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Mama, who of the 104'th and veterans would be a yandere, tsundere or kuudere?

Hmm that’s hard to tell, because the characters aren’t really made to fit these sterotypes, but I’ll try anyway

Yandere: Reiner, Bertholdt, Jean, Marco, Sasha, Hanji, Mike, 

Tsundere: Eren, Connie, Historia, Ymir, Levi, Nanaba

Kuudere: Mikasa, Annie, Armin, Erwin, Moblit


Rules is a very bad book

Basically the book is about a girl and her 8 year old brother. However, the brother is autistic. The author treats him like a Sterotypical Autistic ™ by making him shout all the time and making him stupid and embarrassing (i.e making him pull down his pants for some reason)
So in conclusion the author is a Neurotypical who has no idea how mental illnesses work and needs to know that autistic people aren’t dumb and always kids.

Things can’t LOOK like a sexuality. It’s very tempting to make easy jokes about Dan looks like a lesbian, Dan the pastel video is gay - that’s actually problematic to say that. Stereotypes. I mean obviously correlation between behaviour and stereotypes do exist but when things are kind of feeding into heteronormativism and the harmfulness of everyone’s living inside of a patriarchy and the bullying that exists within the male system with things threatening their masculinity that's just a bad thing, you know. Stereotyping sexuality and behaviour and gender isn’t a good thing. So you can say “oh, that guy looks like a lesbian” or “oh, the flowers that’s a bit gay” and it’s not necessarily the most offensive thing but on a level it is slightly bad ‘cause you are reenforcing those things, you know.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 14th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (31/?)

I’m so happy he spoke up about this. I also love how he did it in such a non-threatening manner. He’s hoping to educate the people, who might not be aware of how harmful their actions and words can be. I stan the right people. 

"Many of the anti-black women stereotypes originated during slavery.Long before sociologists perpetuated theories about the experience of black matriarchy, white male slave owners created a body of myths to discredit the contributions of black females; one such myth was the notion that they were all masculinized sub-human creatures.Black female slaves had shown that they were capable of performing so-called "manly" labor, that they were able to endure hardship, pain, and privation but could also perform those so called " womanly" tasks of housekeeping , cooking, and child-rearing. Their  ability to cope effectively in a sexist-defined "male" role threatened patriarchal myths about the nature of woman's inherent physiological difference and inferiority. By forcing black female slaves to perform the same work tasks as black male slaves, white ale patriarchs were contradicting their own sexist order that claimed woman to be inferior because she lacked physical prowess. An explanation had to be provided to explain why black women were able to perform tasks that were cited by patriarchs as job women were incapable of performing. To explain the black female's ability to surie without the direct aid of a male and her ability to perform tasks that were culturally defined as "male" work, white males argued that black slave women were not "real" women but were masculinized sub-human creatures." Bell Hooks "Ain't I A Woman" pg 71

“Too dark skinned”, “Ugly” “Not his type” “Angry” “Too Independent” “Masculine” these are reoccurring themes in all of the racist comments I have seen on twitter, FB, and here on tumblr, those comments are rampid throughout the social media pages that are promoting 7X12. These comments are simply a mirror of where we are as a country and society and frankly where we have always been. Black skin has been degraded and criminalized in a way that regardless of how beautiful our kings and queens are they are met with the societal shackles of what they assume true beauty is. The “not his type” crowd say they aren’t racist but don’t face the reason why they say their relationship “doesn’t look right” or makes them “uncomfortable”. The “she’s to angry” crowd use a decades old sterotype margilizing Michonne because of her initial introverted and independent status. Yes, us black women know how to fight and make it, that doesn’t make us “angry” that makes us survivors. The “Too Independent” crowd blindly believe that being independent doesn’t warrant the right to find true love and vulnerability. The one that bothers me the most is she’s “too masculine”….this comes from the same individuals who praise our dark skin and features on someone else but not when it comes on us naturally. No, black women don’t fit into your blonde haired, blue eyed standard of beauty but in turn that’s what makes us beautiful…I say that to say this, we see all these comments everyday, we experience the microaggression everyday but we must lift each other up and also lift Danai up in these spaces. Never internalize any of the negativity, TO ALL MY BLACK GIRLS YOU ARE MAGICAL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU ARE A FORCE, YOU ARE ROYALTY. Danai Gurira, I adore all you are and all you inspire me and so many others to be. Thank you for your brilliance, thank you for your gifts. God bless you and God bless all my kings and queens. Godspeed 🙏

I hope this doesn’t come off as offensive to anyone but...

Please remember the femme lesbians. Please remember the lesbians who only own one flannel shirt or none at all. Please remember the lesbians who prefer wearing a skirt or a dress. Please remember the lesbians who use most of their income on make-up. Remember the lesbians whose favorite color is pink. Remember the lesbians who grew up playing with dolls, playing dress up and loving princess movies. Remember the lesbians who are cheerleaders and ballerinas. Remember the lesbians who never leave town without a pair of heels. Remember the lesbians who would change a tire in these heels, and remember the lesbians who have no idea how to change a tire. 

Just please remember us lesbians who prefer to be just a little “girly” but are still as much attracted to other girls as any other lesbian. 

Remember the lesbians who feel like, they don’t the fit into the community because they don’t fit the general image of a lesbian. Be aware that you can’t generalize the personality and the looks of someone who is attracted to a certain gender. We can only be sure to have one thing in common, and that is that we love girls and that we’re a minority, and that’s more than okay. 

We have to stick together and we have be the open minded ones. You can be a lesbian and love flannels, and you can be a lesbian and not love flannels. Both are okay, and both are gay!

Last but not least, please support lesbians who are not golden. Please support lesbians who didn’t realize they were lesbians before they became adults. Please support lesbians who are biromantic and homoromantic, even if they are asexual. And please. Please support lesbians who are not lesbians but who are bisexuals. Please support all bisexual girls! 

Just please support all kinds of girls who are attracted to girls and make this community our home too! :-)

Reasons for you to watch “Please Like Me”
  • LGBT themed show
  • Real people with real flaws
  • You can’t draw the line between “good” and “bad characters because most of them are morally gray teenagers
  • An interracial couple
  • Almost no prejudice is shown, just people being happy about being queer and trying to find love
  • Old people who don’t let age get them or let them down
  • Good and not sterotypical representation of mental illness
  • The grown ass people at the mental hospital act just like high schoolers (and that’s the opposite of a bad thing???)
  • A character who always gives too much love and attention and a character who doesn’t know how to express his feelings properly
  • A character who isn’t comfortable with PDA
  • The girl you think is a bitch in fact have feelings and the guy you thought was the victim is actually a jerk
  • It’s avaliable on Netflix
  • I could go on and on but I’m just two seasons in so
Being Haitian

Out of all the West Indian countries Haiti is always looked down upon and slandered. They do not talk about Haiti the way they talk about Jamaica, Trinidad, or Bahamas etc. every other island is always associated with beauty & riches; while Haiti is associated with everything negative like Voodoo, poverty, & corruption. Every single island has their form voodoo yet no one talks about that, Jamaica can be pretty damn rough, I mean each island has their own problems..You can’t be beautiful & be Haitian bc apparently were ugly, & poor. Growing up I used to get bullied for being Haitian. I mean we’re constantly shit on but Lemme clear it up though, Haitian People ARE NOT symbols of poverty. We’re Fucking human beings. Hard working people. There is so much beauty, culture, & riches on that island. From the food, music, to the beaches…Haiti was the First & ONLY BLACK NATION to gain its independence from colonial oppression; Haiti Led a REVOLUTION That made the U.S & France hate on them. They’ve been through years of oppression, continuous hatred, devastating disasters & still hold true to their very words of “UNION FAIT LA FORCE”, But we’re the poorest country ?! Nah we been runnin shit Haitian, Black & Muthafuckin Proud of it ✊🏾


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

What Your Favorite Origin Says About You According to Stereotypes: 

Cousland: You wanna be the queen, or you wanna be the guy fucking the queen. 

Tabris: Where’s the fun in an opening if you don’t get to stab your way out of a castle? 


Mahariel: You relish soul crushing pain.

Brosca: Magic is overrated, you love a good height difference, rags to riches is where it’s at.

Aeducan: Magic is overrated, you love a good height difference, outcast royal from the throne is where it’s at.