• me: so..who do you like together? or like which two persons do you really wish were like romantically or platonically involved..?
  • person: you mean who do i ship?
  • me: oh thank god

i like that steroline started out with stefan as the stable one in the relationship like he took care of her and promised to keep her safe and practically took her under his wings then three minutes into the relationship and BAM he let his mask fall and just showed her how weak and cracked he is and since then caroline is always the one comforting him helping him to sort out his mind stopping him from doing weird shit and forcing him to abandon his unhealthy methods of coping like she lowkey adopted him and he didn’t even protest

shout out to everyone who gave up on the vampire diaries years ago and are now joining us to watch the final episode! welcome to what i like to call “the final stab”