The signs as stereotypical high school boys

Aries: The jock who’s the head/captain of their sports team, also a complete bitch who pushes you into lockers and is most likely pretty tall and a fuckboy that all the cheerleaders fall for

Taurus: That one guy who will always shout out shit from the back of the class and everyone will snicker, but he’ll probably get sent to the office at least twice a week for it

Gemini: The infamous heartthrob boy who plays the guitar and has shaggy longer sort of hair with a beanie, with one swoop of it, and a simple chord, girls swoon at his very feet, but at the same time he’s a huge nerd who loves sci-fi and cheesy indie songs

Cancer: Someone who actually does work, they study and try not to get involved in many parties or any social gatherings, they have a pair of strict parents which praise him for the straight A’s he brings home

Leo: At the back of class, whispering to other guys about conspiracy theories and how they are convinced their home is haunted or some shit, for fucks sake they are probably just gonna grow up to be a ghost hunter or some strange shit, but at the same time, they’re everyone’s annoying best friend

Virgo: This hoe rocks PE for some reason, like they’ve run 8 laps before someone has just run 1, what the fuck even is this kid, stop, pls

Libra: This guy has his social group of guys, but at the same time he’s a total chav, can someone just shoot him already, put him out of his misery already

Scorpio: Fuckboy. He’s a fuckboy. Wow, so surprising, total fuckboy. He’ll try to sleep with as many girls as possible and he won’t even try to seem nice to fool anyone, everyone knows he’s not wanting anything more than one night

Sagittarius: He’s trying to be a pro wrestler or some other shit, but this boy is involved with every sport he can get his hands on, he’ll even get an attractive girlfriend or two on the way just because he’s on a sports team

Capricorn: He’s like always high, and I’m not sure if he is even in class, or high school altogether, I think he may have just dropped out a while ago to go skate and drink

Aquarius: No one likes this bitch, he’s antisocial and works it to his advantage, because he doesn’t have to worry about hurting any friendships, he’ll become the teacher’s pet by becoming a snitch about every little thing, but he gets straight A’s and always has his nose in a book refusing to talk to anyone

Pisces: He’s also a dumbass and a fuckboy, he most likely has a shitty modern haircut, maybe even a man bun, he’ll try to use memes when they’re old, and he’ll keep using them for years, like fuck you, let it go, no one like you fuck yourself, fuck all pisces, I means some of you are cool but just fuck most pisces sun