Is this a double date? Part 1.

Anonymous: can u write a one shot of steroline and bamon having just a friends game night or like going out to a club togethe????????? before stefan and caroline are dating. no elena please. and bamon doesnt have to be romantic if u dont ship them.

I do ship Bamon! I just also love Enzo, and I want him to be happy. Anyway, this is kind of what you asked for. Except it’s going to be 2 parts. I did spin it a little bit, but so far I really love it. And, I hope you enjoy it too. You also don’t have to send me requests anonymously! I promise I don’t bite, and I enjoy writing them! But, thank you for the request! Let me know how you feel about it.

Part 2 should be up tomorrow night!

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anonymous asked:

what's the kiss you find more aesthetically beautiful in matters of the scene and the shot in general, not the couple

I’m a very big fan of beautiful lighting and colouring, playing with shadows, so that really comes into play when I talk about what’s an aesthetically pleasing kiss.

1. Stefan and Elena, 5x18

I fell in love with this kiss instantly, the bright bright red of the door against the near-black shadows of Stefan and Elena? It’s almost like an oil painting, it’s just so beautifully done and it’s simple and subtle but impactful and the way they’re centred? It’s a gorgeous shot.

2. Stefan and Caroline, 6x14

The sunlight here, through the trees and the hazy silhouette, it’s very cinematic and gentle and it’s a sweet shot.

3. Bonnie and Jeremy, 5x08

Again, the lighting, and the sort of golden outline of their silhouettes, how it looks like the campus from outside the window is lighting them and I don’t know the idea of the window being there, it

4. Matt and Caroline, 1x12

I’m not one to romanticize the 50s given that I would have virtually no rights had I been born then but I do love the retro nature of this kiss, the pick up truck, the costuming, it’s also very cinematic.

FYI, I really did try to find a DE kiss I thought was aesthetically beautiful but I legit just didn’t find any.

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Steroliner here. I don't understand if you are not much of a fan of Elena why do you want Elena to be with Stefan? I understand that you like Stefan and Elena relationship better. I saw some of your posts and comparisons, but just because of that? Why not Stefan with a better person that'll encourage and support Stefan? Damon and Elena are selfish they deserve each other and it's not like Elena it's a victim she chose it this way.

It’s not that I’m not much of an Elena fan, it’s that Elena isn’t my favourite character. I am fine with flawed characters, I love flawed characters, so the fact that Elena isn’t perfect doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be with Stefan, Stefan isn’t perfect either. I want the two of them together because they’re right for each other, because they encourage and support each other because they’re individually flawed but together they work through those flaws.  Not to mention when they’re together, they kind of are like Mom and Dad, they take care of the group, like in season 2 they devise a plan, Elena is going to go with Damon and Alaric to discover more about Katherine and Isobel so she can get to the bottom of what’s happening and Stefan is going to stay behind and help Caroline. The problem I have with Steroline is that Stefan and Caroline work wonderfully on paper, I just don’t think the relationship actually works and Caroline being Caroline isn’t enough of a reason for me to want them to be together.

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Stefan's so honorable he's going cheat on Caroline again with Sibil but it only matter if he was loyal to Elena, right?

It’s honestly so fascinating getting different anons in my inbox because you claim Stefan is dishonorable because of the way he will potentially treats Caroline but not Elena and another anon earlier today claimed that Stefan cares about Valerie and Caroline more than he cared about Elena.

Anyway let’s focus on the “potentially” part. Anon, did articles *say* that Stefan was going to cheat on Caroline or did they say someone was going to try and wedge herself between Steroline? Also, if that someone is Sybil and for argument’s sake let’s say Stefan cheats, are we forgetting that Sybil can force people to do things that they don’t want to do? And that maybe if Stefan does cheat he won’t actually want to do it but has to because of Sybil’s power? Like omg.