Peggy’s granddaughter Steve Rogers x Reader Part 4

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark

Word count: 2362 words

Warnings: none i think

Tags: none.

Summary: after ignoring Steve for two weeks he finally shows up at your apartment

Notes: this is the last part of this story. I hope you liked it!

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PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

When Steve woke up he felt the worst hangover so far hitting him. Damn Thor and damn his special demi God drink. The only good thing was the he remembered every single thing he did. With you. A smile appeared on his lips and he turned on the bed, waiting to see there still sleeping but he found an empty bed. Where were you? Maybe you were in the bathroom?

“(Y/N)?” He said out loud, supporting himself on his elbows. Nothing. Silence. 

With a lump on his throat he woke up, noticing that all your clothes were gone except for your ripped blouse. He took it from the floor and looked into his closet to find a t-shirt and finding out you had taken one. His favourite. Where you really gone? After what happened? You couldn’t be that type of girl. Maybe you were just having breakfast downstairs? Unsure, he walked out of the bedroom somehow knowing you were gone. 

“Morning Cap”, Tony said from the couch as soon as he was downstairs. He looked around expecting to see you and then looked at Tony. “She… She left a note”, he said pointing at the bar.

Steve walked towards the bar and took the piece of paper with your handwriting. With a frown he looked at Tony, not believing a word. 

“I’m sorry, man”, Tony said with a sigh.

Steve took a deep breath and threw the paper away before going back upstairs. He really thought you were different. Last night meant something to him and he thought it meant something to you as well. Obviously, he was wrong. So damn wrong. You just left, leaving him completely alone on that bed and still he couldn’t hate you. 

It had been two weeks since that night. Two weeks of you thinking about Steve the whole time, two weeks without hearing from him, two weeks trying to ignore the t-shirt you stole from him and was now folded in your closet and two weeks not being brave enough to take the phone and call him or just show up at the tower to apologise. Somehow you expected him to call you or text you but deep inside you knew he wouldn’t do such thing. After all, you were the one who left. You were the one who screwed up the best night you ever had and the chance of real happiness. 

You tried to focus on your work, on your articles, and on the most ordinary things in order to keep him away from your thoughts. Sarah also tried to help you. She took you out every time you let her, she showed up at your door with food, ice cream, movies or any way of entertainment but it just didn’t work. Somehow he was always there, at the back on your mind, no matter what you did. Every time you took your phone you expected a text from him, when you went to work you wanted him to be at the door waiting for you. But that never happened and you were starting to accept that you had just a one night stand with the best guy on this planet. 

“Damn, I’m so stupid Sarah”, you sighed.

The two of you were at her apartments, watching Friends all over again. It was your favourite TV show ever but not even Chandler’s sarcastic jokes were helpful. She paused the chapter and looked at you with a sigh. 

“Why don’t you call him? You have his number and you’re obviously dying to talk to him and apologise or…whatever you want to do”, she said. 

“No! I can’t do it over the phone. I’m not 16”, you frowned looking at the TV. 

“And you won’t go to the tower, either. Tell me, Einstein, any brilliant idea? Maybe you should just take a pigeon in Central Park and send him a message with the bird”, she said sarcastic. 

“Shut up”, you said with a sigh. “I know I should do it, alright? I just… I know he hates me right now and I don’t think I can handle that from him”, you said looking at your hands.

“How do you know he hates you?” She asked. All you could do was shrugging. “Exactly, you don’t know and you won’t figure it out by sitting there and cry. But I have already told you this a million times and here you are, so I don’t know what else you want to hear”, she added. 

You looked at her not knowing what to say. She was completely right about everything. She had been trying to help you, giving you any advice she could think of but you always managed to come up with any excuse. You knew you were just being a coward. 

“You’re right”, you sighed nodding and bite your lip. “Ok, I’m going to the tower”, you said getting up.

Sarah looked at you, surprised that for once her words actually worked on you. Smiling she got up.

“Wait, what if they’re on a mission?”, you said looking at her again.

“Then you’ll go another day! Go girl before you change your mind!” She said pushing you to the door. “Just be careful if he gets mad. You know, he has super strength and stuff” she said as you put on your shoes.

“Thank you Sarah”, you said sarcastic as you opened the door. “That was really…” You stopped talking as you saw someone waiting at your door. “Steve?” He turned around as he heard your voice. 

“That was really Steve?” Sarah laughed coming to the door as well but stopped as he saw the superhero. “Holy shit.” She mumbled. Gulping you looked at her. “Oh no, you’re not coming back in here. Go”, she said pushing you outside and closing the door but she opened again “Hi Steve!” 

With that she definitely closed the door, leaving you completely alone and speechless. You turned around again and looked at him. Now you had no choice but to face him, face what you did and give him an apology and an explanation, praying for it to be enough. As you walked to your door he didn’t stop looking at you but he didn’t say anything either. You opened the door to your apartment and let him walk in first. 

How did he even find you? You never told him where you lived. Just to get some more time you kicked off your shoes and left the keys in the bowl next to the door. When you looked at him you expected him to be looking around the place but he was just standing there, hands in his pockets, looking at you completely serious. No emotions on his face. A cold mask where once was tenderness and sweetness. 

What were you supposed to say?

“Do you want water or…something?” You asked but your voice betrayed you and it came out in a whisper. But he heard you. 

“No”, was all he said.

Taking a shaky breath you nodded and walked down the three stairs to come a bit closer to him. But instead of stopping you walked to the fridge to have some water and also so you didn’t have to look at him. 

“How did you find me?” You asked not looking at him. Speaking was easier if you didn’t have his eyes locked with yours. 

“Tony helped me”, he replied. His voice was cold as ice but how could you blame him?

You put the bottle back in the fridge and closed it to finally look at him. Even though you knew what you had to say you just couldn’t find the words to do so. And the fact that your heart was racing didn’t help at all. Your mind was full of memories you had been trying to avoid. Memories of his hands on your body, of his lips on yours, of his eyes literally lighting up when you said his name and of his playful smile. 

“Steve, I…” You tried to start but the words didn’t come up.

“You left. That’s what you did”, he said. You closed your eyes and looked down. 

“I know…” You whispered and bite your lip. 

“And all you left was a note with some lame excuse that not even you believed”, he added. His words were like knives one after another. 

“I know…” You said again.You knew that wasn’t enough but you honestly didn’t know how to say what you wanted to say. How sorry you were, how you felt… You had it there, inside of you but you just didn’t know how to take it out.

“That’s all? I’ve spent the last week tracking you down, not sleeping, just for you to say that you know?” He snapped. “I really thought you were different (Y/N)” he added.

When you looked up you saw him walking to the door. No. He couldn’t go. If he left you wouldn’t get another chance. He wouldn’t let you talk anymore. This was your only chance. 

“I’m sorry!” You said moving from your spot to stand where he was standing just a few seconds ago. “Please, don’t go”, you begged. He stopped but didn’t turn to look at you. “I shouldn’t have left. I regret it the minute I did it but I freaked out when I woke up. I just couldn’t face it at the moment because…” You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. “You were Peggy’s first love and I know she was yours, and she was my grandmother who passed away just two months ago. And you and I just met, got drunk and had sex. It was an amazing night, the best of my life and I swear I never felt more alive but it became too much when I woke up. I…didn’t know how to handle it, I know leaving wasn’t the best option but… I didn’t know what to do”, you said. 

As you were talking he turned around to look at you, making you feel so small partly because he was taller, partly because you were barefoot and partly because he had gone to the top of those three little stairs that know seemed like a mountain between you two. 

“You could’ve called me, or came to the tower to talk about this instead of hiding, don’t you think?” He said. 

“I was scared, terrified of the idea of you hating me.” You admitted looking down again. “I’m a coward, I know, and I know you hate me”, you added. 

The silence between you two just grew bigger as you stopped talking. It was slowly killing you, which made no sense but you really had developed feelings for this guy in front of you. You really had tried not think about it or about him but now that he was in front of you, you just couldn’t deny it. It was there. Like a huge red balloon. About to explode. And there was nothing you could do because you had been that stupid girl who had screwed everything up before it even begun. 

“I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to hate you, you know? I tried to forget about you, about how it felt to have you in my arms, but every time I closed the eyes there you were.” He said. You looked up. He still hadn’t moved so you just stood there, controlling your breathing the best you could. “Smiling at me, kissing me, sleeping… And I couldn’t. I needed an explanation because I just couldn’t believe you were one of those girls.” Finally he moved and walked towards you. “So I told Tony and he found you, he found your address in two days and still took me a week to come here and face you. Because I was also afraid of you being something I didn’t want you to be”, he said now standing in front of you. 

“And what I am?” You asked looking up at him.

“You’re not Peggy. Not at all. You may look like her but that’s all.” He said. “Yes, I loved her but (Y/N)… That was more than 70 years ago. I moved on. It took me sometime but I did and so did she. And then there you were, out of nowhere, lighting up the room when you were in your darkest moment”, he placed some hair out of your face. “That makes you unique, you know?” He whispered.

“But I left…” You whispered looking down but he moved your head up.

“And now I know why. I forgive you.” He said. As he said those words you let out a shaky breath and closed your eyes. Thank you. When you opened them again there he was, the man you met, with bright blue eyes and a warm smile just for you. “I know we barely know each other but…”  

Before he could keep on talking you stood on your toes and pulled him towards you to kiss him by grabbing the collar of his jacket. Immediately, he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as he kissed you back. 

“You know you owe me a t-shirt, right?” He chuckled against your lips, making you laugh as you two kept on kissing like there was no tomorrow. 

You didn’t know what you had done to deserve this moment, to deserve him, but you knew you weren’t going to let him go easily. You were going to fight for this and you didn’t care about not knowing him. You two had plenty of time for that. 

“I’ve been dreaming about this since the moment I fell asleep with you”, he said making your heart melt a bit more. “Shall we take this to the bed?” He whispered pressing your foreheads together.

You pulled away and taking his hand you walked to your bedroom where he just didn’t gave you time to mentally prepare yourself, he just turned around and kissed you picking you up from the floor and walking to the bed for the second time. But this time you weren’t moving from his side anytime soon. 

Hold me {Steve Rogers}

Hold Me {Steve Rogers}

Summary- one of the billion reasons Steve loves you. ❤️

<1.5k words>

Warnings: cussing and indirect kinky-ness?


“you promised”

“…I know”

Another sleepless night, fatigue clawing at your overworked mind to stop and let it take over whatever sanity you have left.

If only it were that easy.

Every glance at the clock is a reminder of just how long you’ve been awake and - of course - it reminds you all over again of the time you’ve spent alone, lost in your own mind as it continues to suffer from the amount of strain and stress.

It’s not that you wanted to go into work tomorrow with dark circles under your eyes, showing just how shitty the past couple of days have been to anyone looking your way. Because, oh god you’ve tried and tried to sleep, to let the fatigue take over but for some reason- some damned reason - you wake up 5 minutes later as if everything had been nothing but a dream.

But but then again, how could you sleep? How could anyone sleep knowing that once again they’ve been pushed behind everything else and left in the dust. Honestly, you wouldn’t have mind - nope, not at all - if he hadn’t fucking promised. Usually you let it slide, it’s his job, and you can’t expect him to leave the world to suffer because we all know, it would be hell with out him in that amazing suit of his flexing those god damn mus- never mind…

But gosh you understood so well what you signed up for when you decided to finally be together, because you had fallen in love and nothing else mattered in that moment because he was everything you would ever want and need.

But tonight was different. It was supposed to be special. You had been planning it for the last 2 weeks for him, but now that didn’t seem to matter. The food had gotten cold 10 minutes after you had set it, laying untouched. It wasn’t because you weren’t hungry ooh god no, but it was probably the bucket of ice cream you had consumed after waiting for an hour… or the cold pizza you had eaten at the 2 hour mark or maybe the- I think you get the point.

Looking out the window you could see the stars, just not the one you wanted tonight and as much as you felt like crying and calling him you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. What were you supposed to say? ‘Stop saving the world and focus on me’? No, you weren’t selfish! You understood that he’s important, not just to you, but to every single soul that’s walked this earth since the 1940’s for fucks sake. Besides, how could anyone be mad at someone for something so-so right.

Especially when it came to Steve.

A miracle from God himself. A masterpiece that over the years has been torn from the edges but is beautiful none-the-less and deserves more than what had been given to him because -fuck- he deserves the world, but all he’s got is you.

Plain, ordinary you.

Though it makes you wonder how you got the Star Spangled Man to fall for you as hard as he did, he seems to remind you every day…

You are his world.

And as hard as you try to not get mad, you always remember: How could you get mad at a man like Steve? Who goes out of his way for you, acts like a gentleman, takes care of you, and gosh those puppy dog eyes will be the death of you.

Those same eyes that look into yours almost every night and tell you how much he loves you, the same eyes that tell you every emotion he’s feeling without a single breath rolling off his lips and onto yours, those eyes that have become your very specific favourite shade of blue although it is ever changing with whatever mood he’s feeling.


Startled, you stood up from the window seat in the centre of the living room, quickly glancing at the door on the opposite end of the room just fast enough to see it push open. Your shoulder drop at the sight along with your heart.

He looks tired, worn out and down right miserable and your heart aches for that dashing smile to replace the lines of worry surrounding his pink lips. The frown evident on his forehead as his eyebrows furrow deeper then before at the sight of you awake and looking just as bad as himself.

He hates it. He absolutely hates it.
But then again. He hates himself.

Because he knows he’s the reason your awake at this ungodly hour. Sitting in your favourite spot that gives you a nice view of the little Brooklyn neighbourhood. Your eyes reflecting his worry and exhaustion like a mirror, and I he knows it’s his fault and all he wants to do is hold you because your so god damn precious.

He’s fully aware that you deserve more than this.  More than waiting for a man who can’t keep his promise but he can’t let you go because he’s too fucking selfish, and he hates it but God he loves you and it seems to rule every other thought out of his mind without a second doubt.

He stands there for a second but before he can understand it he’s right in front of you, looking down at your small figure framed with one of his shirts that look much too big for you but make you look more beautiful than anything, any mind in this galaxy could conjure.

He takes the few seconds of silence to just truly drink you in. Your hair messed and imperfectly perfect from the amount of times you’ve ran your fingers through it, the stars are dancing in your eyes as you stand there, your chest moving up and down with each breath and he’s mesmerized, because without realizing you had gotten closer and fuck-

He’s breathless and your breathtaking and he can never understand how after all this time of being together you still manager to leave him speechless.

“I love you”
It was barely a whisper but you could feel the  feather light movement of his lips faintly brushing yours and your knees became weak and wow - no matter how long you’ve been with this man and no matter how many times he touches you or kisses you, you can’t seem to calm your racing heart from diving straight out of your chest and into his hand (kinda gross, I know, but it’s okay - okay? Okay.)

But there’s no place you’d rather have it be.
And suddenly all the pent of emotion of before seem to slip away into a river of nothingness because he didn’t need the weight on his shoulders, not when he’s carrying the weight of the world on them all the time, with barely a sliver of a break.

“I love you too”

“Im sorry,doll”

“Its okay”

“No it’s not, and I’’m sorry let me make it up to you…please”



“Hold me”

“Anything for my best girl”

And just like every other night, he wraps you up in his arms, your cheek pressed against his chest, his heart beat the only melody you’ll ever need as on of your hands lays flat against his chest with the other near his hip, softly playing with the top of his pyjama pants. His hand is softly playing with ur hair as your legs intertwine, your hand tracing the slopes and contours of his muscles.

Then his hand is on your chin, lifting it to look in to your eyes. The rays of the rising sun play of his face and he looks so serene, such a contrast from a few minutes ago.

His head leans down, his eyes slowly closing as his lips ghost over yours, a trick he often used against you, because he knows how much you love his kisses - so soft and warm and he treats you like the finest piece of China that could break at any moment… Usually ;)

His long eyelashes tickle your checks as his nose slightly bumps with yours playfully , a smile spreading on your lips onto his.

“I love you, Steve”

“I love you too,doll.” He peaks open his eyes to your shut ones, your breathing even, and he smiles to himself because you look like an angel - his angel. These moment are the ones he cherishes, the ones where the faint traces of blue from the night before are dancing off he walls and the city is soon to wake but you’ve only just fallen into the world of dreams and he knows that there is no one more perfect then this girl in his arms who understands him and is patient for him and just down right deals with his shit.
“More than you’ll ever know”

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12 with steve please? :)

Steve // “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Steve had been brooding all day, and you couldn’t figure out why.

“Steve.” You finally said, pulling yourself towards him so that your body was flush against his on the couch. He grunted in response, automatically wrapping his arm around you but still not quite looking at you.

“C’mon, babe.” You said. “What’s up?” You said, and he shrugged. You had to hold back a laugh at his childish behavior.

“I know somethings up.” You say, moving so that you’re straddling him and he had no choice but to face you. He frowned harder.

“You’re mine.” He said finally, and you quirked an eyebrow.

“Yeah, and you’re mine.” You said slowly. Of course you were his – why was he upset?

“Not Soda’s, not Darry’s, not Dally’s, not Pony’s, not Johnny’s, not Two’s, and more certainly not that asshole from your math class’.” He said, and you looked down at him, amused.

Wait a minute. You’re jealous. Of fucking John.” You said, biting your lip to hold back a grin. “Are you jealous?” You asked, and he continued frowning.

“Well,” you finally said after another minute of no response. You lowered your head so that your lips brushed his and then began to unbutton his shirt. His breath hitched. “You have nothing to worry about.



Had a little bit of fun practicing/testing out the video editing program my husband & I got.
(My husband’s voice & concept art from Wikipedia & the last picture I drew)
(Cuz I think the “place-holder name” for the deep sea dragon is funny) XD

Today I got awesome Supernatural-Merchandise I ordered!

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I got a cool ‘Join The Hunt’ shirt, an awesome mug I just had to get (I mean, there is an IMPALA on that mug!), and two NEW POPFIGURES TO ADD TO MY COLLECTION!

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