STEUBENVILLE 2012. I have never felt more loved than I did this entire weekend. <3 Strangers would seriously just walk up and give me a hug and scream “Jesus loves you!!” It felt so good & different to be around people that are so loving and caring. I think that its always the worst coming home from a church retreat…Having to come back to reality and just jumping back into the swing of things. It’s hard because you always seem to be on such a Jesus high during the whole retreat. Like I’m definitley high off of Jesus’s love right now and it feels so unbelievably amazing. JEESSSUUUUUSSS SAVVVVEESSSSSS!!!!! AND LET ME TELL YOU, nothing is more attractive than seeing a guy kneeling and praying. Seriously. There was this one guy during mass that was praying and crying at the same time. I died, he was too cute:):) Anywayysss…. But while being filled with God’s grace throughout the whole weekend, it’s difficult for me to see my friends back at home not changed at all… Like I don’t know how to explain it but I want to help them so bad. I prayed for all my friends, especially the ones that don’t have close relationships with Jesus and it just made me realize that I’m so lucky to be close with God <3 AHHHHH Steubenville was sooo amazing, especially since there was literally 5,000 Catholic teens all together worshipping Jesus in one HUGE arena. I honestly cannot explain how it felt to be there but I definitley felt Jesus’s love the entire time I was there, and I’m just so thankful for this experience. Steubenville was the most inspiring and moving weekend of my lifee. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEARRR!!! <3