Fic: Where you are, I will be (and anywhere in between) (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: “Is that a yes?” she asks, breathless when she finally pulls away. “Yes, Caroline,” he grins, “That’s a yes.”

Author’s Note: Like what? What is this? Me coming out of Steroline hibernation after nine months all because of a glimpse of a #JuneWeddingInParis? Yeah, apparently that’s all it took. I haven’t written in ages. Clearly. But here, have a fic full of fluff to make up for it. Enjoy! (Title from Zella Day’s Compass)


He’s half asleep when she says it.

With the morning sun slipping through the gap in the curtains, casting a soft, hazy glow about the room, warming the parts of his skin not entwined with hers, he can’t be blamed for wanting to linger in the moment a little longer.

But Caroline. Oh Caroline.

She never could rest idly, let a perfectly good day waste away.

“You know I’ve been thinking …” she starts off.

His lips curve into a smile, inching into his pillow, “Mmm, about?”


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Steroline June Wedding- Ch. 2

A/N:  Here’s chapter 2!!  Thank you so much for all the positive comments about the first chapter, but I think you’ll like this one even more… :)  Let me know what you think, and enjoy! <3

Stefan kept the magazine out on the counter and went back upstairs to find Caroline just stepping out of the shower.  She was wrapped in a towel and had her hair up in the same messy bun as before.  

“Hey,” Stefan said as he walked around behind her.

“Hey.”  She responded.  Stefan wrapped his hands around her waist from behind.  He kissed from her cheek down to her shoulder, making Caroline smile.  She placed her hands over his.

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Just Finished Packing

Packing for what you may ask? Well like most people I have a super nerdy dream. This dream consists of going to Oxford university to study English, because as most of you know I’m super passionate about reading and writing.

And I’m leaving today to go to England to have my dream become a reality for two whole weeks! I’m taking a summer course at Oxford, which is basically a mock university for two weeks.

Why am I telling you this?

Well one because you guys are a massive part of my life, so I had to let you know. But two because after comic con, this fandom is more alive than ever, and I just wish that I wouldn’t have to miss out on all the excitement.

You guys are incredible and the fact that I’ll be in the same country as some of you (@damnsteroline @sterolineotpforever) is mindblowing. So I can’t promise that I’ll post all the time or anything like that, because the three weeks that I’ll be in England will be a whirlwind.

I can promise that I will take what I learn at Oxford right back to you guys. Besides, the plane ride is over eight hours, and that’s loads of time to write a new chapter. ;)

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me: *is happy and relaxed*

brain: okay but what if tvd actually ends with damon and stefan dying together like ian and paul hinted at? what if plec’s final twist and act of shitty fanservice is caroline going to new orleans and kc being endgame? what if 4 seasons/6 years of steroline developing romantically all amounts to nothing? what if u wasted 4 years watching ur otp growing closer and becoming best friends and falling completely in love and becoming the purest, sweetest and most poetically beautiful ship on tv only to have them cruelly not end up together?



Candice King and Paul Wesley talk June Wedding, Steroline and the last season of TVD at Comic Con

  • KCS:steroline is abusive and stefan treats caroline like shit
  • klaus:was the main villain for 2 seasons, turned caroline's life upside down, was hunting her best friend, family, friends and their family with intention to kill, murdered several of her friends in front of her including her boyfriend, mind controlled her boyfriend into trying to kill her so he could save her, mind controlled her boyfriend into leaving town while she cried and begged him not to, drove a curtain rod into her stomach and bit her with his lethal venom, killed her boyfriend's mother, hooked up with her when he was in her boyfriend's body, made her feel guilty for hating him when she was sad, threatened her life multiple times
  • KCs:steroline reduces caroline and erases her development
  • caroline:has turned him down every time, canonically hates bad guys, has stated many times she can never love him, is the most moral character on the show, canonically hates him, threw a party when he died, hooked up with him once and regretted it hugely while he left the show with his baby mama, got over it in days and fell in love with her best friend who she still loved after three years of separation and a phonecall from klaus
  • me:¯\_(ツ)_/¯