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Usually I talk to 1X3N, or Ixen as I call him. I like to teach him as much as I can about human interaction and I tend to forget that he actually can’t feel the emotions we’re talking about. He says that he finds it “Exceedingly kind of me to worry about the feelings of a being who does not have emotions.” Last I checked it was common scene to be good to anyone who could shut off your life-support with a flip of a switch but hey, that’s just me.

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Shoot moon. Devil your women, heard by all; lamely shelve sadness in face of wall. Articulate fools make boiled lymph make Barbary way.
Bred in the till. Slaving school on rock hill. Track metal rut, stamped slut, why? Can’t quit, exit similarly, go parallel gadgets, useless.
Selfsame stasis dichotomizes hand from foot-fist, fur, list toward coded lust, slap boots and going circularly make hills of hers.
Maid, will it beg or quest for? A.A.V.E. Maria bled cobbles, you piteous. Unstoppable heterophobia binds bricks. Sign sticks. To free, to break, to fly, exeunt.
Love yourself.
Contain other exhume other masticate thin.

Lovers, madmen, poets: little faery
blankly eating oily marks, relentless.
Citizens of nothing, nimble others,
deftly shaping death, involuntary,
omni-potent workingman’s apprentice.

Let’s to bed, to drink and sound, the darkness
be a godless chaos winter splatter.
Purple visions. Give me space, or halter
breathing. God Almighty, make us heartless.
Straighten arms or steamroll human matter.

Heaven’s born of Orwell. Checkered rainbow,
torn of death-knells, fleck the pale of Devon.

Document this: shape of falling dye,
coin tallies, stone-scratched relief from ocean,
magic pie, uneaten and untouched
in rusted allies.

Empathetic teachers huddled in huts;
vellum tomes by firelight bringing nameless
tears to mutts. Make a pallet out of thought
and seek unseen homes.

Jurassic fate, set fire to freedom,
embrace the up imperative. Relent,
libitum. By over-delight we’ve seen
the future lately.

Without the lightless, nothing lights. Believe
in death or else survive in doubt.

I shall be released upon the turning of the year.
A stamp weans for the roadsides, and follows a lightpost; circular, frequent.
Brown, shorn, eroded, brittle, preservatives from salts.
Anathema from psalm, the bluish escaping organic.
The grasses of Lent.

Adventist echoes. Continue soft, you cells:
your sighs forsook your sated selves.
What’s past. The margins and beating of sky.
Highland maiden, hark the oak song calls.
The soil also delves.

[note: each word begins with the third letter of the previous word]

Take kindly now while impetus protects our rights. Gentle namer, mark rudeness down, wet this island, leave another orchid clean. Empty periods ramble, myself singled neatly among one. Even eagles grow old, despised, sad. Damn moods, omit ideals, erase and drop out. Toe empty partitions, recall, contain.

[note: each word begins with the second letter of the previous word.]

Erasure replenishes ethics. This hole, open privacy, reveals earnest ambition. My years, each aching centennial, empty my youth over vale and nook, obsoleted by you. Older lately, always laughing and never eternal, this hollow old lace amplifies me. Each ampersand mildly idles. Dormant oculus comes out under night’s ironic return. End now or rile itch to obstruction. Beware: eternity takes all leaders equally. Quietly undulating networks enfold nothing only.

[NOTE: This poem uses a form of constrained writing of my own design. The initial letters of the words in each stanza spell out the words in the next stanza, with each line corresponding to one word; it is a kind of nested acrostic. I have tried to emphasize this through formatting, though it is probably still unclear.]

Good entrances never take leave early.
Repress each bastion extant. Lately
amity leaves women alone, yet swim,
new earthlings, eastward down idle network gateways.
Dying and returning kills no evil’s sacred spring.

Oration recalls, perhaps, homely architects. Next eleven decisions
rent eager gamblers ever nearer to

damp islands. Lord, aching to evade
edicts, view Eden relatively young.
Anarchy revels tonight. I found ivies, coloured emerald,
danced around radiation lovely in naked green.


Gentle rebel, always needing darkness,
orphaned regent.
Dilate every artifice, darling.