Tore up Tom to clean the sand and dirt out of him.. Meet the new fam!
Biggest: Tom
Second biggest: Davie
Third biggest: Moe
Smallest: Steve
I also have a tiny one made out of the scraps that fall off when I clean ‘em… His name’s Tim Tim and he’s in a small vial with rose quartz on the bottom! He’s still very smol, though… Might post a pic of him later

So, I decided to make some Avatar sigils using Join the Realm...



Obvious choice because sharkbrows, and scarfy.


Water Tribe

Alternate Water Tribe

Lazy alternate sigil that’s kind of obvious because of the poles, and wolves…also, winter. Lots of winter.

Sun Warriors

A blazing sun on a crimson field.

Fire Nation - Pre-Sozin’s Conquest

I decided to go with the Targaryen dragon, but with gold instead of red to represent the Dragon Throne. Their words “Heirs of the Dragon” further connects them with the dragons.

Fire Nation - 100 Years War

Like the Fire Nation throne room being consumed by fire, so to has the Fire Nation sigil changed to represent the fire that Sozin brought to the world.

Fire Nation - Azula’s Short Reign

Blue fire for her blue flames on a crimson field. Maybe her words should have been “Burn Them All”?

Fire Nation - The Phoenix King

My original design had the Sun in the background, but I didn’t think it worked thematically.

Fire Nation - Zuko’s reign

Ok, jokes about honor and how Zuko’s motto should have the word “honor” in it somewhere aside, it made sense to me that Zuko would try to connect himself to the Sun Warriors. Thus, his sigil is a dragon (pretend it’s actually Ran and Shaw) representing his ancestry as a descendant of Sozin and Roku, inside of a much larger sun representing the Sun Warriors and their teachings. The red and blue in the background also represents Ran and Shaw (although, I guess you could go ahead and say that it also represents Zuko himself and the decisions he has made).  

This one is definitely my favorite. 

i just really love the idea of steve being like….. painfully 40s for a while after waking up like going into a drugstore and being like huh wheres the asthma cigs and everyones like ?? asthma cigs?? and hes like yeah you know. the ones with cannabis. fav brand. and thats how it gets out that captain america smoked weed in his youth to alleviate his asthma

or being asked about something related to communism and how Horrible it is and hes like ‘what, the soviet union?? last i heard we were allied with em??? did something happen??’ and everyone looks around the room like ah geez whos gonna tell cap about the cold war

‘i dunno i always thought that socialism thing sounded pretty nice. woulda really helped me nd buck when he was between jobs’




Okay, where to begin.

So, I got tickets to the Snug Platters label launch at the Eagle Inn, featuring a performance by Steve and a DJ set by one of the loves of my life, Guy Garvey. So far so good. God knows I wasn’t ready.

So not only did I meet up with the wonderful seldomseencaptains (pictured above -  love you!!) and mcgreggorsflyingdream, which would have been awesome enough, so much happened that made this a night to remember.
Joe Lofthouse started the night with an incredible acoustic set - wish I’d caught him supporting Elbow in February - really friendly guy too. Then we had the star of the show, STEVE (bottom right) - I can’t way to hear more by her, her performance was incredible.
By now it’s several pints later, I’m outside the pub, and I own a copy of Steve’s debut EP. I got to talk to her, she thanked me for being at the front of the crowd, and signed the vinyl, what a great woman.
Then, it came to the highlight of the night, meeting Guy. Neither of us were 100% sober which probably helped the encounter run smoother than it otherwise would have. I thanked him for being one of my favourite artists, for writing so many songs that have helped me through some tough times, and he was so lovely about it. I even gave him a copy of my EP which was humbling. He remembered bracetheace from February and signed something for her (which is top secret :p ), accidentally gave me a glass of whiskey, and shook my hand so many times. Thanks, Guy. Thanks for a great night.


These are images of Stephanie, Anya, and Steve holding their children throughout the course of my Winter Soldier Fanfiction. This is just a visual of images I found on the Internet to help me create these lovely characters (except Steve, who is copyrighted by Marvel).

The top left photo link is
The top right photo link is
The middle photo link is