“Diablo is such a bad sterotype for Latinos!”

“Why do people like him?! He killed his kids and wife! He’s HORRIBLE.”

“Y'all are saying you wanna date him, but he’d probably kill you too”

“Diablo and Harley? He would set her on fire, good lord, don’t ship that.”

“Eughhh, he’s so SCARY. And looks so creepy…”

(Gestures to images up above, which made up about half of a comic book, there’s a lot more that I couldn’t fit)
You sure about all those things?

You’re telling me a man who says “Howdy, folks” is awful. Listen, I know we didn’t get to see a lot of Diablo, but please know that he’s truly a sweet guy. Someone who’s just trying to be the hero again and attempt to make up for what he did. He swore to never hurt a woman nor child, and he never has to this day. This is the man who politely asked for an awful villain to defend themselves, just because he didn’t want to just hurt someone without them having a chance (and to justify his right to fight) Spread the word about El Diablo, Chato Santana, or any other name. He deserves to be known as the beautiful man he is, and the man who deserves a second chance at life. At everything.

Ok but why are Gay and Bi people, like, sooooo hypersexualized by straight people and media??? Why do straight people automatically assume that all Gay or Bi people are just soooo hot and horny to just fuck people of the same sex??? And that they’ll just pursue anybody of the same sex??? And why does the media promote these stereotypes and hypersexualize the FUCK out of their queer characters??? Like, is it too much to ask that y’all write LGBTQ+ characters like normal human beings??? Do y’all really have to make them soooo sex-hungry??? They’re just like everyone else. They just so happen to like the same sex. Also, will cishets just ease their guard??? Gay and Bi people won’t sleep with just ANYBODY. Vast majority have these two little things called STANDARDS and SELF-CONTROL. Some of y’all really oughta try that out sometime.


Educate yourself on Self-harming. Because it may not be what you’re thinking it is.

I’m getting so sick and tired to read all bad comments on some of all pictures that’s floating around the interwebz of me and some of my friends.
People seems to really have the need to just say mean things about people they don’t know.
I read very often from the punk police that we are posers, that we have to perfect mohawks, do our makeup to good, or that we dress to nice or to stereotypical, or even to extreme. So fucking what?
To be a part of the punk scene today, you have to look completely normal or look like a (sterotypical?) crust punk. It’s not OK to look like we do, because that’s a “uniform”.
I wear it because I like it. Not because I want to fit in. Because I really don’t fit in, at fucking all. I’ve never fit in my life. Not in normal life, not at my job, not on the streets and not in the punk scene.

Who cares about how we dress or do our hawks? Does that really makes a difference for you to tell us that you don’t like it?
It just makes me happy that it pisses you off. Because then I guess we succeeded.

The punk scene must be the most elitist, judgemental and hypocritical subculture ever. But at the same time, so fucking amazing.
I love all the amazing people I’ve meet trough the years I’ve been a part of this scene. All from when I arranged gigs and festivals, to just hang in the park or at the gigs.

Why not welcome everyone and stop being judgemental and mean? We’re on the same side aren’t we?
People seem to forget what we fight for.

Let’s end this with and little Xray Spex, “I am a poseur and I don’t care, I like to make people stare!”

ive read a lot of articles recently about makeup and seen a lot of makeup artists/celebrities like zendaya (who’s amazing i have no problem with her at all) talking about how makeup is an art form and i have so many mixed feelings about it i know ive talked about my anxiety re: makeup and construction of self image on here before so this is probably just reflecting my own personal feelings but: doesn’t the “makeup as art” kind of remind you of the process of women killing themselves into art objects? like they’re literally invoking some of the same language to discuss makeup, the idea of trying on new identities, putting your face on to confront the day, makeup being “warpaint” which has some racist connotations in addition to implying that it’s a violent process (madwoman in the attic: “…so many real women have for so long expressed loathing of (or at least anxiety about) their own, inexorably female bodies. The “killing” of oneself into an art object - the pruning and preening, the mirror madness, and concerns with odors and aging…-all this testifies to the efforts women have expended not just trying to be angels but trying not to become female monsters.” the blank page and the issues of female creativity: “…many women experience their own bodies as the only available medium for their art, with the result that the distance between the woman artist and her art is often radically diminished; second, one of the primary and most resonant metaphors provided by the female body is blood, and cultural forms of creativity are often experienced as a painful wounding.”  “If…female creativity has had to express itself within the confines of domesticity…women could at the least paint their own faces, shape their own bodies, and modulate their own vocal tones to become the glass of fashion and the mold of form. To make up, for such women, means not only making up stories but making up faces. In terms of the Pygmalion myth…, the woman who cannot become an artist can nevertheless turn herself into an artistic object.”)

Horror Game where you play as the Dog in a sterotypical nuclear family with two kids. You wander around a newly bought house and you gotta chase away the ghosts and evils by barking (But you can’t bark too many times or act too crazy or the humans will lock you up in your crate.) PROTECT YOUR FAMILY. BORK AT THE GHOSTS.

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lets destroy the myth that being gay means you have anal sex

yes because not all gays like it up the ass ladies and gents, blowjobs are great too!! and some people dont even like to have sex!! WE MUST DESTROY STEROTYPES AND LET EVERYONE BE GREAT AND THEMSELVES!!

leo & sterotypes;

fellow leo mentioned that we are the most stereotyped sign out of the entire zodiac & we can all agree it’s true. i feel like leo’s do get pinned for being extra vain/selfish, looking down on others & thinking we’re better than everybody else. we ofcourse know this is false.
i feel we have really confident days/moments and other times we dont know why we exist & want to hide. like everybody else 🙄. i do think that the way we come off is ALWAYS misinterpreted & people externalize it when really it’s a personal thing. it has nothing to do with how we see/treat/feel about others. we look down on noone. with our hearts & how much we care for others we dont at all mean to come off impersonal or egotistical. so why do we get that title? i feel appearing extra confident & proud and extremely sure of ourselves is more of a mental practice we do to help push self to believe it, with the idea others will too. others can only treat leo with utmost respect & care when they feel we value our own worth just as much. leo bruise’s easily so its crucial that we dont appear like we’re a easy as hell to hurt - cause we are. get to know a leo first, you’ll uncover a really humble amazing individual annnddd without a doubt one of the best damn friends/lovers you’ll ever have - before you speak on one. bye stereotypes 😪

guys,, watch what you are saying

it could greatly impact somebody’s life.

i remember when this year,, i was sitting next to 2 people who were also vietnamese.

we were in school and we were studying asia. i was thrilled to study asia cause asians were always sterotyped to be loud, rude, annoying, really dumb, or really smart.

now this was a private catholic school, so you bet there were snobby ass white kids everywhere. there were barely any poc.

these 3 guys (two were white ass fuckboys and one was a hispanic asshole who believed he was the meme lord,, which i think is pretty stupid cause he didnt even know who dat boi is) were discussing the countries we were going go learn.

they were criticizing each and every one of their cultures.

“korea is too preppy and everybody is just ugly in general”

“everyone who is asian is just ugly in general”

“lol get rekt”

then they said one thing that really hit me.

“vietnam is so stupid. i wish we could just bomb it and forget about it.”

this hit me really hard. i am now very insecure about my culture cause of these fuck boys who are gonna regret everything.

trust me.

watch what you say. i could greatly impact a person’s life.

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also like they legit pushed every terrible stereotype for black men onto jacob, so many that didn't go with his personality (which barely existed besides being a platter for them to throw bs sterotypes at) and was why he was so inconsistent like. absentee father figure, emotionally reclusive, and cheats on u and knocks up someone else like how fucking transparent

I think it just goes to show how underlying factors can seep into writing. I’m sure (or would hope so anyway) that none of the writers sat down and actively thought “let’s make Jacob a stereotype!” Instead, they developed his story and kept adding things to it, but didn’t realize that all these little things filter in to create a bigger picture. It’s cringey that he had the absentee father storyline but not too bad, considering most of the other characters also had a daddy issues storyline in ME2. But then they also went and made him the cheating S/O which is like…come on guys. How did NO ONE on the writing staff catch this?

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elaborate on how it hurts others

People self diagnose themselves often based on sterotypes which adds stigma and makes it harder for actual mentally ill people to be understood

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not to start shit but why do you hate urie?

Girls/Girls/Boys is about “how hot is is to be with a girl that also likes girls” which translates to fetishizing wlw and isnt a fucking bi pride song

He says he is straight and even goes as far as sterotyping gay men by saying “i love musicals but i love pussy more”

This hoe only has anxiety yet think he has the right to make fun of biploar people

This dumb fucking shit

There is culture appreciation in the miss jackson video were a white girl wears a head dress and Brendon probably couldve said something 

He compared Transgender to transracial 

Made fun of people who dont idenfity with male/female 

While covering a song said the N word and i had the link but i lost it and cant find it again 

Basically said that Dallon and Kenny arent talented enough to be official members

Uses words like Crazy Pyscho and whore in his songs and while bandom loves to drag female artists for using those words its totally okay when Brendon does it 

I’m such a sterotypical fake grunge tumblr girl with my American apparel bag and cigarettes and stick and pokes oh god what

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How can I tell the difference between hating the stereotypes assigned to my gender and being transgender? I thought I was transgender then I read more about internalized misogyny. I got really mad at my trans friend who talked about how she knew she felt right as a woman the first time she wore eyeshadow and it's because I don't associate makeup with womanhood, and those associations are what makes me feel less like a girl. I can't tell what's real anymore. Do you have definitions for boy/girl?

Kii says:

So, there’s nothing wrong with conforming to gender sterotypes if that’s what makes you happy, and I would honestly apologize to your friend, because she hasn’t done anything wrong by conforming to the sterotype of her gender, even if that’s not something you want to do. I would suggest looking at our “What am I?” page for more info on your own identity, because we can’t figure that out for you.