steroline logic

yes. caroline desereves better than this. of course she deserves better than her best friend. better than the person who accepts her flaws and enjoys them. better than the one person who knows how to calm her down. better than the one person she feels comfortable being herself around. better than the one person who understands her the most. better than the person who never judges her. better than the person who never tried to change her. better than the person who has and would always put her first. better than the person who wants to spend forever with her, married. better than the person who literally died for her once what the hell she deserves so much better

Finding comfort does not equate to leaning on sloppy seconds tho. It just means FINDING COMFORT, security, love and a place of belonging with a supportive person, which is NOT a bad thing at all. It’s actually a really good thing and I believe the author of the article also meant it as such. 

Caroline has basically been the only real support Stefan has had in a long time. That does not devalue their romantic relationship. How does it? Stefan has gotten over Elena for a while now, and just recently been drawn to Caroline (romantically). If he truly wanted to go with a last resort he wouldn’t have taken his sweet, angelic, precious ass time to do it. 

Ya’ll are just clutching at straws trying to find ANY single detail to use as (non-existent) proof for why SC is not the healthiest, most-beautiful (yes, I said it), and well-developed ship on the show. Advice: STOP TRYING. You’ll only exhaust yourself flipping through blank pages.  YOU’RE THE ONE FINDING COMFORT in your sunken ships!

My Trip Into The Anti Steroline Tag

I just went into the anti steroline tag and I can’t stop laughing, omg! They’re salty af over there and their logic is so messed up in every way possible.
Like really KC’s ?? Stefan’s bad for her? But Klaus isn’t? I’m sorry, I didn’t know today was opposite day. In what world is Stefan worse than Klaus? Like I really want to know.
Also SE'rs, have we been watching the same show? Cause I really wonder sometimes. How is Caroline manipulating Stefan? Are we talking about Caroline Forbes here? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure she’s not making him be there for her. I don’t think she’s making him hold her hand. Stefan just genuinely wants to be there for her.
Also, you guys claim you’re Stefan stans but you ship him with the girl who not only broke his heart, but slept with his BROTHER not even 24 hours later. But who was there for him after that…. Caroline Forbes.
God, the people in this fandom.