To everybody freaking out about:

- Paul’s interview

- The sneak peek for tonight’s episode

- Or wathever

I’m just gonna use one of Stefan’s line in the show:

“Life isn’t about your final moments. It’s about the moments that led up to them”


OF COURSE we all want them to be endgame and live happily ever after


It’s more about the ride, you know? So enjoy the show. Enjoy all the Steroline moments we’re still going to get. This is the final season, and in three months it’ll all be over. No more Stefan. No more Caroline. No more Steroline. No more TVD. And I really don’t think it’s possible for them to end the show both alive and not together. But it doesn’t really matter that much…. we got to watch these two become friends and fall in love and get engaged in spite of all the shit that happened during the past 8 years. 

So don’t freak out. Don’t try to imagine what the end is gonna be. This is the 6th episode, and we still have 10 more to watch. There’s so much to come yet!

stefan salvatore gave himself up to the literal devil so that his future wife could be with her children again. theyre both immortal and he did that

and all he wanted was his to be with her on his last day

but please, write 50000 ~metas~ on why klaus, who tried to kill her thrice and pursued her against her will, is so much better

Well, my heart has never been so toyed with in just that last one hour of TVD. Stefan, you proved once again that you are truly THE BEST character in television history. And Steroline, you never fail to get me so worked up (in ALL good ways of course). Loved the angst, loved the little “reunion” at the end. Like Caroline said in 8x5, she’ll be the one to remind Stefan who he truly is and bring him back. I know it. AHHHH THE FEELS

Caroline KILLED Me Tonight

First of all she was stressed throughout the whole episode and had to pick between Stefan and the twins.

Then she had the fact that she isn’t Jo thrown at her. SHUT UP ALARIC!

Then when she finally caught up with Stefan, she could tell something was wrong.

She then gave up her kids for real!!!

When she went outside, she tried to lighten the mood “rip off the bandaid,” because she knows him enough to know that there was something wrong.

Then she learns that she’s losing the twins and Stefan.

She says they can fix it, because she has to.



And when they lean together, and she just sobs.

She broke herself, and she broke me. 

And on top of all that she’s right back to this:

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Okay but I seriously LOVE your taste in music! I've discovered so much music through this tumblr and the spotify stuff. Do you have any idea what songs would fit Steroline or Bamon's first times or am getting way ahead of myself lol? (dirty mind sorry lol)

Aw, YAY, I’m so happy to hear that! I feel like my musical taste gets a little theatrical/weird sometimes (lmao @lightninginmyeyes​ can back this up) so it’s nice to know it’s not too alienating ;) And PSH, bro, this story doesn’t exactly shy away from where it’s leading, so let that dirty mind roam freeeeee! I definitely wouldn’t set these in stone, but based on what I have in mind right now, I’d go with these for first times:


bamon: (shoutout to the fab @muz-ra-la for this song rec! still obsessed 20 years later)

Vaguely Tipsy Review of 8x05 and by 8x05 I mean 8x06

If there are spelling mistakes, I apologize, hopefuly this will make sense.
If not, I’ll do a redo tomorrow. Somehow I think that was a redundant sentence. Anyway.

Those of you who have read my reviews know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time so that means if I make a mistake at the beginning, it’ll more than likely be revised by the end. This post will include anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Defan, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. This post will most likely discuss anti-blackness and misogynoir in the show. This post will also most likely reference other tv shows as pop culture references. OK ready? Let’s. D. This. Dp. Do. Let’s do this. Omg.

1. They keep going back to Sybil saying “Damon believes in hell” so I kind of do think that only the people who believe they’ll go to Cade’s hell dimension end up going. Because there’s no logical explanation as to who Cade decides to take or how he takes them. Like if it’s just anyone then why haven’t we come across this before?

2. Bonenzo honestly doesn’t give me any feels.

3. So no one is going to trace the call that Alaric places to Seline?

4. Alaric, you don’t do cold rage well at all, or well Matt doesn’t, like you sound FLAT, son. Also do Sybil and Seline have a psychic connection and that’s why Sybil found her so quickly when Alaric is making half-assed threats on the phone?

5. So we get to see mediocre SC sex in 8x01 but we don’t get to see mediocre BE sex in 8x06? Oh true. I see you, Julie and co.

6. Also how is that a high school bedroom? That looks like a mid-twenties bedroom.

7. I find it kind of cold and distancing that Stefan calls the twins “the twins” instead of by their names but then again, we’ve never seen them spend time together, so like…

8. At least there was a partial trace but like we could see them set that shit up, guys

9. WHO eats bacon that way? Seriously, who the fuck eats bacon that way? That’s not sexy, it’s weird.

10. Seline and Sybil are bad actorsindividually and together they’re worse.


12. Stefan, dude, Bonnie asked about Enzo, tho.

13.  This writing is ridiculous. You and Sybil aren’t Cade’s missionaries, Seline, you aren’t converting people to your ways or “spreading the word”, you’re eating their flesh and giving the souls to Cade, you’re his butchers.

14. It just so happens that everyone in this diner are men? 

15. Yo Paul is looking fiiiiiiine though.

16. The siren song is legit just compulsion.

17. Paul and Kat look gorgeous standing next to each other.

18.  Paul is good with directing the cameras and he likes medium shots that show surroundings.

19. “I love him so much” I still don’t know why, Bonnie.

20. “She found whatever was good inside of Damon and crushed it” LOL like what? ELENA?

21. Matt sticking up for the man who ran him over with a car for no reason is kind of ridiculous though.

22. Yeah this Calaric argument isn’t sad because they just don’t have conviction.

23. Yeah Paul is good with camerawork and lighting.

24. See, THIS is a good fight. Good direction, Paul.

25. Stefan’s devastation at killing the dude is done well. Subtle but on point.

26. Cade’s speaking patterns are annoying.

27. “Two of history’s most prolific killers.” LOL WHAT? People hav committed GENOCIDES, TVD.

28. Stefan exchanging himself for the twins is Stefan exchanging himself for Damon and trying to do so for Jenna, it’s nothing new.

29. Bonnie and Enzo are just, I mean, I guess? Eh.

30. “I raised them” they’re THREE. And on the real, it didn’t look like or feel like you were dying when the twins were gone, Caroline.

31. “Right now wherever I go, darkness follows me” almost the same words Stefan said to Elena in season 1, “Everywhere I go, pain and death follow me, Damon follows me.” Same idea.

32. It would be far more intriguing if the twins actually did become the next butchers not Damon and Stefan.

33. “I gave Damon what he promised me an eternity of misery” HOW THO? Damon’s BEEN spending his immortal life killing people, like how is it any different that he and Stefan are doing it for a purpose now? Jfc. Also legit, guys, y’all are immortal, vampires, you’re never going to hell, the paranoia surrounding this place is ridiculous especially since they have both died as vampires and haven’t gone to Cade’s hell dimension each time.

34. Matt saying Damon has had enough is the most ridiculous thing ever, I thought you didn’t care about Damon’s drama anymore? Like for a minute I thought it would just be a scene of Matt an alaric beating the shit out of Damon to vent some frustration an I was like COOL but no of course not.

35. Lmao why is this ending with Alaric killing Damon as if Damon is actually dead? We know he isn’t! Stefan just told us they’ll live forever serving Cade and we already know he and Sybil crash Steroline’s Christmas. LIKE? THIS ISN’T SHOCKING.

Final thoughts: Paul Wesley is a good director.

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Am I the only one who was a little taken back at how much Caroline hurt Stefan in a short period? She'll have to take him back once he saves the girls right? I secretly hope to see her apologize.

I’m not saying it wasn’t harsh but it’s still understandable, I kind of feel like people don’t realize how much Caroline loves her children and how much she’s willing to do to protect them. Yes she loves her children more than she loves Stefan, it’s an unconditional love that will never disappear. I’m sure she’ll apologize but I also don’t think Stefan expects and apology or needs one, all he wants is for her kids to be safe and for her to be happy.