first became an item and caused difficulties with sleeping with you, as he didn’t want to harm you. In response, you decided to sleep facing each other so you could name all of the things you loved about him and make him feel less insecure around you.

Thor Odinson ~

Thor was taller and had a bigger build than you. This meant that he became worried of hurting you more easily, deeming you as delicate. To help this, he decided it would be best if you sleep on top of him, with his arms around your waist so he couldn’t roll over and crush you.

Loki Laufeyson ~ 

Loki had always preferred having his own space. This resulted in him sleeping on his back, but with you curled up on one side, so even though he had his personal space he could still have you near.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier ~

Bucky always worried that he would accidentally hurt you, but that wasn’t a big issue with your sleeping arrangements. Bucky loved your natural scent, as odd as it sounds. He said he could smell your beauty and it was the only thing keeping him, him. So naturally he had his head buried in your neck, taking in your scent.

Don’t Do That Again

Paring: Steve x Reader

Characters: Bruce, Rhodey, Tony, Bucky, Steve, Clint

Summary: The reader sacrifices herself for Steve

TW: Violence, blood, combat

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but i saw a gif and wrote this drabble. i’m so sorry for the lack of Imagines. 

The quinjet was quiet, no one said a word, there was just the occasional voice on the fuzzy intercom. 

The agents kept coming, no one knew how many there were. They just knew that it was a small percent chance they were going to get out of there alive. Bruce and Rhodey were down, Tony, Bucky, and Clint were all somewhat injured. Steve had a few cuts and bruises here and there, y/n had been shot in the leg and shoulder. 

Steve and y/n were stationed in the building to get people out and get the files. They were almost clear when a bunch of agents swarmed them. Steve’s shield had been knocked out of his reach so both of you were left to dodge and pray that you wouldn’t get shot. 

The word seemed to slow down as you saw one of the last agents aim his gun straight for Steve’s head. As you saw safety click off you pushed your self forward, colliding with the man. You didn’t even know you had been shot until Steve yelled your name and called for evac. 

He picked you up bridal style, and carried you carefully out the door. Your hands struggling to keep pressure on the wound on your abdomen. The area outside was filled with rubble, there were a few small fires scattered around. The last thing you remember is Clint reaching for Steve’s arm out of the quinjets door. 

You woke to bright lights and constant beeping. You woke and looked around the white room. A battered up Tony sat next to you reading. You shot up remembering Steve, but instantly regretted it. 

“Woah there cowgirl, Take it easy” Tony said dropping his book and helped you sit back down slowly. 

“Did we finish the mission?” You asked your voice raspy. 

“No, you got shot in the stomach, we didn’t have much time to choose, plus your more important than those files” Tony said and you let the regret fill your stomach, Fury would not be happy with you. Another failed mission because you sacrificed yourself for your partner, which ends up with you almost dying and being out for a while. Tony left you to get changed and cleaned up. 

You put on some more clothes and carefully sat down in your wheel chair, you didn’t trust your leg. You wheeled cautiously over to Steve’s room. 

“Hey, how you doing there cap?” You asked putting on a happy face to hide the pain. 

“Good, and why aren’t you resting? You got shot 3 time, one saving my ass” 

“So? Your my partner, i’d rather die than lose you cap” You smile and he takes one of your hands and squeezes it. 

“ i don’t care, don’t do that ever again, i can’t loose you” He smiled and leaned in for a sweet kiss.

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Summary: Blame follows the reader after the events of Stone Cold.

Warnings: None that I can think of

Word Count: 3,076 (oops)

A/N: Back by popular demand, this is a continuation of Stone Cold and I’m not gonna lie, I may have cried a little when I wrote this!

You regretted everything. When Bucky left for cryo, you were inconsolable and the only person who could ever break through your heartbroken haze was Steve. He reminded you so much of Bucky in so many ways that you couldn’t help but want to be near him. Steve helped you rise from the ashes, the pieces of your heart being taped back together, yet parts of you were still missing. On the outside, you appeared whole, like you were beginning to move on, but on the inside, there were still parts of you that not even Steve could heal, only time.

Neither of you meant for things to end up the way they did. But they happened anyway. In amongst your shared anguish, your found solace in one another, awakening parts of you that had been shut off to the world after Bucky’s departure. Steve made you smile in a way no one else had been able to since Bucky, he made your stomach do little cartwheels when he smiled at you, but most importantly, he made you feel alive again. Something you weren’t sure you’d feel again.

Fast-forward one and a half years and you were the happiest you’d been for a long time, but the second you heard of Bucky’s re-awakening, you could feel old wounds splitting open and a wave of guilt wash over you, crushing your soul once again. You’d betrayed Bucky in more ways than you could imagine, but you couldn’t help the way your heart felt.

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My amazing boyfriend Steve got me this stunning dress! I feel so beautiful in it! It is so gorgeous!

Steve spoils me. I have never been spoiled in a relationship before, but I am definitely enjoying it! The best part is that he doesn’t just spoil me with gifts. He spoils me with his time, attention, and affection! He is so perfect for me, such a sweetheart!

i can confirm that chris evans is steve rogers. i saw him at topgolf and we asked his friend if we could have a picture and he walked all the way over to where we were sitting and said hi and aplogized for being sweaty and taking pictures with us! and when he was leaving he passed by us again and did the whole head tilt thing and said ladies and im still shaking and chris evans is a sweet heart!